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Business Presentation Tips: 5 Tips For How To Look Like A Professional

business presentation tips
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It’s likely that you have a business you are trying to grow or expand.  Maybe, you have been getting low balled, or maybe you’re simply trying to prepare yourself for a stage of getting more customers.  Either way, these business presentation tips will help you present yourself like a professional, so you are taken seriously in the marketplace.

business presentation tips

The Definition of Professional


Professional (noun) – a person qualified in a profession

Professional (adjective) – one’s main paid occupation

Very few people are experiencing joy in their workplaces. The remaining either keep droning on in an autopilot mode focusing on monetary obligations.

With the advancement in information and technology, being an entrepreneur or a consultant has become easier. However, there is so much competition that it is very difficult for up and coming entrepreneurs to be noticed amongst the noise.

One of the key business presentation tips that play an important role in your success as a professional is how you conduct yourself in public.  The following pointers should act as your checklist whenever you’re heading out to either doing business for the first time or concluding a business deal.

Hire professionals when needed.

There is nothing that will make prospects run faster then when they observe that you do low quality work.  There are professional services that help budding entrepreneurs and consultants pave a path for their business.  Outsource the things that you are not good at!

Network with Professionals!

Without the support of a good network even the best of businesses won’t survive. Get your name out there. Be on LinkedIn, set a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a blog for your services, and a website of your business.

Create Contracts As Professionals

Before agreeing to start working with anyone, draw a contract with specific terms and conditions that you’d be comfortable with, while working with this particular client.  It is perfectly alright to review, alter terms and conditions that you had initially set on.  It should be put in black and white and not just verbally.

  • The contract should have the timelines that you agree upon
  • Details of fee and payment mode along with payment due date
  • Contingency terms in case there is an emergency
  • Policies that would legally protect you and your company

Manage Your Time As Professionals

Professional people are fierce about their time. So it’s pertinent that you don’t let anyone waste yours and vice versa.  Make appointments for meetings and subsequent discussions.

Reschedule if required in advance and avoid cancellations last minute.  It is a good practice to check your clients schedule before arranging for a meeting instead of barking an order to meet.

Planning is the most underrated part of a business meeting.  One of my key business presentation tips is to ensure to have a set agenda for the meeting as it will create a brilliant impression on your client. Also, let your client talk most of the time and address concerns.

Don’t dominate the conversation!

DO NOT answer phone calls during important meetings!

Nothing ticks off a busy professional more than you answering your phone or text messages while in a business meeting. Make it a habit to put your phone on silent – non-vibrating mode and keep it out of your sight – to avoid distractions

These are some basic business presentation tips for how to carry yourself as a professional.  Comment below and tell us what you do to maintain your professional image.

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