Top 5 Best Places to Incorporate Your Business Online

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5 Best Places to Incorporate Your Business Online - Featured Image

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.


Incorporating your business is a big step towards more liability protection and less taxes, however, it comes with alot of decisions.  You have to choose:
  • What business structure
  • What state
  • Who’s the registered agent
  • What’s the business name
  • and many other things
Some people will completely avoid incorporating because of the complications. You might be able to relate. You might know there are benefits to incorporating, but the idea of dealing with legal entities, completing government paperwork, or having new requirements might be a bit overwhelming for you. Well, it doesn’t have to be.  While incorporating can be free, if it’s overwhelming, you should consider hiring it out.  This article will give you:
  •  The top 5 companies I recommend you check out for help incorporating your business
  • The Pros and Cons of each
  • What they offer and what they don’t
  • The costs
  • Reviews
  • and, who they’re best for
My goal with this article is to help you decide on a service provider that can help you incorporate your business easily and  painlessly, and if you need someone to help give you compliance reminders, I’m hoping to help you choose the right company for that as well. If that sounds good to you, let’s get started…

How I Identified These Solutions

These solutions were identified as a result of outstanding customer reviews that speak highly of their customer service, features, ease of use, user interface, and professionalism.  I’ve found that these companies are reliable, well priced, operate ethically (as suggested by their verified customers), and they delivered beyond expectations.

1. Incfile

best places to incorporate your business onlineLike SwyftFilings, Incfile is also a legal services company that offers primarly incorporation and compliance services.  The prices are very comparable to SwyftFilings and they have a huge community of people they’ve helped.

Who is this best for

Incfile is best for entrepreneurs looking for:
  • An affordable alternative to incorporating themselves
  • Those who want the liability and tax benefits of incorporation
  • Those who need the ongoing compliance reminders

What They Offer

Their services include:
  • Company name availability
  • Preparation and filing of articles
  • Registered agent service (1st year free)
  • Lifetime company alerts
  • Business tax consultation
  • Online access to your documents
  • Filing of licenses and permits
  • EIN number
  • Business dissolution
  • S Corporation Election
  • LLC kit/Corporation Kit
  • and more…

What They are Missing

Based on customer reviews, it seems they’re missing customer education. Many of the customers who complained were upset about the upsells. They were confused about how they started out with a $49 offer and had a different price when they were ready to pay. Incfile may need to educate customers more so when they’re choosing premium options, they’re informed that they come with an added charge.


The basic price for Incfile is $0, but they also offer a package for $149, and $299. SEE THE INCFILE INCORPORATION PACKAGES & PRICING HERE.


Incfile has 7,511 reviews on Shopper Approved with an average of 4.8 stars.

How to Get Started

To get started, you pick your business structure and state, pick your package, and tell them about your business. GET STARTED WITH INCFILE FOR FREE HERE.

2. Swyft Filings

best places to incorporate your business onlineSwyft Filings is a legal services company that helps entrepreneurs in all 50 states to incorporate their businesses, and remain compliant. If you’re looking for a service provider that offers an all-inclusive package, SwyftFilings may be the option for you.

Who is this best for

  • Entrepreneurs who want to incorporate their businesses
  • Those who don’t want the hassle of completing the paperwork themselves
  • and, Those who want the peace of mind knowing they’ll be reminded of compliance issues

What They Offer

Their basic package includes:
  • Company name verification
  • Corporation document preparation
  • Document filing
  • Online access to your documents
  • Lifetime customer support
  • A FREE 30 minute tax consultation
  • ComplianceGuard company alerts
  • and, a free domain name
If you decide to upgrade, you could also get:
  • Your Federal Tax ID#
  • Your LLC Operating Agreement or Corporate kit
  • Custom Banking Resolution
  • Custom organizational minutes
  • Electronic submittal to the state
  • a Customized digital corporate kit
  • a Website and Hosting

What They are Missing

Customer reviews suggest that they could do better with how they invoice for annual subscription services. Some customers left reviews that they were surprised when they were billed for their annual registered agent fee. Also, they’re a legal services company, so if you choose to go with them for marketing services (like websites and hosting), they may not be fully equipped to perform equivalently to a marketing company or solely focused hosting company.


Their basic package starts at $49 (plus state fees) and their highest price package (the premium package) is $299.


SwyftFilings has nearly 18,000 reviews on TrustPilot with an average 5-star rating!

How to Get Started

To get started with SwyftFilings, you VISIT THEIR WEBSITE, pick your state and business structure, and they’ll begin incorporating the business for you. If you need help deciding on a business structure, you can ask for their help. VISIT SWYFTFILINGS NOW. Still unsure? Check out my full SwyftFilings Review.

3. CorpNet

best places to incorporate your business onlineCorpNet has a pretty cool backstory.  The founders are on their second try at running an incorporation service. Their first incorporation service was running very successfully, and they sold it to Intuit (the creators of Quickbooks and Turbotax). At 30 years old, they were able to retire, but they decided they really enjoyed what they were doing. Today, they continue to help businesses incorporate and stay compliant. They’re known as inspirational people, and customers who write reviews call CorpNet team members by name.

Who is this best for

  • Entrepreneurs who want to become incorporated, and who might be looking for a “family feel”
  • Those who would appreciate ongoing reminders about things like annual reports and franchise taxes
  • Those who might need help choosing a business structure
  • Those who want to register a trademark

What They Offer

  • Business incorporation and filing
  • Trademark registration
  • Registered agent service
  • Ongoing compliance reminders (annual taxes, quarterly taxes, minutes, etc.)
  • Corporate kits
  • and Operating Agreement Creation

What They are Missing

According to one 4-star customer review, they have a software called B.I.Z. to send files securely, but they may have forgotten to use it.  Other negative reviews seem to be situational customer service issues that Corpnet attempted to resolve, and user errors where they blaimed Corpnet for not filing, but the Secretary of State documentation and Corpnet “My Account” customer login information seems to reflect otherwise.


So far, CorpNet is the highest price option. Their basic package is similar to Incfile and SwyftFilings, accept they don’t give you a domain name, and they also file the form 2553 S-Corporation Election.  Their prices range between $79-$249. SEE CORPNET’S FULL PRICING HERE.


Out of 310 reviews on Trustpilot, Corpnet recieved 95% 5-star, 3% 4-star, and 1% 1-star reviews.  Out of 9 reviews on Yelp, Corpnet averaged 3.5 stars. Out of 3 reviews on Glassdoor, Corpnet recieved an average of 5 stars. Overall, the customers of Corpnet seem pretty happy with the services they recieve!

How to Get Started

To get started with Incfile, you: 1) Decide on your business structure and state, 2) Give Corpnet some information, and 3) They’ll incorporate for you.

4. Rocket Lawyer

rocket lawyer reviewRocket Lawyer is quite different than the other three legal solutions. They help with incorporation, but they also provide ongoing consultation on all legal matters: personal and business. With a Rocket Lawyer subscription, you’d have access to incorporate your business, legal forms you can customize, you could have lawyers review your documents, and you can have on-demand legal consultation.

Who is this best for

  • Businesses who don’t have access to on-demand legal counsel
  • Those who need to incorporate, and who also need contracts, service agreements, and other legal help
  • Those who might appreciate a lawyer’s review of legal documents, contracts, etc.
  • People who might need legal documents for personal affairs (power of attorneys, wills, estate plans, promisory notes, etc.)

What They Offer

  • On-demand legal consultation
  • Legal document review
  • Customizable forms (service agreements, contracts, business minutes, corporate bylaws, operating agreements, etc.)
  • Business incorporation

What They are Missing

If you’d like the fancy customizable binders, stock certificates, and emblem, you’d have to order that from SwyftFilings, IncFile, or CorpNet.


A membership to Rocket Lawyer costs $39.99/mo, however, they offer their services on a per-use basis. The services range between $9.99 and $149. Incorporation is free with the membership, but $99 for non-members.


Customer reviews suggest that customers appreciate the ease of accessing an attorney and were happy with affordably meeting their legal needs. Those who complained forgot they’d signed up, didn’t use the services enough to warrant a monthly payment, or tried cancelling but recieved slow customer support.

How to Get Started

To get started with Rocket Lawyer, you’d CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT FOR A 7-DAY FREE TRIAL.

5. LegalNature

best places to incorporate your business online LegalNature is a DIY legal form service that is known for making complex things very simple. The artificial intelligence used in LegalNature asks simple questions and customizes forms in a way you’d never know a lawyer didn’t do it. Services like LegalNature can be useful for simple issues, but are not as good at more complex ones. Lawyers have said complex issues like:
  • Sticky divorces
  • Business partnerships
  • Contracts with high dollar amounts or multiple participants
  • and the like…
Should be done by consulting a real lawyer; not simply the legal software.

Who is this best for

  • The legal professional who wants to create a document they can customize quickly
  • Those who have simple legal situations and need a little guidance creating forms
  • Those on a budget and unable to afford a legal service

What They Offer

  • Thousands of customizable legal forms (Articles of incorporation, meeting minutes, corporate bylaws, etc.)
  • Artificial intelligency software that makes it easy to customize legal documents

What They are Missing

  • Legal consultation – If you need legal advice as you’re completing the forms, LegalNature wouldn’t be the right service for you.


LegalNature can seem expensive if you’re payig month-to-month. In fact, I’d recommend Rocket Lawyer over LegalNature if you have the $38/mo for the monthly subscription. However, the annual subscription is $84 for the basic plan and $499 for professionals, which is substantially more affordable.


LegalNature has 2,275 reviews on TrustPilot and an average of 4 stars.  This is no small feat, so kudos to them!

How to Get Started

To get started with LegalNature, you VISIT THEIR WEBSITE, and choose the form you need. The software will prompt you with questions and give you a customized form. You can CREATE YOUR 14-DAY FREE TRIAL ACCOUNT to create the legal forms you need now.

Which Incorporation Service is Most Popular?

When comparing each of these services based on the popularity by internet users, Rocket Lawyer is the most popular by wide margins. They’re followed by Incfile, then Swyft Filings, Corpnet, and LegalNature is least searched for.

The Bottom Line

These are all great options for incorporating your business online. Don’t let all of the fine print and incorporation decisions stop you from starting or growing your business. Save yourself in taxes and protect yourself from liability by incorporating your business. INCORPORATE WITH MY #1 TOP PICK NOW.

Are you Ready to Incorporate Your Business?

Get Started for Free with Incfile

Join the 250,000+ Business Owners who have incorporated with Incfile. Get help deciding what structure is right, what state is right, and navigate the incorporation process in legal compliance.

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8 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Places to Incorporate Your Business Online”

  1. Tiffany Denise

    I really did not realize that incorporating your business could be so easy and that there were so many choices to do this with….online!  I thought this was something you had to do locally in a county or court office or something.  Do they file all the paperwork for you, so everything is legit?  I guess I am looking into this and hadn’t really known where to begin.  Seems like it might be easier than I originally thought.

  2. Tiffany Denise

    Good day,

    Growing a business is many of your reader’s goals, and I believe this resource would be very helpful to them. I’ve heard of Incfile and how they help incorporate businesses online, my opinion about your post is positive, because you have help provided relevant information about these legal services. Meanwhile, I’m left no questions, because your post is detailed and explanatory. You did a great job.

    Thanks for providing the reviews.

  3. Tiffany Denise

    Great and highly informative post. Thanks for explaining the reasons why incorporation is needed in online business. I am just starting out to build my online business, but now I understand more the importance and benefits of incorporation. From your review I will rate Incfile above the others majorly for their tax benefits

    1. Tiffany Denise

      Great question! I haven’t tried LegalShield for my online business or personal matters, but my husband has tried it for his Construction business. He was referred to an attorney that could help him with writing a contract, and he was happy with his experience.

      Legalshield is the most comparable to Rocket Lawyer (from this list). I haven’t done a full review on Legal Shield, but I know the key differences from glancing is that they separate personal and business plans while Rocket Lawyer includes both in their plans.

      Rocket Lawyer has a mobile app where you can request consultation and one free consultation is included for each new event. Rocket Lawyer has a DIY form creator, legal consulting, and legal review included in their plan. You can go to an in-network lawyer for legal form creation as-needed and they give you 40% off. Legal Shield includes legal consulting and review in their plans, and you have to go to an in-network lawyer for form creation; there’s no self-serve option for getting forms created.

      Hopefully this was helpful. I will probably do a full LegalShield review soon.

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