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A Gigantic List of Direct Sales Businesses & Information About Them

list of direct sales businesses

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

With all of the transitions in the workplace (growing reliance on technology, changing budgets for various positions, and increased education requirements), many people feel that the corporate ladder is no longer as certain as it used to be.  A couple decades ago, many of our grandparents were thriving in corporate careers that felt like the best professional option, however, now more and more people are looking for ways to diversify their incomes and stabilize their families.

While there are options like stock investing, real estate, or starting a business from scratch, direct sales businesses provide a great alternative or addition to people who:

  • Want to diversify
  • Don’t necessarily want to create a concept or product from scratch
  • Prefers to mitigate the risk associated with launching products and testing them in the market
  • Wants a low cost entry investment
  • Are looking to create leveraged income
  • Wants to set their own schedule
  • Who wants no glass ceiling
  • and, for those that want unlimited income potential

What is a Direct Sales Business?

Direct sales businesses are any business that sells directly to the consumer.  They don’t utilize retail outlets and often times, they don’t utilize traditional media either.

Many direct sales businesses offer a business opportunity as sales representatives where for a low up front cost, they’d send you everything you would need to begin selling products right away.  Added onto the quick start you’re afforded in direct sales, many of them use the multi-level marketing model where you get paid for your direct referrals and a percentage from their referrals too.  As a result, you’re able to leverage your work selling the products and recruiting more sales professionals into multiple streams of income.

direct sales businessIs Direct Sales Right For Me?

Starting a business is challenging especially when the right support system and training isn’t in place.  There’s more than one road to start a business: start from scratch or build on someone else’s idea.

Direct sales works similar to franchising.  With franchising, you pay for the intellectual property associated with a brand.  You leverage the brand name and processes to excel your business growth.  Often times, with franchising, you take over major components of client fulfillment in addition to lead generation, lead conversion, and management.  On top of the responsibility associated with franchising, the average startup costs are much higher.

For example, a McDonald’s franchise costs $600,000 to start, then you lease the land and buy the building.  You never really own the land, therefore, you’re never really an owner.  Added onto that, you buy pre-cooked products, but you also must hire a staff to prepare the food to make it consumer-ready.

In contrast, with direct sales, the majority of the client fulfillment processes are done.  You don’t have to make products or deliver much services besides sales and delivery.  Catalogs and other materials are typically provided along with a compensation plan.

Of course, deciding if direct sales is for you is a subjective decision, however, it can be a good route if you prefer to leverage someone else’s brand and products, and potentially learn to build a business while leveraging another established company’s training, mentors, products, and support.

How Do I Find the Right Direct Sales Company?

There are direct sales businesses that cover a multitude of different subject matter.  As you’ll see below, there are direct sales businesses in:

  • Health and wellness
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Pet Supplies
  • Toys and Games
  • Self-Defense
  • and so on…

Added onto that, direct sales is a viable model for up and coming companies too, so as more awareness is made, it’s likely more opportunities will present themselves.

How Do I Know Legit Companies From Scams?

In a previous post on Internet Business Scams, I gave a process for identifying Internet scams, but the same process applies for any type of scam.  In summary, you want to watch out for:

  • Companies that don’t have a proven value to their products or services
  • Unverifiable claims (“will change your life”, “you’ll make $10,000 in 3 months”, etc.)
  • The companies who are more focused on getting people to recruit others more than sell products or services
  • Lots of pressure to buy
  • Poor or vague communication when asking direct questions
  • Expensive ongoing fees
  • Bad reviews
  • Deceptive advertising
  • Enticing meetings that leave out details
  • Compensation based on something other than selling products or services
  • An uncomfortable gut feeling

You can read more on how to identify scams on my article Internet Business Scams: 10 Signs You’ve Spotted One and How To Report it.

How Much Can I Earn?

The average commission for a direct sales consultant is 20-35%, so if you sold $100 in products, you’d earn $20-$35.  Depending on which opportunity interests you and how you market the business, $100 in product sales could be either a piece of cake or a very difficult task.

I suggest you consider a few things before jumping into any direct sales or home party business, so you can have optimal results quickly.  You can check out my 7 Things to Consider Before You Start a Home Party Business and The Top 10 Direct Sales Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them.  With the right marketing strategy and a scalable business model, there’s unlimited earnig potential

Another great benefit in direct sales is you earn based on your direct sales and often, you earn from your downline sales also.  Often times, your downline commissions are upwards of 3%, therefore, you can have some passive components to your business simply by building a team.

What are the Startup Costs Like?

Some direct sales businesses (like J.R. Watkins Co. or Avon) have startup costs as low as $10, and others can range.   The startup costs typically include some sort of startup kit.  The startup kits could include product samples or real-size products, marketing materials, a website, and some companies require you to buy into premium tier products or services before being able to sell them.

You’d have to do your due diligence before joining any opportunity, and sign up for a direct sales business that aligns with your values, morals, and personal life plan – and – a direct sales business that aligns with your budget and schedule.  Not every good opportunity should be an opportunity for you, so be prepared to say “no” or “next” in search of the right opportunity for you.

The Gigantic List of Direct Sales Businesses

With all of the preliminaries (things we previously discussed) out of the way, I want to introduce you to the gigantic list of direct sales businesses.  Some of the businesses offer affiliate marketing programs (single-tier commissions) while others offer multi-level marketing programs with multiple tiers of commissions and training from your upline.  To read more about the differences between affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing, check out our article on Affiliate Marketing vs. Multi-Level Marketing vs. Internet Marketing.

Some of these links will take you directly to the business page to find more information about the business opportunity, and some will direct you to our review that will give you more information.  If we haven’t reviewed the opportunity yet, then we have not provided our opinion on whether the opportunity is legit, therefore, you’ll have to do your own due diligence before signing up.

If there are any direct sales opportunities we’ve missed in the list, please leave a comment and we’ll update this article with information about it.  If you’d like us to link to your sponsor page, please submit your information to us, and we’ll discuss advertising arrangements.

Health and Wellness Direct Sales Businesses

direct sales businesses

J.R Watkins Co. – J.R. Watkins Co. is one of our favorite direct sales opportunities.  They provide great products, competitive pricing, a wide range of product options, and support to their consultants, and they’ve done this since the 1800’s!  150 years in business with a good reputation is a HUGE accomplishment.  Starting with an all natural pain liniment, then broadening their product catalog to include gourmet seasonings and extracts and natural essentials covering several categories of basic needs, J.R. Watkins can help create a lucrative income.  Check out our review for recommendations and more information about J.R. Watkins Co.

Healthy Hands Cooking – Healthy Hands Cooking is a wellness training and support company that offers cooking classes, instructor certifications, gardening and kitchen bundles, and support.  Check out our review of the Healthy Hands Cooking business opportunity.

Amway – One of the largest direct sales companies.  Well-known for selling air purifiers, cookware, styling products, water purifiers, skincare, and dietary supplements.

Young Living – Young Living is a health education company that offers essential oils to solve health ailments.  They’re widely known within their niche, and currently hold a monopoly of the essential oil market in most states.  Check out our review to learn more about Young Living and their business opportunity.

DoTerra – DoTerra is a younger competitor with Young Living.  Similarly, they are a health education company with essential oils as health solutions.  Check out our review to see how Young Living and DoTerra compare.

Isagenix – A health and wellness company who sells essential oils, fitness shakes, weight loss products, and body care.

Le-Vel – A vitamin and nutrition company who sells capsules and shakes that help to optimize performance.

It Works Global – A natural health company that sells body wraps, essential oils, lifestyle shakes, apparel, and skin care.

Food and Drinks Direct Sales Businesses

direct sales businesses

Wildtree – A natural health food company that sells herbs, seasonings, and offers quick minimal-ingredient meals to return families back to a healthy dinner table.  Check out our review for more information and tips for success selling Wildtree.

The Traveling Vineyard – A wine company that sells wine direct to consumer thru home party wine tastings.

Crafts and Gifts Direct Sales Businesses

direct sales businesses

Close to my Heart – A scrapbooking and craft supply company who sells direct to consumer thru DIY tutorials and craft reveals.

Stampin Up – An arts and crafts company who sells stamps, adhesives, cards, and other craft supplies to make home decor items, holiday cards, and more.

Creative Memories – A memorabilia company focused on selling scrapbooking supplies and tools to help preserve memories.

Makeup, Body Care, and Esteem Products Direct Sales Businesses

direct sales businesses

Avon – A women empowerment company that offers beauty, makeup and esteem related products (bath oils, bath bubbles, deodarants, jewelry, and scented body care).  Avon has a huge line of products and their startup costs are extremely low.  Check out our review for tips and recommendations to succeed selling Avon.

Rodan and Fields – A Skincare company founded by the product innovators of the famous Proactiv skincare line.  Rodan ad Fields believe that by helping people repair their skin, they can help to improve confidence.  Check out our review for more information and tips.

Color Street – A beauty brand specializing in nail polish and manicure design sets for stylists.

Limelife by Alcone (previously Limelife by Alcone) – A beauty company specializing in making professional makeup and skincare accessible to the general public.

Lipsense by SeneGence – A lip care company focused on skin care and cosmetics with a special focus on long-lasting lip care.

Mary Kay – A women empowerment company focused on creating bodycare ad skincare products to raise personal esteem.

Perfectly Posh – A company focused on pampering skin and body care products.

Pure Haven Essentials – A company focused on all-natural home, body care, and beauty products.

TruAura Beauty – A natural skin care company focused on helping to rebuild confidence by using natural and safe skincare.

Younique – A women empowerment company focused on empowering, uplifting, and validating women with makeup, body care, perfumes, and a business opportunity.

Jewelry Direct Sales Businesses

direct sales businesses

Chloe + Isabel – Chloe and Isabel is a women empowerment company that focuses on selling jewelry and providing a lucrative business opportunity.

Paparrazzi Accessories – Paparrazi Assessories is the home of $5 jewelry assessories!  They specialize in earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry accents of color.

Stella + Dot – A statement jewelry company that focuses on creating focal point jewelry that can transform a bland outfit into style.

Angela Moore– A jewelry company focused on handpainted and beaded jewelry, fashion, and accessories.

Marketing and Business Direct Sales Businesses

direct sales businesses











Wealthy Affiliate – A Internet Marketing Tool Suite for Startup and Scaleup Entrepreneurs including website hosting, live training, recorded training, a keyword research tools, and everything necessary to rank your website online, drive lots of traffic and get sales.  Read our review and see why this is our #1 recommended training program for entrepreneurs!

AWOL Academy –  An Internet Marketing Training program marketed mostly on Youtube by Kalae Kanae with products ranging between $49 to nearly $18,000. They have a multiple tier referral program that affords commissions of thousands of dollars.  Check out our review to see why we don’t recommend this opportunity.

Fizzle.co – A Business Training Program that instructs you from startup thru scaling and growing your business.  They have a referral program where the first 9 referrals earn you lifetime discounts until your membership is free, then after the first 9 referrals, you’ll earn a 20% residual commission (from every payment your referral makes).

Thrive Themes – A Conversion-Focused Theme and Plugin Company with a single-tiered 40% recurring commission on sales.  Our review will tell you why Thrive Themes are the only themes we use on websites for ourselves or our marketing service customers.

Convertkit – An Email Marketing Software as a Service Company with a single-tiered 40% recurring commission on sales

Udemy – An open market Professional Education Platform with classes ranging from website development and coding to Personal Development and Mindset.  Courses typically range from $0-$200 and the affiliate program offers 40% of sales.

Skillshare – A Professional Education Platform targeted at Art Professions and Entrepreneurs. $6 per lead, therefore, the person doesn’t have to become a paying customer in order to get you a payout.  Unfortunately, we’re not able to refer people to Skillshare, and our review tells you why.

Kaeser and Blair Promotional Products

LegalShield – A prepaid legal company that offers legal consulting and preparations services. Consultants are able to offer prepaid legal services, earn commissions, and scale an independant business.

WFG – A Personal Finance and Investing Company.  Although this company seemed to have alot of red flags when we reviewed it, there are many satisfied consultants.  If you want to look into this opportunity for yourself, check out our review and follow the link to our recommended consultant.

Home Decor and Cooking Supplies Direct Sales Businesses

direct sales businesses

Gold Canyon Candles – Gold Canyon Candles is a company with a longstanding history of providing quality home decor products.  We’ve reviewed this company and found it’s a very viable opportunity.  Check out our review with recommendations for success in Gold Canyon Candles.

Pampered Chef – A kitchen gadget company that engineers quality products to improve cooking and meal prep efficiency.

Scentsy – A home fragrance company who sells diffusers, scented wax cubes, warmers, room sprays, scented laundry items, and body care.

Tupperware – A food storage company that focuses on making gadgets, bowls, and dishes to help preserve food and keep it fresh.

Clothing and Fashion Direct Sales Businesses

direct sales businesses

India Hicks – India Hicks is a high-end fashion line that specializes in women’s fashion, jewelry, and accessories.

J. Elizabeth Boutique – A boutique with simple mid-range fashion for women, men, and kids.

Thirty One Gifts – Personalized jewelry, handbags, and clothing accessories, photo stamped home decor, on-the-go craft bags, and home accessories.

Essential Body Wear – Essential bodywear is a women’s undergarment company that focuses on selling high-quality, well-fitting undergarments to women of all sizes.

Toys and Games Direct Sales Businesses

direct sales businesses

Discovery Toys – An educational toy and discovery company that focuses on creating children’s toys that aid in development of science, engineering and motor skills.

ShurePets – An organic and natural pet care company who sells pet health and beauty aids, treats and toys, and accessories like collars, pet beds, and gifts.

Self-Defense and Protection Direct Sales Businesses

direct sales businesses

Damsel and Defense – A self-defense and security company who sells concealed carry handbags, stun guns, concealed pepper spray, and other safety accessories.

A Video Playlist on Direct Sales Businesses

This is a playlist on direct sales businesses and how to be successful with them.  You can scroll thru the playlist and choose which videos are most impactful for you.

Final Words on Direct Sales Businesses

The goal of this article was to show a gigantic list of direct sales businesses so you can see how many options are out there for entrepreneurs who want to start out by leveraging someone else’s brand and product line. There are alot of great options, and it can even be tempted to sign up for more than one!

If you have questions or concerns about this, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section.  I’d love to help you out!  Also, if you know of any direct sales businesses I haven’t mentioned, leave a comment and let me know.  I really want more people to know the potential of the direct sales business model.

If you would like to start or scale your business, check out my free e-course. It’s a framework to grow a business: from idea to enterprise. Check out my free e-course here.

Now, it’s Your Turn…

Do you have tips for others going into direct sales businesses?  Have you joined a direct sales business?  What was your experience: good ad bad?  Leave your comments below.

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