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The Microsoft-Bing Ads Tutorial That’ll Have Leads Running to Your Business!

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If you’ve heard buzzwords like “Bing ads”, “Microsoft ads”, or even “Bing Microsoft Ads”, and you want to know how they work, this tutorial is for you. Here, I’ll be giving you a birds’ eye view of how Microsoft ads (formerly called “Bing ads”) works.

It’s pretty obvious that if you want your business to work, you want to make it visible where your customers may be.

When brainstorming, many entrepreneurs would guess Facebook, Google, and possibly even Linkedin and Pinterest would be good marketing channels and advertising options, but they might overlook a largely viable marketing opportunity like Microsoft ads.

That’s because Google takes the spotlight because they’re getting more than 4 billion searches per day, so when people look at the pie chart that shows the remainder of the search engine market share, and they see small slices, they overlook how much traffic lies in those small slices.

While 5.9%, 0.9%, or 0.1% doesn’t sound like alot of people, Bing gets 6 billion searches per month!  In comparison to other marketing channels, Microsoft ads is still a very viable marketing option!

Since many entrepreneurs predominately use Google for their own regular searches, they make the HUGE mistake of believing that everyone exclusively uses Google.  When they ignore Microsoft ads, they end up leaving lots of money on the table.

What a big mistake!

bing ads tutorial

In this post, I’m going to discuss how to set up a Microsoft ads campaign that cleans the table of that remaining search engine market share opportunity.  We’ll be covering:

  • How you can differentiate your business by marketing with Bing
  • Instructions to set up a Microsoft ads campaign
  • How to avoid common mistakes

By the time we’re done here, you’ll be able to understand the basic math of creating profitable campaigns, set up a Microsoft ads campaign, and have a market advantage over many other companies who are using Facebook or Adwords and skipping over Bing.

Let’s get started! If you’d like to see this content in video format, check it out here:

Why Use Bing Ads?

Maybe you didn’t realize it, but Bing and Yahoo operate jointly.  Together they boast some amazing statistics like:

Added onto these great stats, you should also note that since Bing is typically overlooked, they usually have a much lower cost-per-click than Google; yet they have the same quality traffic and similar advertising outcomes.  In fact, Wordstream reported that Bing has been 33.5% cheaper cost-per-click for them than Google Adwords!

How To Create a Bing Account

To set up a Bing ads account, you need to head over to Microsoft ads and click, “Sign up”.

bing ads tutorial

After you’ve created your account with Microsoft, you’ll be able to set up your first campaign.

Sidenote: You’ll also be able to import campaigns from Adwords, however, proceed with caution on this option because others have said the import may not be exact.  Make sure to check closely if you use the import option.

How To Set Up a Microsoft Ads Campaign

For this tutorial, we’ll be setting up a Bing search campaign because that’s what I recommend you use.

Step One: Picking The Right Keywords

Picking the right keywords is paramount!  You want to take time choosing keywords that meet your marketing goals.  It’s best to begin very conservatively by choosing keywords with strong commercial intent, then scaling from there into more informational keywords if you’re targeting brand awareness or if you simply want to bring traffic to your website.

However, informational keywords don’t translate into sales at a high percentage like commercial intent keywords.  According to Backlinko, there are different classes of keywords that have different levels of intent: buy now keywords, product keywords, informational keywords, and tire kicker keywords.

Buy now keywords are like:

  • Buy
  • Discount
  • Deal
  • Coupon
  • Deal
  • Shipping

When you look in Jaaxy (my #1 recommended keyword research tool) at combinations with commercial intent keywords, you’ll find the search volumes may be low.  However, don’t be fooled into thinking that low search volume equals low income potential.  These keywords typically have the highest advertising competition BECAUSE THEY CONVERT.

bing ads tutorialTake a look at the Google search results for “buy microwave”…

bing ads tutorial


Mostly paid ads show up with the exception of the Best Buy organic result..

Product keywords are:

  • (Product name) review
  • Best of (Product type)
  • Top 10 (Product type)
  • Exact product name
  • Product category
  • Cheap
  • Affordable
  • Product A vs. Product B – or – other comparisons

bing ads tutorial

Some products may get good search volumes as you can see with the Samsung S8, but again, high search volume doesn’t dictate income potential.

Informational keywords are:

  • How to
  • What is
  • Why you should
  • Ways to
  • Best ways to

Informational keywords usually won’t get the same conversion ratios as buy now keywords or product keywords, so you should stay away from these if you have a conservative budget.  Often times, only a small percentage of people who are looking for how to do something are also willing to buy.  However, the small percentage can be worthwhile dependant on the traffic volume and price of the item.

Tire Kicker keywords are:

  • Free
  • Download
  • …for free

At Backlinko, they call keywords that usually get low sales conversions, “tire kicker” keywords.  These keywords may drive large amounts of traffic, but people who are typing in “free” or “for free”, obviously don’t want to buy anything.

If you have an email list set up, it is possible to nurture the leads into a sales conversion.  It’s also possible that you may simply want bran awareness or cheap traffic, so the tire kicker keywords may be suitable for you.  However, if you want sales conversion, and you have a strict budget, it’s best to stay away from tire kicker keywords.

My Experience with Picking Keywords

When I started using Bing, I was able to drive good traffic to my site for less than 0.05 per click.  It was exciting to have 10,000 visitors on a site that’s less than 1 month old, but the traffic had less conversions than I would have liked because I picked tire kicker keywords.

I promoted offers with free trials, and I thought I would have the highest conversions by bidding on keywords with “free” in them.

And, wasn’t I right?!!!

I had alot of free signups, but out of 100 people who signed up for free, none of them became paid customers.  I learned my lesson on tire kicker keywords from experience.  In retrospect, this is common sense, but…

 People who want something free usually don’t want to pay.

Conclusion on Picking Keywords for Ads

Keywords with clear buyer intent may have lower search volumes and higher costs per click , however, the higher conversions usually make it the more conservative option for strict advertising budgets.  If you create campaigns around “buy now” keywords and you still have wiggle room in your budget, then adding on “product keywords”, or “informational keywords” into campaigns.

After doing some keyword research and analyzing data, you can compile the keywords you want to use into several special lists in Jaaxy.

bing ads tutorial

Step Two: Create a Campaign

Now that you have some idea of what keywords you’ll be using for your ads, you need to create your campaign.  Once you’re logged onto your Bing account, head over to Bing ads, and select “Create Campaign”.

bing ads tutorial

Then, enter your campaign goals.  I recommend if you are just starting out, keep it simple and select, “Visits to my Website”.

bing ads tutorial

Then, enter the campaign settings.  Here, it’s VERY important to set your budget accurately.  It asks you how much you want to spend on this campaign per day, and you want to be clear about this.  You can put in $5.00/day, $10.00/day or thousands per day, it’s up to you.  These settings will impact the amount of traffic you’ll get and how often your ads are served.

bing ads tutorial

Step Three: Enter The Ad Groups and Keywords into the Campaign

Remember the keywords we saved to a list on Jaaxy?  Now is the time to get that list and create ad groups in your campaign.  Each ad group is a tight knit group of keywords (usually the same words with different variations).  Remember, ads convert due to relevance, so you don’t want several keywords with different word variations in one ad because it will be difficult to create relevant ad copy, and a relevant landing page with all of the keywords present.

bing ads tutorial

Step 4: Create Your Ad

This is where you get into copywriting because you have limited characters that you can input, but with the space provided you need to address buying motives enough that the consumer clicks your ad.  This part of creating the campaign is VERY IMPORTANT.  Your ad copy is a huge part of whether your campaign will convert or not, and it’s the reason copywriters get paid so much.

Bing ads has a great article on creating ad copy you should take a look at HERE.

bing ads tutorial

-Money-Making Tip-

It always helps to get ideas from your competitors.  You want to see what types of ads their writing, headlines their using, ad text, and ad extensions.  Take ideas that you think make their ads stand apart, and modify what they have to make yours even better.  In my case, these are a few PPC ad competitors…

bing ads tutorial

For me to stand out, I’d have to have better ad copy and a nice funnel (landing page, good landing page copy, and a good client fulfillment process) to sustain a competitive advantage using this marketing channel.  You have to do the same in your niche.

You always want to create more than one ad for each ad group and evenly show each ad as a split test until you can see which converts into sales for you best.  In this case, you can see my second ad variation…

bing ads tutorial

Now, I have two ads in my campaign, and it’s time to move into Sitelink extensions.  Sitelink extensions are optional, but they can be a competitive advantage because they can give alot more information about your business, what you offer, and how to contact you.  To add Sitelink extensions, you complete the information here…

bing ads tutorial

Sitelink extensions also take up much more digital real estate in the search results.  Here’s a look at an ad with Sitelink Extensions…

bing ads tutorial

After adding the optional Sitelink extensions, you want to pay close attention to the “Advanced Features”.  It’s very easy to overlook the advanced features because unless you click “Advanced features” the options there are hidden.

You want to click and modify the ad distribution and the ad timing in favor of your business.  I’ve found that there can be large differences in conversion rates between the ads distributes on Bing and Yahoo owned sites in comparison with their partners.  For this reason, I recommend creating separate campaigns: one for Bing and Yahoo owned sites and another for Bing and Yahoo partners, so you can compare the different conversion rates.

bing ads tutorial

Final Words on this Microsoft Ads Tutorial

The goal of this article was to show you how to get a competitive advantage by using Microsoft Ads.  Many people are overlooking Microsoft Ads in favor of Facebook or Adwords, but you can make the most of your marketing budget and get comparable results by using Bing. For more information on Bing or to view my full live case study, sign up for Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve hosted my entire Microsoft Ads case study there for members who make the commitment to annual membership. I plan to continue building out my campaigns and sharing my journey with you along the way.

Now, it’s Your Turn…

Have you used Microsoft ads?  What was your experience?  Did you miss any steps?  Did you make a profit or lose money?  Leave your comments, questions, and feedback below.

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