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Dan Henry – GetClients.com Review: Pros, Cons & Alternatives (with Video)

getclients.com review
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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Looking for a thorough GetClients.com review? If so, you’re in the right place because I’ll be explaining the facts about Dan Henry and the courses he sells there.

All entrepreneurs run into one problem before they start making money: they need to get clients. For some entrepreneurs, they have a harder time with getting clients than others, so when they come across a system like what’s offered at Getclients.com, it’s very appealing. If you’re here, it’s likely you’re considering whether the Get Clients courses are for you. In this review, I want to help by giving you all of the facts to decide whether or not GetClients.com courses by Dan Henry are a good fit for you.  In this GetClients.com review, I will tell you:

  • What courses are offered
  • Some background on Dan Henry
  • How the courses work
  • Pros and Cons
  • What they do well and what they don’t
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

What is GetClients.com? An Overview

If you’re a Youtube user or a Facebook user, it’s likely you may have come across ads by Dan Henry. He shows ads from his clients and says they pay him $2000/mo to run ads that only take him 10 minutes to set up. His video ads looks something like this…

getclients.com review

Who doesn’t like the idea of getting paid alot for doing a little? As a result, Dan Henry’s ads are intriguing to many entrepreneurs or individuals (especially those who are not where they want to be financially). If you decide to click on the ad to learn more, then you’ll be taken to Getclients.com which looks something like this (at the time of this writing)…

getclients.com review

Getclients.com is Dan Henry’s website where he explains two strategies that took him from struggling financially to generating upwards of $20K/day.

Who is Dan Henry?

I hadn’t heard about Dan Henry prior to his ads, so it’s likely, you may not have heard about him either. Here’s a few facts about Dan Henry:

  • He’s a college drop out
  • He struggled with online business for 7 years
  • He says he built a Multimillion dollar online business in 1 year
  • He is the founder of getclients.com
  • He says he’s a Family man
  • He Started making a decent income with done-for-you marketing work
  • He got a letter from the IRS that he owed $250,000 in back taxes from a night club he previously owned
  • He decided to create a course sharing a Facebook Ads strategy that was working for his clients
  • The course did amazingly well, he paid off his debt, and now teaches others to create marketing agencies and to create online courses

How Does GetClients.com Work?

On GetClients.com, Dan Henry has two primary courses that he promotes: 30-Day Agency and Sold Out Courses.

How Does 30-Day Agency Work?

In 30-Day Agency, Dan Henry teaches you how to create a digital marketing agency managing ads for local businesses, and how to get paid to do it. He has systemized his sales, customer intake, and client fulfillment processes, and teaches you his way of managing his client load in his marketing agency.

getclients.com review

How Does Sold Out Courses Work?

Dan decided to launch a course to get rid of his $250,000 in debt. The course covered how to be successful with Facebook ads and disclosed methods he was using to run ads for his clients. The course was very successful and still earns him millions of dollars because of his Sold Out Courses method. In his course, Sold Out Courses, Dan teaches how you can use his method to sell courses.

dan henrys get client system reviewTo summarize his Sold Out Courses method, you would:

1. Sell group coaching

2. Deliver coaching calls and observe

3. Record coaching sessions and Refine your curriculum based on the student’s concerns

4. Create the course based on the coaching program

5. Create an evergreen webinar that covers objections and questions prospects might have

6. Sell the course

Using Dan’s method, you wouldn’t spend alot of time on product development without an established audience ready to buy.

Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs

Facebook ads for entrepreneurs (often called “FAFE” for short), is Dan Henry’s course where he explains how you can run profitable Facebook ads for yourself or for clients. He says he spends more than $100,000/mo in Facebook ads and is able to get very high returns on his investment as a result. With FAFE, you learn the psychology that he uses to create winning Facebook ads and you learn the practical components of how to run Facebook ads.

How Do I Get Started with GetClients.com?

To get started with GetClients.com, you would:

1. Visit their website

2. Attend the introductory webinar

3. Choose which course you want to take

4. Enroll

Who is GetClients.com For?

Getclients.com isn’t for everybody. Some people will not be a good fit and you don’t want to overlook this:

30-Day Agency is Good For:

  • People who don’t mind spending $1000 or more to learn how to run a digital agency
  • Those who don’t mind doing customer support when they accrue clients
  • Those who will commit and do the work to recoup their investment into the course
  • People who want to make more money
  • Marketers who would like to start an agency
  • Agencies who want to get better results

Sold Out Courses is Good For:

  • Those who want to spend the money to see if this business model could be a good fit for them
  • Those who are interested in creating and selling online courses
  • Experts
  • Those that want to scale their information or coaching businesses but don’t want to increase labor costs alot
  • Everyday people who have a skill they want to teach others

GetClients.com Support

Dan Henry has a Facebook group, Youtube videos, and email support for his prospects and customers.

getclients.com review

What Does GetClients.com Do Well

  • He teaches legitimate methods of acquiring customers online
  • He has many student testimonials
  • He’s a credible instructor that gets results

What Doesn’t GetClients.com Do Well

  • He teaches mostly paid Facebook methods for customer acquisition
  • He doesn’t teach other traffic generation methods like SEO or Search engine ads
  • He shows the money he’s making alot and the material possession he has to build authority, but many people may be turned off by that
  • He also shows a pre-recorded webinar and sends out automated messages, but tries to make them seem like they’re live. It seems a bit dishonest.

GetClients.com Review Roundup

My Full GetClients.com Video Review:

Here’s a compilation of the reviews I’ve been able to find on GetClients.com and Dan Henry’s courses: the good and the bad:

Common Positive Feedback

After reading several reviews on the courses, this is common feedback I heard from satisfied customers:

  • I was able to sell my courses after taking Dan’s course
  • I was able to get local business clients
  • Dan’s strategies have worked well for me

Common Negative Feedback

This is common negative feedback I heard from Getclients.com reviewers:

  • His programs are expensive
  • There’s alot of risk associated with this business model
  • Many new programs are coming out teaching the same methods: local SEO, selling marketing services to local businesses, etc.
  • There’s alot of competition with this business model
  • Local business owners are being bombarded with pitches about local SEO, Facebook ad management, Google ad management, and other marketing services, so it’s not as easy as Dan is making it sound
  • It says you need no experience, but some local businesses ask for a portfolio or prior results

Most Helpful Positive GetClients.com Review

Most Helpful Negative GetClients.com Review

Review 1:

It’s legit in it’s potential and opportunity, but difficult to achieve with so many others doing it too. You have to become good at this before you truly attain the high paying leads. Then there’s also the high starting cost/s.

Vitaliy, HowtoMakeHonestMoneyOnline

Review 2:

Dan Henry’s Facebook advertising & funnels course is solid, everything is there to learn FB marketing.

From my experience, FB marketing really depends on the niche & the product & service you’re offering.

Some niches will do really well, some product that has a unique solution or product, and its a niche that has a lot of passion around it.

Such as make money from home courses, obviously going to work everyday is a big pain point that many people have and there’s a lot of passion about the notion of being able to work from home & be your own boss.

Another example, Dan Henry gave was his results with acquiring new students for a mix martial arts gym.

Sure there are niches that work with Facebook ads, but the problem is there are many niches that really struggle with Facebook ads.

Ippei Kanehara, Journal Review

GetClients.com Price

Da Henry’s courses Facebook ads for Entrepreneurs, 30 Day Ads Agency, and Sold Out Webinars are selling for $997 today, but the prices are subject to change whenever he sees fit. As you can see below, he says “offer expires soon”. Some people say “offer expires soon” to invoke a false sense of scarcity and make you rush. I’m not sure if that’s his approach. Others present a one-time offer and truly don’t present the offer ever again.

getclients.com review

My Final Opinion of GetClients.com

Overall, what Dan Henry is doing is legitimate. He is teaching a business model that works, however, it’s important for you to deeply consider the pros and cons, and evaluate yourself. Just because Dan Henry has made lots of money using these methods, doesn’t mean you will. Others I’ve reviewed are teaching a very similar system:

But, just because they’re doing it doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy the same methods! Similarly, just because I get on a no-meat diet and lose weight, it doesn’t mean that method will also help you (or be enjoyable for you). It can, but you have to evaluate yourself to see whether this is something YOU will want to follow thru on. Do you see yourself enjoying the process of finding local business owners and selling them marketing services? Do you see yourself enjoying the process of managing ads for them or explaining to them the fluctuations (that are guaranteed to happen using this strategy)?

I’ve personally done this business model successfully and it works, but when I had young children, I wanted to focus my attention on them, so I decided to look for other alternatives. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to buy Getclients.com courses is going to be a matter of personal preference because it’s a legit method.

Top Alternatives

If you’re uncertain whether this method would be a good fit. Maybe:

  • You don’t want to pay $997 for the course tuition
  • You’re suspicious about the course and even after the review, it still seems like too high of a risk
  • You don’t have the money for ads – OR – You don’t want to spend your money on ads
  • You don’t like the business models he teaches
  • You don’t like his sales approach
  • You don’t want to sell to local business clients using Dan Henry’s methods
  • You don’t think you’ll enjoy running Facebook ads
  • You’re not convinced you’d like to run an online course business

If for any reason you’re not comfortable with signing up for the GetClients.com courses, I think you should check out my alternative recommendations. They are:

  • Companies with ethics
  • They have credible instructors who actively make money online
  • They have lots of success stories
  • They have lots of third-party reviews
  • You can try before you buy for free

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Recommended Alternative to GetClients.com courses. Here is a video of how you could get started running your digital agency with Wealthy Affiliate tools, support, and coaching using the “Rank and Rent” method to monetize your digital agency! Plus, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you SEVERAL traffic generation and monetization methods. Facebook ads are one method of monetization, but there are MANY MORE OPTIONS! Course sales and running a digital agency are only two methods of monetizing an online business, but there are so many other options you can choose from.

You can check out my article, “How to do Rank and Rent SEO (without Paying Thousands of Dollars on Courses)” here to see ONE very lucrative option for monetizing a digital agency, or check out my video where I demonstrate how to get started with this method here:


What’s Included with Wealthy Affiliate?

You can learn Facebook ads, how to run a digital marketing agency, and many other methods to make money online. Here’s a brief glance at what you get when you create a free or paid account with Wealthy Affiliate:

As you can see, the free account gives you access to quite a bit of valuable training, and if you see the value, then you can unlock even more training and benefits when you upgrade to the premium membership. I personally provide 1-on-1 private message coaching to my premium referrals at Wealthy Affiliate.

GetClients.com vs. Wealthy Affiliate

Here are the differences between GetClients.com and Wealthy Affiliate:

Other Courses I Recommend

Udemy – Udemy is a marketplace of courses by credible instructors. You can find courses on Facebook ads and many other topic. Check out their website here or read my full Udemy Review here.

You can also check out my article with my top 4 recommended courses for those who want to learn how to run a digital marketing agency here.

VERDICT: Is GetClients.com a Scam? No.


But, Try My #1 Recommendation 1st!

GetClients.com by Dan Henry






User Friendly







  • Credible instructors
  • Lots of positive student reviews
  • A monopoly of positive reviews from third party reviewers
  • A proven strategy (Selling marketing services to local businesses or Creating Online courses and selling them)


  • Some people may not enjoy managing paid ads or creating courses
  • High risk - High cost-of-entry strategy
  • Uses His income proof and material possessions to build authority (which is a turn off to many)
  • There are many more methods of acquiring traffic online that aren't taught by Dan Henry
  • There are other alternatives that teach more methods of customer acquisition, have more success stories, have lower pricing, and less (or no) upsells

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