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How To Get Your Books on the Amazon Bestseller List

amazon bestseller list
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There’s so many reasons for writing a book: brand authority, professional credibility, to help other people, to make money, and the list goes on.  Then, once, you muster the courage, clear your schedule, and put in the effort to compile a book, the last thing you want is to have a book that simply sits on Amazon’s website with very few sales to show for your time and effort.  You want to get on the Amazon Bestseller list and make some real money, right?  This article will lead you in the right direction…


amazon bestseller listMy Story


Between 2014 and 2016, I published 15 books.  My ultimate goal was to make money by writing things to encourage others and help them improve their lives.  I invested lots of time and collectively, I had written well over 200,000 words while being Active Duty in the military, married and with one kid!  It was hard work!


After all of my hard work, I was getting $300-$350 per month!  I was on the Amazon Bestseller list several times, but that didn’t translate into the income I expected.  I was disappointed.  I’d seen people online making millions from publishing books.  Many of them are publishing books, making millions, while paying the writers $200-$400!


I didn’t want to be like that.  I don’t mind making a good income, but I like when my team benefits because of OUR efforts.  I couldn’t feel good about making millions on the back of someone else’s hard work, and only paying them $200.


I’m an entrepreneur, but not that kind.


I didn’t have a problem with rolling up my sleeves and putting in the work, but I want the work to pay off, so $300-$400 wasn’t sufficient for me.


amazon bestseller listThe Rat Races Begin…


I decided to watch the strategies of other successful authors and try it out.  I watched Youtube channels like the Creative Penn, and others, but they weren’t specific on strategy so I was unclear about their actions in comparison with mine.  I was pretty sure I was working harder, but I was also sure I was getting worse results. LOLOL.


I decided to listen to the strategy I did hear from them.  They kept saying “diversify”, “Don’t stay exclusive to Amazon”, “Try out wider distribution”, “Get media interviews”, and on and on.  So, I went on a rat race.


Rat Race #1


In 2015, I signed up for a $15,000 coaching program to learn public relations and to get booked with different media outlets.  I’ve gotten $0 ROI so far!  I didn’t stay in the program the whole year it required, but I thought after $4000 and 3 months, I should see some returns?!!! What do you(readers) think?


Rat Race #2


My next rat race adventure was to diversify.  I decided rather than staying exclusive to Amazon, I’d distribute thru Draft2Digital.  While Draft2Digital is an amazing company, new authors (like myself) may find it difficult to succeed with wider distribution without additional knowledge beyond writing, cover creation, and self-publishing.


To make a long story short, my royalties went down the drain!  From $300-$350/month organically down to $10-$15/month.  I took it personal for the last two years!  I thought my royalties sucked (sorry that’s the best term I can think of) because of my writing skill level, and guess what….I WAS WRONG!


My Epiphany


In November 2017, my family was very broke (financially).  My son had gotten sick.  I was freelancing to make my income and due to his sickness, I had to take time off.  The sickness lasted 9 weeks which resulted in me losing my clients!


I was sad and distraught!


amazon bestseller listI always say, “My blessings come from my most discontented times”.


In my distress, I started to dream.  I reminded myself that I wanted passive income.  My rambling in my head sounded something like this:


I wanted to be an author not a freelancer.  I wanted to have much higher passive income by now.  I thought my blog income would be much higher by now.


That was the negative part, then those thoughts birthed more positive and productive internal conversation that went something like:


What can I do to get my blog income higher?  What can I do to get my book royalties higher?  What can I do to increase my passive income so I can do more of what I love?

Then, the light bulbs started coming on…


I Needed to Learn More


I talked to my husband.  I explained that I felt behind in comparison to what I imagined for myself.  My freelancing income was sufficient to cover the expenses of our family of 4, and he was working in his General Contracting business, so at times, we were doing very well financially. I was working from home, homeschooling my son, and able to care for my baby girl, so I was happy as a mom.  On a professional level, there were parts about what I was doing that didn’t fit with what I felt destined to do.


I told my husband, “I want to take some classes on blogging”, so I can start making more money with it.  He agreed.  He reminded me that when he wants to get better in his business, he takes classes.


I spotted out some classes on Udemy and took my first class for $10!  (I can be a cheapskate at times. LOLOL)


The class “Blogging Blueprint” by Daniel Boehm gave a Bird’s eye view of how to make money blogging: ad revenue, affiliate income, digital product sales, freelancing, and so on.


amazon bestseller listI Was Doing Things Wrong


The class showed me I was doing things wrong, which was a good move in the right direction.


It was a good building block, but I was left wondering, “What tactics do I need to start with to start making money with my blog?”


I found another class “Make Money Blogging For Beginners” by Create and Go.  To be honest, the material wasn’t memorable and the blog community wasn’t memorable either.  It gave me a few valuable nuggets, but left me with alot more that I needed to learn, and they upsell the remainder of the information for $197+ per course.  The information was too fragmented for my taste, so I started looking around for another course that would deliver a full strategy that I could implement to make money.


Just a reminder….at this point, I had spent $4000+ on my dream…


The Billionaire Blog Club and Wealthy Affiliate


While on Pinterest, implementing the knowledge from “Make Money Blogging for Beginners”–using tailwind to schedule pins, I ran into a post called something like “Stop overpaying on Blog Courses!”.  In it, she recommended “The Billionaire Blog Club” as a full and complete strategy.


amazon bestseller listI talked to my husband about it and my husband told me, “Sign up for the classes you need until you feel confident!”,  Unlike other course creators, Paul Scrivs, from BBC was down to Earth, he coordinated with me BEFORE I paid anything.  He was honest about the limitations of the course, but even with a thorough perspective on what the course offered, I still felt confident it would help me, so I signed up.


I really wanted my income to come from affiliate marketing and book royalties so after signing up for BBC, before taking any of the courses, I was still looking for information on Affiliate marketing.  Following my husbands’ advice, I enrolled in Billionaire Blog Club and Wealthy Affiliate within days of each other and I committed to going thru both of the program’s materials.

Signing up For Those Courses Was a Miracle For My Author Career!


You’re probably wondering, “What does this have to do with making the Amazon Bestseller list?”.  Let me explain…


Most people who want to get on the Amazon Bestseller list want either credibility or money.  I can tell you how to get on the Amazon Bestseller list easily, and now, I can also tell you how to make money as an author!


Steps To Hitting the Amazon Bestsellers List Organically


When I hit the Amazon Bestseller’s list, I didn’t use an ad budget.  I simply published the best book I knew how, then after I hit publish, I would use social media to promote it organically.  You can see on my Facebook profile that I’m in quite a few groups, I would:


1. Take my book URLs

2. Go and “like” and “comment” on 3-5 posts in each group

3. Create a post that adds value to each group

4. And, post in all the groups.


That would take hours, but after I was done, I would hit the Amazon bestsellers list.  It was hard work though.


A More Efficient Process


amazon bestseller listNow, that I’ve taken the courses at BBC and Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve learned much more about Internet Marketing.  I’ve been making money every month online and my commissions are becoming more and more frequent, which is exciting!


Now, I know how to organically market my book using Facebook (which I hardly use anymore), Pinterest, and Blogging. I’ve also learned how most successful authors promote their books: using organic and paid methods.


Wealthy Affiliate taught mastery in SEO, keyword research, and Paid Advertising, so now, I’m a force to be reckoned with when it comes to getting book royalties.  My process for making money online: as an author or otherwise has become much more efficient and the money is coming in the ways I originally wanted: affiliate marketing and book royalties.


My Recommendations for How To Get on the Amazon Bestseller List


If you want to get your books on the Amazon Bestseller list, you can definitely follow my organic process and achieve your goal.  I’ve done it several times before.


However, if you want to go beyond the Amazon Bestseller list and you want to make some serious money online, my #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate and my #2 recommendation is Billionaire Blog Club.  They both offer significantly different elements.  You can read my full Billionaire Blog Club Review to see what I mean HERE.


I may need to update my review because the latest BBC updates are really nice, but WA is still #1.


If you’re okay taking my word for it, you can set up an account with Wealthy Affiliate for FREE and get 2 free websites, 10 FREE training lessons on internet marketing, access to a community of over 1M+ Entrepreneurs, and I’ll be able to meet you there and help you out.  CLICK HERE to set up your free account.


I’ll take your career as serious as you do, and show you how to get on the Amazon Bestseller list.  If we meet over there, and you ask a question, I’ll make sure to advise you in a way that gets you results.  You can’t beat the value.  It’s why I share it so avidly.


Now, it’s Your Turn…


Are you an author that wants to get on the Amazon Bestseller’s List?  What have you tried?  Have you been able to do it before?  Did it translate into money?  Leave your comments, questions, or feedback below.  I’d love to hear from you.


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