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It’s likely that if you’re here, you’ve seen a mix of ways you’ve been told to start a business. Some will tell you to start by incorporating. Some tell you to start with product development and patents. Some tell you to start with funnel software and ads. Let me show you a way to start with low overhead costs, quick entry into the market, high return on investment, knowledge of how to get customers, a revenue model that can be stacked alongside others, and lots of support along the way.

By the way, this method works even if you don’t have products or services to sell yet.

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Launch a Blog that Drives Online Sales

Learn how to start or grow a business with blogging. Our #1 Recommended course for entrepreneurs looking to start or scale a business.
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All About Affiliate Marketing

Learn to monetize your business with affiliate marketing. Whether you want to start a business with low overhead, or add another income stream, affiliate marketing is a great solution.
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The Business Growth Framework

Learn a blueprint for taking a business: from idea to full-time income and from full-time income to enterprise. Answer questions like "Where do I start?" and "What should I do next?"
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[PRE-LAUNCH] 16-Week Business Growth Bootcamp

Do you ever want someone to give you prompts that would help to grow your business? Do you ever feel stuck at a glass ceiling? If so, check out this 16-week bootcamp designed to take each system of your business to the next level.

[PRE-LAUNCH] All About Rank and Rent SEO

Many people are looking for an alternative to renting physical properties, and renting websites is one way to go about it. Learn how to get started, how to build websites, how to get clients, and how to scale into a real business.

[PRE-LAUNCH] All About Email Marketing

Are you looking for ways to engage with your potential customers and increase sales even more? If so, email marketing could be your answer. Learn ways to launch, grow, and convert customers thru email.

Hi! I’m Tiffany Domena. I’m a mom, wife, military veteran, entrepreneur, and the founder of How to Entrepreneur. My mission is to help you grow your business: whether you’re looking to make a side income, a full-time income, or even if you’re looking to grow an enterprise with lots of employees! 

The funny thing is, I’m not like the “gurus” you see out there AT ALL! In fact, I haven’t grown an enterprise myself YET (hahaha!), but because of my background (with 9 years of military service which includes leadership experience), I’m very good at being resourceful, offering support, accountability, and connecting you to people who have. I’m currently using this proven path to grow my business: from idea to enterprise, and I’m looking for more like-minded entrepreneurs who would like training, accountability, and support to come along!

All of the resources here were created with you in mind. Feel free to leave your comments, search around, and join the journey with me. I’m here just about every day responding to comments and inquiries, so scroll around and enjoy!

Tiffany Domena

Founder, How to Entrepreneur

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As you can see, I have services designed to help you grow yours.

What's Offered

Reviews and Buyers Guides

Whether you're looking for web hosting, blogging courses, legal consultation, help with your taxes, or VOIP phone phone services, my reviews can help you! I offer fact-based reviews, and expert opinions on products and services you need to grow your business.​

1-on-1 Coaching

Have you ever seen a personal trainer and how they build the confidence so you can do tough physical challenges? Need accountability like that in your business? I'm the lady! I offer unlimited 1-on-1 private message coaching to referrals at Wealthy Affiliate. For less than most people pay for coffee, you could have a coach one message away helping you grow your business.

Hours and Hours of Training Courses!

I create training courses to help you grow your business: from idea to enterprise. I cover topics like Business Planning, High Ticket Sales, and more. Students are raving about the courses I've created, and when you join my community, you can expect to continually get updates about new releases tailored to your needs.

A Highly Engaged Community

By combining my training and services with affiliate partners, I'm able to offer you access to several of the most engaged social-media style communities of entrepreneurs online (including my own). You'll have a supportive community where you can share strategies and wins.

Market Research Tools

It's crucial as entrepreneurs that we create solutions the market demands. My partnership with Wealthy Affiliate gives my clients access to proprietary software to help with market research, and identifying supply and demand online. All How to Entrepreneur referrals will have access to this software included with their membership.

Websites & Hosting

The internet is growing in excess of 7% annually most places in the world, and entrepreneurs need to promote their businesses there! Thru my partnerships, I'm able to offer you domain registration platforms, a WordPress website builders, and managed cloud hosting at affordable prices.

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Customers reviews

Want to Know What People say About my Services?

I contacted Tiffany because I was getting consistent traffic, but I didn’t appear to be making much money with that traffic, and I wasn’t quite sure why. Was it because I wasn’t promoting enough things? Because I didn’t have enough articles on my site? Or because of something else entirely?
Not only did Tiffany accurately assess what the real issue was (a conversion problem), but she also gave me several observations to help correct the issue. On top of that, she pointed me to training and free resources that helped me better understand traffic, patterns, and reading habits of my users.
After applying Tiffany’s observations, my daily referral count quadrupled and my email subscription list has grown significantly. Because of what she shared, I am now able to effectively convert my traffic in an easier and more manageable way.
I highly recommend Tiffany and her training to all who are looking for advice to better grow their business and find where their companies' weaknesses are.
She is a fantastic person to know. Overall I think that Tiffany is one of the best teachers. I see her as one of my main role models. I regard myself as privileged to have her offer me valuable insights into my business.I have only one regret, I wish that I had opened up to her sooner. I needed help with getting more sales to my website. She took a look at site and suggest that I take a different avenue. I am more excited than ever before and look forward towards implementing these changes. Tiffany is what I call a people's person. She really cares and wants to see people succeed. I love that quality the most, her sincerity to want to help make a difference in people's lives. I would recommend her because she has proven that whatever she talks about works. She has the success record to back it up. I will only endorse someone if I know they are legit and not just making up stories. Tiffany is 100% legit.

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Most frequent questions and answers about How to Entrepreneur training and coaching.

I partner my 1-on-1 coaching and training services with Wealthy Affiliate, so I’m able to offer managed cloud website hosting, proprietary keyword and market research tools, amazing training, and WordPress websites.

No. I’ve created my own curriculum and courses exclusive for my clients.

This means you can message all of your online business questions to me, and I’ll respond to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Many other affiliate partners don’t offer this service, they don’t formalize it, or they don’t take it nearly as seriously.

I’m experienced in online and offline business building and I’m 100% dedicated to serving you as you build yours.

You will learn everything necessary to grow a successful business. Right now, I’m focused on building courses on external platforms (like Youtube and Wealthy Affiliate) that teach on concepts such as: WordPress technical skills to run a website, free and paid traffic generation techniques, mindset and personal development, website monetization strategies (with a large emphasis) on affiliate marketing, and how to get website conversions and sales. Once I get more feedback about the specific demands for products from How to Entrepreneur, then I’ll begin making products here.

You get LOTS of content here (in video and in writing), my business growth framework as well as my invitation to join my community and coaching program at Wealthy Affiliate. There, you’ll get two free websites on a .Siterubix subdomain and ten free training lessons for free. You won’t be asked for any billing information (here or there) unless you decide a product is a good fit and you want to purchase. 

How to Entrepreneur is fairly new (starting in 2018), but I’ve seen success stories from people who say they’ve gotten clarity, increased motivation, and they started a new challenge in their business that’s yielding them results. My services and coaching programs are continuously being tweaked to create success stories. I’m hoping very soon, I’ll be posting stories where my clients are generating returns ranging from their first $1 to 7-figures and beyond, but I know that doesn’t happen overnight.

In the meantime, I contribute my effort to support a training program that already has results. The large majority of those enrolled in the Wealthy Affiliate training who are willing to work hard are getting great results! As a result, I put a large emphasis on sending members there because their system has been proven.

Some common results are:

  • – Earning their first dollars online
  • – Learning to drive leads to offline businesses or e-commerce transactions
  • – Getting more sales and conversions online than ever before
  1. – Earning full-time incomes (even those who started as newbies!)
  2. And, even earning $10,000+ up into millions of dollars in annual revenue!
Here are lots of success stories you can check out!
2019 (coming soon)

Students of Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 recommended training are “smashing it” online which is why I partner with them, and plan to give discounts on my upcoming courses for students who sign up there. I recommend them above all other internet marketing courses and training programs! 

Rather than making competing products of my own, I’m committed to creating complimentary courses here, and you’ll see lots of content growth and engagement here from How to Entrepreneur in the coming weeks, months, and years. 

Joining Wealthy Affiliate with me will make a great deal even sweeter! We’re definitely better together as a community. Will you join me?

Get a Proven Business Growth Roadmap.

Amplify your business results with affiliate marketing. Get dozens of hours of free content, support, and accountability along the way, so you can get sales online.

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