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5 Direct Sales Training Courses To Grow Your Business Outside the Home Party or Catalog

direct sales training

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So the scenario goes…


You’ve started your direct sales business and you’ve started getting parties booked.  You know the money is in the parties, but you want to diversify your work, and build more leveraged streams of income, so you’re looking for alternative ways to market and deliver service to your clients.


Where Party Planning Has its Limits


While the party planning model has worked for hundreds of years, it has limits.  If you want to have more lifestyle freedom, direct sales is definitely a good route in comparison to the traditional corporate ladder route, however, what people often forget to mention is…


Direct sales still has a large time commitment.


  • You have to spend time on acquiring new customers
  • Finding party hosts
  • Preparing for home parties
  • Maintaining inventory
  • Distributing client orders
  • Marketing, attending Networking Events and Vendor Events
  • Doing recordkeeping
  • and more…


There’s definitely 40 hours or more worth of work to be done, and unlike a job, there’s no person to fill your place when you want to take vacation or if you have a family emergency–that’s where implementing systems to make your work a bit more passive can take a huge load off.


direct sales trainingWho Teaches on Business Systems?


The problem for many direct sellers is they have many people who will teach them how to deliver a presentation, but when they want to streamline and maintain growth, there’s fewer people who can help.  In his book, The E-Myth, Michael Gerber talked about how most businesses get stuck in the infancy or adolescent stages of their businesses, so they never reach the growth stage where more systems and leverage enable the lifestyle freedom we (entrepreneurs) desire.  As a result, there’s not many people who can teach you how to implement these systems, but out list of training courses can…


5 Direct Sales Training Courses That Can Grow Your Business Outside of the Home Party


Our list of 5 direct sales training courses teach a variety of skills that help leverage active earnings with technology and online systems.


1. Wealthy Affiliate


direct sales trainingWealthy Affiliate is an amazing Internet marketing training program, but it’s also a suite of tools that help you to rank your website in the search engine, drive traffic, pay for advertising that converts into customers, and network with other entrepreneurs who are using the internet to expand their productivity and reach online.  Since the inception of the internet, it’s caused huge waves of increased productivity and efficiency, and you can leverage this direct sales training to increase your performance using the internet.


Wealthy affiliate offers a lifetime free membership where you get ten free training lessons, two free websites, and access to a huge community of 1M+ online entrepreneurs.  Check out the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program now!


2. Thrive University


direct sales trainingThrive Themes creates conversion focused plugins and themes for your website: landing pages, optin forms, animations, a drag and drop editor, quizzes, countdown timers, and everything else you would need to convert a website visitor into a customer.  Added onto their plugins and themes, they have a full library of courses that teach you how to increase your productivity by using a website and how to increase sales conversions online.  If you’ve never looked into Thrive Themes, or even if it’s been awhile since you’ve looked into Thrive Themes, check them out!


3. Fizzle.co


direct sales training

Fizzle.co is a membership program that teaches you the full gamut of business models and growth steps for going from concept into enterprise.  They teach how to validate ideas, how to identify target audience, how to reach target audience, and they offer community methods for holding one another accountable.  For more information, check out our in-depth Fizzle.co review!


4. Billionaire Blog Club


direct sales trainingBillionaire Blog Club has been mostly focused on teaching how to do content marketing, however, there’s a drastic overhaul coming where BBC will turn into MOMO (we still haven’t heard what it stands for).  The founder, Paul Scrivs is planning to scale the teaching of Billionaire Blog Club from blogging into full-blown entrepreneurship.  Billionaire Blog Club teaches killer methods for how to attract the right audience, how to distinguish your brands, and how to acquire more buyers who love what you do.  Check out my Billionaire Blog Club Review and decide if this program could be helpful for you.


5. Udemy


direct sales trainingUnlike many of the other training options, Udemy is an open marketplace with several established instructors.  You can go to Udemy whenever you like and snag a course or two for very reasonable prices.  They offer courses on digital marketing, entrepreneurship, recordkeeping, accounting, and several other entrepreneurship topics that could really increase your productivity and help you to scale systemize your business.  Check out my Udemy review for more information about Udemy!


Final Words on 5 Direct Sales Training Courses


The goal of this article was to show you five direct sales training courses that will help you to grow your business outside of the traditional home party or catalog. If you have questions or concerns about this, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section.  I’d love to help you out!


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If you’re looking for a done-for-you solution to have an internet marketing strategy implemented while you focus on building your business, CHECK OUT OUR SERVICES.


Now, it’s Your Turn…


Do you have any other direct sales training courses that would help direct sellers to bring in sales even when they’re not booked for home parties or handing out catalogs?  Leave your comments below.

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