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First Time Internet Marketing Profits Review: Pros, Cons & Alternatives

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If you’re looking for a thorough First Time Internet Marketing Profits review, you’re in the right place.

My original review of FIMP was published in March of 2019 and it was unfavorable, however, since my dialogue with Ian (in the comments) and more private conversation, the program has undergone lots of updates, and this review has been updated accordingly. Instead of its previous name Free Internet Marketing Project, it has been renamed and rebranded to First Time Internet Marketing Profits.

The look, feel, and methods for monetizing have improved and all of that will be reflected in this review.

So, if you’re here, and you’re wondering if Free Internet Marketing Project can help you achieve your goals, that’s the main question I’ll be answering. In this First Time Internet Marketing Profits review, I will give you:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

What is First Time Internet Marketing Profits (Previously “Free Internet Marketing Project”)? An Overview

First Time Internet Marketing Profits (FIMP) is an online course program created by Ian Pribyl where he teaches internet marketing. It was previously called “Free Internet Marketing Project” because Ian wanted to be able to offer access to the information for free, but he learned that the demand for the information and the cost to provide support wasn’t sustainable for free.

As a result, he’s fully revamped the program, and renamed to “First Time Internet Marketing Profits”. This name and the mission much better sustains Ian’s vision to help lots of people learn how to start online businesses. Ian goes over many of the core competencies required to start a business and grow a successful online marketing empire.

How Does First Time Internet Marketing Profits Work?

FIMP is split into 8 lessons which are taught in a lot of depth. The lessons break down like this:

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Ian explains what to expect in FIMP.

Lesson 2: Essential Mindset Training

He explains the mindset you have to have to achieve success. This module was very good because it helps reprogram people from the common misconception that internet business is easy and quick.

Lesson 3: Picking a Niche

In this lesson, Ian goes very in depth to explain a good niche vs. a bad niche. He talks about how to know your niche is too broad, how to take a broad website and hone in to get traction, and more.

Lesson 4: Build Your Website

Ian helps FIMPers to build their own websites using Godaddy or Namecheap as a Registrar, and Bluehost as a web host.

Lesson 5: Keyword Research

Ian does an over-the-shoulder walk-thru of keyword research using Longtail Pro.

Lesson 6: Content that Gets Ranked

This lesson teaches you how to create content that’s suitable for search engine ranking and visitor usability.

Lesson 7: Website Promotion & Traffic

Early on in the training, Ian mentioned he would be teaching paid and free traffic methods (including video marketing). In the website and promotion sections, he talks mostly about search engine optimization, but later in the paid internet marketing project, he goes into much more depth on paid advertising thru Facebook ads.

Lesson 8: How do I Make Money?

Within lessons 1-4, Ian talked about how there are three general options for making money online: the content marketing track, the service based track, and the e-commerce track. In this lesson, you learn various options for website monetization.

How Do I Get Started with First Time Internet Marketing Profits?

To get started with FIMP, you would visit the FIMP website, pay for enrollment, and begin taking the training.

Who is First Time Internet Marketing Profits For?

  • Those who have a small budget to start an online business and are looking for a roadmap
  • Those who have at least enough monthly income to afford hosting and a domain name (as a bare minimum) – about $50/year to start and increasing as your content grows, or as you want more of the recommended tools.
  • Those who have more than 10 hours/week starting off to invest in doing tasks to grow their business

First Time Internet Marketing Profits Tools & Training

Free Internet Marketing Training gives you access to 4 lessons of free training, 4 lessons of paid training, and a Facebook group.

First Time Internet Marketing Profits Support

FIMP has a free Facebook group for members to join. If you have a personal matter to communicate about, Ian has given his personal email address inside the members area where you can reach him.

What Does First Time Internet Marketing Profits Do Well

  • They create high-quality video content
  • Ian says he’s active in his Facebook group daily
  • They’ve compiled a good Internet marketing curriculum that could enable success online
  • There are positive customer reviews (even from customers of competing products)

What Doesn’t First Time Internet Marketing Profits Do Well

  • The training doesn’t let you skip lessons
  • Some videos still reference the previous branding

First Time Internet Marketing Profits Roundup

I’ve scoured and read thru the other reviews on First Time Internet Marketing Profits and the previous version of this program called Free Internet Marketing Project, and these are some common positive and negative things people had to say that might be relevant to you.

Common Positive Feedback

Many customers show appreciation for Ian compiling his training

They say things like:

  • This training is so thorough
  • This could be worth much more–even more than $1000
  • The video quality is very good
  • Ian is very knowledgeable

Common Negative Feedback

  • This program was recently revised and so far there are very few reviews or complaints.

Most Helpful Positive First Time Internet Marketing Profits Review

FIMP is for the beginner affiliate marketer, but I would suggest you spend some time on it even if you are mid-level to advanced.

I personally will be going through this course entirely over the next weeks, even though I already know and understand most of the lessons he shares.

Ian is obviously a successful affiliate marketer in his own right so it would be good to see how a pro-affiliate marketer goes about building a business.


Most Helpful Negative First Time Internet Marketing Profits Review

There are currently no negative reviews of FIMP. If you see any other pros or cons to joining this program, please leave them in the comments section below.

First Time Internet Marketing Profits Price

FIMP has two payment options. $297 one-time or three payments of $127.

My Final Opinion of First Time Internet Marketing Profits

Overall, Ian at FIMP gives great training, very valuable lessons, and adds in some great personal experiences into his lessons. He is one of the most knowledgeable instructors I’ve seen on the subject matter, and he’s very hands-on with his students. I’m confident that if you decide to take his training, he and his team will provide you a superb education and direction to start your online business. From there, the work ethic and action-taking is up to you, and you can do this!

Top Alternatives

If you still want to review other similar courses or training platforms, these are my top recommended alternatives:

Wealthy Affiliate

I personally learned how to start an online business from Wealthy Affiliate. I’m still very involved in the community there. They provide you training, tools, and lots of community support.

If at all possible, I’d recommend the combination: learning from Ian at FIMP and Wealthy Affiliate. Then, you’ll have the tools you need, a great support system, and Ian’s unique teaching style. Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

Dare to Conquer

In effort to continually grow and improve as an online marketer, I’ve also benefited greatly from the program at Dare to Conquer. It’s an engaged community of entrepreneurs who are starting and growing successful online businesses. Learn more about Dare to Conquer here.

Create and Go

Alex and Lauren’s story of going from $0 to $100,000+ in their first year with their blog, then following that by earning $100,000+ monthly, was one of the first stories I heard that showed me the potential of online learning. Since hearing their stories, I’ve taken a few of their courses, and they’re amazing instructors if you’re looking to learn Pinterest marketing, how to create online courses, and also see case studies from their experiences. Learn more about Create and Go here.

VERDICT: Recommended

First Time Internet Marketing Profits






User Friendly







  • High quality video training
  • A credible instructor
  • Great curriculum
  • Access to the Instructor and community is included in the Free Facebook group
  • Great value for the price


  • Navigation could be improved
  • Some videos still reference the previous branding

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