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25 Best Home Based Businesses For Stay Home Moms

best home based businesses for stay home moms
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It’s likely that you’re here because you’re a stay home mom or you know someone who is.  You may be struggling to find a way to flex your professional muscles and improve the community.

One great thing about the technology age is that stay home moms like you and I have great opportunities to start the best home based businesses in HISTORY!   I may be a little biased about our time, but it’s truly my belief that we (stay home moms) can have the best home based businesses in history.

Now, rather than limit ourselves by our childrearing, childbearing, home organization, and nurturing potentials, we can still be major players in the workforce thanks to the technology of our time (especially the internet)!

In my opinion, stay home moms are some of the strongest women alive!  They are multi-taskers who usually have management and organization skills that they’ve acquired from maintaining order at home.

Unfortunately, many stay home moms experience low self-esteem, low self-worth, and identity issues because they desire to have a professional place to vent, but they’re unsure how.  They focus most of their attention on being supportive of their spouses, children, community leaders, neighbors, friends, and you name it, these women are a nurturing and supportive crew.

I wrote this article in hopes that I could encourage you (my fellow stay home moms) that you CAN be active in the work force.  You CAN start a business, and it CAN be one of the best home based businesses in history.

best home based businesses for stay home momsA Little Background on Me…

I was Active Duty military from 2006 until 2015.  I know how it is to be in the out-of-the-home workforce.  I remember waking up, taking my son to school, rushing in to work, then rinsing and repeating.

I did what I thought I had to do to keep food on our table.   Then, in 2015, my husband started a local General Contracting company and my son was having trouble in school.

I thought the two dilemmas needed a solution only I could provide.  My husband needed us to be stationary so he could continue growing his business, and I couldn’t promise that we wouldn’t get orders to move (especially since I had been in one location for nine years!).

My son needed one-on-one attention with his schooling because he was taught cursive before print in school, and his new school only taught print.  What was I (the mom) supposed to do to solve these problems?

I decided to separate after nine years in the military to tend to my family, BUT…just because I want to nurture my family, does that mean I still can’t maintain a professional outlet?  Absolutely not!

In January, 2017 (right after having my second baby), I started my home based business, and I’ve enjoyed the increased finances, increased self-esteem, and increased social opportunities that have been presented to me.  I want to share some ideas for what I think are the best home based businesses for stay home moms in hopes you can consider one or two, and make a positive impact on your family.  Without further ado…let’s get started….

Now, to my list of the Best Home Based Businesses for Stay Home Moms…


Blogging is a growing career field, and people are just learning how to use a blog.  Blogs can be used to communicate so many different messages, and there’s so many different monetization strategies for them: paid ads, sponsored posts, products and services, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, or simply using them to establish yourself as knowledgeable in an industry.   real side hustles

Although many people think there are a large number of blogs and bloggers out there, the reality is there’s not nearly enough to satisfy the growing use of the internet.  There are so many untapped areas.

The internet has cracks and crevices all over it with areas where there’s no one authoring  sufficient information for the demand.   Blogging could be a great opportunity for you to jump into the pool of web surfers demanding information about something that is not sufficiently explained online.

Recommended Reading:

If you’re ready to hit the ground running with blogging, we can begin walking you thru training to make your blogging career a success by setting up your free Wealthy Affiliate account HERE.  Let’s get started here and now!

2.Social Media Manager

Many companies understand the importance of posting to social media, but they don’t want to do it themselves.  Especially in the small business sector, the entrepreneur needs to focus on his or her trade, so they have a difficult time balancing the business promotion functions and the customer satisfaction functions.  You can help them tremendously!

I’ve personally served as the social media manager for more than one company.  It was something I did from home, during hours I chose, and I could be my own boss!

My kids didn’t have to worry about me being away, I could work while they were napping or sleep at night, and I’ve seen others who really make a great income.  According to Business Insider, social media managers are making between $34,432 and $56,572 with one to four years of experience!

Get the tools and community support you need to be a successful social media manager and online entrepreneur starting FREE.

real side hustles3.Real Estate Investor

If you save money to invest, you can get into real estate investing!  Real estate is one of the oldest and most proven industries.

In between your other tasks, you could be doing research to find a low cost and high equity potential property that can add additional income into your home.  There’s several strategies you can use in the real estate sector.

You can buy and rent properties.  You can buy, renovate, and sell.  You can get into commercial real estate or mobile homes, condos or retreat centers.  There’s so many opportunities!

4.Property Manager

Many out-of-state investors or those who want passive involvement have money to pay for their properties to be maintained, but they just don’t want to do it.  As a property manager, you don’t have to be the handyman, but you have to be the one who intercepts the responsibilities of the homeowner.

You make sure tenants or prospectives have all the services and support they need.  You ensure the property stays in use and generating revenue.  You can organize appointments, coordinate showings, and respond to customers from home which makes this one of the best home based businesses on my list.

5.Real Estate Agent

Houses are always being built, bought, and sold.  Real estate agents contribute to this process.  Some real estate agents operate similar to a normal 9 to 5, however, others do most of their tasks from home by leveraging the power of the internet, and still get major results.

Listings can be posted, marketing can be done, pictures can be uploaded, appointments can be coordinated, and so much more of the real estate work can be done from home,  It may take a little investigation to find a balance so you can be a real estate agent with a flexible schedule, but it does exist.  Learn to leverage the power of the internet as a real estate agent!

6.SEO Consultant

More and more people are taking their businesses, ideas, and messages online, but many of them don’t know how to be effectively found by the right target audience.  SEO consultants help individuals and businesses connect with their ideal audience by identifying issues that limit them from ranking in the search engines.

All of the skills required to be an SEO consultant can be learned FREE at my #1 recommended internet training program.

7.Web Developer

With the growth of the internet, more and more people are wanting a website with ease of use and multiple capabilities.  Often times, the out-of-the box setup is not sufficient, and they need someone skilled in web development to make modifications.

You could be the web developer they’re looking for!   As demand for e-commerce products and services continues to climb, more and more people will need web developers to get their foot into the internet space.  As a web developer, you can consult or even develop technology that solves problems online.

8.Web Designer

Similar to the web developer, web designers help people with their websites.  Unlike the web developer, the web designer is only focused on aesthetics and visual appeal of the website; whereas, the web developer is focused on function of the site.

If you have a knack for design, web design could be a good direction to go! Many people may be able to throw a website up, but few of them can make a website that looks nice and gives the user a good experience.

Web designers are becoming more and more in demand with the growing interest of people wanting to buy and sell goods thru the internet–making this one of the best home based businesses for stay home moms.  Learn to get beautiful websites up in seconds so you can sell web design services to help others!

9.Home Daycare Provider

For every parent who participates in the workforce, there is someone who does childcare and enables them to be the professional they desire to be.  This tremendously supportive person could be you!

Many stay home moms are patient and loving.  Some just want to bring in an additional income to help achieve financial goals.

Running a home daycare could be the extra stream of income you’re looking for.  Typically, enrollments are fairly stable for home daycare providers.

As long as they choose customers with good and consistent income, stay home moms can depend on a consistent income while watching a few other kids in addition to their own.  Since, running a home daycare is like scaling the normal operations of stay home moms, I think it is one of the best home based businesses!

10.Event Planner

From weddings to corporate celebrations, events are happening everywhere on a nonstop basis.  Most people don’t thoroughly understand everything that goes into budgeting and scheduling to make an event come together seamlessly–this is where you would come in!

You could offer that extra insight that would enable event hosts to have peace of mind.  You would be in charge of coordinating venues, decorations, invitations, RSVPs, and all other things required to pull a successful event together.

You could be remembered as the amazong stay home mom who made my wedding amazing or the stay home mom who made the corporate year-end meeting exceed expectations.  Learn to leverage the internet to market events and event planning services starting FREE!

11.Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant is a growing career field that is having a major demand increase.  In previous generations, the secretary was a paramount role in a business.

Now, less businesses are wanting to spend on commercial spaces and rent.  In turn, they hire virtual teams and the virtual assistants keeps everything organized.   As a virtual assistant, you could help with minor social media tasks, data entry, bookkeeping, answering phones, scheduling appointments, or other admin related tasks.

Virtual assistants are like the admin jack-of-all-trades!  If you choose this career path, it’s likely you could learn a plethora of new skills that could be applied in many different lucrative capabilities in the future.  Learn to set up your website and begin marketing your virtual assistant services today!

12.Game Designer

For every problem a person can have, there should be a book that can direct them to a helpful solution, but unfortunately, there is not.  Even worse, there are many misleading books.

Authors have a very noble duty.  They provide information to help people solve their life problems in more areas than can be simplified to explain.  You could be one of the published authors that helps other make good choices.

I’ve written 15 books on relationships, Bible Study, and overall personal development.  It feels good to see how time spent years ago can still help people on a recurring basis.  It also feels good to have money deposited in my bank account month after month for work I did years ago.

If you have a message or story to share, I definitely recommend looking into becoming a published author!  As a fellow author,  would recommend learning how to sell online, so your books can make money for your family.


Regardless of who you are, young or old, in kindergarten or college, sometimes we need pick-me-ups.  A tutor can be a pick-me-up to help others get thru roadblocks in their learning.

You could be that person who helps make learning fun and understandable again.  You could specialize in math, science, literature, homeschooling, English as a second language, or whatever else you choose.

Tutoring is one of my best home based businesses for stay home moms because of the flexibility and income potential.   Tutoring could be billed hourly, thru monthly packages, by group rates, or so many other ways.  With a little thought and research, you could establish a payment setup that is comfortable for you and your clients.  Leverage the internet and begin tutoring children all over the world!

15.Customer Service Rep

Every business needs customer service representatives, and often times, this is one of the first roles that is hired out to someone else as a business grows.  If you have an understanding ear and a knack for helping businesses serve their customers well, you should consider starting a customer service home based business.

You could be a solopreneur providing customer service, or you could hire others to help maintain the standard of customer service even in your absence.  Customer service could be email support only, email and phone support, chat support or a combination.  You can bill at a fixed rate or hourly; whichever is most suitable to you and your clients.

16.Sales Agent

Businesses survive or fail due to sales volumes.  The sales agent who has a good track record has huge leverage in any business.

As a sales agent with a good track record, you could negotiate great commissions on various products or services.  You could have a flexible schedule and work from various locations.  A huge advantage of being a sales agent in comparison to some of my other best home based businesses is sales agents don’t require years to get started; whereas some (example: the real estate investor) will require time to amass the capital for investing.  The internet can help you begin selling and making money from home!

17.Side Hustler

In my post 25+ Real Side Hustles You Can Start With Minimal Upfront Time Investment, and How You Can Make Thousands on the Side Doing Them!”I mention several side hustles that can make extra money.  From fish farming to ATMs to vending machines, check the list out because there are several options for making extra cash!

The key to winning as a side hustler is to maintain organization.   For me, I was doing several side hustles in addition to my full-time job.

I was dabbling in several things, and I was making nice money on some of them.  If you want to do better than I did, you want to pay attention to the 80/20 rule, and invest most of your time in the 20% that is making you the fulfilled and bring the most money.

I learned how to apply the 80/20 rule with time, and here I am writing.  Can you see how that worked for me?

18.Affiliate Marketer

Can you imagine trying to count all of the products and services in the world?  I can’t.  Can you imagine trying to make buying decisions about the stockpile of products and services in the world that are relevant to you without reviews?

What a disaster?!!!

Affiliate marketers help consumers make buying decisions about product and services that are in the market, and get paid referral commissions from product and service innovators for directing customers to them.  If you see products or services that you strongly believe in, but you think they don’t have the customer base they should, it’s likely they could also be limited in the number of affiliate marketers promoting their products and services as well.

This is where you would come in!  That product that is the staple in your house that you KNOW others should know about could present a great affiliate marketing opportunity for you.  You could promote that product or service thru a podcast, a blog, while you’re speaking, or in so many other ways.  Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommended training for affiliate marketing and you can start for FREE.


According to daytranslations.com, there are 7,106 world languages today!  Some of the foreign language speakers have a harder time having mainstream input thru publishing, science, government, or other impactful industries because they don’t have enough translators.

You could help solve the problem of few translators for specific languages.  You could find languages with a high demand for translation and learn how to translate it!  You could also take a presupposed language you may already know and offer translation services to others!

20.Financial Advisor

Have you seen how many people are drowning in debt?  Student loans, business loans, and overall poor financial awareness contributes to the majority of the US population living paycheck to paycheck!

Financial advisors serve a philanthropic mission nowadays because they help people prepare for life with their finances.   You could help other families by directing them to start an emergency fund or helping them create a debt payoff plan.

You could help the bootstrapping entrepreneur plan his finances to support his business.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to help others achieve their goals by breaking down their obstacles related to money?  This could be you!  You could set up your website and begin sharing your financial insight today!


Do you have a specialty in something?  Maybe content writing, digital marketing, human resources, creating curriculum, or something else that you may have used during your out-of-the-home professional life.

Could it be a specialty other businesses may need to have spurts of advice about?  Maybe you should consider offering your specialty as a freelance service for other businesses!

Freelancers range in pay and range in pay terms.  Some, choose to be paid hourly while others choose fixed rate contracts.  More and more businesses (big and small) are hiring specialized consultants, or freelancers, to come tweak and improve their programs from time to time, and make their businesses work better.

You can tap into this growing demand by marketing your specialized freelance services.  I chose freelancing as one of the best home based businesses because of the income potential and flexibility it could afford stay home moms.


You may be saying to yourself, “I’ve always heard of the starving artist, so why would I want to do this?”  The starving artist is the one who has great skill, but no business and marketing savviness to put their talents before the right people.

You can be the business savvy artist who is creating beautiful artwork and crushing it with paychecks that are madly helping their family!  Get the skills you need to create art and sell it online to help bring extra money!

Being an artist embraces so many different creative forms: musicians, dancers, dance teachers, visual artists, visual art teachers, and the list can go on and on.  Choose your creative expression and present it in a marketable way to get sales and income!  Being an artist can be fulfilling, and it can be one of the best home based businesses for stay home moms.

25 best home based businesses for stay home moms 23.Seamstress

For as long as we (humankind) wear clothes, we will always need someone to fix, modify, or create them.  You could plug into the clothes industry by creating clothes and fashion, or by repairing and maintaining clothes.

You choose.

Some seamstresses narrow their sites on niches like costume making or church attire making.  There is so much potential as a seamstress to be the captain of your own ship, and create around your family values so I’ve placed this on my list of best home based businesses.

24.E-Commerce Store Owner

Etsy, Shopify, Amazon droppshipping, Amazon FBA…you name it.  There is so much opportunity in the e-commerce store space, and you can benefit from that.

I’ve seen niche e-commerce stores like cloth diaper shops or handcrafted goods.  Many stay home moms are making money with e-commerce stores now!

If you have an area of passion that can be translated into an e-commerce store, this could be one of the best home based businesses for you!  Learn to set up your website and begin your e-commerce venture today!

25. Organizer

Not everyone has habits that maintain an organized space.  If you are an organized person, my applause goes to you because not all of us tick like that.

You could target stay home moms like yourself and help them re-organize their spaces, you could target certain industries like construction, real estate or others, and help people lay out their spaces in a way that makes sense.   There are some portions of this business that require you to be on site, but other parts can be planned, drawn out, or created in the comfort of your home.

With the minimalism movement, the tiny houses, and others, people are starting to notice the American consumerism much more.  The organizer is on my list of best home based businesses for stay home moms because of how it uses presupposed skills in a flexible and creative way.

More people are wanting to scale down and get more organized.  What better time for you to roll up your sleeves and flex your organizer skills?  Learn the skills to begin selling your savviness online today!

How Stay Home Moms Can Get The Required Training for the Best Home Based Businesses

That was quite a list of very exciting opportunities.  I think their the best home based businesses for stay home moms!   Now, you may be asking yourself, “How do I get the required training to do those?”.

I understand that.

Many of the best home based businesses are opportunities that require skills, time to hone the skills, and all require methods to get the word out.  I would recommend you going to Udemy for learning more about each individual career path that you’re interested in, then decide which peaks your interest most.

If you feel that you’re ready to hit the ground running with one of the above opportunities, but you’re simply stuck on how to plan or market your service, I would love to help with that.

For help marketing your business online and “getting the word out”, I’d love to hold your hand as you learn everything internet marketing related: from how to set up a website to getting traffic to scaling.

Final Words on the Best Home Based Businesses For Stay Home Moms

The goal of this article was to show you 25 home based businesses for stay home moms.  There’s loads of opportunity for stay home moms and it can be a lot of fun and very fulling!  If you have questions or concerns about this, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section.  I’d love to help you out!

If you liked what you saw here and you’d like to start or grow your home business, check out my free e-course. It’s a framework to grow a business: from the idea to enterprise. Check out the free e-course here.

Now, it’s your turn…

What do you think are the best home based businesses for stay home moms?  Have you tried any?  What is your experience with home based businesses?  Leave your comments below.

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