GetResponse Review [2020]: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives (with a Video Demo)

getresponse review

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If you’re looking for a thorough GetResponse review, you’re in the right place. Statistics show that 99% of consumers check their emails everyday and more than 50% of US respondents reported checking their email more than 10 times per day! As a result, we know email is an effective method to use for communicating. As an entrepreneur or business professional, it’s important to be mindful of what tools consumers use most to communicate, and to use those to remind customers and potential customers that you exist! Becoming a customer of a business usually takes more than one contact, and to become a repeat and consistent customer takes even more reminders. Most people build their trust with certain companies then continue to revisit them for more and more merchandise and purchasing decisions. Walmart and Amazon didn’t start out having people who visit them weekly, bi-weekly, or even daily! No. Instead, they created a good product line, expanded it, and used tools like email to remind customers with campaigns like, “Just to remind you we offer…” or “We’re having a holiday sale”, and others. If you’re serious about growing your business, you have to begin leveraging the technology available to you to automate some of the reputation-building activities in your business like email marketing, and GetResponse is one software choice that can help with that. In this GetResponse review, I will tell you:
  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)
If you decide at any point you want to skip the remainder of the review and try Getresponse for yourself, scroll to the bottom, and follow the links there to get your free trial.

What is GetResponse? An Overview

getresponse reviewGetResponse was founded by Simon Grabokowski in 1997, and the first office was opened in 1998. Since, it’s grown massively into a company with more than 350,000 customers in 183 countries, 300 team mates, and 15 years of experience! They offer a suite of software tools to help you nurture your relationships with your customers virtually including: Email automation tools Landing pages Webinars CRM and, Autoresponders

How Does GetResponse Work?

Let’s say you start a new business and you start to meet people and let them know about what you do. They say, “Great. I’ll keep you in mind when I need that service”, but they go about with their lives. You keep their business cards, and you never hear from them again. It could be a missed opportunity, right? Instead, you can:
  • Add their email addresses into your email software
  • Follow up with them (even if it’s just on holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries)
  • and, Keep checking in with them so you stay top-of-mind
You can also:
  • Add nice and decorated landing pages to your website
  • Add optin forms to collect email addresses online
  • and, Schedule appointments virtually and use the GetResponse webinar software to collaborate across locations.
In my video walkthru (above), you can see:
    • How to create an account
    • How to create an email
    • How to check analytics
    • How to set up a campaign
    • How to use the Getresponse landing pages and signup forms
    • The Getresponse integreations
    • and, how to set up a webinar

How Do I Get Started with GetResponse?

To get started with Getresponse, you would: 1. Visit their website 2. Create a free account using your name, email address, and a password you make up 3. From there, you’ll need to verify your email address 4. Your account will be created 5. You’ll be asked to give more demographic information: name, email, phone number, etc. 6. Then, you’ll be given a virtual tour 7. And, finally, you can begin using the GetResponse tools!

Who is GetResponse For?

GetResponse is for:
  • Small business owners who want the functionality of email automation, landing pages, and email in one
  • Those who want a modern and playful interface
  • Those who manage email marketing for others
  • Those who want lots of automations
  • and, those who want an affordable price

GetResponse Tools & Training

GetResponse has a listbuilding course as well as lots of information in their Help Center. It’s also helpful to note that since the software is so widely used, it’s also easy to find tutorials and tips on Youtube.

GetResponse Support

GetResponse has a help center as well as 24/7 live chat and email support.

What Does GetResponse Do Well

  • They have designed a very nice user interface
  • They have lots of features in GetResponse and it’s fairly simple to use
  • The prices are very affordable
  • Their statistics and analytics is easy to use
  • They offer landing pages so you can cut costs (if you want to)
  • They offer more features than their competitors in the same price range
  • They have high customer satisfaction ratings

What Doesn’t GetResponse Do Well

GetResponse doesn’t offer a full sales funnel builder platform–they have email marketing and landing pages which are two major components. Customer reviews suggest the software is easy to use, but since there’s alot of options, it can be difficult to make decisions

GetResponse Review Roundup

In order to be objective and give you an idea of what customers like and dislike about GetResponse, I’ve compiled this roundup of Getresponse reviews.

Common Positive Feedback

  • Great value for the price!
  • Easy to use
  • Great training and guides
  • Love the user interface
  • Great stats and reporting options
  • Great spam score feature–helps with deliverability

Common Negative Feedback

  • Too many options
  • Billing date changes
  • They count one person on multiple separate lists or segments as a separate subscriber, so your billing tier goes up quicker
  • The landing pages are nice, but often times, they either have too much pre-loaded or not enough
  • I wish we could accept payment and build full funnels in GetResponse rather than using Getresponse and another software tool like Clickfunnels or Builderall.
  • Not intuitive enough for heavy e-commerce use

Most Helpful Positive GetResponse Review

Pros: I’ve used this software for the past 3 years, and I could not be happier with the amount of options I have available to me for the cost. There is a lot of room to customize everything in this software. I like that I can completely customize opt in forms to be any size and any design you can dream up. It’s really great for branding and staying consistent with your website’s design. I have also used their landing pages, which are really simple to format and create in a short amount of time. They are completely customizable and are great if you want to quickly set up an optin without creating a whole website. I use their platform to send out a weekly email. This process is so quick and seamless for me as I can turn any email I’ve sent in the past into a template. I can simply change the content of each email and send it in a snap. I also love that this software has so many tools integrated into it. I can create an optin and send an automated email as well as filter my subscribers into my main email list. It’s nice to have it all in one. Cons: The only complaint I have about this software is that it almost has TOO many options. It can feel a bit overwhelming when you login to know what to do and where to go. I only use a few of the many options because of this. I know what I use on a daily basis and I’m familiar with that, but I don’t explore too much as it feels cumbersome to navigate quickly. Overall: I use this software with an email list that is around 1200. I send out weekly emails and have two opt ins that I use on a consistent basis. I also use their Android App to track my opens and clicks with every email I send. It makes it easy to determine how I’m doing and explore insights on a regular basis. Lee K., Capterra reviewer

Most Helpful Negative GetResponse Review

GetResponse – Your import request has been rejected. I have decided to move from AW to GetResponse. After paying the $15, for some reason, GetResponse charged my card twice. When I wanted to import my list of merely 200 genuine subscribers. So, called “Hydra”, this is not a joke, by the way, red-flagged my list because it allegedly “looked similar” to other lists on their system. When I tried to dispute and prove this my list, not a chance. All I got was an automated response, stating the same thing over and over. Waste of time, luckily this happened at the beginning, who knows what tricks they might have later on when I need to run campaigns. Thomas Davids, Trustpilot review

GetResponse Price

Here is a general breakdown of the GetResponse pricing: getresponse review

My Final Opinion of GetResponse

Overall, GetResponse is a great option for email marketing. If you’re looking for software that can:
  • Help automate email communication
  • Enable you to do webinars
  • That serves as a customer relations management (CRM) system
  • And, that you can use to create landing pages…
You should check GetResponse out and decide if it’s a good fit for you. You can create your free 30-day trial account here.

VERDICT: Recommended


Get Started with a 30-Day Free Trial

Try GetResponse for Yourself!

Start making landing pages, webinars, and sales funnels that convert potential customers into paying ones.

Popular GetResponse Alternatives


Communicate with your subscribers in a customized way based on their activity with advanced tagging and segmentation.


Don't double pay for subscribers. Instead keep an unlimited # of email contacts for free and only pay for the # of emails you send.


Sell an unlimited # of digital products and online courses. Don't worry about transaction fees. Email as often as you want and grow your email list as large as you want without additional charges.

GetResponse | Email Marketing Service






User Friendly







  • A Suite of Communication Tools: Landing pages, webinars, email automation, surveys, and email marketing
  • Lots of helpful training
  • 24/7 Live chat and email support
  • Very modern user interface
  • High customer satisfaction and value for the price


  • Landing pages aren't as easy to customize as landing page software created exclusively for that (but, most of those are more expensive by themselves without the other GetResponse features)
  • Some customers complained of billing issues (dates changing)
  • GetResponse will count one subscriber as two when the same subscriber is added on two email lists--this can impact the pricing when that phenomenon compiles
  • Some customers complained they had trouble importing their lists because a "hydra" error would populate saying their list is similar to another customer
  • Customer reviews suggest it doesn't have all of the automation functionality some customers need for businesses like e-commerce or heavy online sales
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6 thoughts on “GetResponse Review [2020]: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives (with a Video Demo)”

  1. Pros, cons and alternatives with a video demo…excellent! Statistics are always important and grabbed my attention right away. Like how you spelled out in bullet points exactly what you are getting at. GetResponse is a platform that not a lot of people are familiar with, so this is a very helpful post. Great job and keep up the nice work!

  2. Hi Tiffany, this review is something that will definitely benefit me. Honestly, I am afraid of email marketing a little bit as I heard that it is hard to start and maintain lists. GetResponse is more services in one as it offers pretty nice templates and designs. Do you think I should start with Getresponse or start with a free autoresponder?

    1. Tiffany Domena

      I think you should start with the autoresponder you plan to use because switching can really be cumbersome. Only start when you’re ready though. If you’re not planning to invest time in building relationships thru email, you may want to wait until you’re ready for it.

  3. This looks like a great set of tools. I know I’m guilty of checking my email too often and it’s just too easy to get caught up in those little distractions. Automation makes a lot of sense, when you think about it that way. If all that little stuff is already being taken care of, you’re free to focus on the part of what you do that actually makes you money. I guess the key lies in making automation affordable, which GetResponse seems to have achieved. At least, it’s more affordable than I thought it would be. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree. Automation of things like email takes a lot off of your plate, so you can go and solve problems (like entrepreneurs do). GetResponse is very affordable especially considering how much time you could save.

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