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Christian Martin – Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review: Pros & Cons

Work from Anywhere Now review | DigitalNomad.com Review
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If you’re looking for a thorough Work From Anywhere Accelerator review, you’re in the right place.

If you’ve been looking for:

  • A career change
  • A way to amplify your career or business
  • A way to get into digital marketing
  • Location independence
  • Or, even financial freedom

It’s likely you’ve come across several different solutions. You may have come across multi-level marketing, day trading, real estate, cryptocurrency investing, affiliate marketing, starting a digital marketing agency, and so much more. There are so many opportunities out there that say they can help you earn full-time “passive income” so you can travel the world, but the challenge becomes which opportunity would work best for you?

Christian Martin from digitalomad.com has created one option that gives you the opportunity to work from anywhere, and in this review, we’ll be analyzing whether this could be a good option to help you achieve your goals.

In this Work From Anywhere Accelerator review, I will tell you:

  • Who Christian Martin is
  • What Work from Anywhere Accelerator is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

If that sounds good to you, let’s get started…If you’d like to see this content in video format, check it out here:

Who is Christian Martin?

First, if you’re coming across a program like Work from Anywhere Accelerator, and considering whether it’s a course you should buy, you’d probably want to know the course creator has a relevant background, and he has helped others achieve similar goals to yours right? So let’s discuss the background of Christian Martin.

Christian Martin PhotosChristian Martin has a very interesting background. He is a go-getter, a world traveler, and many of his lifestyle endeavors are on lots of people’s bucket lists.

He says he grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, and didn’t leave the country until 2013 (6 years ago!). He tried the “traditional route”: graduating from high school, going to college, then looking for a job, but it didn’t work out for him. He said he wasn’t able to get one job interview in his field, then eventually, he pivotted and accepted a job working in a real estate office. He describes the experience as dreadful, and eventually, he decided to start a business in real estate as a way to break away from his job.

He stayed in his real estate rehab business for 3 years, then he decided to switch gears and get into something that afforded him even more lifestyle freedom, and that’s where consulting came in. He’s achieved many notable things like:

  • Having a top ten Finance App in the App Store
  • Being a featured writer on Entrepreneur.com
  • and, helping 800+ paying clients thru his courses and consulting

Now, his choice to consult for a living has enabled him many successes and he shares his experience with others looking to choose a similar career as he has in his course Work from Anywhere Accelerator.

What is Work From Anywhere Accelerator? An Overview

Work from Anywhere Accelerator is a course that teaches you how to start and grow a digital marketing agency that enables you to work from anywhere.

Digitalnomad.com Homepage Screenshot

Martin describes his professional evolution: from real estate to making apps, and finally, to consulting and running a digital marketing agency as a digital nomad. Work from Anywhere Accelerator is where he explains his process of how he’s done that.

How Does Work From Anywhere Accelerator Work?

Work from Anywhere Accelerator is a digital course and coaching combo. When you sign up for Work from Anywhere Accelerator, you’ll be learning the business model Martin uses where you’d be offering freelance marketing services such as Facebook ad management, sales funnel creation, and lead generation using Facebook. In addition, you’ll also get:

Christian Martin Work Anywhere Accelerator review

How Do I Get Started with Work From Anywhere Accelerator?

To get started with Work Anywhere Accelerator, you’d sign up for Martin’s 1.5 hour-intro webinar. The webinar will tell you snippets of what strategies to expect to learn and lots about Martin’s background and lifestyle. On the webinar, you’ll see a special offer, and you can complete your payment and sign up there.

Who is Work From Anywhere Accelerator For?

Work from Anywhere Accelerator is for:

  • Christian Martin fans – Those that have been watching him for awhile and want to learn specifically from him
  • Those who want to run a digital marketing agency offering Facebook ad management to local businesses
  • And, those who would like to have support as they learn

Work From Anywhere Accelerator Tools & Training

The training includes 100+ videos of training and 20+ funnels you’ll be able to clone and insert into your Clickfunnels account.

Work From Anywhere Accelerator Support

One very nice thing about Christian Martin’s program is the coaching and support. I haven’t seen anywhere that describes the average response time or the depth of support you get, but it’s nice that alongside the digital courses, you also get support from Martin and his team–that’s definitely an advantage over similar programs like Bossless Forever, Adam Davies program, Sam Ovens, Dan Henry’s program, or Keala Kanae’s program who only promise Facebook groups or something of the sort.

What Does Work From Anywhere Accelerator Do Well

  • They offer lots of content
  • They have a credible instructor
  • They have testimonials and success stories
  • They offer support

What Doesn’t Work From Anywhere Accelerator Do Well

  • They teach one monetization option
  • They teach one traffic generation method
  • They give you the funnel clones, but you may not learn the copywriting formulas and psychology that would help you to build funnels on your own
  • They don’t clearly mention the added costs for tools, equipment, or ads to build the business
  • It’s unclear the time requirements to implement the processes: 15 hrs/week? 20 hrs/week?
  • You don’t get a sample of the coursework before buying, so you can decide if Martin’s teaching style would work well for you

Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review Roundup

I’ve compiled reviews of students who have purchase the course and third party reviewers, so you can evaluate what types of results they’re getting, and whether their success is relevant to what you’re looking for. Here are the reviews: good and bad…

Common Positive Feedback

I wasn’t able to find reviews from third parties with positive personal experiences or positive reviews of the coursework. Instead, the positive feedback comes from testimonials on Christian Martin’s Youtube channel or website. These were the common positive claims:

  • I got my first paying client
  • I took the course recently and I’m getting results already
  • Christian’s courses are great

Common Negative Feedback

  • False advertising
  • I didn’t like the processes I’d have to do
  • All three of the complaints on the BBB website by paying customers state “this program is a scam”
  • The refund policy requires you to complete all of the coursework (videos and homework) without results to get your money back. There have been quite a few complaints by customers who were dissatisfied with the material and didn’t want to complete it before getting their refund.
  • The course is nearly $1500 and the refund policy requires you to complete all the coursework in 60 days (without results), so if you simply don’t like the quality, don’t like the process, or anything personal comes up, you’ve lost $1.5k.

Most Helpful Positive Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review

I took Christian;s course 2 months ago and I got my first paying client. Christian is great. You should try his course.

Emily’s review, Christian’s Youtube Channel

Most Helpful Negative Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review

At the BBB, Digitalnomad.com has a A- rating, but there were 4 complaints closed in the last 3 years and 12 complaints over the last 12 months. Here is what it looks like…

Digitalnomad.com BBB ratingHere is the most recent complaint:


First, I see others have had the same issue as I am having with Christians sales pitch. The guy is slick. He offers just enough to intrigue the YouTube viewer into a sale and not enough to make an educated decision. He advertises “Work from Anywhere” and do this while at your regular job. 

There are multiple problems though: 1) Be very careful if you’re doing this to improve your own existing business or if you work for another employer and you have a “non-compete” agreement like me. I’m an Architect and would have an issue if I break my non-compete. 2) Human Resources monitor employees activities on social media. This program uses Facebook and Instagram ads. It also requires you to post on LinkedIn. All of #2 would get most people fired. It makes sense. Why would I employ you if yore actively looking to break our employment agreement? A BIG RED FLAG. 3) In order to receive the Money Back guarantee within the 60 days allowed you have to complete all of the videos, 4-5 modules of 12-15videos each. 

You need to complete other homework as well. Bottom line: I found it impossible to watch all these videos and work be able to sleep. I also ran into a problem with my existing employer. And, this is a big negative. Actually, this is a Huge NEGATIVE if you are a person with integrity. You must post to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to complete the homework. As previously stated that would get me fired. This guy doesn’t care. He just wants your money. Once you join it doesn’t matter. Be very careful before falling for his sales pitch. It will cost you $1500.00. Hopefully, I can save people from this guy. Very Disappointed. Would rate him zero stars. ‘

In response to the complaint, Martin’s team responded:

Hi, we sell an online education product in the field of digital marketing. If the customer has a non-compete with his current employer, it has nothing to do with us or our product. He has been given full access to the educational program and support, which includes lifetime access. He is free to start or not start a business using the educational material at any time. It is up to the customer what he decides to do with his current employment situation. Refund terms are clearly stated a minimum of three times prior to purchase stating that we cannot issue refunds for personal reasons that are out of our control. The only thing we guarantee is the quality of our product and we stand by our action-based 60-day guarantee that says put the program to use, do all of the homework and get results or your money back. We are here to support the customer in future digital marketing endeavors as initially promised. 

Work from Anywhere Accelerator Price

The special offer at the end of the free webinar on Digitalnomad.com shows that Work from Anywhere Accelerator is $1497.00 as the special offer pricing.

My Final Opinion of Work From Anywhere Accelerator

Overall, it looks like Martin teaches legitimate methods, however, I wouldn’t recommend this course. This course requires a lot of financial risk without sufficient information to make an informed buying decision upfront.

Potential customers aren’t told how much the startup costs are, what they’ll need to do to get clients (even in summary), how much time is required, the depth of customer support, and you’re not given a sample, so you can see whether or not you like the teaching and teaching style.

When calculating the startup costs just based on observations (which means it’s likely it could be higher than I’m estimating), I can see customers will probably have to create a Clickfunnels account ($97/mo), they’ll have to have ad budget (likely more than $200/mo), they may need marketing tools and materials, they’ll need office supplies, and more. The totals can make this business startup go from $1497 (the cost of the course) to $3000+ is costs (not including labor) before expecting a return. Customers should be aware of the expected startup costs upfront.

Instead of giving startup details, the intro webinar spends more than half of the time showing pictures of Martin’s travel and talking about his satisfaction with life overall. You’re not told what skills you’ll be acquiring, the value of the skills, and a lot of other information required to make an informed buying decision is missing. Without all of the details, customers are making the decision based on faint promises and desired lifestyle resemblance.

Added to that, there aren’t many clear success stories or testimonials aside from what’s available on digitalnomad.com or Martin’s Youtube channel. Third-party endorsements, student success (they’ve personally documented), or expert reviews help to show credibility and demonstrate further the value of the product, but Work from Anywhere Accelerator doesn’t have much like that.

Even worse, if you decide to trust Martin (without being able to verify the details) and you’re not satisfied with the program, there’s steep requirements to get your money back. You’re not told beforehand that you’ll be required to market by posting on social media, and you’re not given a clear marketing plan at all.

Despite the missing information, you’ll still be penalized by not getting your refund if you don’t implement everything he’s included–the ethics behind this are very questionable in my opinion. As a result of the method of advertising and the implementation of the refund policy, I would not recommend Work from Anywhere Accelerator.

Top Alternatives

If you’re looking to:

  • Switch careers
  • Learn how to start a business
  • Learn digital marketing
  • Become a digital nomad
  • Travel more
  • Have more lifestyle and financial freedom

I’d recommend you take a look at programs that:

  • Have lots of student success and proof
  • Give you a clear explanation of what to expect
  • Lower the risk of financial loss
  • and, it’s best if you can try before you buy

Similar to buying an electronic product, you should be given clear specifications about the product you’re purchasing, so you understand exactly how you’ll be getting your return from the money you invest.

My #1 Recommended Work from Anywhere Accelerator Alternative

My #1 recommendation for learning how to start a business that enables you lifestyle and location freedom is my coaching and training program hosted at Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll have access to my unlimited private message support in addition to networking with over 1 million entrepreneurs. Added to that, I create training to help you become more and more successful and I tailor my training to your needs.

Here’s what’s included…

Here is how the two programs compare in the market:

DigitalNomad.com or Work from Anywhere Accelerator isn’t very widely known in the market, but in contrast, Wealthy Affiliate has been a well-known name, supporting lots of student success over the last 15 years! In addition to my support, you’ll have support from the community (even including the owners!).

Verdict: Not Recommended


Try my #1 recommendation instead. Get started with 7 days of free private message coaching here.

Work from Anywhere Accelerator






User Friendly







  • Credible instructor
  • Seemingly teaches legitimate methods


  • Advertises more lifestyle than technical skills
  • The startup costs for the business are unclear
  • The refund policy leaves alot of financial risk on the customer. Requiring completion of all course material and homework in order to get a refund.
  • Customer complaints say this is a scam
  • Your taught very few monetization methods or traffic generation methods

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