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20 Top Affiliate Marketing Podcasts You Should be Listening To

20 Top Affiliate Marketing Podcasts
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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

It’s likely that if you’re here, you’re a podcast listener whose interested in affiliate marketing. Or, maybe you never realized you could listen to podcasts on the go about affiliate marketing. If either of these is you, you’re in for a great surprise because here, we’ll be talking about 20 top affiliate marketing podcasts you should be listening to.

You can listen to these in your car, while you’re waiting for a meeting to start, or even while you’re working out! Listening to affiliate marketing podcasts could be a great way to fit in personal development time while you’re doing normal day-to-day tasks that you’d normally have to do by themselves.

Is Affiliate Marketing What the “Gurus” Say?

Affiliate marketing is a career field. Many “gurus” and course sales guys drastically downplay how easy or quick it is, and also give off the illusion that anyone can do it. Despite how “easy”, “overnight”, and low the barrier to entry is (I’m being sarcastic–haha), most people wouldn’t argue that education in the field is necessary. Affiliate marketing podcasts can be a great way to get a free affiliate marketing education.

There’s so many golden nuggets you can learn about the industry from listening to free podcasts. Quite a few people who’ve been in the industry and become massively successful, have podcasts where they share their experiences, and you should check them out.

Now, to the List of 20 Top Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

After spending considerable time listening to many podcasts, these are the top podcasts I think are worth taking a listen to if you’re serious about affiliate marketing…

1. Authority Hacker Podcast

The guys who created the Authority Site System and many other affiliate marketing posts and products have also created a podcast with lots of great info. I’ve personally listened to episodes there, and I have some on my “to-do list”. See more about the show here.

2. The Fizzle Show

Corbett Barr has been in the online business and affiliate marketing space for quite some time. He has a great membership site that shows entrepreneurs the ropes of starting an online business, and his correlating podcast has lots of great content. I’ve listened to the podcast for productivity tips, inspiration, and laughs (because they can be funny from time to time- haha). Check out the Fizzle show here.

3. Become a Blogger with Leslie Samuel

I’ve been listening to Leslie Samuel for at least two years now (probably longer). It’s to the point where I remember things that went on in his (the hosts) life. It’s freaky how podcasts, videos, or contet in general can help you get to know people (who don’t know you). Regardless, I’ve always appreciated his transparency, great interviews, and overall simplicity with teaching blogging and online business. Definitely check out the Blogging with Leslie podcast!

4. The Salesman Podcast

Sales is the lifeblood of affiliate marketing. No sales equals no commissions. Many of the techniques that are longstanding in the sales industry can be game-changers for affiliate marketers. Things like persuasion techniques, buyer’s psychology, follow-up techniques, and mindset of salesmen and affiliate marketers are nearly identical, and some things that are less commonly spoken about within the affiliate marketing circles. See more on the Salesman podcast here.

5. The Solopreneur Hour

The Solopreneur hour is a podcast that addresses the large movement of people who are starting businesses and working for themselves. It’s hosted by Michael O’Neal who typically has guest interviews from people across a wide spectrum of niches and business models. As affiliate marketers, often times, we start in the trenches by building a website, adding content, and persevering thru whichever obstacles come our way. Solopreneur hour offers motivation, encouragement, storytelling, and advice, so it can be very helpful to affiliate marketers growing their businesses. Check out episodes of the Solopreneur Hour here.

6. Affiliate Buzz

James Martell ran Affiliate Buzz from 2010 to 2018 when he passed away. You can tell he was very passionate about the affiliate marketing industry, and many of his episodes still ring true. Each episode was to teach, coach, and mentor affiliate marketers, so you should definitely check out his life work: the Affiliate Buzz show here.

7. Rise of the Entrepreneur

Zac Johnson believes a “New Age” has begun and “Rise of the Entrepreneur” helps to prepare us for the new age. It’s a cool show. He talks about what it takes to establish yourself as a successful business and brand, and he has lots of successful entrepreneurs come on with their stories, advice, and examples. Check out the Rise of the Entrepreneur show here.

8. Smart Passive Income

Many people know Pat Flynn from his niche site duels and his podcast. He’s been running Smart Passive Income now for over a decade, and always brings great value, but he didn’t start out with a silver spoon.

He was laid off from a well-paying job, and turned to his online business to put “the bread on the table”–that decision ended up paying big dividends! He posted income reports for 10 years and over that time period, he documented his business growth from just under $10k per month up to $2 million+ per year–not bad for a fairly low overhead business.

In his podcast, Pat shares advice, encouragement, motivation, and interviews that can help others to run an online business. Interestingly, Pat makes a large portion of his online income thru affiliate marketing, so lots of his tips are highly valid for affiliate marketers. Check out the Smart Passive Income podcast here or his newer podcast, Ask Pat here.

9. The Side Hustle Show

The Side Hustle show by Nick Loper isn’t solely about affiliate marketing. It runs the gamut: from episodes about side hustlers that went full-time to affiliate marketing to other business models and interviews. The interesting thing about the show is you can hear stories and learn from the experiences of others who have (or are in the process) of building a business. Affiliate marketing is a business model or a marketing strategy, so it’s helpful to hear from entrepreneurs who have made it work. Check out the Side Hustle Nation show for yourself here.

10. Entrepreneur On Fire

I’ve listened to John Lee Dumas quite a few times over the years. I can’t remember the first time I heard one of his episodes, but everything I’ve seen by him has been very well crafted, thought out, and delivers lots of value. He talks about topics entrepreneurs need to discuss to start and grow a business, so I consider his mission very similar to what I want to carry out here at How to Entrepreneur.

The podcast isn’t solely about affiliate marketing, but he’s had episodes on it, and he makes a large portion of his income thru affiliate sales. He’s an inspiration in the entrepreneurship niche because he’s been diligently putting out high-quality for the long haul, and his income reports showing $2 million+ in annual revenue show his work is paying off! Check out the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast here.

11. Marketing Secrets

Russell Brunson, the founder of Clickfunnels is a HUGE player in the online marketing space. You can find him connected with many of the top internet marketers, you find lots of successful people using his software, and you’ll see people who credit him with starting or growing successful businesses online. I admire the results he’s gotten for people a lot.

Added to all of the courses, software, and funnels he’s created that run the gamut from free to upwards of $10,000, he’s also started a free podcast that gives great information. He talks about business, persuasion, growing reach, getting more traffic, and more topics that are crucial to affiliate marketers. Check out the Marketing Secrets podcast here.

12. Online Marketing Made Easy

It’s nice to finally spotlight a female host in the long list of top affiliate marketing podcasts. This podcast is hosted by Amy Porterfield. She’s well known for creating online courses and teaching online marketing strategies like Facebook ads and How to Create Online Courses. Interestingly, Amy’s career started out working for Tony Robbins, and she branched off after she noticed some things she was really good at, and could take advantage of.

Now, she’s a well-known internet marketing who has grown a massively successful company, and she shares her tips as well as other strategies that work in her podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy. I really enjoy how actionable her advice is, and how she genuinely sounds like she cares. Plus, she started her online business back in 2013, so she’s been in the industry for awhile. There’s a lot to learn from Amy Porterfield. Check out her podcast here.

13. The Art of Online Business (Previously “The Art of Paid Traffic”)

Rick Mulready originally started The Art of Paid Traffic to shed light on a very important topic that’s used to drive droves of traffic to online businesses: paid traffic. After some time and lots of personal and professional changes, he decided to branch out, retire the old name, and start the Art of Online Business podcast. Now, it’s more about online business in general with topics like paid traffic (of course), social entrepreneurship, increasing revenue, productivity, and more. Check out The Art of Online Business podcast here.

14. The Miles Beckler Podcast

I’ve watched Miles Beckler for at least one full year. He’s a pretty transparent guy. He shares his site stats and lots of other behind the scenes info most others won’t do. He got his start in online business by starting a niche website with his wife in the spirituality, angel card, and tarot space. They used hard work, grit, and persistence to build that business using SEO and WordPress.

Now, he’s started the Miles Beckler brand to share SEO and online business strategies that have helped them to get where they are.  He’s in the middle of a niche site case study where he’s sharing the growth of a niche site that’s 100% outsourced. It’s pretty interesting. You can check out the Miles Beckler show here.

15. The Ziglar Show

The Zig Ziglar show is all about personal development. It talks about mindset, productivity, sales, and more. The hosts are Tom Ziglar and Kevin Miller, and they do the show to carry on Zig Ziglar’s legacy. Now, with 36 million downloaded episodes, they’re obviously talking about important topics, and affiliate marketers need personal development too. You can see more about The Ziglar Show here.

16. Late Night Internet Marketing with Mark Mason

Mark Mason says you can build an online business one night-at-a-time. Do you believe him? Each of his episodes talks about tactics and advice for growing your online business. He’s had lots of interviews with guests (including many of these on the list), and there’s lots of great content there. Check out the Late Night Internet Marketing podcast here.

17. Building a Story Brand with Don Miller

Alot of what we do as affiliate marketers has to do with storytelling and getting people to connect with ideas and solutions–that’s why it’s important to learn skills like copywriting, storytelling, and streamlining things. Don Miller’s podcast is all about putting engaging stories front-and-center so we can connect with people, build trust, and get engagement (rather than hearing crickets chirping). He talks about topics like whether we should speak on social causes, core values, leadership, and resilience. The topics translate into affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship as a whole. You can check out the Building a Story Brand podcast here. 

18. 10X Talks with Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish

Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish are two greats in the world of entrepreneurship and marketing. It’s funny Joe Polish started out in marketing because he owned a carpet cleaning business that wasn’t doing well, and when he mastered marketing, it flourished. From there, he somehow, got more wrapped into the marketing world, and I don’t blame him.

Dan Sullivan is an expert entrepreneur. Many very successful companies go to him for masterminds and consulting.

Together, Joe Polish and Dan Sullivan have a great show that gives actionable tips on many topics including team building, value creation, marketing, and sales. Check out the 10 Talks here.

19. Be the Ultimate Affiliate with Jamie Balmet

Have you ever wanted to learn from people who have been in the industry 10+ years or take a peak inside long-term affiliate marketing businesses? Jamie Balmet does that. Her podcast is fairly new, but she’s interview people like Crystal Paine from MoneySavingMom.com, Beth Ann Schwamberger, and others.

The podcast has 9 episodes, but each one is specifically by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers, so I think you should check it out. You can see the Be the Ultimate Affiliate podcast here.

20. The Affiliate Guy

Last but not least…Matt McWilliams’ The Affiliate Guy podcast! This podcast is super cool. He has several episodes about affiliate marketing from the merchant standpoint and as an affiliate. He talks about how to run affiliate programs and how to have successful promotions, and he’s got loads of experience and case studies to learn from. You can see The Affiliate Guy podcast here.

The Bottom Line About These 20 Top Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

If you want to learn about affiliate marketing, but you don’t want to buy a course, or you don’t have a lot of time, check out these podcasts! This is free education guys. There are lots of golden tips you can gather from people who have been in the industry for a long time. You can listen to these when you work out, when you’re in your car, or even while you’re waiting on a meeting or something. Listening to these podcasts could be a great way to make use of time and do personal development at the same time!

My questions for you…

  • Do you have any top affiliate marketing podcasts I didn’t include?
  • Do you listen to podcasts? Why or why not?
  • Have you checked any of these out? Do you concur?

Leave your comments below.

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