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Bluehost vs. Wealthy Affiliate Review: Which is the Best Hosting for You?

bluehost vs. wealthy affiliate review
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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

If you’re looking for a thorough comparison of Bluehost vs. Wealthy Affiliate, you’re in the right place.

Once you’ve decided you want to get a website, you’ll find one of first things you need to do that is get hosting. Then, when you search online for hosting companies and reviews, there are so many that come up, so it can be confusing trying to decide the right one! Bluehost and Wealthy Affiliate are two major players in the web hosting space and they both offer services suitable for some people, but not for all, so I’m writing this review to help you understand the differences. Hopefully, once you see the differences, you can better decide which hosting service is better for you.

In this Bluehost vs. Wealthy Affiliate review, I will give you:

  • What each is
  • How each works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What they each do well and they don’t
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • Plans and Pricing
  • The Major Differences
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some additional comparison shopping)

If you decide at any point you want to skip the remainder of the review and TRY BLUEHOST OUT FOR YOURSELF you can CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT. If you decide instead that you want to TRY WEALTHY AFFILIATE, you can CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR LIFETIME FREE ACCOUNT.

What is Bluehost? An Overview

bluehost vs. wealthy affiliate review

Bluehost is one of the largest hosting companies in the world. They’re owned by the largest owner of hosting companies, Endurance International Group. EIG owns more than 70 of the largest hosting companies including Hostgator, Hostmonster, Fastdomain, IPage, Sitebuilder.com, BigRock, and others. They also own companies like ConstantContact and others that offer services that are staples to online business.

Prior to being owned by EIG, Bluehost was owned and operated by Matt Heaton, the founder. He founded Bluehost in 2003 as a better hosting solution than what was available at the time. In 2011, EIG bought Bluehost and laid off 440 of the staffmembers to centralize the operations with their other hosting assets.

Since the turnover, there have been many changes: some good and some bad. Most of the operational staff was laid off, many previous customers’ websites were transferred to other EIG servers, and since the name was kept the same, many customers wouldn’t know the causes in the change of performance and service.

There are several reputable companies who have written about EIG acquisitions and the pattern of firing operational staff, centralizing servers, and lower standards of performance. Despite the changes behind the scenes, Bluehost has still managed to maintain a strong army of affiliates who will publish raving content, a #1 recommendation from WordPress, and over 1 million hosted domains. The results speak for themselves…

Some customers are still satisfied by Bluehost.

What is Wealthy Affiliate? An Overview

bluehost vs wealthy affiliate reviewTwo years after Matt Heaton started Bluehost in Utah, Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim started Wealthy Affiliate in Victoria, British Columbia. They had achieved success online with their keyword list business, and they wanted to help others discover how to achieve the same success with their businesses or ideas online.

Since they started, the platform has grown at a pace faster than the industry, and today, has 1.4 million+ members. In addition to hosting, Wealthy Affiliate offers members:

  • A highly engaged social media style networking platform
  • A SiteContent platform where you can create content and instantly publish from one login to any of your hosted sites
  • SiteFeedback where you can get instant on-demand feedback on your website
  • SiteComments where you can get on-demand comments on your website–High engagement on your site boosts SEO!
  • A custom control panel, so you won’t be confused trying to navigate C-Panel (the control panel used by most hosting companies)
  • A dashboard to help you manage the health of all of your websites: speed, plugins, engagement, content publishing consistency, and more.
  • A keyword research tool to help you create content around topics that are in high demand but low supply
  • Live weekly training on Internet Marketing
  • 1000’s of hours of recorded training
  • 1-on-1 coaching

If this sounds good to you, CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW FREE.

How Do I Get Started with Bluehost?

bluehost vs. Wealthy Affiliate ReviewTo get started with Bluehost, you have to:

  1. Pick your plan
  2. Enter your billing information
  3. Purchase your domain
  4. Install your Content Management System (WordPress is most recommended)
  5. Get your WordPress login details
  6. Begin customizing your website

How Do I Get Started with Wealthy Affiliate?

If you think Bluehost process to get started was a little intimidating, you might be happy to hear how simple it is in Wealthy Affiliate.¬† With Wealthy Affiliate, there are two options for getting started and they’re both free.

Two Options to Join For Free

  1. You can create a free trial account – CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT
  2. Or, you can create a free Siterubix website (using the Sitebuilder below)

Once you see the value in the program and features, you can decide to upgrade to premium membership. Wealthy Affiliate stands behind their hosting plans and services, and they know you’ll love them too because most people do!

You can use this tool to create a free Siterubix website…

Bluehost Tools & Training

bluehost vs. wealthy affiliate reviewBluehost offers very few tools or pieces of training to customers, which is why many of their affiliates have a supplementary training program to teach you components of the online marketing and business. Some examples of high earning Bluehost affiliates include:

  • Pat Flynn
  • Michelle Groeder-Gardner
  • WPBeginner
  • Elite Blog Academy
  • and the list goes on…

They each offer supplementary training on online business to help Bluehost customers, but most of the courses come at a price above $200.

Wealthy Affiliate Tools & Training

Wealthy Affiliate offers training on a plethora of topics including:

  • Setting up a website
  • Design and layout
  • Website Monetization
  • Traffic Generation (social media, paid advertising, and SEO)
  • and, the list goes on and on
  • In addition to the owners creating courses, any of the premium members are able to create courses, so Wealthy Affiliate serves as an open marketplace with 1000’s of hours of training materials.

Bluehost Support

I was a customer of Bluehost for more than one year and when I needed support, I would be on hold often more than 30 minutes! I’m not the only one who had bad experiences with Bluehost support as you can see on TrustPilot and G2Crowd where several customers have complained about bad support.

bluehost vs. wealthy affiliate review


Wealthy Affiliate Support

Wealthy Affiliate offers the fastest customer service. I’ve been a customer for more than one year and have never waited for a response more than 10 minutes, and they’re always helpful (even on technical matters).

What Does Bluehost Do Well

  • Lower cost than most email marketing providers when you have a list of 5000 or more
  • They have award-winning customer support including email, live chat, a knowledge base, free webinar training and video training
  • They host unlimited # of websites per plan
  • They offer unlimited business email and email forwarders
  • They have a platform to buy domains
  • They have a popular affiliate program with a commission starting at $65 per sale

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Do Well

  • No upsells
  • No¬†raising prices on loyal customers
  • They have 1000s of hours of training
  • They’ve created a highly engaged community of 1.4 million+ members integrated in a social media style interface
  • They have a very modern user interface
  • It’s privately owned and continuously improving
  • Members suggestions are used to improve the platform continuously
  • The owners are actively engaged with the members
  • They provide lots of technical support
  • They have a full suite of features to empower members to be successful online–they don’t just offer hosting
  • They have very thorough step-by-step training on many topics that help people to be successful online (advertising, SEO, website monetization, affiliate marketing, etc.)
  • They offer lower cost than hosting services that offer similar managed WordPress hosting with bandwidth and storage like Flywheel, WP Engine, or Siteground who offer comparable hosting packages (without the other features) for upwards of $200
  • They offer 1-on-1 coaching with the membership (it’s best when you choose a knowledgeable sponsor)
  • They have an amazing affiliate program with great training and a 40% recurring commission
  • They offer unlimited business email and email forwarders

What Doesn’t Bluehost Do Well

  • They don’t provide much technical support
  • They upsell lots of their technical support
  • They don’t make improvements to the processes or platform based on customer feedback often because they a large hierarchal system with many tiers of approval they have to acquire before making changes
  • They don’t provide training for customers to get results online
  • They don’t provide quick responses to customer inquiries

What Doesn’t Wealthy Affiliate Do Well

  • They don’t offer plans for website owners with more than 500K in monthly visitors (which is more than sufficient for most site owners)
  • They only host WordPress

Bluehost Review Roundup

Common Positive Feedback

  • They’re cheap
  • They integrate well with WordPress
  • You can host more Content management systems than WordPress
  • Well-known influencers commonly refer others to Bluehost
  • Many reviewers said they’ve never had issues with downtime or speed, but others had major problems with it

Common Negative Feedback

  • User interface is difficult to navigate
  • The support is terrible
  • Sites get hacked with malware then get upsold to their partner Succuri.net
  • Technical support isn’t very knowledgeable so many problems have to be hired elsewhere
  • Great initial pricing deals, but when your initial term is over, the price spikes up
  • A lot of technical terminology that makes it difficult to understand and navigate
  • Emails get sent to spam
  • For the cheap monthly price, you have to be locked in for 3 years
  • Client sites went down several times
  • Websites ran slower than on our local servers
  • Email addresses had a low delivery rate

Most Helpful Positive Bluehost Review

“Affordable good web hosting “

What do you like best?

I really like the never-ending promotion for new customers, having 50% discount on the first year!!

What do you dislike?

Limited payment options to credit/debit card. It would be great to pay via PayPal, Google Wallet or Amazon Payments.

Recommendations to others considering the product

If you’re starting your own website or blog, and you are on a budget, Bluehost is the way to go! You get awesome benefits at 50% discount when you’re a new customer. The system is very user friendly and customization goes all the way.

The only downsize is payment options. However, if you have an International credit/debit card, that wouldn’t be a problem.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

I’m a game developer, blogger, and I’m on my way to start blogging for profit. Bluehost really helped me start my first blogs at an affordable price that first year when my budget was really tight.

Jorge P., G2Crowd Reviewer

Most Helpful Negative Bluehost Review

Review 1:

“Tons of issues”

What do you like best?

I really like their pricing, can‚Äôt really beat that. But other than that, there’s really not much to like. Especially in the lower tier plans. I don’t know about their higher plans, because their pricing for the higher tier plans isn’t that competitive when compared to other companies.

What do you dislike?

Since they have switched me to new servers, my websites have been hacked twice. On two different accounts. And when I contacted their support about the malware problem that I face, I automatically get transferred to their Sucuri.net partner, which has no idea about my account, all they want to do is upsell me something.

Recommendations to others considering the product

Do your homework. Read the reviews, and make sure they’re unbiased reviews. A lot of hosting companies “buy” five star reviews.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

I can host multiple websites that don’t require very fast loading times. It’s great with that.

Klajdi (Klyde) H., G2Crowd Reviewer

Review 2:

“A good webhosting service for a small business only”

What do you like best?
Well, their prices for shared web hosting are considered to be one of the cheapest.
unlimited space for hosting, emails and addon domains really helped me put few small websites I own together and manage them all under one account which was really cost effective.
What do you dislike?
I can’t rely on Bluehost when it comes to building a website for a serious business, even the dedicated hosting package, as I had too many technical issues with them and their support didn’t help much, specially when it comes to server down issue, they simply tell you we are doing our best and leave you alone banging your head against the wall. I will never forget the time when my dedicated server went down for a whole week due to a major hardware failure!
Recommendations to others considering the product
Only consider Bluehost if you are going to use it for a small websites.
What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
I’m a web-developer and I’ve been in the field for almost 10 years, and what I realized after using bluehost for almost 8 years s to use them only if I’m building a small and non critical website, specially if it was an ecommerce website.
Dina E., G2Crowd Reviewer

Wealthy Affiliate Review Roundup

Common Positive Feedback

  • I made my first dollar online thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!
  • I started making money online because of Wealthy Affiliate
  • I was able to start without any online experience and developing a company that earns me a full-time living online
  • I went from $0 to a full-time income online
  • The SiteSupport team is amazing and always responds fast
  • The weekly live training is always value-packed and informative
  • I write all of my content in SiteContent and it saves me so much time
  • I love being able to get feedback on my website whenever I need it
  • The community is like a family and I’ve gotten so much support from them

Common Negative Feedback

  • I don’t have enough money to pay the monthly price
  • The site was confusing for me in the beginning

Most Helpful Positive Wealthy Affiliate Review

Success!!! Just shy of being with Wealthy Affiliate 2 years, I have reached Super Affiliate status (acquiring more than 300 WA sales online) on Aug 23, 2018 within the WA community!
I am still learning today as much as ever on this platform and the community never seems to fail me.
I write this after going through very nerve wrecking things for my online business and the community rushed to my rescue as well as top experts and the owners!
You just cannot find this kind of HELP & SUPPORT with any other training platform, system, or program and I know this because I’ve reviewed hundreds of programs on my website that got me to my Vegas goal and there’s simply nothing else better out there than WA!
YES I’m bias because it’s TRUE, I’m living proof the training works here and anyone who wants to work hard at this on a consistent basis could make this work.
If a stay at home mom can do this, so can YOU!!
Now get to work and know that success is right in front of you to GRAB IT!

Grace (WA username “Littlemama”) wrote this on her WA blog

Most Helpful Negative Wealthy Affiliate Review

WA changed my life. I’m not leaving WA because I want to,

I am leaving because I HAVE TO. I joined WA because I was broke and unfortunately I am still broke

I don’t have money to pay for my membership right now.

I don’t blame WA for this, after all WA doesn’t promise you to get-rich-quick.

Upgraded to premium knowing that I won’t earn money now but the knowledge I get here was worth it. now my site¬†Blogger’sJungle¬†is alive because of WA.

I am leaving but I WILL BE BACK

Zayac (username “Zayac”) wrote this on her WA blog

Bluehost Price

On the Bluehost website, they offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. The shared hosting prices break down like this…

bluehost vs. wealthy affiliate review

Their managed hosting is the closest comparison to what Wealthy Affiliate offers in their hosting package and the price for that breaks down like this…

bluehost vs. wealthy affiliate review

There are quite a few backend upsells within Bluehost. Many common hosting problems are solved thru upsells, but their newest managed hosting plans include many of their previous upsells.

Wealthy Affiliate Price

Added Details about the Free Plan vs. the Paid Plan

The free plan is a lifetime free offer. You can stay a part of the community for free as long as you want and you won’t be asked for billing information. You’ll get access to 10 free training lessons, and two free websites that are hosted on the Siterubix domain, which means the name you want will be followed by .Siterubix.com. For example, howtoentrepreneur.siterubix.com. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a premium membership and unlock many additional features, but once you go premium, you cannot go back down to a free account. You have only one chance at the free level, so when you make the transition to premium, there’s no looking back.

Major Differences Between Bluehost and Wealthy Affiliate

  • Pricing

Bluehost has plans that start from $3/mo (but you have to be locked in for 3 years). Wealthy Affiliate has a free plan that you can sign up to without a credit card. With the free plan, you’ll also get two free WordPress websites, ten free training lessons, and access to the community. –Wealthy Affiliate wins

  • Support

Wealthy Affiliate offers quicker and more knowledgeable support in most instances than Bluehost.

  • Reliability

The uptime and site speeds at Wealthy Affiliate are watched closely by many of the members, and WA is almost always at 99.9% uptime, site speeds are fast, and you’re taught on ways to improve speeds. Many sites suggest that Bluehost also has high uptimes and speeds, however, customer complaints are mixed on this. — Wealthy Affiliate wins.

  • User-friendliness

Wealthy Affiliate gives a virtual tour upon joining and step-by-step video training on how to build your website, monetize it, and use the various feature and services. Bluehost uses two logons: one for billing and a C-Panel. If you’re new to C-Panel, the service may be very confusing to use, and you’ll need to find Youtube videos and online articles to find answers.–Wealthy Affiliate wins.

  • Features

Wealthy Affiliate offers additional features in addition to hosting: Sitecontent, Sitedomains, Site email, Sitefeedback, Sitecomments, and a highly engaged social media-style networking platform. Bluehost offers standard hosting. –Wealthy Affiliate wins.

My Final Opinion of Bluehost vs. Wealthy Affiliate

I made the switch from Bluehost to Wealthy Affiliate in 2017 because I was experiencing many of the problems common in the negative reviews of Bluehost. While many people still promote the platform, and some people genuinely have a good experience.¬† My experience collectively wasn’t good, so I don’t recommend them. In stark contrast from my experience with Bluehost, I’ve had an amazing experience with Wealthy Affiliate. My site speed drastically improved, the support has been very helpful answering questions, and I’ve learned alot by interacting with other members, and by having access to more training than I’ve been able to take. Wealthy Affiliate wins versus Bluehost hands down, in my opinion. If you’d like to TRY WEALTHY AFFILIATE, CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT.

Top Alternatives to Bluehost and Wealthy Affiliate

Click on any of the links below to be taken to my full review:

If you need help deciding what to look for in a good or bad web host, check out my post How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Company for You.

After reviewing dozens of web hosts, you can see my top 6 recommended web hosts for small businesses here.

VERDICT: Wealthy Affiliate Wins


Wealthy Affiliate WINS!






User Friendly







  • 1.4 million people in a highly engaged social media-style community
  • Robust managed WordPress hosting
  • Knowledgeable and Quick support
  • Continuous updates
  • A keyword research tool, feedback platform, comments platform, and content writing platform where you can publish content to any of your hosted sites from one login


  • No plans for websites with more than 500K monthly visitors
  • Only WordPress hosting--No other CMS

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