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10 Must-Have Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers

10 Habits of Six Figure Bloggers - Featured Image
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I want to be a 6-figure blogger so bad!

I’ve hit some amazing milestones as a blogger like:

Either way, I still have a ways to go to be where I’d like to be as a blogger. I love, love, love what I’m doing and the flexibility it’s afforded me, but I’m so determined and hungry for much better results than I have. As a result, I watch bloggers who get more results than I do all the time with a magnifying glass. I buy their courses and I want to know what their routines and habits are like.

I know most of them have had more relevant industry experience or less personal responsibility than I do, but still…

I’d advise anyone who really wants to be successful with any venture to watch those who are doing what you want to do, and learn from them–that’s what I’ve done in other areas where I’ve accomplished things. Blogging requires that diehard focus on success just like other things.

If you’re anything like me, you want to:

  • Improve your lifestyle
  • Share a message
  • Encourage people
  • Educate people
  • Help others improve their lives

And, you see blogging as a vehicle for that.

You might be looking into the blogging career field for the first time, or maybe, you’ve been at it for awhile, and you just want to check the pulse on what you’re doing. I totally get it.

In this post, we’ll be examining 10 very important habits of 6-figure bloggers in effort to help you get the best results on your journey as a blogger. One major thing that separates successful bloggers and unsuccessful ones is the habits.

Some people may think one quick tactic drove all of the success, but in reality, it doesn’t work like that. It’s more of a compound effect where they did certain things over and over until it compounded into the results we see. In this post, we’ll be talking about some of those things they do.

My List of 10 Things 6-Figure Bloggers Do

I’ve spoken before about what it takes to be a pro blogger and how successful sites are different than unsuccessful ones, but I think the differences are still underestimated. It’s so common I see people who are looking for the loophole, the way to hit six-figures tomorrow, and it’s much more longstanding success you can get when you focus on habit change and compounding results instead.

Here are 10 key day-to-day habits I’ve seen 6-figure bloggers do that make a huge difference.

1. They Simplify things into Actionable Chunks

It’s funny, but when I was starting out I would complicate things so much. I didn’t know how to install a theme yet I wanted to have a site that looked like a million bucks. Hahahaha.

When you over-complicate things, then you go down rabbit holes where you have to educate more, test solutions, and overall, complicating things takes a lot of time. If you break things down, complete what you know how to complete, and keep making iterations and improvements as you go, you can make more measurable progress, and build complexity along the way.

2. They Keep a Semi-Disciplined Work Schedule

While ads all over market talk about “passive income” and lots of results with little time invested, the reality of blogging is that it takes discipline. Yes, you may be able to work part-time sometimes, and you may be able to earn commissions when you’re not actively working for them, but it doesn’t typically start out that way.

The passive income and shortened work weeks come after a considerable amount of upfront investment. Commission-based incomes grow incrementally. For example, if you enroll in an affiliate program that pays you a $100 commission per sale, and you begin to post relevant articles, then you’ll likely start to get sales her and there, then the frequency will pick up, and it turns into consistent $100 commissions. If you’re consistent, you can continue to scale up the volume of your sales, and over time, your income can look amazing like FitSmallBusiness with $7.1M in affiliate commissions annually.

3. They do Research and Create Content People are Actively Looking for

When you’re starting out, you might be excited or uncertain what to write about. You don’t have an audience telling you what they want to hear, and you don’t have as much familiarity to know what people are usually looking for, so it can be tough.

I commonly get asked, “How do you come up with blog post ideas?” and the answer is… I do keyword research and validate my content ideas by looking at my competition. If I know someone who’s competing for the same keyword or audience as I am, I look at what they’re doing, and try to offer my own angle on it.

I’ve noticed 6-figure bloggers generally recommend you to validate you’re creating content in some way before you make it. They tend to:

  • Follow their analytics
  • Poll their email list or social following
  • Or, follow trends they find when doing market research

4. They’re Constantly Experimenting and use each piece of Content as a Data Point

I used to think that 6-figure bloggers have it all figured out. It was like I thought they published each piece of content with full confidence that it will bring them lots of traffic and sales.

After observing more, I’ve realized 6-figure bloggers deal with the same uncertainties everyone else does!

They aren’t always confident about each piece of content. They don’t know how each algorithm works, and sometimes they get banned too!

The difference with how 6-figure bloggers approach content creation is they make calculated guesses about what works based on what’s worked before, and they analyze their content to see what’s working and what won’t: each post, each graphic, each video. They ask, “Did this work?”, and, “Why?”.

5. They Identify What’s working and Do More of it

When they find a piece of content that really works, they try to dial into WHY it worked. They try to identify if it was the messaging, colors, product/service promoted, timing, season, or what else contributed to the results.

When they think they’ve identified the key that made the content work, they try to do more of that. If they didn’t figure out the “secret sauce” the first time, they try again.

6. They Analyze Competition and Try to Stay Ahead

Competition is actually good because it gives you something to look at and work from. Trailblazing isn’t easy.

6-figure bloggers know they’re trying to get attention in order to get sales, and they know other people are competing for the same attention!

They know that if they’re targeting a keyword or posting on social media, that they’re not the only ones. As a result, if they want to stick out, they know they need to make something more engaging and valuable.

6-figure bloggers aren’t simply creating to a standard because it’s all they have time for or because that’s what they want to do. Instead, they know they have to keep up with what’s in the market because attention is a finite commodity that needs to be won.

7. They Promote their Content to Get Lots of Attention

New bloggers are thinking that as soon as they publish their blog and it goes live, visitors will run there on autopilot, but 6-figure bloggers know that’s not true. Yes, eventually, as you start to grow an audience, organic traffic and earned traffic builds, but 6-figure bloggers know they need to put in effort to give their content the maximum reach and results.

The more impressions ===> the more traffic ===> the more sales

8. They Monetize like Small Business Owners

I’ve talked to some people who think that bloggers make their money somehow by typing. When they hear, “make money blogging”, they think that somehow it’s the actual typing that makes the money, but that’s not the case.

Instead, blogging is a part of the marketing plan. Like business cards, flyers, or TV interviews, blogging is what helps to get the word out, build trust, and attract potential customers. The money is made in blogging from selling products, services, or advertising just like other small businesses.

Affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and advertising all fits in as some type of product or service that’s sold.

9. They Know Their Numbers

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Shark Tank, but in case you haven’t, it’s a show you can watch on Hulu, and in the show people share their business ideas in effort to get an investor to invest money to help them grow their businesses. They usually start their pitches by talking about what their business does, and what they want to do to grow it.

When they get to the portion of the pitch where they ask for money, the investors usually want to know their numbers. If they don’t know their numbers, they don’t get any money invested, and the Sharks usually speak to them really bluntly telling them how important the numbers are.

The fact is, numbers like income, expenses, profit, loss, average order per sale, and profit margin are very important! They are like a check engine light in a car. They help you to decide what things you can do to grow your business going forward, and what things you might have done that were good versus what wasn’t.

10. They Make Boundaries that Keep their Work Non-Negotiable

Most people get into blogging with jobs, families, social lives, and other things that divide their personal and professional lives. I have days where solicitors stop by during my work hours, where friends call while I’m working, or where family wants to spend leisure time but I have work things I need to get done.

In order to be really successful, you have to be able to put healthy boundaries in place that separate work and personal life. You have to be able to say, “This is my price and I’m sticking to it”, or “This is my work time and I need to use it”. 6 figure bloggers tend to have those boundaries and know when they can work versus when they can play, and still achieve goals in both.


Hopefully, this was helpful for you. If you have questions about this, leave them in the comments section below. If you’d like to get started, check out the Enterprise Builder community and get training on how to start a blog, and support as you grow it into a business.

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