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Healthy Hands Cooking Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives [A MUST READ]

healthy hands cooking review
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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Disclaimer: This Healthy Hands Cooking review post will be an honest review I’ve compiled as a Business Consultant whose reviewed several different business models and business opportunities. How To Entrepreneur is a third party reviewer that has not been paid or bribed in any way to write this review, however, if you decide you want to become an instructor, you’ll need to find a sponsor.

Healthy Hands Cooking Review | What is Healthy Hands Cooking?

healthy hands cooking review

Healthy Hands Cooking is a wellness, training, and support company that certifies instructors and provides educational curriculum for use in various school or group settings.  Healthy Hands was created in response to the epic statistics of childhood obesity.  According to the American Health Association, childhood obesity is the number one health concern–even passing drug abuse, cancer, or smoking!

HHC was founded to combat the statistics of childhood obesity by teaching families how to eat healthy meals and grow their own foods.  The HHC Mission Statement says it all, their mission is…

“To fight obesity and related illnesses by empowering and educating children and adults in the critical skill of nutrition and healthy cooking so that they can make informed decisions for a lifetime of wellness. To teach others through educational classes and a network of trained and certified self-employed cooking instructors who enjoy preparing and eating REAL Good Food.”

Healthy Hands Cooking Review | Healthy Hands Cooking Products

healthy hands cooking

Healthy Hands creates products and courses that enable families to learn how to cook healthy food.  Their product and services include:

  • Healthy Hands Cooking Instructor Certification Course – An 11 module video course that teaches how to use the course materials, how to instruct healthy cooking classes for a living, how to market the business, licensing and requirements, and everything necessary to make a full-time income by teaching healthy eating to families.
  • Course Curriculum
  • Kids Club Kitchen Kits
  • Indoor/Outdoor Garden Bundles
  • Cooking classes
    • College Cooking Class
    • Preschool Classes
    • Senior Citizen Classes
    • Birthday Parties
    • Healthy Lunch Cooking Class
    • 8-hour Core Class
    • Adult Class
  • Cooking camps
  • and, Cooking Accessories

healthy hands cooking reviewHealthy Hands Cooking Review | The Compensation Plan

Healthy Hands Cooking has 2 ways to earn an income.

  1. Instructor (hobbyist, part-time, or full-time)
  2. Affiliate


HHC has a calculator to help you see the potential money you could make by becoming a Healthy Hands Certified Instructor.  Based on the calculator, if you committed to doing one class per week with 10 students at $50 class fee, you’d make $26,000 annual income!

Instructor Costs

In order to begin offering classes, you’d have to pay for:

  • The instructor certification
  • The food for the classes
  • Student and kits (which you’d charge parents for)
  • Instructor kits
  • and, any additional accessories you would need for the presentation

However, many of the expenses like the instructor kits or accessories would not need to be purchased on a recurring basis, so after you’ve recouped your startup costs, your profits would continue to increase.


As an affiliate, Healthy Hands Cooking is free to sign up and promote, and there’s no ongoing fees.  They have a two-tier affiliate program, so you would get paid $50 for each instructor that signs up, and you’d get paid $25.00 if your referral signs up instructors., which creates a passive income opportunity.  For each new instructor, an affiliate earns $50.00.  For each new affiliate signup, the referring affiliate earns $25.00 per signed on Instructor.

Healthy Hands Cooking Review | Pros vs. Cons


  • Very good cause and mission
  • The curriculum comes with the necessary utensils
  • Partnerships with Schools and Notable Organizations
  • Can enable restaurant owners, nutritionists, fitness instructors, or others who are passionate about healthy eating to add an additional stream of clearly instruct others on how to eat healthy
  • Can enable people who enjoy cooking to have a structured primary or additional stream of income
  • Not much competition online
  • 100% commission on course signup fees (after curriculum and
  • $50 affiliate commission for signing up instructors and $25 commission from downline Instructor signups
  • Classes can be done live or virtually (via webinar, Facebook live, etc.)


  • May not have alot of upline support
  • Not a well-known company
  • Not much of an online presence
  • No commissions on product sales
  • The affiliate opportunity is only for signing on Instructors
  • High startup costs
  • Low income potential — You may not even be able to get a return on your investment with the way the monetization strategy works!
  • Not much internet marketing training (only instruction on booking classes on the website and on Facebook marketing).  For added Internet Marketing training, check out our FREE INTERNET MARKETING TRAINING.

Healthy Hands Cooking Review | A Video Playlist

Here’s a video playlist I’ve compiled with information about Healthy Hands Cooking. You can scroll thru these videos to learn more information about Healthy Hands Cooking.

Healthy Hands Cooking Review | Conclusion

Overall, I think the Healthy Hands Cooking opportunity could be very fulfilling.  They have a good mission and partnerships.  With the growing prevalence of childhood obesity and dual working parent homes, there’s much less time to teach vital skills like healthy cooking and healthy eating. The absence of healthy cooking instruction is negatively impacting our population, so Healthy Hands Cooking could be a great cause to stand by as a hobby, part-time, or full-time gig.

I think HHC could be especially valuable to the community if you’d be willing to create access to schools, community centers, churches, or struggling communities, and share the principles there.

  • School teachers
  • Fitness instructors
  • Pastors
  • Community Center Directors
  • Church leaders
  • Youth leaders
  • Recreation centers (karate schools, ballet schools, and others)
  • Chiropractic
  • Alternative medicine clinics
  • Conventional medicine clinics
  • Spas
  • Hair salons
  • Wellness centers
  • and, others who interact regularly with families should consider adding this course instruction into their facilities.

If you enjoy cooking and teaching, you should definitely consider whether teaching others how to cook healthy meals with the Healthy Hands Cooking programs could be a good fit for you.


As of March 18, 2019, Healthy Hands Cooking prices have drastically gone up. I originally thought the opportunity was fair, but now, I think the prices are exhorbitant for what you get. Here’s a recent email I received from Healthy Hands that describes the price change:

Dear Healthy Hands Cooking Affiliate,

Healthy Hands Cooking has undergone significant changes over the past 6 years resulting in a new model which is now reflected in new pricing.

With many of our instructors running very successful businesses, HHC is now laser focused on offering personalized white glove coaching and support to individuals who are looking to represent HHC as their primary business offering in either a substantial part-time capacity or as a full time venture.

This is our direction going forward as we have built a robust custom software platform, specialized content, state of the art automation, customized resources, and hands-on support to give our instructors the very best chance at much success for many years to come. We simply cannot offer this for $497.

Our one-time start up fee is now $9,997 which includes comprehensive training and one year of HHC membership. There is an annual renewal membership fee of $1K/year plus an HHC Admin fee of 10% on all gross revenue.

We have also recently partnered with a major TV Animation studio to bring branded classes and parties to the U.S. and Puerto Rico that we believe will significantly boost awareness and class registrations. The formal announcement will be made shortly.

We are working on solutions to update our affiliate commissions as this new model roles out.

If this opportunity no longer fits within your demographic, and you wish to discontinue your affiliate account, please email us so that we can remove you from our list.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you for your support of Healthy Hands Cooking over the years. We sincerely appreciate it.

In health,
Jan Pinnington, CNC
Founder & CEO
Healthy Hands Cooking

The Verdict: Good Business Opportunity or Not? Not Good!

As of March 2019, I can no longer recommend Healthy Hands Cooking.

I can’t imagine how you would get a return on your investment at the current price and with the projected income, so I can’t recommend HHC at all! Here’s a screenshot of their website calculator showing how much you’d make if you did one class per week for one whole year…

healthy hands cooking review

If you’re starting out, you’ll have to do quite a bit of marketing to get 10 people to show up to each of your classes for $50. Then, added onto the challenge of building your reputation and introducing a company (Healthy Hands Cooking) that’s fairly unheard of, you’d also have competition like these places on Groupon…

healthy hands cooking review

Or these bloggers on Pinterest…

healthy hands cooking review

Or, these vloggers on Youtube…

healthy hand cooking review

And, they’re charging much less for their cooking classes (not $50) and some are even giving the information for free! I really couldn’t imagine how you could spend nearly $10,000 to get into this business and recoup your expenses or make a decent living. You won’t have your own brand, you’ll be building theirs. You won’t be able to walk away with anything proprietary because all of the tools and software are branded by Healthy Hands. You’d basically be a glorified and underpaid salesperson in my opinion.

I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone!

Looking for Alternative Business Opportunities? Here are Options…

Instead, if you’re intrigued by the mission of teaching people about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle, and you want to be a part of that movement, there are much higher income and impact opportunities out there. If you’re really on a budget, for free, you can set up a website, and begin creating videos and blog posts teaching others how to live a healthy lifestyle! If you have a little more of a budget (like $19 or so), you can purchase your own domain, hosting, and internet marketing training, and begin setting up your own healthy lifestyle brand.

In my opinion, paying nearly $10,000 is completely unnecessary to offer healthy lifestyle classes. You can offer these classes from the comfort of your home without paying exorbitant prices to get started, and Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how. Even better, there’s no glass ceiling on your income and you can make much more money than what Healthy Hands has projected at $26,000/year for 52 classes!

At 26,000 in income, you’d still have to market yourself (which could cost) and you’d be considered low income (in US standards) even before any business expenses!

What’s Included with Wealthy Affiliate?

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn how to take a topic you’re passionate about (like healthy cooking or healthy lifestyle), monetize it by partnering with relevant brands, and learn how to create a website that attracts buyers. Some people doing this are making upwards of $100,000/mo–much more than what’s being offered at Healthy Hands Cooking, and the price to get started is thousands of dollars less!

Internet marketing skills can carry with you into your business or professional like in multiple ways.   When you create your account, you’ll get two free websites, ten free training lessons, and access to a community of 1 million+ entrepreneurs (many who are making major things happen online!).  CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT NOW!

Also, while you’re growing your business, you should CHECK OUT MY FREE 10 STEP GUIDE HERE!

Now, it’s Your Turn…

What are your thoughts on the Healthy Hands Cooking Opportunity?  Who do you think this opportunity would be perfect for?  Leave your comments below.

Healthy Hands Cooking






User Friendly







  • Good mission
  • Interesting curriculum
  • Can provide an additional stream of income for businesses in the food industry


  • You're taught to do live classes rather than leveraging the internet and technology
  • Not a well known company
  • May not have alot of upline support since there aren't many members
  • Low income potential
  • Very high startup prices in exchange for what you get

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