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5 Best Rank and Rent SEO Courses – Make Money with Local Lead Gen

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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Have you heard of the method of creating a local business website and renting it like real estate? If so, you might be quite intrigued, but how do you do it? In this article, I’d like to point you to the best rank and rent SEO courses I’ve found.

I’ve reviewed quite a few rank and rent SEO courses, but unfortunately, many people are charging exorbitant prices for the information. You can pay more for a rank and rent SEO course than a university course! It’s crazy.

After reviewing several rank and rent SEO courses, I’ve been able to find a few courses that can help guide you down the right path to creating the rank and rent business model for yourself.

How the Rank and Rent SEO Business Model Works

I’m going to simply summarize how the business model works here because I’ve went into much more depth in my tutorial on How to do Rank and Rent SEO and in my e-course answering even more questions on Rank and Rent SEO.

In summary, you:

  1. Choose a local business niche with a short sales funnel
  2. Build a website
  3. Get the website to rank (or generating traffic)
  4. Negotiate rental contracts with local businesses where they’d pay a monthly rental fee in exchange for leads from your website
  5. and Deliver leads

I have a tutorial that goes into more depth here.

After those two tutorials, I’ve still received lots of questions about the business model and I plan to answer many questions by creating a course here, possibly doing live events (if you comment below and tell me you’d be interested in that), and by sharing the best rank and rent SEO courses I’ve found.

How I Identified the Best Rank and Rent SEO Courses

In order to make it in my list of the best rank and rent SEO courses, I was looking for:

Pricing transparency – I don’t like sending people to a situation where they’ll feel pressured to buy without all of the information to make an informed buying decision.

Good third party reviews – I do my research to validate that companies I refer customers to have good third party reviews. It’s one thing to ask for reviews and post them on your website, and it’s another thing for a person to feel so passionate about the help that was provided that they decide to post a review on their own. I like to see that companies have reviews they may have asked for, and reviews that others post on their own.

Good customer support – Having questions or concerns is likely. You may not have built a website, gotten rankings in the search engines, run a business, or rented a website before, so all of this may be new. When you have questions or concerns, you need someone to reach out to, or you will have a hard time succeeding in any pursuit–rank and rent SEO isn’t an independent journey.

As a result, I like to refer customers to places that I know have good customer support.

And, Helpful Bonuses – This isn’t a requirement. If the cost was reasonable for information, then I’d recommend a good course without bonuses, however, the courses I’m recommending here include bonuses like:

  • Website hosting
  • Ongoing coaching
  • Live training
  • A 6-month plan
  • Or, a done-for-you lead generation website

If I wanted to know more about the rank and rent SEO business model, this is where I’d go.

My List of Best Rank and Rent SEO Courses

I’ve taken courses from each of these course creators, and I know they’re honest, passionate about helping you get on your feet, and willing to support you along the way.

1. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t directly for local lead generation, however, they have lots of training and support that would be relevant for you if you want to pursue that path. You get ongoing coaching, website hosting for 10 websites, live weekly training ,and lots of recorded training on how to run a local marketing agency.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll learn:

  • how to build websites – You can even build a website like what’s for sale at Human Proof Designs
  • how to rank websites
  • how to get on Google maps
  • how to price marketing services
  • how to do paid advertising (to stabilize traffic)
  • and lots more

The skills you learn at Wealthy Affiliate can be monetized by the rank and rent SEO business model and in many other ways. If you were to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, it helps to have a hands-on coach who will answer your local lead generation questions as you go. I’d love to coach you at Wealthy Affiliate.

How much does it cost?

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the skills you need to run a local lead generation business, and they’ll include the software you need also: hosting, market research tools, ongoing support, networking with other like-minds, and live weekly training on relevant topics.

It costs $49/mo, but you won’t need many other tools (aside from things like call tracking software and email marketing). With other training options, you’ll still need:

  • Web hosting (for your websites)
  • A domain registrar
  • and other tools and equipment

Other Recommended Reading:

2. Human Proof Designs

Human Proof designs creates the local lead gen website, then shows you how to run it so you can get local business clients. They’ve created and sold thousands of affiliate sites, dropshipping sites, and local lead generation is their newest addition into their list of sites they build and sell.

Included with your local lead generation site is:

  • A 6-month plan for success
  • Training
  • and ongoing support

How Much Does it Cost?

For the local lead generation site with the implementation plan, there are three packages, and they start at $1298.

3. Local SEO Blueprint

Jay, the live training coach at Wealthy Affiliate has his own local business training. In addition to running several successful affiliate sites, Jay’s also been running a local marketing agency for 10+ years. In his training, he tells you how you can be successful with local business marketing.

I’d recommend you check out his value-packed local SEO training inside of Wealthy Affiliate first, and check out the local SEO blueprint if you still have questions afterwards.

How much does it cost?

The Local SEO Blueprint costs $400 and Jay offers phone and email support if you have questions.

4. Cardone University

This course doesn’t talk about local lead generation at all, however, a skill you have to develop in the local lead generation business is sales. You have to know how to prospect for clients, how to close deals, and how to deliver. Cardone University is the best place to learn your sales skills.

Grant Cardone is known as one of the greatest sales trainers of our time, and Cardone University teaches you:

  • Prospecting skills
  • Negotiating skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Objection handling
  • and it goes further to teach you about wealth building, so you can take your business and use it to build long-term wealth

How much does it cost?

Cardone University costs $97/mo. You get access to lots of courses upfront, live training with Grant Cardone, networking with very successful sales pros, and new courses often.

5. Offline Sharks

I’ve taken several courses by the offline sharks. They specialize in various methods for monetizing a local marketing agency. If you feel like you need more confidence in prospecting and sales, then I’d recommend you check out their course on Foot in the Door Offers.

It’s important to create a low-risk, high reward offer for local business owners to get a “taste” of what you can offer them, then they’re more likely to become a longer term client. Many local lead generation business owners fail in the sales area because they don’t know how to make a good entry offer, so this course can help you with that.

How much does it Cost?

The foot in the door course costs $97. They have many other courses, but I’m only recommending the foot in the door course. Once you purchase that course, you’ll have to “unsubscribe” from their email list or you’ll get lots of messages an upsell offers from them.

Rank and Rent Course Coming Soon

If enough people are interested, I can reconcile information from several places into one course and support you along your journey. I’ve started creating a pre-launch list, consulting with local marketing clients, and networking with some people who are interested in this strategy. If you’d like to hear more about this upcoming course, you can sign up here. You can be sure it’ll be reasonably priced, and I won’t be encouraging you to get loans or anything (like others do). Hahahaha.


Each of these courses can help you in their journey in their own way, and if you’d like the site made for you, you can check out Human Proof Designs. In summary, you have to learn how to build the site, how to get it to rank, how to keep traffic coming to it, how to negotiate and sell the deals, and how to deliver the service. It can be a very lucrative business model if it’s done right.

If you want to do the rank and rent SEO business model, I wish you well. I don’t want to see you scammed or led in the wrong direction. Hopefully, the resources I’ve included here really help you out. If you have more questions about this, leave them in the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to answer you thoroughly.

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