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20+ Blog Income Reports & What They Mean for Your Blogging Business

blog income reports
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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Disclaimer: This is a growing list of blog income reports. If you know any other inspirational blog income reports, please leave them in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to add them. Thanks in advance! 

It’s likely that if you’re reading blog income reports, you’re:

  • Considering a career change
  • Thinking about the blogging career field
  • Trying to see if this “blogging” thing is legit
  • Having family and friends who think you’re crazy for considering blogging
  • Around others who haven’t seen the legitimacy of the career field
  • and, you want to know if blogging to make money is REALLY possible

The good news for you is…

Blogging is REALLY possible.

There are proven ways to make money with it, there are courses out there that teach you the RIGHT way, and there are a growing number of blog income reports that prove this is a growing and lucrative career field!

Why Bloggers Make Income Reports

blog income reports

Most bloggers create blog income reports because they realize this is a new career field and people are skeptical about what it takes to make money doing it. The income reports are meant as a way to open your eyes to the potential of the blogging career field.

Unfortunately, there are also bloggers who create blogging income reports because they know they’re like clickbait. People want to see and learn about making money, so some blog income reports are dishonest and manipulative. In some circles, like what you see commonly if you’re subscribed to WarriorPlus or JVZoo, people use income reports and even fake income proof to make you believe they’re a credible instructor.

As a result, you have to take blog income reports with a grain of salt.

The Biggest Mistake Income Report Readers Make | Avoid This!

The biggest mistake you can make is to believe everyone who is making money online or publishing blogging income report is someone you should follow. Of all career fields, it seems this mistake is the most common in the blogging career field.

With nursing, people know that not every successful nurse is a good instructor (or even an ethical person). With engineering, most people know that the highest paid engineers aren’t necessarily the best teachers, but there’s this big myth in blogging that if you follow those who are making money (or buy their courses), you’ll get the answers you need.

While to some extent, the philosophy is true, I’ve seen several people become trapped in shiny object syndrome, taking course after course to figure out this career field because they’re following the traces of money.

In reality, it’s better to get training from a place that has proof of student success. If you want to get results like what I’ll be disclosing here, it’s important to follow training with lots of proof. Not every instructor that has proof of student success publishes income reports.

To see this content in video:

My Favorite Blog Income Reports

1. Paul Scrivs

Paul Scrivs is currently considered one of the highest paid bloggers online. He has income reports that show $76,000+ in a month, and he’s been blogging for approximately 10 years. Most of his current websites are 2 years or younger, and he’s having exponential growth repeatedly with new websites he’s setting up. His course Dare to Conquer includes strategies for Pinterest Marketing, SEO, and Affiliate marketing. It’s one of my favorite blogging courses (after my #1 recommendation), so if you want to learn his methods for growing a blog from scratch, you might want to check his course out here.

2. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner started her blog to record her journey towards financial freedom. She was doing side hustles and paying off debt, and readers got more and more interested in what she was doing. Her income reports show her oing from $0-$150,000+ per month in 7 years.

3. Pat Fynn

Pat Flynn was one of the leading online entrepreneurs to begin the movement of creating blog income reports. He started Smart Passive Income to show readers potential ways they could earn money without actively exchanging time to get it. He was abruptly laid off from his job when he began blogging, and the income reports served as a source of accountabiity, and eventually, as a staple readers rallied around. His income reports went from $0-$320,000+/mo.

4. Melissa Griffin

Melissa Griffin started out making money online as a web designer and blog coach. For two years, her business model was reliant on direct client contracts and she was able to get it up to a 6-figure per year business making upwards of $9K per month. In 2015, she decided to abruptly switch her business model from client work to creating courses and growing her affiliate income. Her income reports show her business growth from $9k per month in July 2015 until December 2016 when she was making upwards of $283,000!

5. John Chow

John Chow was creating income reports 12+ years ago! He reports on his blog that he went from $0-$200,000/mo in rwo years! John had quite a few streams of income: private ad sales, affiliate marketing, ad networks, and more. In 2007, his income went from $3.4K to $27.2K, and it seems that his income growth inspired others to begin blogging, and begin documenting their income.

If you want to read more about John Chow, check out my full John Chow review here.

7. Create and Go

Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus seemed to have come on the blogging scene on the top. They started out as health bloggers on a site called Avocadu, then after achieving success there, they decided to teach others how to blog at Create and Go. Their income reports show their journey from $0 to nearly $125,000/mo in less than 4 years! Majority of their income comes from digital courses. They sell courses teaching bloggers how to blog, but they also have physical products (like vitamins and supplements) for their health site, affiliate marketing, and ads.

8. Abby Lawson

Abby has a blog about home organization. She does content and videos to show people DIY projects and how to organize their homes. An interesting thing about her income reports is she usually shows her traffic two, which stays above 400,000 pageviews for the most part. Majority of her income comes from digital products, but she also gets income from affiliate marketing and ads with AdThrive. Her income reports show her journey from $2.4K to $41K/mo, but she stopped posting them in 2016.

9. Sarah Titus

Sarah Titus’ story is so compelling! She was a stay-at-home mom married for 14 years with three kids, and her husband started having affairs.  She decribes that one day, he walked out on her and the kids unexpectedly, and left her with no income and no one to support them.

She and her kids had to live in a homeless shelter. She felt strongly about raising her kids, so even when the judge told her to go get a job, she refused, and instead continued working from home trying to figure out the “blogging business”.

Over time, she figured it out, and her income reports are a testament of her hard work and dedication. Her blog income reports show her journey from $10,000/mo to nearly $300,000/mo. She makes her money primarily from selling organization printables on a Shopify store, but she also makes money from sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.

11. Jerry Huang

Jerry Huang has a very exciting story, but it didn’t start out that way. He was living in Singapore and served in the military there. He had a scholarship to go to a very prominent school there, and his parents wanted him to go, but he didn’t want to. He decided to take his high school education and learn how to start an online business. His parents were very upset with him

His decision didn’t look like it was paying off for a long time. His first year online, he wasn’t making much money. His second year, he reached a full-time income, and got up to nearly $8K, but going into his third year is where things got exciting.

A Youtuber saw his progress thru affiliate marketing, and thought it was interesting. He asked Jerry to do an interview. Many of the people in his audience were intrigued by Jerry’s experience and wanted to try affiliate marketing for themselves, but they wanted a course on it in Mandarin. Jerry made an affiliate marketing course in mandarin and made $40K in 4 hours! He went further to make $100K in one week!

Jerry’s story is definitely an anomaly, but it shows the power of networking and collaborating with others, as well as creating something with alot of demand and a low supply, then finding the right audience for it.

12. Grace “Little Mama”

Grace started out skeptical (like many people who have seen their share of internet scams). She was successful on Etsy selling handmade dolls, but she saw the glass ceiling in that business. In order to make the doll business work, she would have to drum up business using social media, hand make the doll, ship, and handle customer service. As a stay-home mom with young kids, she found it difficult to manage her e-commerce handmade goods business and balance her family values (especially premature of hiring and training people).

She decided to find an alternative route of making money online, and she found the course that would teach her. She learned affiliate marketing and began monetizing her blog with it. Her first year of aggressive content publishing got her just over $80, but her second year got her over $40K with minimal expenses! She made most of her money as an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate, but she also made money in other affiliate programs.

13. Eddy with a “Y”

Many of the success stories tell you about when income is very high, but they fail to portray when a bad decision is made, or when a drastic spiral downward happens which is why it’s very interesting to see someone whose honest about the good and the bad like Eddy with a “Y”.

Eddy was trained at Wealthy Affiliate, and he got his business to well over 6-figures per month. He decided to deviate from the fundamentals of his training, and followed a training program that taught black-hat SEO techniques. Google changed their algorithm to make the user experience better for search users and Eddy’s site was penalized, and lost all rankings.

His business was the primary income source for his family, so it drstically impacted them. He decided to return to the fundamentals, and began publishing content again. He persisted past the feeling that he was blogging with no readership, and he was able to get his income back to 5 figures/mo again.

Eddy makes makes majority of his income thru affiliate marketing, but he also makes some money from ads and consulting. He currently advocates for white-hat SEO and diversification.

14. DomW – Human Proof Designs

Dom from Human Proof Designs joined Wealthy Affiliate nearly 7 years ago as a complete newbie to online business. He took the training and learned how to be effective online.

He decided to try a different business model where he’s build affiliate sites for people, and sell them. He sells some websites that are earning an income upwards of $2K/mo and he sells some that have the basic framework.

He has been able to build a business that earns over $1 million/year and employs 100 people.

15. Roope Kiuttu

Roope was born and raised in Finland in very meager beginnings. He describes how his family was very frugal, so when he wanted to start an online business, the $19 premium membership payment at Wealthy Affiliate was a large expense for him.

After taking the training, he started to apply what he was taught, but the first year, he remembers making alot of mistakes. He says he experienced quite a learning curve since English isn’t his first language, but he continued to blog. As an expert poker player, Roope describes the experience of honing the skill of blogging as parallel to learning poker: you start out bad, but you get better and better with practice and consistent effort.

After two years, Roope was making a full-time income and traveling the world, and now, in his third year, he’s even seeing $2000 days. Roope’s income comes primarily from affiliate marketing, but he also makes money from ads.

16. Nathaniell – OneMoreCupOf-Coffee

Nathaniell doesn’t tell his entire income. He tells the outcomes of individual niche site projects he’s working on, and often times, his “side projects” amount to an income many people would consider full-time. Nathaniell started out like many other people who stumble upon internet marketing.

He was teaching English in China, but realized over time that he couldn’t earn as much to live the lifestyle he wanted. He decided to pivot a little to acquire some skills that could earn him an income that would enable him to enjoy life.

He found Wealthy Affiliate as a complete newbie, and learned all of the core competencies to create an online business from there. Of course, over time, he’s taken courses in different places, but in the beginning, he chose one source of direction and took massive action towards earning a full-time income online.

Now, he earns more than enough to travel and enjoy life while maintaining a business he loves. You can read his progress reports and tips here.

17. Vitaliy

Vitaliy has had ebbs and flows. He likes to take risk and experiment in various niches online. He’s done online projects that primarily drive traffic from ads as well as running projects that primarily get customers from SEO. He’s a viracious publisher, and sometimes publishes more than 300 posts per year, and he’s been running a successful online business for 7+ years!

Vitaliy openly says he’s earned over $1 million online, but he also admits that he’s had full years where “life happens” and the income from his online business has carried him thru that.  Vitaliy’s income reports are interesting because they show the resilience of an online business, and how it can be somewhat passive (after it’s set up), which enables you to be flexible when personal things happen that take the priority away from working (even for full years)!

18. Benjis Dad

Benji’s Dad, Chris, stumbled across the idea of starting an online business after several episodes of starting businesses. He tried e-commerce and selling products imported from China, flipping phones, flipping computers, and DJing. All of his endeavors worked minimally, and he had growing debt that his businesses weren’t able to take away.

To make matters more complicated, he got married, and shortly after, they got pregnant. He had $30,000+ in credit card debt, a mortgage, a car payment, and growing family expenses! Chris decided he would have to find a way to earn more income or they might have to file bankruptcy.

Then, he learned about starting an online business. He came across Wealthy Affiliate and the training made sense to him. He learned how to set up a website, how to get traffic, how to monetize the website, and he began doing the work. After one year, he was earning $1000/mo and within two years, he was earning more than $10,000/mo. You can hear his full story in video here.

19. Jim and Ricky from Income School

Jim and Ricky from Income School both were professionals in the corporate world. Jim went thru law school and Ricky was an engineer. They both had achieved success in the corporate world that many would be proud of, but they weren’t satisfied with the amount of time freedom their jobs left them.

Their jobs would leave them with lots of responsibility and take lots of time. They wanted to pursue a profession that would enable them to take care of their families, spend time with their families, and they didn’t want to wait until their kids were grown.

Jim started his first online business Improvephotography.com while working at the Dollar Store. He was determined to figure out how online business worked so he could take good care of his family.

After a couple years of persisting, he figured it out, and once he was confident of his process, he called his friend Ricky to go into partnership with him on Income School. Jim and Ricky now make well over $1 million/year online across multiple websites, and they teach others how to create niche passive income websites thru their Project 24 program.

20. RoseMarie Groner

RoseMarie Groner started her blog the Busy Budgeter. She describes how she was very confused by the tasks she needed to do, but tool guidance from Ruth Soukup in her course, Elite Blog Academy. After applying that advice from EBA, Rosemarie went from $18 to $100K/mo in two years! You can read her story or listen to the podcast episode where she shares how she did it here.

What You Can Learn From Them?blog income reports

Blogging income reports are simply numbers on a screen if you don’t take the core lessons away from them. Here are some great takeaways from the blogging income reports.

Great Things are Possible in the Blogging Career Field

If you doubted whether blogging is a legitimate career field, these income reports and the other progress that these bloggers have written about should clarify for you that this is a legit career choice. Blogging is a new career choice, but it can be more lucrative than becoming a doctor, lawyer, or nurse. In fact, it’s really no glass ceiling and so many different opportunities to monetize your blog.

Realistic Expectations: The Time Requirements vs The Money Expectations

Most people aren’t up front about what’s an average and realistic expectation of blogging. If you decide to focus on a niche and create consistent content (as frequently as possible for you) for one year, you should be able to expect $1000/mo in your first year–this varies alot though. If, for example, you choose a wider niche like a lifestyle niche and you don’t niche down the content, it may take you longer to achieve the goal. Also, if you struggle with content creation, creating quality blog posts or videos, and using the technical tools necessary to get the content out, it may take longer because you’ll need to acquire those skills. Many people don’t achieve up to $1000 in the first year, but some can.

If you continue blogging consistently (with the right training on SEO), then you can reasonably expect to earn a full-time income within 24 months. These income reports show a consistent trend where the bloggers were earning consistently by 24 months.

If you want to get to 6 figures and beyond, it seems that most bloggers are persistently working for 2 years or more (most more than 3 years) to achieve this goal even while having an aggressive publishing cycle. After the first three years of honing the skills, building the audience, establishing a reputation, and engaging with your audience, it seems that the possibilities are near endless from there.

Learn From their Processes but Don’t Duplicate Them

Each of these bloggers creates content and it’s positively benefitted their businesses, so some people who are looking for a shortcut would try to copy what they’ve done or duplicate their approach to the niche. Duplicating what they’ve done won’t benefit them or you. Instead, learn from their strategies and make content of your own.

It Takes a Little Economics

An overarching trend in all of the successful blog income reports shows each blogger found something in high demand and low supply for a specific audience. The best example of this is the example of Jerry Huang (above). He found an audience who wanted an affiliate marketing course in Mandarin, and he created it.

When you create something in high demand that has a low supply, and you serve it to the audience who wants it, that’s there business success (whether blogging or otherwise) happens.

This Basic 4-Part Strategy Works

The basic 4-part strategy that each of these bloggers has used is:

1. Choose an interest

2. Create a website

3. Great traffic

4. Earn revenue

If you can implement this basic 4-step strategy, you can have results like they have.

The Most Common Traffic Techniques

blog income reportsWhen evaluating the marketing strategies for these successful bloggers, I was able to find a common trend. Each of these bloggers created content viraciously, but they also promote the content on platforms using:

  • WordPress
  • Search engine optimization
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Paid ads
  • and some use things like Facebook groups

If you want to be a successful blogger, I would recommend following in their trails, and learning these traffic generation strategies. My #1 recommended training to learn traffic generation is here.

There are Varieties of Ways to Monetize

When looking at the business models of these bloggers, it was surprising to see the varieties of ways they were making money, but after reading thru, I could see trends. Most of them monetize using:

  • Digital courses
  • Printables
  • Physical products
  • Coaching or consulting services
  • Affiliate marketing
  • and paid ads

Choose Good Products and Services Carefully

Surprisingly, most of the highest earning affiliates here had very few products they promote. Instead of having lots of products to promote, they have lots of content recommending a small quantity of products and services.

High Income Doesn’t Mean Good Ethics

When looking thru Income reports and evaluating how these bloggers made decisions about which products and services to promote, I noticed two starkly opposing viewpoints. Some bloggers say they choose products and services based on what’s best and most relevant to the customers. Others, said they choose products and services based on what gives them the best commission. Some even recommend products chronologically (good, better, best) based on which has the highest pay out to them!

John Chow was known to be a top earner, making over $1 million annually from a scam company the FTC shut down! As a result, you can see that simply because income reports are there, and people are earning lots doesn’t mean they operate ethically, or they’re good people to follow.

With Good Instruction, the Possibilities are ENDLESS!

Each of these bloggers has to persist and acquire the necessary technical, tactical, and strategic skills to become successful blogging. This truly shows blogging is a career field like many others: nursing, engineering, or the criminal justice. When you have realistic expectations and proper training, the possibilities are endless!

Which Blogging Programs are Creating the Most Success Stories?

If you’re interested in finding a good training program to learn the blogging business, my #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. Many of the success stories enclosed here came from Wealthy Affiliate, however, others came from:

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendations because they teach the greatest number of core competencies for success like this, many of these success stories come from there, they offer lots of proprietary software tools (in addition to the training), and YOU CAN TRY IT 100% FOR FREE.

If that sounds good to you, try my #1 recommendation here for free (with no billing info required!).

Here is what you get for free…


Blogging is a legitimate career field. Normal people who started with barely enough income to cover a domain and hosting are creating blogs, and generating full-time incomes (plus some!). If you’re interested in blogging, get the necessary training, learn the core competencies, and this can be a lucrative career choice for you!

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