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6 Time-Saving Hacks Entrepreneurs Can Use For Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

healthy boundaries in relationships

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One thing most people don’t warn you about is how growing a family makes you go from the lead actor in your life story to the supporting actor.  In fact, as you go from single to married, you share the spotlight, then when you add kids, the spotlight seems almost all taken, and your productivity can drastically shift or completely dwindle if you don’t have some healthy relationship boundaries.


When you add into the picture that you’re starting a business or growing a business, your life story can grow in complexity because the wellbeing of a business mimics that of having a child to a very close likeness.  As entrepreneurs, we balance impacting our communities, our families, and stabilizing a sense of personal accomplishment and esteem.


In his bestselling book series, Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How To Say No, Dr. Henry Cloud talks about healthy boundaries in relationships.  A lack of relationship boundaries can leave you living with the consequences of others’ actions or projecting the consequences of your actions on others.  Unhealthy boundaries in relationships could also leave your business stagnant, your family disappointed, or a bad reputation that could outlive you if you’re not careful.


While many will tell you work life balance is a myth, boundaries are still necessary to ensure you don’t toggle any particular area into a complete unhealthy state, and it’s why I’m writing this article about healthy boundaries in relationships.


healthy boundaries in relationshipsMy Story


My husband and I are both entrepreneurs.  My husband started his business in our first year of marriage.  With a new business, a four year old son, and growing responsibility, we were becoming aclimmated financially and relationally in many ways.


We’ve experienced the increase in responsibility as the business grows, employees require more direction, and more customers bring more deadlines and requirements. When the business grows in requirements, other relationships can be neglected especially if you’re not intentional with placing work life boundaries.


We’ve had our share of conversations about wanting more recreation time together or wanting things to speed up to meet our financial needs, so I understand what it’s like to toggle business productivity with relational quality.  It can be tough.


6 Time-Saving Hacks that Enable You To Put Time on What Matters Most


Sometimes, our lives can get drastically off balance and we begin feeling depleted simply because we haven’t mastered efficient ways of accomplishing tasks.  Here are some time-saving hacks that can enable you to put your time on what matters most…


1. Keep a Schedule


Keeping a schedule is an intentional way of ensuring time is spent on priorities.  When there’s no schedule, often times, time can seemingly drift by, and when you try to take an inventory of what was accomplished, you become disappointed.


I’ve written a post on Bullet Journal spread ideas that can be used for making a schedule, I’ve written about schedule ideas that can enable you to work on your business while working full-time, and I’ve also written about using a Time Management chart for time management.  As funny as it sounds, keeping a schedule can help you to save time.


Studies have shown that productivity increases when a self-inflicted sense of scarcity is in place.  When you schedule a certain time frame for an activity and hold yourself accountable using a stopwatch or something of the like, you can accomplish much more than living without intentions.


healthy boundaries in relationships2. Keep a Budget


Similarly, when there’s no budget, you’ll find several thoughts consumed by trying to do on-the-go math.  Even worse, many entrepreneurs have painstaking family relationships because they don’t regulate a business budget that offers consistency to their families.


When you sit down and record your income and expenses early in the month (or months prior), then it can relieve your mind for the remainder of the month to spend within a plan, save within a plan, and feel a sense of relief.  You’ll know all of your goals can be met or what additional income you need to bring to meet the remainder of your goals.


An apps like the Digit App, Everydollar, or Personal Capital can help you to automate your savings, track your budget, and watch your net worth grow.


3. Create Systems of Organization


Most of us have a component of the organization process that we just don’t enjoy.  I don’t really like washing dishes or folding clothes, but they’re tasks that make life a little easier.


When there’s no systems of organization, you can find yourself in a continual cycle going from looking for one thing to looking for another thing because everything is out of place.  Disorganization can be a huge time waster!


If you put simple systems in place like a drawer for socks, a drawer for shirts, or a file cabinet for business paperwork, it can make things much easier to find, and save you loads of time!


healthy boundaries in relationships4. Make Domestic Work Efficient


When I had my second baby, I found that my productivity took a drastic shift.  I spent more time in the day nurturing children than when I had one baby.


Having a newborn effected how quickly I could prepare meals which in turn effected how much time I had on other things.  What took me 30 minutes to prepare before, was taking me 1 hour or more because I was dividing my cooking time between tending to the baby and food prep.


When I realized the shift in my productivity, I began to do research about ways to boost my efficiency in my domestic tasks, and I learned:


  • I can hire out tasks like meal planning for $5.00/mo using 5dollarmealplans!
  • I can prep 20 meals or more in less than 2 hours using freezer cooking!
  • I can use the baby’s high activity time to the max and get lots of work done when she’s sleeping
  • I can clean faster when I use a timer and a plan!
  • and there’s so many other things I learned that helped.

If you’re finding yourself strapped for time, consider some of the things I learned or start doing some research on technology or processes that can make things you have to do more efficient.


5. Hire For Tasks Where Necessary


healthy boundaries in relationshipsI used to be ashamed to hire some tasks (especially domestic ones), but as I’ve needed to focus more on my business, I’ve found huge relief by hiring some things out.  When I hire things out, I can be excited to have things off of my to-do list, and another person can be excited to do work they enjoy.


I’ve signed my kids up for programs at the library, the recreation center, or even having a nanny come to my house.  At times, I’ve had a housekeeper come to help keep my house organized, and I’ve hired people to manage our yard.  When we’ve hired people (in our businesses or in our house), it’s taken a huge weight off and given my husband and I great relief.


I feel like I wash dishes as fast as pouring peanut butter, so when I hired someone else to do it, I was able to save myself alot of time, and use it in a more productive way.  Sometimes, we can be so stuck in our paradigms, we don’t even think about how some things we currently do, could be done by someone else who would be very happy to do it.


6. Identify Breaks and Recreation as a Productivity Necessity


Similarly, when we go thru seasons where the business or family has become more demanding, we can stay in “head down and work” mode.  When you’re focused on work, work, and more work all the time, you can lose motivation and suffer from burnout.


Recreation helps to keep productivity over longer periods of time.  I’ve seen entrepreneurs who go thru highly tense seasons in their relationships, become physically ill, or even contemplate suicide because they don’t see recreation as a necessity.


If you see your motivation waning, and you’ve been overly focused on starting or growing your business, it might be time to rethink your schedule and add in some recreation time.  Take your friends or family for a fun outting, watch a movie, take a nap, or do something that rejeuvenates you besides working.


healthy boundaries in relationshipsFinal Words on Time-Saving Hacks Entrepreneurs Can Use For Healthy Boundaries in Relationships


The goal of this article was to show you some time-saving hacks that can be used to sustain healthy boundaries in relationships. Relationship boundaries can be a very fragile topic especially in seasons where the business becomes more demanding.


Make sure to keep your boundaries in mind.  You don’t want to have relationship regrets in the longrun.


If you have questions or concerns about this, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section.  I’d love to help you out!


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Now, it’s Your Turn…


What time-saving hacks do you implement to keep healthy relationship boundaries?  Leave your comments, questions, and feedback below.

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