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FreedomVoice Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives (with Video)

freedomvoice review
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Creating a business phone number is one way to isolate business communication from personal communication. If you have a business phone number, you’d know when customers are calling versus when family or personal affairs are taking place.  Some people who try to make the designation decide to get a separate cell phone, physical office phone, and pay premium prices for a communication system, but is this required?

What if you’re remote or a startup company without an office? Do you have to get the full office setup simply to have an extra line?

The answer is “no”.

FreedomVoice offers a solution where you’d get a business phone number with lots of great features without having a full office setup, extra cell phone plan, and without paying high prices for the communication system–I’ll explain this in much more depth. In this FreedomVoice review, I’ll give you:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

If you’d like to see this full Freedomvoice review in video, check it out here:

If you decide at any point you want to skip the remainder of the review and try FreedomVoice out for yourself, you can CLICK HERE TO GET A 30-DAY FREE TRIAL.

What is FreedomVoice? An Overview

Remember a decade or so back, when an added line meant you called a company like AT&T to hard wire a landline? Do you remember missing phone calls because you were in a different location than your landline phone? Well, FreedomVoice works a little different than the old school landline phone providers, and this could be a gamechanger for your business.

When companies used landline phone services, and they’d miss a call, they were missing a potential sale, but with the new technology, it lowers the chances of that. Now, if you want a phone line, FreedomVoice can set one up for you in the cloud.

freedomvoice review

Since your number would be cloud-based, you can make and recieve calls from multiple devices. FreedomVoice has mobile apps that enable users to recieve calls, send messages, and communicate professionally from multiple devices. Features they offer with their phone services include:

  • Dedicated Toll Free
  • Voicemail
  • Unlimited Voicemail Storage
  • Email Delivery
  • Integrated Fax (Send and Receive)
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Announce
  • Call Hold
  • Call Screening
  • Call Transfer
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Hold Music
  • Non-Blockable Caller ID (toll-free numbers only)
  • Web interface
  • International Calling Card
  • Call Reports
  • SMS Notifications
  • Simultaneous call forwarding
  • Dial by name
  • Dial by extension

How Does FreedomVoice Work?

Once you have an account with FreedomVoice, you’ll be able to download their mobile apps, log into the member portal, or install a cloud phone–these will enable you to send and recieve calls. You’ll also be able to use your member portal to:

  • Set up your auto call distributor
  • Set up call forwarding
  • Send and recieve faxes
  • And more

Out of the box, FreedomVoice enables you to have up to 10 extensions. When someone calls your business phone number, they will hear the autoattendant who will say, “Thank you for calling …To speak to …Press 1…To speak to…Press 2, and so on”. The verbiage of the autoattendant will be based on how many extensions you’ve set up.

How Do I Get Started with FreedomVoice?

To get started with FreedomVoice, you:

1. Visit the Website

2. Choose Your Phone Number

3. Choose Your Plan

4. Checkout

Who is FreedomVoice For?

  • Business owners who want PBX features without being tied to a desk or office space
  • Those who want a professional image, but don’t want contracts or cancellation fees if it doesn’t work out
  • Those who want a 1-800 or toll free number
  • Those who want an autoattendant or answering service
  • and, All those who want a second line for an affordable price

FreedomVoice Tools & Training

FreedomVoice offers a comprehensive manual and tutorials to help you use the service.

FreedomVoice Support

FreedomVoice offers phone and email support for customers and potential customers.

What Does FreedomVoice Do Well

  • They offer PBX style features for an affordable price
  • They are cloud based and enable you to answer your phone from anywhere
  • They have lots of features for handling calls professionally
  • They give you the option to have a phone or not
  • They’re simple to use
  • They offer reports and recordings
  • You can fax thru the cloud without additional costs
  • and, they have lots of satisfied customers

What Doesn’t FreedomVoice Do Well

  • They don’t offer video conferencing or team messaging like what some of their competitors offer
  • They don’t integrate with other software like CRM or Sales software (it’s a standalone service)

FreedomVoice Review Roundup

TrustPilot has 625 customer reviews with an average rating of 4-stars.

freedomvoice review

Common Positive Feedback

  • Great service
  • Works as I want
  • Great customer service
  • Customer support isn’t overseas

Common Negative Feedback

7% of the FreedomVoice reviews are 3-stars and below. Of the 7% of the bad reviews, these are complaints I saw:

  • No texting
  • Had dropped calls
  • Calls didn’t route as they wanted
  • FreedomVoice was fine until they needed more than 5 phones
  • and, some people say they’ve never recieved a call to their 1-800 number

Most Helpful Positive FreedomVoice Review

A TrustPilot reviewer named John Bakas said this:

“Every category is 5 stars”

“My first contact with FreedomVoice was on their website. It is easy to navigate and provided answers to all but a technical question I had. There is a phone number at the top of the website. So I called. I went to the presales-questions extension. I asked my technical question and explained how I wanted to use the FreedomVoice. The FreedomVoice representative answered my question directly, “Yes, the Freedom Voice system will do everything you asked.” And it turns out she was totally correct — no presale hype, no failing to mention some important limitation. Her answers were fully responsive and helpful. I signed up. Signing up was easy and quick. Next I began to set up my extensions and record some short, test greetings. The User Guide is amazing. It is one of the best user manuals for any service that I have seen. It is well organized, comprehensive. My number and extension framework are in place. When I call in to my number my placeholder messages all work perfectly. I will go back and rerecord the greetings, but I am finished with all my basic set up in far less time than I expected. I have experience with three other similar systems and there are several good ones, but in terms of an overall assessment, FreedomVoice gets my 5 Stars in every category including ease of use, flexibility, design of the user interface, user manual, low cost, quality, customer support, overall value, features and functionality. FreedomVoice is the best by far.”

Most Helpful Negative FreedomVoice Review

A customer who had a bad experience with FreedomVoice wrote this review:

“Started off great and then fell apart”

“When I first signed up for the service I loved it. Loved it. I could get a live person on the phone whenever I needed. I could go in and play with the settings. And a lot of time I couldn’t get it quite how I wanted it but I would call, get a live person right away, and they would fix it right on the spot. Even as I had them do it one way and then another they were always super helpful and friendly.

So, being pleased with the service, I decided to add more phones for my growing company. Suddenly this company that I loved went from the easy-to work-with business that I loved to what felt like another annoying phone company. The person I called to add more phones couldn’t help me. If I only wanted a total of 4 phones he could help me. If I wanted more than 4 phones (I wanted 5 total) then I had to go through a different person. And I couldn’t just order the phones and plug them now I have to have somebody sell me a phone system. And the pricing changed and all of the sudden got very expense. After much negotiation they finally agreed on a lower price (still more than I was paying and more than I was quoted on a per phone bases at first) and they sent me phones and I plugged them in.

That is all I wanted to do. Order more phones, plug them in, and pay the same per phone price that I was paying with with one phone. Just like I did with the first phone. Just like they told me I could do when I originally signed up. Just like I ended up doing. But in the middle they had to throw in a bunch of bureaucracy, red tape, sales crap, up-selling, price increases, and negotiation.

They took my experience from one of extreme happiness with them, and made it a pain. For no reason. I ended up doing exactly what I wanted they just made it a lot harder, for no reason, and more expensive.

If you need less than 5 phones for your company I would recommend them. If you need 5 or more then they are nothing special. Just another phone company so do what you would like.

One more side note, all of the people have been great to work with. David Amer has been extremely helpful. He is the person in charge of my “Phone system” now.

The people are good, the company’s own unnecessary policy and bureaucracy, made my customer experience poor.”

FreedomVoice Price

FreedomVoice starts with 3 plans: Start, Edge, and Max. The plans range from $9.95/mo-$29.95/mo, and have a host of nice features. See the breakdown below…

freedomvoice review

If you’d like random hold music, to record calls, or to get the name and address of callers, you’d have to add those onto your plan.

My Final Opinion of FreedomVoice

Overall, I think FreedomVoice offers a very compelling service at an affordable price. If you’re a small business looking for a vanity phone number, a toll-free 1-800 number, or a local number with added features like:

  • online fax
  • call forwarding
  • auto attendant
  • dial-by-name
  • mobile apps
  • and more…

I’d recommend taking a look at FreedomVoice (especially for startups). If you’re a larger company that needs 5 or more phones, I’d call and ask questions to make sure they have all of the capabilities you need. Based on customer complaints, I’d say bigger companies may find better VOIP service at GrassHopper or Nextiva. You can check out by clicking the links. GET STARTED WITH A 30-DAY FREE TRIAL OF FREEDOMVOICE HERE.

Top Alternatives

Grasshopper Group – An alternative VOIP phone service provider that offers similar features to FreedomVoice, a slightly higher price, and texting (which FreedomVoice does not). Learn More. 

Ringcentral – RingCentral is the industry leader in VOIP phone service. They offer features that FreedomVoice or Grasshopper Group don’t offer like video conferencing, audio conferencing. Learn more.

Nextiva – An all-in-one communication solution including cloud phone services, video conferencing, and CRM integration. Learn more.

SasquatchMail – A mail forwarding, mail scanning, and 2nd phone service. Learn more.

GSuite – The masters of cloud collaboration. They offer video conferencing, Google Voice phone numbers, and many apps to enable workforce collaboration. Learn more.

VERDICT: Recommend








User Friendly







  • No contracts
  • Great support
  • User friendly
  • Vanity, 1-800, and Local Numbers


  • No texting
  • No video conferencing
  • Spotty service in some areas
  • Customer reviews suggest they may not be best for businesses who need 5 or more phones

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