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10 Business Ideas for Craft Lovers (You Might Not Have Thought Of) ❤

Business Ideas for Craft Lovers - Featured Image
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Odds are, if you’re here, you’re a “crafty person”. You like to do creative things with your hands, and you’d love to use what you love to make money. In this article, we’ll discuss several business ideas for craft lovers, and hopefully, this will get your creative juices flowing about which business to start. 

There are many opportunities to become an entrepreneur, and nowadays the craft industry is a great way to use your unique talents to make a profit.

Sites like Pinterest, Etsy, and Google have been experiencing a huge spike in searches for handmade products. More people are looking to purchase products they believe are “custom”, “unique”, or “handmade”, and as a result, it’s a good opportunity for you to use your craftiness to make money. Take a look at the stats on the Google searches for just a few terms:

Do you see how many people are searching for crafty items (using the graph above)?

There are several craft business options you can choose from that have low startup costs. And most importantly all businesses on our list can be run from home if you wish. 

In this article, I’ll discuss 10 craft business ideas that you can start from home.

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1. A Custom Jewelry Business

The jewelry industry is a broad market with lots of opportunities for people with various skills. Jewelry can be mini versions of many crafts like embroidery, pottery, stonework, modeling clay, beadwork, marcrome, and much more. And because it’s typically smaller than most crafts, it can be produced more quickly and efficiently with the right set up. 

Material costs can be kept quite low when you are first starting off in the jewelry industry if you like. Clasps, beads, wire, leather, and other similar materials can have low costs which helps to increase your profit and helps you start making money sooner. 

There is always the opportunity to expand into higher end materials such as silver and gold. If you brand towards a special niche market such as the bridal industry, jewelry can be quite profitable. 

To ensure that you keep labour costs down, it’s important to your business that you sharpen your skills, and find a process that is efficient.  Production should not eat up all your time. 

With the right business plan, a jewelry business can be quite profitable.

2. An Art Business

Original artwork can be costly and time consuming to make, but it can be a profitable business as well! 

You can create one original piece and then make prints or transfer it to other mediums such as t-shirts and stickers. Prints, digital copies, or art that’s been placed on merchandise like mugs, t-shirts, canvas, stickers, hats, and more have lower costs and higher profits than creating new original pieces over and over again. Remember being told to think smarter not harder?

It can be incredibly satisfying to have your artwork displayed on somebody’s walls but when you think outside the box and realise how many places your artwork can be placed then you open yourself up to many products to sell. 

3. A Subscription Box Business

People love things specially curated for them that satisfy their special interests. There are subscription boxes for clothing, perfume, makeup, undergarments,cooking supplies, fair trade products the list can go on.

When you find a niche, are able to satisfy a need, and market to the desired customer market you can see a steady recurring monthly income develop.

If starting a subscription box business is of interest to you I suggest clicking here to check out a more in depth article I’ve written about the topic. The steps I’d recommend to get you started are there.

4. Food Blog

The food industry is HUGE. Just think about all the different types of foods and diets that are out there. 

  • Nut free, dairy free, gluten free
  • Italian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese
  • Vegan, Keto, Diabetic
  • High carb, Low carb etc… the list goes on

To be successful in the food blog industry you have to niche down and pick an area of interest. It can be a large niche like recipes, but it has to be easily searched. 

To learn more about starting your own food blog click here

5. A Home Decor Business

The home decor industry has become a very big market for home businesses. With the popularity of personalized items, there’s constantly people wanting things made specially for their homes and businesses. 

And, with each season and holiday, you are able to revamp designs, and market to the current trends. The opportunities and possibilities for products are constantly changing for home decor.

If you love to be creative while solving a customer’s problem then the home decor industry might be the right business for you. And can be a very rewarding job since your work is displayed at someone’s home or workplace for everyone to see. 

6. A Soap-Making Business

Soap making can be a great business for someone that wants to express their creativity. You can experiment with different materials such as the ingredients, colors, and scents, or even just the shapes.

The opportunities for selling soap can have quite the range too. You can run an e-commerce storefront/ website while also attending farmers markets, and craft shows.  

Wholesale is also a popular avenue for other businesses that want to ensure they have a steady supply of their own unique soap. Think hotels, motels, restaurants, or even boutiques, gift shops and tourist attractions. You can make a specific product for them to have in their high volume washroom that they also sell for you as well. 

To learn more about starting a soap making business click here for a step-by-step guide.

7. A Candle Making Business

Candle making is an exciting form of art. You’re able to use various materials, work with different shapes, colors and smells. 

7 out of 10 US households use candles.  (Source: Candlescience) Candle sales are at $3.2 billion per year. (Source: National Candle Association) Depending on your target market, you can sell candles anywhere from $5 and up. 

Candles supplies are relatively low cost, and because you can work from home without the need for high-end equipment, start up costs are low as well. So, candle-making is a craft that can make you money.

Once you stabilize your costs and quantity, you can quickly get pouring candles in an assembly line manner. Therefore, labor time will remain the same for each candle, helping lower costs more.

If you are now thinking about starting your own candle making business I suggest you click here to check out my article on How To Start a Candle Making Business the Profitable Way.

8. A Pet Treat Business

Pets are like another member of the family, and many people love to give their furry friends homemade, healthy treats to keep them happy. 

You can choose to target a particular diet restriction, or focus more on your creative side with custom treats. The possibilities are endless. 

When you have a product that stands out, people start to talk about and share your product, and when your sales start to exceed the amount you spend to run the business you’ll have a profitable pet treat business. 

For a step-by-step guide on How to Start a Pet Treat Business click here

9. Cell Phone Repair

Everybody has a cell phone these days but not everyone has insurance. Many people are turning to independent cell phone repair companies now. 

The cell phone repair business requires tools like:

  • Tweezers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Precision knives
  • and other things

If you’re looking for advice on how to get started on your own cell phone repair business click here for my step-by-step guide. 

10. Photography

Photography can be an awesome business for someone that wants a flexible schedule. Most people believe that a photography business  only takes pictures of other people but that’s not always the case.

Many businesses require photography as well. Realtors need photos of the homes they’re selling, hotels need photos of their rooms/services (spa, pool, salon etc…) for their new website, and anybody with a flyer or brochure could need a photographer at some point to update images. It’s not an industry limited to weddings and engagement shoots. 

The great thing about photography is that you can start with what you have available and build your skills from there. There are great learning resources available on YouTube. 

Once you’ve gained some skill and have some income coming in, and are marketing yourself towards a specific niche market, then you can invest in higher end equipment. 

How much does it Cost to Start a Craft Business?

The costs to start a home based craft business can vary depending on various factors.

In order to truly know the costs to start your craft business, you’d want to:

  • Choose your tools and the people who will be helping you
  • Choose your software
  • And, choose your costs associated with your craft business.

I suggest using our business planning to help you better understand the costs of starting up your own craft business. 

When you have a website, have targeted traffic coming to your website, and you have products and services to sell, your craft making business should start to make a profit.

For a more indepth article on how to start your own craft business click here. 

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Overall craft businesses can have a wide range of opportunities even within their own niches. Hopefully, this list of business ideas for craft lovers has inspired you to think about the possible businesses you could start.

If any of the craft businesses that I’ve discussed have interested you in starting your own craft business, while making money doing something you love, then there is no better time than now. You could be adding an additional income stream and helping people with your love for crafts.

Why wait?

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