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Best Black Friday Deals for Bloggers [2019 EDITION]

Best Black Friday Deals for Bloggers
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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

If you’re looking for the best Black Friday deals for Bloggers, you’re in the right place.

Odds are, if you’re here, you’re probably anxious to capitalize on the mega opportunity presented on Black Friday. Bloggers and online business owners will have a great opportunity to invest in their businesses at the lowest prices for the entire year.

Companies know Black Friday is a day people are looking to shop, and they slash their prices lower than ever to incentivize people to buy from them. If you’re a savvy business owner, you’ll setup Black Friday promotions of your own, and you’ll save your money to invest massively in your business.

Do you want Start or Grow Your Business for the Lowest Price All Year?!!!

You can get the business tools you need to run your business for the lowest possible prices during the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend, and literally save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars if you want to! Some products and services will be discounted 50% or more! This means you could save yourself lots of money by making your business investments during this major holiday weekend.

My Story

I learned in my first year in affiliate marketing that the best time to buy many products and services for my business is over Black Friday weekend. Since then, I’ve gotten better and better at preparing for this major holiday, and I recommend you do the same. As a part of my preparation, I start to budget for the holidays, read around, check with my affiliate partners, and find the best deals to share with you.

Many of the deals, I’ll either be purchasing myself or I already own the items. When I found these deals, I immediately said to myself, “Whoa! If I needed all these things, now would be the best time to get them”, and that’s why I’ve compiled this list for you.

I don’t want you to break your budget buying things on Black Friday, so make sure to budget ahead and stick with it!

My List of the Best Black Friday Deals for Bloggers

I’ve organized each of the Black Friday deals into categories based on the recommended tools list for affiliate marketers.

Black Friday Deals on Digital Marketing Training

If you’re looking to improve the amount of sales you get online, build a website, validate your content strategy, or network with a community of digital marketers, then purchasing good training programs could be the answer for you.

1. Wealthy Affiliate – Top Recommended Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal

My top recommended Black Friday deal for Affiliate marketers is Wealthy Affiliate.

They offer:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • A highly engaged community for support and getting your questions answered
  • Live weekly training
  • 1000’s of hours of recorded training
  • 1-on-1 coaching (from your referrer)
  • and more!

This is the most comprehensive suite of tools you can find to start your online business. It’s an extremely high value because you’ll be trained and you’ll be able to network with affiliates at various ranges of their careers (plus, the price is the lowest in the industry!). You can try the platform out 100% for free without a credit card.  You can learn more about the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal here.

2. Udemy – Save up to 75% on Courses!

Udemy has courses on topics from coding and project management to blogging and online business. You can learn lots about how to run an online business for very low prices (in comparison to the industry). I’ve bought courses on video editing, sales, email marketing, and other topics to improve my skills as an affiliate marketer.

Learn more about Udemy here or visit their website to check out their Black Friday course deals here.

Video Marketing Tools

3. Amazon – Get Your Cameras and Lighting at Lowest Prices!

Get a full listing of the top-recommended video marketing tools, so you can get them at their lowest prices!

SEO Tools

Search engine optimization is a technique for making your website optimized for search engines. When done well, you can attract tens of thousands of visitors to your website every month. SEO tools help by validating keyword ideas, analyzing trends, finding keyword ideas, tracking website rankings, or giving SEO suggestions.

4. Jaaxy (Included in the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal)

Jaaxy is my favorite SEO tools. It helps me to track my website ranking in Google, Bing, and Yahoo from one interface. It helps to validate keyword ideas and it shows trending topics for potential content ideas.

WordPress Hosting

Website hosting is the storage space for your intellectual property online. Several companies are having sales on website hosting, but the #1 WordPress hosting package I recommend for sites that don’t need C-Panel access is Wealthy Affiliate.

5. Wealthy Affiliate – Managed WordPress Hosting (49% off Normal Prices)

Included with the digital marketing training and Jaaxy (their keyword research tools) is their managed WordPress hosting. For $299, you’d get hosting, their market research tools, and 1000s of hours of digital marketing training.

Domain Registration

If you want to purchase domains to hold onto. Namecheap is a domain registrar you can buy domains from, then you can transfer the domains when you need premier hosting.

7. Wealthy Affiliate – Free SSL with Domain Registration

Wealthy Affiliate will be offering their special price annual hosting deal. When you decide to purchase a domain, they will include a free security socket layer (SSL) and domain privacy protection. Many other registrars charge you separately for domain privacy and if you don’t pay for it, your phone number and address will be in the WHOIS directory and subject you to lots of spam. Wealthy Affiliate will be including this.


Tax time is right around the corner and it’s important to make sure your books are in order. There are some amazong deals on accounting software.

8. Quickbooks Black Friday Sale – 70% Off!

Quickbooks is offering 70% off of their plans. They are by far the industry leader in small business accounting software, and you can get access for 70% off!

9. Freshbooks Black Friday Sale – 50% Off

Many solopreneurs or smaller teams that don’t need the sophistication of Quickbooks prefer Freshbooks, and they’re offering a great deal too. Not only for Black Friday, but all thru the fall season, Freshbooks is offering their software at 50% off.

Email Marketing

They say “the money is in the list” because if you have a large email list, you have lots of people you can instantly message anytime there’s news or announcements, or when there’s products and services you want to promote.

Of all of the email marketing services, it seemed like majority of them aren’t offering Black Friday deals.

10. Constant Contact — 40-50% off Email Marketing Plans

Constant Contact was one of the few email service providers who was offering a Black Friday deal, and they’re offering a very good one. ConstantContact is owned by GoDaddy. Their software is used by hundreds of thousands of small business owners. It’s very simple-to-use and effective. You can try the software for 30 days free of charge and over Black Friday, they’re giving you their software for 40-50% off!

Legal Advice

Once you get to the point where you need liability protection or tax advantages, it’s time to incorporate. What if you could incorporate for free and only pay the state fees? This means that instead of printing the application yourself and trying to figure out what all the legal mumbo jumbo means, you could get a legal professional to help you incorporate free of charge.

11. Incfile – Incorporation ($0 + State Fees)

Incfile is offering the incorporation for free and leaving you to only pay the state fees. If you need help incorporating, definitely check out Incfile.

Start LLC for $0 at IncFile

Software to Sell Online Courses

Selling online courses is a great way to add an additional stream of income into an existing business, but it’s important to have the right tools. Black Friday has some exciting opportunities if you’re looking to sell online courses.

12. Teachable – $240 Annual Plan

Teachable has never discounted their services for Black Friday. Usually, they add really nice bonuses and leave it at that. This year, they’re discounting their software for Black Friday by $240! If you’ve been on the fence about creating courses with Teachable, now could be the best time. Learn more about Teachable here or visit their website for more information here.

13. LifterLMS – 15-20% off the LMS WordPress Plugin

LifterLMS is a very nice WordPress plugin learning management system that makes your WordPress website into a site that can sell courses. They offer lots of gamification, quizzes, private coaching areas, and integrations. If you want to set your course website up on WordPress, LifterLMS might be the way to go for you.

They’re offering a BIGGER DISCOUNT the week BEFORE Black Friday! Their Black Friday promotions will break down like this…
November 22 – November 28 = 20% DISCOUNT
November 29 – December 2 = 15% DISCOUNT
LifterLMS Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY19

Learn more about LifterLMS by checking out my review here or visit their website to check out their course software here.

Holiday Cards, Business Cards, Flyers, and Promo Products

There are so many events going on in the last quarter of the year: business events and personal events. It’s important to be prepared to look professional with flyers, business cards, and nice gifts to give away. These companies offer promo products and have great sales going on over Black Friday. Check them out.

14. Vistaprint – Up to 50% off of holiday cards, business cards, and photo gifts

Vistaprint will be offering up to 50% off of print products like holiday cards, business cards, and photo gifts. They print photos on things like calendars, wall art, shirts, and more. Their products can make great gifts for employees, bosses, clients, JV partners, friends, or family.

Visit their website for more information.

15. Deluxe Promo Products

Like Vistaprint, Deluxe also has a large catalog of promo products. They sell print products and other things like pens, mugs, and lots more. You can find nice custom gifts as Deluxe that you can buy in bulk for very reasonable prices.

Learn more about Deluxe products here or visit their website to check out their deals here.

16. Zazzle

Zazzle offers lots of custom gifts. There are artists who make designs and you can customize them even further. They have a very wide selection of things you can use as gifts for friends, family, co-workers, or business collaborations.

Cyber Monday Sale | Up to 60% Off!

Learn more about Zazzle by checking out my review here or check out their custom products by visiting their website here.

Conclusion on the Best Black Friday Deals for Bloggers

There are lots of great deals going on over Black Friday. If you know there’s an investment you should be making in your business, why not make the move while the prices are at their all-time low? Hopefully, this list informed you of some great Black Friday deals for bloggers.

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