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AutoResponder Madness Review 2020: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives (with Video)

autoresponder madness review
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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

If you’re looking for a thorough Autoresponder Madness review, you’re in the right place.

Stats show that active email accounts are expected to reach 5.6 billion this year, and 59% of survey respondents say email effects their buying decisions! If you’re in business, I’d say it’s an understatement to say you should “consider” email marketing in your marketing mix. Email marketing is probably something you should be doing at some scale.

For many entrepreneurs, they don’t have the problem of understanding that people use email. Instead, they get stuck thinking about:

  • What to say
  • How to say it
  • and, all of the other ingredients that cause email marketing to be effective

If you’re here, this may be your scenario. Maybe, you’re stuck making your email marketing efforts effective. You could also be stuck with fitting an effective email marketing strategy into your day-to-day life. It can be tough.

Once you have a few customers, it can be difficult managing the communication piece and guiding the journey forward: from prospect to customer to advocate and so on. You’re not the only one who has run into the problems you’re facing with email marketing.

Autoresponder Madness was created as a solution to help entrepreneurs create effective emails in an efficient way. In this Autoresponder Madness review, I will tell you:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

If you’d like to see this entire review in video, check it out here:

What is Autoresponder Madness? Product Overview

autoresponder madness review

Autoresponder Madness is an email marketing course created by email marketing expert Andre Chaperon. In the course, Chaperon shares som ground-breaking thoughts that many marketers attribute with the tens of thousands of dollars in returns on their investments.

The course style is very simple as most of the content is in writing with very few videos integrated. Some students have even described the course style to be like several email sequences added onto a membership site with videos added in between. Regardless of the style of the content, every review I’ve read has said positive things about the actual content and the importance of the philosophies shared on email marketing success (and even overall marketing success).

Chaperon discusses things like:

  • The Strategy of Pre-Eminence by Jay Abraham
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Creating a customer avatar
  • Exploring how your customer thinks
  • Email Automation
  • Advanced Segmenting based on user behaviors
  • and, you can see case studies with profitable campaigns that Andre or his friends have run

How Does Autoresponder Madness Work?

The Autoresponder Madness course is retailed by Clickbank, so once you decide you want to purchase it, you’ll be sent to Clickbank to process the payment and such. After payment, you’ll be enrolled into the Tiny Little Businesses Academy where you’ll have access to AutoResponder Madness inside of the membership area. The course is self-paced and contains lots of material, so reviewers have said it took them more than one week, and the implementation of the strategies give you lots of work to do.

How Do I Get Started with Autoresponder Madness?

1. Visit the Tiny Little Businesses website

2. Go to the products page

3. Scroll down to see the “presale” button

4. Check out

5. Begin taking the course

Who is Autoresponder Madness For?

  • Those who enjoy courses composed of mostly written text
  • Those that have their websites set up and are looking to build an audience or promote a product or service thru email
  • Marketers who want to master the skill of email marketing
  • Those who want to learn from a marketer whose been named “The best email marketer in the industry”

Autoresponder Madness Support

There is no up front mention of support for the Autoresponder Madness. It’s a digital course that seemingly expects very little maintenance, and that may be why. However, if you have issues, you can email the team at Tiny Little Businesses for help.

What Does Autoresponder Madness Do Well

  • It teaches customer-focused sales and story-telling rather than hard selling or other unethical sales practices
  • It uses email, which is a tool that’s proven to yield high return on investment results for businesses
  • It’s loaded with lots of content
  • The course has been updated several times since its launch in 2009

What Doesn’t Autoresponder Madness Do Well

Customer reviews suggest there isn’t alot of editting or oversight to ensure the product is absent of spelling errors and all the links work.

Autoresponder Madness Review Roundup

There are some very notable video testimonials on the Tiny Little Businesses website where autoresponder madness is sold, and there’s also lots of third party reviews from highly established authority websites. Here, I’ll basically provide a brief summary of what the reviews were saying: both good and bad.

autoresponder madness review | video testimonials

Common Positive Feedback

After reading quite a few reviews, here are the positive things many people had to say:

  • Autoresponder madness is a staple in marketing education
  • This course can make you tons of money
  • This is one of the few internet marketing courses I actually recommend
  • I’ve been in marketing for years, and this is one of the best courses in the industry

Common Negative Feedback

  • There are typos in the course
  • Some of the links to resources inside the course send you to 404 errors

Most Helpful Positive Autoresponder Madness Review

It gives me a deep sense of fulfillment to find a high-quality Internet Marketing product to confidently recommend to my reading audience. This product may not be for everyone, but you can definitely make tons of money with it unless you have certain defects as a person and an Internet Marketer.

Most Helpful Negative Autoresponder Madness Review

This review wasn’t a “negative review”, but instead had some constructive feedback you may want to consider:

The Bad: Price: The course is priced at $297, which may be too high of an investment for some online marketers.

Presentation style: Andre provides loads of case studies and email copy at the detriment of actual (original) content and copy.

It’s not that examples aren’t useful, but they shouldn’t outweigh the actual lessons. Also, most of the content is written, with a few videos provided for emphasis of particular points. It would have been nice to have different content formats like podcast and video, and not just written lessons.

Self-promotion: Many of Andre’s examples are followed by comments from his fellow marketers or past customers that are promotional in nature. For example, in one of his techniques, a follow-up comment might be, “This tactic made me $X in 10 days!” That’s great to hear, but it doesn’t teach the reader how to actually create and use that particular tactic.

Editing: Spelling and grammatical issues plague the content presented by Andre. At a price tag of almost $300, this product shouldn’t lack in basic editing. Also, some of his provided links go to a 404 page.

Steve, IveTriedThat

Autoresponder Madness Price

I’ve seen quite a few reviews with different pricing, however, on the website, the pricing shows $497. Take a look here:

autoresponder madness review

My Final Opinion of Autoresponder Madness

Most emails I recieve don’t excite me. Instead, they seem like just a part of the day. “Blah, blah” if you know what I mean. In contrast, Autoresponder Madness has been the #1 course recommendation by the email marketers that write emails I anticipate recieving.

I’ve seen the students generate very engaged tribes who are excited to buy from them as a result of their implementation of the principles.

I think that says alot about Autoresponder Madness.

As a result, I recommend those who are looking to improve their effectiveness in email marketing to give Autoresponder Madness a try.

Top Alternatives (or Compliments)

If you:

  • Don’t have your website set up yet
  • You want to learn the technical components of how to sell online
  • You’re unfamiliar with generating traffic online (or your struggling with it)
  • or, you want the support of a highly engaged community of online marketers

I’d recommend you also check out Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s a very established community of 1.4 million+ online business owners, proprietary tools to encourage success online, and training that’s given success stories ranging from earning the first $1 online up into 7-figures.

What’s included with Wealthy Affiliate?

Interested in learning more about Wealthy Affiliate? Take a look at my full review and demo here.


Also, Udemy is a platform with THOUSANDS of professional development courses that range across several verticals. They have some very good email marketing courses as well. Take a look here:

autoresponder madness reviewIn addition to the few you see in the image above, there may have been hundreds others (if I had taken the time to count). Many of the courses at Udemy are taught by experts and all of them have student reviews, so you can evaluate whichever course you’re considering with the context of what the curriculum offers, a sample, the instructors background, and others’ experiences. You can check out the courses on Udemy here, or check out my full udemy review and demo here.

Looking for an Email Marketing Service?

If you’re looking for an email marketing service, I’d recommend you check out some of my email marketing reviews and demos. They’ll help you decide which email marketing service would make you feel the most comfortable. Check out the reviews here:

VERDICT: Recommended


Autoresponder Madness






User Friendly







  • Customer reviews suggest the content warrants the price
  • Many students have gotten very high returns on their investments from buying the course
  • Andre Chaperon is a credible instructor and known by many as #1 expert in the email marketing industry
  • The course introduces a unique compilation of ideas in a compelling way


  • Typos and Spelling Errors in the Content
  • Broken links
  • Lots of self-promotion (to the point of frustrating several customers)
  • Mostly written content (no lessons are fully explained in video), so this may be a con if you don't like learning thru written text only

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