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Can I Increase My Website Traffic? Yes, You Can–Here’s How…(with Case Study)

can i increase my website traffic
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can i increase my website trafficThere is a big difference between the online and offline worlds.  If you want to meet people offline, you physically transport yourself to where people are.  It’s not that cut and dry online.  If you want to meet people online, you have to know what to search, where to search, and how to search, then there are different ethics and barriers otherwise people you approach will think you’re “creepy”.  I know many entrepreneurs want more website traffic, so they can get more exposure, and the formula goes:


More traffic = more exposure = more people impacted = more sales


Right?  I understand.  This article will answer the question, “Can I Increase my Website Traffic?” using my own experience and the experience of very successful mentors I’ve learned from, being transparent about my limitations, and allowing you to be the captain of your website traffic.  Sound good?


My Story


I started my first online business in 2015.  At the time, I was missing ALOT of information.  I was trying to do the kindle book business model, so I wrote 15 ebooks within one year only to find out there was alot of hype and information missing within many of the high ticket trainings I took.  I went as far as paying $3000 plus airfare to attend training in Pennsylvania (coming from Texas 30+ hours away) to learn how to sell my books online.  Guess how many more books I sold as a result of that training?




I spent $3000 and I sold $0 in books!  It still makes me really sad to think about how much heartache I experienced on this journey to start my online business, but everything happens for a reason.  Back to the point…


All I really needed to know was how to get traffic to my books and how to convert the traffic into money.  The training I took was to teach me how to get television interviews and media exposure (which I thought I needed) to get sales.  To make a long story short, I didn’t really have a comfortable traffic generation method until this year when I took a very good training, and learned (for MUCH CHEAPER) how to generate traffic to my website.  Now, the website I worked on for two years has the same amount (and sometimes less) traffic as the website I just started in February.  Crazy, right?


The older website has more content, I spent much more time working on it, but it has less traffic results than this site.  In this article, I’ll be telling you the major differences I’ve noticed that have made my new site get articles indexed faster, build traffic faster, and grow overall faster.  Sound good?


Niche Selection


can i get more traffic to my websiteOne major thing that I chose to do before starting this blog was to “niche down”.  On my first blog, I started it without the intent to profit.  I was sharing Bible Study and personal growth lessons simply to encourage others.  Over time, I discovered that I absolutely love writing especially as a service to others.  As time went on, my desire went up to write for a living, but I felt like I had a mashup of hobby-type content.


There were no calls to action, my images were low quality, my words were scrunched together, my aesthetics needed major work, my publishing schedule was very irregular, and the list goes on and on of the things I was doing wrong if I wanted to make money online.  As a result, I didn’t know how to recover my old site.  I also found that I was going on long tangents away from the original brand intent for that site.  It was a Christian lifestyle site that started turning into Personal Finance, Business, and Health, and the compilation would make it very difficult to get to know the audience well enough to provide solutions that I could be paid for.


Therefore, I decided to “niche down” and create websites that represented my niche interests.  From this, I created How to Entrepreneur, Healthy Living Mom, Money Growing Mom, and my Personal site, tiffanydomena.com.


You can see where I spend most of my time.  I’m focused on How To Entrepreneur for now, but you can see the progress I’ve made so far on the others if you’d like.


Keyword Research


With my first site, I didn’t even know what keyword research was.  I watched a few videos about using keywords, and I thought I was doing it write by using repetition.  I can laugh about this now, but I was using keywords like “God”, Bible Study” or the scripture references.


can i increase my website traffic

You can see there are alot of searches for “God”, but there’s also quite a few people trying to rank for that keyword also!


Please ignore my dying computer. LOLOL!


When I looked in Jaaxy, my keyword research tool, there is SOOOOO MUCH competition for the keywords I was trying to rank for, I may never rank!


The best training I’ve taken on creating successful online businesses was at Wealthy Affiliate.  They taught me how to do keyword research the right way.  The strategy they teach to get rankings is to find keywords that have more than 100 searches per month and less than 100 competitors competing for the keyword, then write on that.


In the Billionaire Blog Club, Paul Scrivs took the keyword research strategy to the next level.  He taught me the skyscraper method by Brian Dean.  Now, once I’ve isolated a keyword with more than 100 searches and less than 100 competitors, I enter that keyword into several search engines: Google, Bing, Pinterest, and Yahoo to find what my competitors have done.


I also use Jaaxy to analyze my competitors, find products, and affiliate programs that may compete for the market share.  I use all of the competing data to create Youtube playlists, make product and service recommendations (if I stand behind the product), and to get my creative juices flowing about how to add more value than what’s currently available.


My Publishing Schedule and Personal Challenges


I typically batch my keyword research into one session, and only go back to do additional keyword research if I get a sporadic idea or a reader asks for specific content.  Batching my research makes my content efficiency higher.  I make sure to publish one post of 1500+ words per day, 7 days per week.


As a stay home mom, I’m able to stabilize my content efficiency by using a Time Management Chart, using Schedule Ideas like these, and because of the high quality of the platform I use to write directly into.  Previously, I would write directly into WordPress, but my content efficiency was much less than it is now.  I can perform keyword research, write into a platform that autosaves every few seconds, and input free stock images all into the same place!  Since my writing platform makes my writing process so efficient, it makes it much easier for me to write one or more articles per day that are still high quality.


Additionally, I challenge myself by keeping goals that are aggressive in comparison to the amount of time, money, and knowledge I have, so I’m challenging myself to reach a higher potential.  Typically, I’ve been challenging myself to write more than 15,000 words per week.  I use a tool called SiteContent to track my goals and to write directly into.


can i get more traffic to my website


Do you see the three green circles at the bottom of the screen?  Each green circle represents a goal I set for this post.  I’ve made post templates in the SiteContent tool that specify how many headers I want in each post, how many words, and how many paragraphs.  As you can see, I’ve almost achieved my goals for this post, but I haven’t even finished telling you all of my methods for getting traffic to my site.


Since I’ve been using SiteContent, I’ve learned a reasonable writing pace for myself, and how much content I can publish comfortably and how much I can publish when I really push myself.


When I started out, my publishing schedule was sporadic.  I would create content ideas off of the top of my head, and my promotion schedule was sporadic also.


Most marketers will tell you “Content is King” in online businesses, so your publishing frequency and your promotion frequency are going to effect your success online.  Many people are trying to run successful online businesses while publishing one article weekly or bi-weekly, and sharing on an inconsistent basis.  If you want to increase your website traffic, you have to write content your readers want to read, outshare, outwork, outperform, and outhink your competition otherwise, your market share will be given to someone else.


My SEO Tools


After I’ve written my content in the Sitecontent tool, I publish my content, and it magically appears within my WordPress dashboard, and it will even log me on!  I go into my WordPress dashboard to add the finishing touches.  I already have my stock images added because Sitecontent has over 1 million+ stock images streamed from places like Pixabay and other high quality stock image resource centers, but I still have to add links, spacing, and other finishing touches.


I go into my WordPress dashboard to add my featured image (with the meta tag), add my affiliate links using Pretty Links, and infuse SEO using the Yoast SEO plugin and other things.  Although I’ve been writing content suited for SEO purposes for a little while now, I still use Yoast as a report card.  It will show me what needs to be improved to make my on-site SEO go up.


can i increase my website traffic


You can see in this post, I have quite a few things that are showing green (which means good), but the orange things would need to be fixed for optimal SEO performance.


I use checklists to make sure I’m accomplishing all of my goals that help increase my site traffic also. Sign up for my email list to get giveaways like my checklists.  I only give things away like that to my VIPs.


Social Media Marketing


can i get more traffic to my websiteOn my first blog, I used Social Media more than publishing on my blog.  THAT WAS A BIG MISTAKE!  Now, I pay the most attention to my publishing schedule on my site, but after publishing, I make sure to share in places that give a high ROI.


I used to spend alot of time trying to make Facebook work, but I’ve found, it is not worth the time.  Some of the Facebook groups are good, but there are many different ones, and so many rules.  Marketers are trying to hoard attention within the groups, so it is not an open marketplace to provide solutions.


I’ve written about organic social media marketing and getting started with Pinterest automation if you want to expand in that area.  Rather than focusing on Facebook, I have changed my attention to focus solely on the places I can leverage my keyword research and SEO skills like Pinterest and the Search Engines.  I have challenged myself to join as many Pinterest boards as I find in my niche on Pinterest.


Many of the boards will reject you when you’re first starting out.  It is what it is, however, some will accept you.  It’s like the 80/20 rule.  You may send 100 messages to Pinterest group owners, and 80 of them either don’t respond or say they only accept people with more followers, more pins, or a certain media kit, however, some will say, “Yes”.


I post my pins on my personal board and on my group boards.  Then, once per week, I also go and delete all of my pins from my Boardbooster tribes and add the 7 new pins from the content I’ve published for the week.  I’ve been getting 300-400 repins per article per week thru the Boardbooster tribes.  Repins = more visibility on Pinterest = more traffic!


In the Billionaire Blog Club, I learned additional Pinterest tactics, but I haven’t had the time to implement them all comfortably, so the ones I told you are the ones I currently do.  He drives tens of thousands more traffic than I do from Pinterest because he’s outworking me.  You should check him out if your interested in outworking me and getting more traffic thru Pinterest.



can i get more traffic to my websiteI’ve noticed that using Paid Search Engine Marketing is more set-it-and-forget-it than Pinterest Marketing or any other organic method.  Organic marketing takes ALOT of sweat equity and time!  It’s really not FREE! Both, Pinterest and PPC, have passive components, but Pinterest Marketing takes more time, and the algorithms are changing.  I like to pay for things because then there’s a mutual obligation to ensure I receive a certain level of service.


With paid search engine marketing, I can quickly set up a campaign using the keywords I’ve already researched, and drive droves of traffic to my site instantly.  As long as my site converts, I won’t lose money.  If I had a larger budget, I probably wouldn’t bother with social media as much, but my budget is small for now, so I limit my Search Engine Marketing.


I have found campaigns that bring me thousands of visitors every month for $0.05 per click or less!  Those campaigns are much less work than Boardbooster, posting in Facebook groups, or even SEO.  Once all of my commission begin returning to me and the efforts of my marketing start to compile, I’ll be investing more heavily in paid search engine marketing on Bing, Yahoo, Pinterest, Youtube, and Google–wherever I can attract high quality relevant traffic.  If you;d like to learn how to do Paid Search Engine Marketing, I highly suggest you check out my #1 recommendation for starting and scaling an online business.


Massive Networking with Other Online Entrepreneurs


I’ve also been privileged to network with massive amounts of online entrepreneurs lately.  Having a community of people who want to help one another is HUGE in regards to getting more traffic.  In my two online communities, we do feedback and comment exchanges.  The comment exchanges warm your site up for when organic traffic comes.  If you have 0 comments, it looks like you’re not credible and your authority meter goes down in the search engines and in the eyes of your target audience.  Nowadays, people are looking for reviews and social proof.  Shares provide some social proof, but comments are much more valuable.


When I publish a post, I make sure to comment on at least four articles to earn credits where people can come back and comment on my blog.  Each person who comments on my blog has a longer site session and they count as a pageview and a user.  The same is true if I request feedback on my site, it counts towards overall traffic.


I also make sure to find people in my community who have questions and I answer the questions with a valuable response.  Answering community questions serves four purposes for me:


1) It tells me about problems my target audience (startup entrepreneurs) are having

2) It helps me build relationships with people who may one day find my content valuable

3) It builds my confidence as an expert in my niche

4) IT BRINGS TRAFFIC to my site when the answers to the questions are on my site!  Sometimes, I will write a post (like this one) specifically because it solves someone’s problem!


A Playlist to Answer “Can I Increase My Website Traffic?”


Additional FREE TRAINING to Answer “Can I Increase My Website Traffic?”


Here are some very helpful FREE training resoources to answer your question, “Can I increase my website traffic?”


Billionaire Blog Club FREE Blogging Bootcamp

The Ultimate Guide to Blogging

10 FREE Lessons on How To Start an Online Business


Final Words to Answer “Can I Increase My Website Traffic?”


The goal of this article was to answer the question, “Can I Increase my Website Traffic?”.  My answer is “Yes you can!”  I’ve told you what I’ve done to get 10,000 pageviews to my website in my first month, and I’ve told you areas where I haven’t maximized the potential in the strategies.  I have much more room to grow and scale in the Pinterest Marketing and in PPC advertising.  I’m barely scratching the surface in comparison to the strategies that I learned, so I’m certain this strategy could get you millions of pageviews!


I’d recommend you check out two training programs that currently have more proof than my little 10,000 pageviews in one month…


Billionaire Blog Club is a great place to learn a killer Pinterest Marketing Strategy.  They are not always open for enrollment, so you have to act when the enrollment is open.


My #1 Training Program is open all year around and gives you access to the SiteContent tool for writing efficiency, the keyword research tool, loads of training to help you scale your business to 6,7,or 8 figures and beyond!  Students are scaling beyond six figures there!  They have a massive community that believes in “scratching one another’s back.  It’s been a great decision for my business.  There’s really no risk because they have a lifetime free trial membership.  You can check them out HERE.


Now, it’s Your Turn…


What do you do to get website traffic?  Have you tried these methods?  What were your results?


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