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Avon Sales Representative Review: Is this the Right Direct Sales Biz For You?

avon sales representative review
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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

With the growing dissatisfaction in the corporate ladder, more and more people are looking for a way out, and their growing interest in entrepreneurship.

In some cases, rather than creating their own business plan with their own products and services, people are becoming more and more excited about affiliate marketing or multi-level marketing opportunities, so I do reviews on business opportunities that are out there to help some people avoid scams, and make good business decisions.

This Avon review post will be an honest review that gives you:

  • Backstory on Avon
  • Pros and cons
  • My experience with Avon
  • What others are saying
  • and whether this is a business I’d recommend or not

If you’re antsy and you’d like to go ahead and give Avon a try, you can BECOME AN AVON SALES REP HERE.

Avon Sales Representative | My Background with Avon

Growing up, my mom sold Avon.  I remember quite a few of the products were staples in our home.  We used the Skin-so-Soft body oil, the bubble bath, the makeup, and many of the other products to raise our confidence and esteem.


From personal experience, when you feel like you smell good and you pamper yourself, you feel more secure and willing to take on challenges in the world.  With that appreciation for the side income my mom acquired and the love for the products, I write this review to give facts to others considering Avon as an opportunity for them.

Avon Sales Representative Review | What is Avon?

Avon is a beauty, lifestyle, and empowerment brand founded in 1882 by David McConnell.  The founder, a book salesman gave perfume samples and beauty products as perks to engage customers in conversation.  He had no intentions of starting a beauty company.

Avon Sales Representative Review

With time, he realized the perfume was more intriguing than the books, and he began mixing Avon’s first perfumes.  McConnell hired a group of women to be his first sales representatives, and Avon has grown since.  The business was inspired with the idea that “women had a passion for his products and women love networking with other women”.

Today, Avon has grown into a massive multinational women empowerment brand.

 The Executive Leadership


avon sales representative review


The Board of Directors

avon sales representative review


The Family of Representatives

You can see they’ve built a huge family of representatives who feel inspired and empowered as beautiful women.  Take a look at this video:



Avon Sales Representative Review | Avon Products


Avon Sales Representative Review

In the early days, Avon was a perfume brand, however, they have become a vibrant brand with a wide array of products.  They sell:

  • Body care for women, men, and kids (bath oils, bath soaps, deodorants, perfumes, colognes, etc.)
  • Makeup
  • Nail polish
  • Vitamins
  • Jewelry
  • Fashion
  • Dining & Entertaining (candles, cooking and baking supplies)

They have something for everyone in the family at a comparable and competitive price as a big box retailer, but in many categories, they may have better quality.

Avon Sales Representative Review | The Compensation Plan

The compensation with Avon varies based on product categories, however, generally speaking, the earnings look like this:

Avon Sales Representative Review

Avon Sales Representative Review | Ongoing Business Costs

Added onto the income potential, you have to factor in the business costs.  As an independent representative, you have to think about how you’ll set up the 7 business systems: the lead generation system, the lead conversion system, the branding system, the client fulfillment system, the management system, and the leadership system.

For lead generation, Avon teaches consultants to buy brochures and hand them out.  Therefore, you would want to consider expenses like:


Avon Sales Representative Review


Prices vary depending on which perfumes, lipsticks, makeup, or other product samples the customer is interested in.

Tools for Sample Application

Q-tips, Makeup application sponges, cotton balls, etc.

Bags to Deliver Products

50 – 10 lbs bags = $12.50 (Source: Momma’s Utopia)

Alternative Marketing Methods

To cater to the growing trend of women who discover new products and services online, you could market your Avon products online by creating a website, and selling using the Dropship method.  If you sold Avon online, the expenses could be diminished quite a bit after you’ve grown your traffic to your website.  Using the internet to market Avon could take the profit potential even higher than the traditional Avon salesperson who hands out brochures.  Begin Internet Marketing Training here FREE.

Some Avon reps do door to door sales while some are treating it like a franchise: renting storefront buildings or selling in mobile trucks.  You can get a lot out of it, but you will have to put in work.

Here’s a Playlist with some ideas of how other reps make sales:


Avon Sales Representative Review | A Video Playlist of Reviews


Avon Sales Representative Review | Pros vs. Cons


  • You get a website
  • Great products
  • Wide product variation
  • A longstanding history of women with success stories
  • Competitively priced products
  • The income potential has no cap
  • Events, bonuses and incentives
  • A good compensation plan
  • A great mission, vision, and brand reputation
  • Lots of insightful representatives who can give ideas


  • You won’t be found online thru search results with your Avon website unless you learn internet marketing
  • To shop products on your website, you have to go to Avon.com, and there’s no apparent affiliate cookie to credit the referrer
  • Your website would be a lead generation website rather than a website that enables them to purchase thru your store
  • Your website would compete with every other rep whose website is identical
  • You’d have to design a separate website to enable the full checkout experience on your store
  • You’re not taught internet marketing, but you can begin learning here for FREE

Avon Sales Representative Review | Conclusion

Overall, Avon can be a great experience.  It can enable you to empower families, to build self-esteem in others, and to make a lucrative income for your family.

Like any business opportunity, you’ll have to focus your attention, be persistent and committed.  If you treat a business like you treat farming, you’d know you plant the seed today, you water and see no signs for awhile, but within a year or so, you’ll start to see your work pay off, and an Avon business will work the same.

The Verdict: Good Business Opportunity or Not?

Avon is definitely a Viable Business Opportunity

If you would like to learn more about how you can start a business (like Avon) and become one of the top representatives in the organization, CHECK OUT MY FREE 10-STEP GUIDE on how to start a business and grow it into an enterprise!

Now, it’s Your Turn…

What are your thoughts on starting an Avon business?  Have you seen any representatives before?  What did you learn from their experiences?  Leave your comments below.



Good Products


Good mission


A Proven System


Good Support


Overall Customer Satisfaction (Based on Reviews)


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