Becoming an Authority: How To Be The Best in What You Do

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how to be the best in what you do

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how to be the best in what you doWhen you’re starting out anything new, whether a new marketing strategy, a new business, or entering a new target audience, you have to build your authority.  Everyone starts out with a blank canvas with very little capabilities (in business and in life overall), then we progress with time, and grow skills, and trust.  Many entrepreneurs struggle to uncover how to become an authority and how to be the best in what they do.  This article will share you with how to be the best in what you do.


The Proud vs. The Humble

Some people will come into new environments trying to “automate” authority by way of status symbols, intimidation, speaking volume, appearance, and charisma.  Physical adornment may work to convince some, but to become an authority, you have to be recognized as a trusted advisor, and longstanding relationships can’t be built from appearance, posture, or intimidation.

On the contrary, longstanding relationships are built from humility.  The person who says, “People should respect me because I wear…”, or “People should respect me because I look like”, will have a short-lived appreciation in the market at best.  The person who treats others important will be treated important.  The person who serves others and does their best to solve problems within their niche will develop confidence, and they will climb the ladders of respect and authority.  Trust is not something you’re owed or an automatic possession–it’s built thru humility, service, and consistency.

The Ways to Assume Authority

how to be the best in what you doThere are several ways to assume authority.  Some relationships cause you to assume authority by birth.  Parenting and family relationships are an example of becoming an authority by birth.

Some people assume authority by way of designated positioning.  Police, Government officials, Teachers, and other people appointed assume authority because of their designated positions.  They can enforce certain rules and disciplines because of their positions.

For business owners and entrepreneurs, we establish authority by providing solutions in a dependable manner.  Regardless of what our businesses are, the more people can depend on our solutions to their problems, the more we grow in authority.

If your business is in food service, you will grow in authority when people can depend on you to get meals when their hungry.  If your business is in the media niche, you will grow in authority when people can depend on your for entertainment, exposure to their offers, or good relevant information.

Why Become an Authority?

In order to create a successful business, you have to prove dependable at providing viable solutions to the problems of others.  Without becoming an authority or a trusted advisor to others, you don’t have a longstanding foothold in the market.  A business without authority stays on the rat wheel of continually looking for new clients, and not having the ability to retain them.  If you acquire clients but cannot retain them, you stay in the zone as a commodity where the competition is very tough, there is nothing unique that distinguishes your product or service from others in the market, and you live like a Frank (which you or I really don’t want to be).

Does Knowledge Equal Authority?

No. Knowledge does not equal authority.  When people meet you, they won’t know how much knowledge you have.  There is no way for them to quickly discover the depths of your knowledge.  With time, you build the relationship with your clients (free and paid), and earn their trust giving you authority as a byproduct.

How You Have To Think About Yourself to Become an Authority

how to be the best in what you doIf you think you know nothing, and what your working on is small, the chances are high that what you’re thinking will come true.  I’m not a super law of attraction proponent because I don’t think that your thoughts without work can attract your desired life; however, I do believe that your faith in conjunction with your efforts will bring your desired life to you.


You have to have faith that what you’re doing can amount to something that can change many people’s lives in a positive way.  The business you’re creating is bigger than you–it’s a brand, and you have to see it that way.  The faith you have will be your fuel to put in the hard work and make the impact.

Without the motive/faith, you have a hard time maintaining motivation.  If you think it’s going to be something small, your motivation will directly correlate with that, and it’ll be very hard to stay on board and put in the work.  If you get to the point where you want to get others on board, it will be even harder to infuse motivation in a team if your faith is low to begin with.

The Phases of the Pay Charts: Generalists, Specialists, Experts, and Celebrity Authority

In his video “The Ladder of Wealth”, Dan Lok talked about the ladder up the pay charts from Generalists to Celebrity Authority.  Most people mistakenly think that their best opportunities are in the generalists category, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Just think about it for a second….who gets paid more?

  • The doctor who says he can do all things or the cardiologist?
  • The carpentar who says he can build all things or the framer who specializes in commercial construction?
  • The speaker who says he can speak on all things or the speaker who says he specializes in Small Business Leadership Development?
  • The writer who says they can write all things or the copywriter?

Generalists are at the bottom of the pay charts.  In order to go up the pay chart (whether in a job or in a business), you have to choose a niche or specialty.  As you consistently practice and engage with your specialty, you become an expert, and as more people notice your expertise, you become a celebrity authority.

The Requirements to Become an Authority and Be the Best as What You Do

Jay Abraham said many people don’t achieve greatness because they don’t have a clear path.  If we want to be the best at what we do and become an authority, we need to have a clear path.  We maintain a clear path by:

  • Understanding our clients
  • Networking
  • Consuming information and Learning
  • Getting mentorship
  • Identify pain points in your niche
  • Provide solutions
  • Constantly keep ideas for how to improve

Ways to Expedite the Process of Becoming an Authority

how to be the best in what you doBecoming an authority takes time, however, there is a long road and a shorter road.  To expedite the process of becoming an authority you have to:

  • Use Upside leverage

The food service provider who begins offering meals to a starving audience will gain authority fast if they provide a good solution to their hunger.  You want to leverage complimentary opportunities: people who have the audience you desire and opportunities to get in front of the audience that needs your products and services.

  • Networking

Connections are the most valuable resource you have.  Simply by networking, you can find people who need your product or service, people who have access to your target audience, and people who can simply encourage you and hold you accountable along the way.

  • Outperforming and outworking your competitors

When everyone else in your industry is reading one book per month, read more.  When others are serving one client per day, serve more.  In his book, Rise and Grind, Daymond John talks about outworking your competitors as a way to gain traction in your market.

A Playlist on Becoming an Authority and How To Be The Best in What You Do

This playlist inspired me on becoming an authority and gave me direction on how to be the best in what I do.  Hopefully, my compilation of these videos can have a positive impact on you as well:

Final Words on Becoming an Authority and How To Be The Best in What You Do

The goal of this article was to show how to be the best in what you do.  We don’t want to settle or mistakenly be mediocre.  If you have questions or concerns about this, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section.  I’d love to help you out!

If you’d like to take your business or idea and start a business, check out my free e-course. It’s a framework to grow a business: from idea to enterprise. Check out my free e-course here.

Now, it’s Your Turn…

What have you learned about becoming an authority (here or anywhere else)?  Did I leave anything out about how to be the best at what you do?  Please leave your comments, concerns, or feedback below.

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4 thoughts on “Becoming an Authority: How To Be The Best in What You Do”

  1. Tiffany Denise

    I really enjoyed your article. As a blogger, it’s the most difficult thing to establish. It takes time and you must be humble. I liked that you mentioned that knowledge does not mean authority. That is where the time factor comes in. Your readers must come to know and trust you. Have a clear path! How long would you say does it take to become an authority on your niche?

    1. Tiffany Denise

      Tough question Celeste. I could do research and give an average.  I think Malcolm Gladwell was saying something like 10,000 hours or so in his book “Outlier”.  I think it will vary from person to person because everyone will have different learning lessons or reservations.  Becoming an authority is all about offering value and building trust with a group of people.  The people who build trust fastest are those who genuinely want to help others and give information without holding back.

  2. Tiffany Denise

    Wonderful post. I have to say I agree with you, you can not simply gain authority by what you where or how you look. Gaining authority does take a lot of work.
    I wanted to let you know you gave some great examples like being in the food industry. And that a way gain authority in that job you do have to deliver the food.
    Authority does come from trust and being humble is the best way.
    Great job and Thank you

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