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Grant Cardone University Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

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If you’re looking for a thorough Grant Cardone University review, you’re in the right place.

It’s likely if you’re here, you want to improve your sales skills. You probably know that being good at commission-based sales gives you lots of financial security because in order to increase your pay, you simply produce. Unlike other jobs where you have tenure, tests to pass, or slot limitations for pay raises, in sales, you sell more, and you get paid more.

While the idea of having complete control of your income and pay can be so liberating, it can also be overwhelming if you don’t have the skills to produce much. As said by Zig Ziglar, “Sales is the highest paying hard work and the lowest paying easy work.”

Some people buy into the optimistic side of sales without the skills and struggle immensely, barely able to make a paycheck, and many even drop out. If you’re here, it’s likely, you want to be successful. You might already be seeing some level of success, but you want to take it up a notch.

You’ve probably heard of Grant Cardone and the amazing feats he’s achieved in his career as a sales professional and entrepreneur, and you want to know whether Grant Cardone University will give you a high return for your money.

In this Grant Cardone University review, I will tell you:

  • Who Grant Cardone is (in case you don’t know)
  • What Grant Cardone University is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

If you’d like to see this content in video format, check it out here:

Who is Grant Cardone?

If you’ve ever been in a hard time personally or professionally, it’s likely you can relate to Grant Cardone’s transformation story. He describes his childhood as a financial struggle with constant fear of being able to afford normal things and living paycheck to paycheck. At 9 years old, his dad had made it into the middle class, bought his dream house for their family, and died 18 months later. His mom was too concerned about finances to keep the house and she sold it within one month of his dad passing away.

His young adulthood was plagued with drugs, lots of failure, and collapsed confidence. He had gotten so addicted to drugs, he wasn’t confident he could ever get off. Doctors told him he had many non-curable diseases (ADD, ADHD, and many others) that would disable him from ever being “normal”, but he chose to doubt them. He wasn’t able to keep jobs because he couldn’t control his drug addiction, and he had very little hope for himself, but when he was at his lowest point in the drug treatment center, he decided to avoid the rehab drugs and to avoid the drugs he’d chosen. He chose to stay busy and to throw his obsessive nature into healthy habits, and he started to see uphill progress.

He describes that he hated sales, but he wasn’t able to acquire any other work. He disliked the questionable ethics, the manipulation, and the dishonesty that plagued the sales industry, but he chose to be different.

Today, Grant Cardone is one of the top salespeople in the world. After hitting his lowest low, nearly dying, and deciding to turn away from drugs, he never went back. Now, his business is projecting over $1 billion in sales this year. He’s a New York Times bestselling author, a father, a husband, and a mentor to thousands of people all across the world thru Grant Cardone University, his Youtube channel, his books, his events, and other content he’s developed.

If you’d like to read more of his biography and quotes that fueled his transformation, check out the biography and quotes I’ve compiled on Grant Cardone here.

What is Grant Cardone University? An Overview

Cardone University is an education platform for entrepreneurs and sales professionals that’s intended to teach you the key skills you need to increase your income by learning to sell.

grant cardone university reviewThe topics taught at Cardone University include:

  • Sales fundamentals
  • Understanding Buyer Psychology
  • The Perfect Sales System
  • Perfecting customer retention and conversion
  • 101 Ways to Stay Motivated
  • 64 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Mastering the Close
  • Advanced Sales and Negotiation
  • Mastering the Cold Call
  • Professional Prospecting
  • Internet Lead Response Strategies
  • and so much more!

In total, there are over 800 Business Courses, access to a private community, live weekly Q&A, Exclusive content and discounts on products and services, and Certificates of Completion on each course.

How Does Grant Cardone University Work? Grant Cardone University | The Perfect Sales System Course

Once you become a member of Grant Cardone University, you’re given immediate access to onboarding courses, the training material, and an invite into the private community Cardone Connect (hosted in a Facebook group). You can start taking the courses immediately, however, you’re recommended to take 2 lessons at 10 minutes per day to give time for consuming the content and implementation.

Each course is straight-to-the-point. They give you an introduction to let you know what skills you can expect to acquire and how it will impact you professionally, then they move onto show you how to implement. He has lessons broken up very nicely into 4-10 min segments and quizzes to follow the lessons to ensure you’re acquiring the skills.

Unlike what’s common in other programs, at Grant Cardone University, you’re not asked to buy additional tools in order to effectively use the information provided, and other products sold by Grant Cardone’s companies are not forcefully upsold to you. Instead, there is a tab with additional products that you can glance over and purchase at your convenience.

How Do I Get Started with Grant Cardone University?

To get started with Grant Cardone University, you create a 14-day free trial account and explore the platform fully. You can see if the content is valuable to you and network with others in the private group. If you find the content is valuable for you, then you can maintain your membership, or even purchase other products.

Who is Grant Cardone University For?

Grant Cardone University is for:

  • People who want to make more income by becoming better at sales
  • Those who enjoy personal and professional development
  • Those who need a transformation in their attitude
  • Those who want to improve the results they’re getting professionally

Grant Cardone University Support

Grant Cardone University offers email and phone support. They have a staff of 100+ employees dedicated to the CardoneU mission.

What Does Grant Cardone University Do Well

  • They provide high-quality training
  • They teach professional skills that can help people of all professions
  • They provide support
  • They’re interactive. You get live stream sessions where Grant Cardone and other professionals answer your questions

What Doesn’t Grant Cardone University Do Well

  • The progress bars within the courses can be a little confusing when starting out. Each lesson may be 4-5 minutes, but the progress bar will say you’re 13% or so complete with the course. As a result, it might be confusing to determine how much content is required to complete the course, or the total time requirement if you want to complete courses faster than 2 lessons per day.

Grant Cardone University Review Roundup

When you look around for Grant Cardone University reviews, there is a clear monopoly of positive reviews and very few people who have negative things to say about it. Here is a general consensus of what I’ve found others saying about Grant Cardone University…

Common Positive Feedback

  • I read and re-read all of Grant’s material
  • Grant Cardone is the best sales trainer of all time
  • Grant Cardone University is the real deal
  • My entire organization is signed up for CardoneU
  • The courses help tremendously with improving my sales processes
  • He infuses much more ethics than most other trainers in the sales training industry

Common Negative Feedback

  • There are always going to be people who contend about the price. Grant Cardone has people who feel they’ve paid too much and people who feel they haven’t paid enough because the value is measured subjectively.
  • Some people disagree with Grant Cardone’s philosophies on things like debt, methodology, and other things

Most Helpful Positive Grant Cardone University Review

I have been on Cardone University for just over 2 years. I’m a Finance Manager in the Rv industry, and the majority of our staff uses it. Our entire sales staff, management, service writers, and miscellaneous others train with it.

I would highly recommend Cardone University and all of his products. The training translates no matter what industry you are in. Our staff has had significant gains in sales volume, profit, and income. He does put out a ton of free content on every social media outlet, but the University gives you some structure, puts everything together for you, and provides access to all of his content.

Jeremy Scherer, BiggerPockets reviewer

Most Helpful Negative Grant Cardone University Review

I recently signed up with Cardone U. I am so thankful that I waited until Black Friday to purchase the “deal” for $997 instead of the normal fluctuating prices of anywhere between  $2 – $5 dollars. The reason is because I feel that even at $997, I got a bad deal. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Grant Cardone fan and continue to reread/listen to his books, but if you want the same value/content for a MUCH cheaper price, download all of his audiobooks, buy the physical copies, follow all of his social media channels, and you will get the same value and information for a much better price. The only thing you won’t get are the “certifications” which is basically just a way of telling prospective employers or people that you’re training that you are equipped with the proper knowledge to be successful at selling and help others do the same. 

A much cheaper way to accomplish that, in my opinion, is to get some solid video testimonies of people you’ve worked with/for that can and will vouch for your skills and ability to deliver results. As a Grant Cardone fan, I feel like I was burned/swindled by purchasing Cardone U. 

Jeremy Turner, Bigger Pockets reviewer

Grant Cardone University Price

Grant Cardone University starts with a 14-day free trial, then it’s $97/mo. There are other products sold at Cardone University that range in price from $97-2500.

My Final Opinion of Grant Cardone University

My first Grant Cardone course was on Udemy and I really enjoyed it! He’s a great trainer. He gets to the point, and he offers technical skills and mindset advice. The training is very high quality, consistently upgraded and added onto, and he teaches service to the customer as the overarching character trait that makes sales professionals successful.

Other trainers in the space teach manipulative methods and come off very controlling, so I’m happy to see Grant Cardone infuse many strong ethical stances into his training. I find that the training is most applicable to businesses who do the majority of their sales conversion processes offline. For example, companies who attract website leads, then handle the sales conversations in person or by phone.

There isn’t any coursework on copywriting or writing for sales, traffic generation, or website conversion, so if you’re looking for a program that gives specific information targeted for online sales, you may still want to gather ideas from CardoneU, but you’d probably also want to consider a more tailored alternative.

Top Alternatives

There are a few other alternatives that sell sales training for entrepreneurs and those who want to learn high-paying skills. These are some common alternatives:

However, CardoneU is very organized, reasonably priced, and provides more support than most others in the sales training industry.

Offline Sales Training Alternative

If you’re looking for CardoneU alternatives training to increase offline sales, then my top recommendation would be Udemy. In fact, here is Grant Cardone’s e-course at Udemy here.

Online Sales Training – My #1 Recommendation

Alternatively, if you’re looking for training and a community that can support you as you learn to sell products and services on the internet, I’d recommend you sign up at Wealthy Affiliate. If you join Wealthy Affiliate from here, you’ll get my Business Growth Blueprint and 7 days of private message coaching for free.

CardoneU and Wealthy Affiliate could be very good compliments to one another because you’d learn online and offline sales methods that could help you tremendously! Here is what’s included:

Hopefully, this review helps you pick products that can help you to grow your business. Best wishes.

VERDICT: Recommended


Grant Cardone University






User Friendly







  • 800+ Business courses, live Q&A, and access to a community
  • Credible instructors
  • High levels of customers satisfaction
  • High quality courses
  • Technical skill training, mindset, and motivation


  • Not targeted towards entrepreneurs or salespeople who predominately convert sales on their websites
  • No instruction on copywriting or creating sales content online

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