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Homeowner Referral Network Review: Could This Be a Good Biz For You?

homeowner referral network
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homeowner referral networkDisclaimer: This Homeowner Referral Network review post will be an honest review I’ve compiled as a Business Consultant whose reviewed several different business models and business opportunities.   How To Entrepreneur is a third party reviewer that has not been paid or bribed in any way to write this review, however, if you decide you want to start a Homeowner Referral Network, you can do so HERE.


Homeowner Referral Network Review | What is Homeowner Referral Network?


As a homeowner, there’s a dilemma most people eventually run into: they need to get repairs.  Since homes tend to be such a big investment for most people, they want to take great care and thought into who they hire to work in their homes.  As a result, many homeowners do research before hiring a contractor because they want to know they person has a good reputation, does good work, won’t take shortcuts, and is dependable.


If you don’t get home repairs often, it can be difficult to really test out whether a contractor is good or not without taking a great risk–this is where Homeowner Referral Network comes in.  HRN provides homeowners with screened and tested contractors to perform the home renovation work for them.


They are a third party referral network, therefore, they can act as the sound board answering questions homeowners may feel uncomfortable to ask directly to homeowners.  In addition to providing the referral service, HRN also teaches others how to start and offer this service to a niche area of their choice.


homeowner referral network review


About the Business Opportunity


Homeowner Referral Network is a home business opportunity where you’re taught how to negotiate commission amounts, and build a database of pre-screened contractors to refer to homeowners looking to renovate or remodel their homes.  The business was founded by Debra Cohen, who is still very active in the business; providing consulting and support to HRN owners.


Unlike many other direct sales opportunities, once you purchase a Homeowner Referral Network business package, you’re given help to create your own brand rather than being a subset of HRN.  They help you create your own logo, website, and get up and running with your own referral business.


The business model has been proven by large companies like Thumbtack, Yellow Pages, Yelp, and others, so after setting up the business, and learning the basics, you can build a very lucrative opportunity – AND – do it from home!


homeowner referral network reviewHomeowner Referral Network Review | Homeowner Referral Network Products


  • Homeowner Referral Network Business Packages
  • Manual with instructions on running a Homeowner Referral Network – The Business Plan
  • Software to organize your referrals and contractors
  • A Personalized website with your logo and content along with necessary features for a Homeowner Referral Network
  • Newsletter
  • Consulting
  • and Leads


Homeowner Referral Network Review | The Compensation Plan


Homeowner Referral Network has two ways for you to make money:


1. As an HRN owner


As an HRN Homeowner, you are paying for a website, business plan, software, and consulting to help set up an independent business.  After the initial setup, there are no ongoing fees or requirements, so you become an independant business owner.  You can go back for consulting services, but those are optional.  According to the HRN manual, you’d get paid for referring screened contractors to homeowners, and the contractors pay you for the leads.


2. Affiliate


As an affiliate, you’d refer others to the HRN Network business opportunity in exchange for a portion of each sale.  The HRN website isn’t clear about how much affiliates make from each sales, however, it says “Commissions ranging from $100 to $325 per sale”.


homeowner referral networkHomeowner Referral Network Review | Pros vs. Cons



  • You are helped to build your own brand
  • Very lucrative opportunity
  • Contractors always want leads and rarely want to find them on their own so you’d have steady business
  • The renovation market is pretty constant even in slow or declining markets
  • You can consult with the owner
  • Others are having great success stories
  • More than 400 HRNs in operation so it’s a proven business model
  • Some are reporting breaking even in 3-6 months and profit thereafter



  • You’ll have to build your own reputation similar to starting a business from scratch
  • You may require additional Internet Marketing Support in addition to what’s offered in the packages, but you can get additional training and support starting FREE HERE.


Homeowner Referral Network Review | Conclusion


Overall, the Homeowner Referral Network opportunity is a chance to get a done-for-you business plan and website that’s designed with proven success.  You don’t have any ongoing fees or requirements, so you can operate your business on your own terms, make changes as you’d like, and experience the freedom element that many entrepreneurs like.

There are some pretty good testimonials from HRN owners like these:


homeowner referral network review

Homeowner Referral Network Review | A Video Playlist


Here’s a playlist I’ve compiled with more information about the Homeowner Referral Network business opportunity.  You can scroll thru and choose whichever videos are most helpful for you:



The Verdict: Good Business Opportunity or Not?


Homeowner Referral Network is a Legit Business Opportunity


If you’re interested in becoming a Homeowner Referral Network Owner, you can do so by going HERE.


If you would like to learn internet marketing to start or scale your business (whether you decide to become an Homeowner Referral Network owner or not), CLICK HERE AND CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT!


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If you’re looking for a done-for-you solution to have an internet marketing strategy implemented while you focus on building your business, CHECK OUT OUR SERVICES.


Now, it’s Your Turn…


What do you think about the Homeowner Referral Network business opportunity? How would you like to buy a system and consulting to help start out your business venture?

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