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Cold Email Marketing Tips: 9 Steps To Drive Massive Sales

cold email tips
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If you’re looking for cold email marketing tips to level up your business, then you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll be discussing 9 steps to drive sales using cold email.

Bottom line….if you’re not getting enough sales, your business is bound to shut down. It’s common for many bootstrappers to stay complacent with introverted marketing methods that don’t require personal connections: things like content marketing, PPC, or social media marketing. As a result, if you’re one of the few who is willing to hustle with direct selling, then it’s quite easy for you to stick out from the crowd. In this article, I want to give you cold email marketing tips that will make you stick out from the crowd and increase your sales.

Sales is a key component to more than one of the seven systems every small business needs to have. Cold email is a contributing component to sales.  Don’t believe me, check out some cold email stats and facts…

Cold Email Facts and Stats

  • 32% of sales professionals use email as a way to communicate with prospects (Source: InsideSales.com)
  • 61% of first contacts happen via email (Source: InsideSales.com)
  • 6% of sales reps use a single call and voicemail as a sales cadence (Source: InsideSales.com)
  • Cold emailing is seen as less invasive than cold calling for customers because they can choose to respond back or not
  • Cold emailing is effective especially for smaller goals like surveys, giving freebies, booking interviews or guest posts
  • Many very successful entrepreneurs use a mix of marketing (social media, content marketing, PPC) and sales (cold calling, cold emailing, contacting referrals, etc.)

Some Proof These Cold Email Marketing Tips Work

Recently, I’ve been studying businesses with amazing growth records. Investor-backed businesses like Google and Facebook, and bootstrapped startups like Convertkit. When I was reading the Convertkit story of how Nathan Barry was able to take his startup from $0 to $466K/month in 3 years, it made my ears stand up, and I wanted to know “How did he do it?”

In one of his most recent articles called “Direct Sales for Bootstrapped SAAS Startups: From $1300 to $725,000 MRR“, he talks about how many bootstrappers are being too passive in sales. He compared the crowd of venture backed startups with the bootstrappers, and said the venture backed startups are more aggressive in sales while bootstrappers are waiting on an outside influence like SEO, SEM, or SMM algorithms to work in their favor.

Barry was a freelance web developer when he decided to begin creating content consistently. As a result of his commitment to consistently creating content–1000 word articles consistently for 650 days–he was able to publish two books, create Convertkit (his email marketing company), and go from a list of 0 people to 30,000 email subscribers! As a result of his content strategy and email list, he was able to reach $20,000 in ebook sales in one week, and he was doing Convertkit on the side!

Then, after one year of mediocre results, Barry decided to buckled down on his dream–to create email marketing for bloggers. He was also able to go forward and reach major milestones with Convertkit also, however, his post talks about how direct sales and cold emailing changed the game for him and the Convertkit team.

In addition to content marketing, guest posting, and paid advertising, he chose to take more initiative and manually contact people. To go a step further, he even chose to physically fly to people (in certain instances). As a result of his aggressive marketing and sales campaigns, he’s been able to get major influencers on board with his startup, build upon the leverage of that to scale massively fast, get $1.06 million+ in monthly revenue, and a net revenue of $17.8 million for a company that’s only 5 years old!

This works! Hear Barry speak about it here:

SEO vs. Cold Emailing

If you’re tired of sitting around waiting on results from SEO or social media marketing and you’re looking to supplement the results you get from live networking, this article could be your answer. Maybe you should start cold emailing and build on the leverage of your results from that! These Cold email marketing tips could be an invaluable component of your lead generation system.

Cold Email Marketing Tips: How To Make Cold Emailing Work For You

email marketing tipsPersonalize as much as Possible

Many people have very low open rates because they send a template out over and over, and don’t customize it. When people check their email and see something that says:

“Hello Yourwebsite.com,

I noticed your website is not on the first page of Google. My company helps to get people on the first pages of Google. Call us at 1-XXX-XXXX if you’re interested


John, the SEO Man”

It doesn’t connect, and it looks like Spam. Instead, you want something that’s more personalized. You could say something like:

“Hello Tiffany,

I really enjoyed your article on content marketing, specifically when you shared your experience. Unfortunately, when I tried to get back to the page by Googling it, it didn’t pop up in the results. My company helps people get more visibility to messages similar to yours. I’d love to help you get that post bumped up in the rankings. Call me at 1-XXX-XXXX if you’re interested”

The little personalization of the email has been said to increase open rates by 20% or more!

email marketing tipsBe Relevant

You don’t want to pitch something that is irrelevant to the recipient! If it’s a male, he may not want to know about feminine hygiene offers… Duh!

Typically, the relevance isn’t thaaatttt far of like my example, but the prevalence of sending irrelevant pitches still exists.

There are instances where you may be contacting a potential customer about a product or service, and the person may not realize the relevance. It’s important to show relevance.

For example, maybe you sell mattresses, and you see a mattress that may be perfect for dog lovers. You should explain how the mattress is relevant to dog lovers rather than simply assuming they will connect the dots.

Create Clear Goals and Challenges

Cold emailing can be a redundant task that you talk yourself out of completing if you don’t have clear goals. It’s similar to running long distance: if there’s no finish line, it’s easy to stop before you’ve reached the milestone. You want to create clear goals like “create a prospect list of 30 people”, “send emails to 30 prospects/day”, “tweak the email copy to maintain a 10%+ conversion rate”, and other very clear goals.

It’s also helpful to do personal challenges especially if you have a business milestone you’re looking to meet. You can do an incremental challenge like 10, 20, or 30 days when you send a certain number of cold emails everyday. You can also do sales challenges where you send out a certain amount of messages until you’ve reaches the outcome of a sale.

email marketing tipsBe Persistent and Disciplined

For entrepreneurs who want to be successful, direct sales is like brushing your teeth or taking a shower–it’s one of those things that needs to be done to maintain sales. Yes, you can have results with content marketing, social media marketing, and paid advertising, but direct sales is also a necessary component of a lead generation system, therefore, you have to be disciplined and persistent.


Not all customers will make their buying decision at the point you meet. Some may need time. Provide as much information as you can, and set a specific date to follow-up. You can agree by saying something like, “(Name), I understand that now may not be the best time for you to begin using this product or service due to your situation. Would it be okay if I followed up with you in one week or so? What day and time would be best?”

10 Steps To Cold Email Success

If you want to succeed with cold emailing, these are the ten recommended steps that the most successful in the trade use:

1. Create a CRM

You don’t need to start out with an expensive CRM like Salesforce, but it’s important to have a way to track your contacts, to follow-up, and to keep personalized notes (birthdays, anniversaries, specific references to your conversation with them, etc.). You can use Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or keep a Trello board (like I do):


cold emailing tips

My new prospect list can be added under “Contacts”, then I can drag it rights and place it under “Contacted” when I’m ready. Trello enables me to keep notes about each prospect inside of the “Card” and it also enables integrations within other software like Salesforce, Google Calendar, and others to streamline the says when you do want to upgrade to a more sophisticated software.


3. Compile a Prospect List in the CRM

You can scour online, do live networking, attend masterminds, seminars, or get referrals from current customers. Once you have “prospects”, you want to document their name and contact information, so they can be nurtured thru your sales funnel.

2. Do the Math: Conversion Rates, Lifetime Customer Value, Time/Value Ratio, and Create Clear Numerical Goals

You want to do your math and make sure you’re being conscious of how much time you’re spending on cold emailing. If you’re selling a low ticket item, you may be able to make the sale by email, but you may not want to spend lots of time on email customizing.

email marketing tipsFor higher ticket items, customers may require more nurturing, and you may have to email to set an appointment. For the higher ticket opportunities, you may want to customize more.

Do the math, don’t spend loads of time emailing about freebies if you know you need to make money. After you have sent a reasonable amount of emails and you have clear metrics: conversion rates, sales, etc. Then, calculate the cost per customer acquisition, and continue working to get the numbers to a comfortable level for your company.

4. Think about the WIIFM Factor and Create an Email Template with Variations

When you’re sending the emails, you want to be sure to state the benefits for the customers. Don’t monopolize the email saying what you can do. Instead, monopolize the email by stating how you’ll improve their life or solve a problem for them.

First paragraph: Grab attention by showing your research
In the first paragraph, you want to make a connection. Show them that you did some research about them (at least know their name). You can add compliments like “I really like your website design”, or so on. Maya Angelou said, “People don’t always remember what you said or did, but they remember the way you made them feel”. Take the time to make them feel good about themselves–it will pay dividends to you in the future.

email marketing tipsSecond paragraph: Point out the Problem and Give them a solution

You want to be clear about the problem you want to solve for them and the solution you’ll offer. Quantify the problem if you can by saying, “my solution can generate (percentage, dollar amount, lower churn, etc.)”.

Third Paragraph: Add a relevant CTA

A cold email cannot do its ultimate work without a clear call to action. Tell the recipient what you’d like them to do if their interested in your offer. Some common CTAs include:

  • Call 1-XXX-XXXXX
  • Hit “reply” and let me know…
  • Sign up for our webinar HERE
  • Schedule an appointment HERE
  • Buy now by CLICKING HERE

There are many more possible calls to action you can use.

5. Prepare a List of Common Objections and Responses

It’s normal that somewhere in the buying process, a customer will think about a possible deal breaker. For Nathan Barry and the Convertkit team, the deal breaker was “It’s too difficult to switch from one email provider to another”. After hearing the same objection time and time again, Barry decided to offer a “free concierge email migration service” to prevent this from being an ongoing objection.

You’ll have to get familiar with your customer objections also. The list of common objections should be a list that answers the following questions:

  • What is stopping most people during the buying process?
  • What are the biggest obstacles or concerns the customers have before choosing your product or serve?
  • What programs or offers do you have to clear their objections?
  • What are the best ways you can settle their concerns?

6. Send a Series of Almost Identical Emails

If you send a variety of different emails, you won’t know:

  • Which email template converted best?
  • Which subject lines work best?
  • Which templates are converting to opens?
  • Which opens are converting to sales?
  • Which templates should be kept and which discarded?

You want to send several of the same emails with minor personalization, then see how the template converted, tweak as necessary, and continue sending out the messages.

email marketing tips7. Test Various Subject Lines, and Message Verbiage to Improve Conversions

After sending a large quantity of the same email, then you can evaluate the results. If you’re happy with the conversions, leave the template as-is. If you want to improve the conversion rates, then you’ll want to switch out the subject lines and message verbiage until your test proves to pass in the metrics you’d like.

8. Follow-up When You Say You Will

Some people will network and meet new prospects, write them into the CRM, and never follow up. As a sales person, you can’t reach your potential if you don’t follow up. Some people won’t become customers this month, this year, or even next year. Great salesmen make sure to keep in touch with their contacts, and continue following up especially if they’ve set up an appointment.

9. Rinse and Repeat

Cold emailing is not a one-time process. Prospecting is like personal hygiene for a business, and cold emailing is a very good way to perform direct sales. Dependent on your company goals, you can commit to cold emailing daily, weekly, or even monthly.

Final Words on Cold Email Marketing Tips

The goal of this article was to give you cold email marketing tips for success. Cold emailing is a secret weapon to many successful entrepreneurs, and I’d love to see it become something you can leverage to drive massive success in your business. If you have questions or concerns about this, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section. I’d love to help you out!

If you’re looking to start or scale a business, check out my free e-course. It’s a framework to grow your business: from idea to enterprise. Check out the free course here.

Now, it’s Your Turn…

Have you done cold emailing before? Did you use the steps enclosed here? What were your results? What cold email marketing tips would you give to someone whose new to cold emailing?

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