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Business Promotional Gifts: 7 Brand-Building Ideas You Hadn’t Thought Of

business promotional gifts
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With the summer fun just beginning to take off and winter holidays right around the corner, many people have gift-giving on the mind.  Business promotional gifts can be the perfect solution to give something away, and have recipients who become more excited about your brand as a result.

As John D. Rockefeller said:

“Giving should be entered into in just the same way as investing. Giving is investing.”

With this in mind, you want to take deep thought into the gifts you give from your business.  You want to think of them as an investment on two sides: into your reputation and into the recipients’ life.  Not only do you want the business promotional gifts to be:

  • Different
  • Creative
  • and Unique

But, you also want them to be:

  • Usable
  • Spokespersons for your brand
  • and, valuable to the recipient

The combination can take quite a bit of thought, which is why I wrote this article to help you out by giving some ideas about business promotional gifts you might not have thought of.

business promotional giftsTop Tips For Business Promotional Gifts

In a previous post, I talked about 10 steps to choosing the right promotional items.  Those 10 steps will apply here, so if you haven’t checked out that article, stop by and check it out.  In summary, you want to choose business promotional gifts based on coupled goals you and your recipient might have.

Idea 1: Business Promotional Gifts for Employees

For example, let’s say you’re buying business promotional gifts for your employees.  You know your employees are passionate about what you do at your company, but you all have been working very hard, and not playing much.

As a result, your employees might want:

  • More fun
  • More Morale
  • More appreciation
  • and, Rapport Building

Quite frankly, statistics show most employees want more of these things.  Wouldn’t it be great if your business promotional gifts checked off those boxes, achieving four central desires of your employees and directly boosting performance and sales as a result?

I think that would be ideal for most employers and it CAN be done by choosing the right business promotional gifts.

Idea 2: Business Promotional Gifts for B2B Collaborations

Top business consultants all reinforce the power of leverage.  In fact, Jay Abraham, one of the highest paid business consultants in the world has 9 Drivers of Upside Leverage and Exponential Business Growth, and Relationships is #5.  In his 16-page 9 Drivers Report, he talks about how professional relationships, collegial relationships, mastermind relationships, and other business relationships can be leveraged to explode your business growth.  However, these relationships will not yield their potential returns without an investment into their growth.

You shouldn’t expect to ask for something without first giving–whether you’re asking for something that costs money or not.  Make it a practice to give first, and watch the impression you leave with others.

You can use business promotional items to sow into those relationships where there’s lots of upside leverage potential.  For example, let’s say you’re a real estate investor who owns a 200 unit apartment complex.  You’re new to the industry and you’ve worked most of your life in the healthcare field.

You need advice for how to run your apartment complex more efficiently and profitably, but you don’t know anyone else whose doing what you’re trying to do.  You can use business promotional gifts to open doors and build relationships you might not otherwise be able to build.  You can see if any of your current relationships might be able to refer you to someone, or you can do research about an influencer in your industry, and send a thoughtful note alongside a relevant gift that’s customized so they know it’s from you.

business promotional giftsIdea 3: Business Promotional Gifts for Customers

Most entrepreneurs know customers and sales are the lifeblood of their businesses, but unfortunately, their focus can become so divided by other demands, they forget to build the relationship beyond basic product and service delivery.  It’s important to stick out in a relational way that makes the customer-to-business relationship more than transactional.

Business promotional gifts can be the perfect solution to take the client-business relationship to a more unique place, and when the relationship is unique, it creates a loyalty that stands as the best competitive advantage you can have in the market!

Idea 4: Business Promotional Gifts for Vendors

You might not think about your vendors everyday, but let’s take a second to think about them now.  If it wasn’t for certain vendors, your business would not be operating today.  Think about all of the materials and equipment you pay for on a re-occurring basis: from rent to products and services you use to create and deliver your products or services.

Can you imagine if your most valuable vendor went out of business?  It could be a nightmare for you to continue running your business without one of your vendors–that’s why it’s good to send a gift every now and then to re-inspire them, and say “Thank you for doing what you do”.

It can be quiet at times in business, and your vendors are likely to feel no different.  Regardless of their size and reputation, they may go thru periods where they hear very little from those they serve (like you).  Business promotional gifts can be a nice way to say “thank you” to those whose products or services make your business possible.

Idea 5: Business Promotional Gifts for Families

When you think about it, there are several faces that directly influence your business operations, but there are also several faces who indirectly influence your business by sacrificing time away from those they love.  Moms, dads, sisters, brothers, and children are required to make sacrifices in order to make money for their families and support your business functions.

business promotional giftsFor me, I send my kids to childcare every day to enable me to run this business, write these posts to you, and help entrepreneurs I meet.  My daughter cries every day when I drop her off because she prefers to be with me than in a childcare facility, and her tears make me sad, but I realize my work helping you and other entrepreneurs is important.  As a result, we make the daily sacrifice to separate, so that we can become better people and help others do the same.

Think about it, there are people on the streets and on unemployment boards who didn’t make the necessary sacrifices to keep our economy afloat. Business promotional gifts are a great way to show appreciation to the families who make your business operations possible (even if it’s by their indirect sacrifices).

Idea 6: Business Promotional Gifts for Social Cause Recipients

In my area, there are many large giveaways around this time of the year for abused children, orphans, and many other social causes.  There are many people who are less fortunate.  They may not have the amount of ideas you have or the opportunities you have, and as a result, they struggle more than you do.

Business promotional gifts can be a way of giving something in a time of need that will help the recipient forever.  When they see your brand supported them in a crisis, it can generate a sense of loyalty and appreciation you can’t forge any other way.

Idea 7: Business Promotional Gifts for Your Leaders and Community Servants

Your mayor, your president, your boss, your wife’s boss, and other leaders in your area are placed in position to make decisions that can help or hurt you.  There are few people who are actively engaged with them and helping them to get a clear pulse on the front lines of life in their jurisdiction.

In addition to your leaders, there’s teachers, police officers, military, firefighters, waste management, and other community helpers whose service you probably wouldn’t want to live without.  The community helpers and leaders can often times be taken for granted because you may not be familiar with life without them.  When you’re buying business promotional items, keep in mind the multitudes of people whose sacrifices and service enables you to live the life you do, and consider sending a “thank you” to these people.

Final Words on Business Promotional Gifts

The goal of this article was to show you some ideas for how you can use business promotional gifts to grow your reputation in a positive way and to send a memorable message to a recipient.  Implementing any of these ideas can generate returns beyond only money: they can also leave an impression and say lots about your brand.  If you have questions or concerns about this, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section.  I’d love to help you out!

Like these Business Promotional Gift Ideas? Here are a Few Vendors I Recommend…

1. Inkead by Deluxe

If you like what you saw here, and you’d like to order business promotional gifts, my #1 recommended vendor for business promotional products is Inkead by Deluxe. You can check out my full Inkhead by Deluxe review or visit their website.

2. Zazzle

If you’re looking for custom products that are unique, but you don’t want the higher minimums like what’s normal for many promotional product vendors, then you should definitely consider Zazzle. Check out my full Zazzle review or visit their website.

Now, it’s Your Turn…

Have you tried giving business promotional gifts?  What was your experience?  Have you see others give business promotional gifts? What did you notice about their campaigns? Leave your comments below.

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