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How to Become a Fashion Blogger – A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Become a Fashion Blogger | How Fashion Bloggers Make Money - Featured Image
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Looking for tips on how to become a fashion blogger?

If you’re here, it’s likely, you (or someone you know) is very passionate about fashion, and you want to know how people make a living with fashion blogging. You may have seen people on Instagram, Youtube, or even on TV who seem to make their money sharing fashion tips, trends, or ideas, and you’re probably watching them wondering, “How do they make money doing that?”.

If that’s the case, you’re in the right place because in this article, we’ll be talking about how to make money as a fashion blogger. I’ll be sharing with you:

  • Income reports so you can have an idea of the potential income available in fashion blogging
  • Fashion blog examples
  • How fashion blogs get customers
  • And, how you can get started with a fashion blog

The Kardashian Mystery

One of the most notable fashion icons of our time is Kim Kardashian. She’s known for influencing fashion trends with her clothes, makeup, and even perfumes.

Many fashion enthusiasts love her and want to have a career-life like she has, but most people don’t understand how she makes money. As we’re discussing how fashion bloggers earn money, you’ll start to see some of the income streams that Kim Kardashian has that have helped her to grow a multi-million dollar fashion business.

Alot of what Kim Kardashian does to make money, is common among the fashion bloggers, so by the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll be able to decide if you want to make money in some of the same ways Kim Kardashian does.

Sound cool, right?

How Much do Fashion Bloggers Make?

It’s very difficult to say how much fashion bloggers make because there are so many variables that can be different in each business. Instead, I’ll be sharing with you a few income reports, and how much these fashion bloggers made.

As a disclaimer, I want to mention to you that each person’s results vary. Businesses make different amounts based on sales. Prices between products vary, audience size varies, and content quality varies from blog to blog. The results I’m sharing with you shouldn’t be taken as a typical representation.

In fact, most fashion blogs fail, so these income reports are examples of fashion blog income for those who persevered past obstacles, committed to being a success, and did the work it took. Most people give up.

If you’re interested in knowing how much it costs to start an online business, take a look at an estimated cost breakdown here.

Fashion Blog Income Reports

How to Make Money as a Fashion Blogger

When reading fashion blog income reports, you’ll find that there are several ways they make money including:

  • Sponsored posting
  • Product sales
  • Course sales
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ad revenue
  • Services

Let’s dive deeper into how fashion bloggers make money with these various income streams…

How do Fashion Bloggers Make Money on Instagram?

Since Instagram is a visual platform, many fashion bloggers use it to share fashion trends, new looks, and demonstrate things they’re doing to “look fly”. As their audience grows, they can get more opportunities because advertisers will see their audience size and engagement as an opportunity to introduce their products and services to an audience of potential buyers. Typically, fashion bloggers make money on Instagram by partnering with a brand thru product sales, service sales, sponsorship, or affiliate marketing.

If any of these terms are new to you, don’t worry, I’ll explain what they mean and how to get started with them in a few minutes…

How do Fashion Bloggers Make Money on Youtube?

In addition to making money by growing an Instagram following, many fashion bloggers also make money by posting videos on Youtube. They might be sharing clothing hauls, reviews of products they bought, demos when they try on clothes, and sometimes, they may mention brands in their videos.

How Fashion Bloggers make Money with Youtube ads

They make money thru ads placed on, or around their videos. For example, you’ve probably seen the skippable and non-skippable ads that play before, during, or after you’re watching Youtube videos (unless you have Youtube premium). There are also ads that can be shown on the side, bottom, and overlaying on top of the videos.

Youtubers bet paid based on who is in their audience (buyers vs. non-buyers), what niche their in, how many ads they’ve placed on the video, and how many views they get on their videos.

How Fashion Bloggers make money outside of ads on Youtube

While ads can be a substantial stream of income for some, it’s not going to make much money unless you have a large audience. Fashion vloggers, like Patricia Bright, get millions of views per video, but that’s not the case for most bloggers (especially those just starting out).

The other alternatives to making money on Youtube with ads are:

  • Selling services
  • Selling products
  • Sponsored content
  • And, Affiliate marketing

How to Make Money with a Fashion Blog

While growing your social media channels is a great goal, they shouldn’t take precedence to growing your blog because:

  • They’re not “your” property
  • You can be banned without warning
  • Your reach is limited when you post there
  • and, you have the most control over your customer relationships when you have a website

Still, after seeing how fashion bloggers make money on Instagram and Youtube, you might be wondering, “how do fashion bloggers make money with a blog?”, so let me explain.

Fashion Blogs and Sponsored Content

When you’re reading:

  • Fashion blog income reports
  • Posts on fashion blogs
  • Or, scanning social media channels of fashion companies

…It’s common to see “sponsored”, “#ad”, or mentions of sponsored content. What this means is that the blogger has negotiated a deal with a brand to write a post (or several posts) mentioning them in exchange for pay. In cases like the income report of Fitmommyinheels (linked above), you can work with sponsorship networks and make money with sponsored posting (even with a small audience).

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing as a Fashion Blogger

You can choose to monetize a fashion blog in many different ways. There are lots of sponsorship opportunities within the fashion space, but there’s only so many sponsored posts you can take on in one month. Added to that, with sponsorships, you’re typically paid once the job is done, and you need to find new opportunities in order to sustain a consistent income.

Affiliate marketing is another way to monetize a fashion blog, and it has great perks. Similar to sponsorships, you can work with many reputable brands. You can share all kinds of fashion tips, tricks, reviews, and tutorials.

The difference with affiliate marketing is:

  • You’d get paid per lead or per sale
  • There’s really no glass ceiling on how much income you can make
  • You can work with lots of brands at the same time
  • and, You don’t have deadlines or revisions

Affiliate Programs for Fashion Bloggers

There are some really cool fashion affiliate programs out there. You can sell physical products with commissions ranging: from 1% (at places like Amazon) and up. You can also sell digital products with commissions up to 75%! There are lots of cool opportunities.

Here are some very lucrative fashion affiliate programs:

  • Rewardstyle – Middle man affiliate aggregator for many larger companies. Commissions vary.
  • SkimLinks – Middle man affiliate aggregator for many larger companies. Commissions vary.
  • Stella & Dot – 12% commission
  • Dresslily – 16% per sale
  • Journey’s – 7% of sales (available at Flexoffers)
  • Zappos – 6% per sale (available at Flexoffers)
  • Zaful – 15-20% per sale
  • Amazon – 1-3% commission

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Do Fashion Blogs Make Money with Display Ads?

In order to get sponsorship opportunities, to make affiliate sales, or to sell your own products and services, you’ll need people visiting your website. When you have visitors to your site, they may not all buy, so many fashion bloggers monetize buyers and non-buyers with a fairly passive stream of income called “display ads”.

Basically, with display ads, you’d work with a company (like Google Adsense) or if you have substantial traffic, you can work with a premium ad network (like MediaVine, Ad Thrive, Ezoic, or Monumetric). They will sell advertising to companies, place ads on your website, and split the revenue from that with you.

You can typically be paid more money by working with premium ad networks unless you specialize in ad optimization.

Fashion Blogs and Products

Once you have an audience, it might also be a good idea to consider monetizing by creating or sourcing products. Fashion blogs can make money selling digital or physical products, and make more income.

Digital Products

Digital products are things like online courses, PDFs, audio downloads, or any way you share information: from one person to another without physical contact. I’ve seen fashion bloggers sell things like outfit patterns, guides on how to pick clothing for your body type or features, and more.

Digital products can be great because they have fairly low overhead cost, and if you produce the product with good quality, it may not need updates often.

Physical Products

You can also sell physical products, but typically, this will add more overhead costs than affiliate marketing or taking on sponsored posts. To sell your own products, you’d likely have to handmake the products, source the products, or work with manufacturers.

Once you’ve selected your product, you can use the dropship model where you place orders on another site when someone places an order on yours, then you make profit by marking the price up. You can also buy inventory, sell the products, and handle shipment. Another e-commerce option is to buy inventory, ship it to Amazon, and they take care of the shipment when orders are placed.

E-commerce is the most intense business model in my opinion. In requires inventory management, customer service, marketing, sales, and good accounting to run it profitably.

How to Become a Fashion Blogger – Step-by-Step

To get started as a fashion blogger, these are the steps I recommend…

1. Choose a Niche or Target Audience

Although you might be tempted to want to tackle everything in fashion, it’s best to choose an audience that you’ll be focusing on. Some examples of subniches within fashion are:

  • Women’s accessories
  • Women’s skirts
  • Women’s blouses
  • Men’s watches
  • Men’s dress shoes
  • and, Kids uniforms

There are many other subniches when you think hard enough: Women’s lingerie, all-natural material, etc. When you focus on a niche, you’ll be able to build an audience of interested potential buyers, and this will translate well into all of your monetization strategies. If you decide to go too broad, it will be harder to rank, harder to be relevant to your visitors, you’ll have a harder time identifying product or service ideas, affiliate partners may not accept you, and you’ll get paid lower for ads.

It’s best to focus on a sub-niche, get the maximum benefit with that, then stack other sub-niches like bricks once you’ve got one working.

2. Build a Website

Once you’ve chosen a niche, you’ll want to choose a domain name, and build your website. Your website will serve as your digital storefront. It will be where you’ll post your fashion tips and tricks, tell people about what you’re doing on social media, and grow your email list.

3. Set up your Social Media Channels

As a fashion blogger, it’s very important to have a social media presence. You’ll see that most successful fashion bloggers and brands establish a strong presence on social media, and use the platforms to share their fashion advice, build relationships, and grow an audience. Social media is a great place to share your website content, take pictures, shoot videos, and demonstrate your fashion tips visually.

4. Choose a Monetization Strategy

There are so many ways to make money as a fashion blogger. I’ve mentioned previously that it’s common for fashion bloggers to make money with sponsored posts, display ads, selling products, selling services, and affiliate marketing.

If you’re starting out as a solopreneur, then you’ll need to divide your time between content creation and things like bookkeeping, outreach, planning, and other things. If you try to do every monetization method at once, it’s much harder to get results with anything.

I recommend you start with affiliate marketing and stack other revenue opportunities on top of that. Affiliate marketing has a huge growth potential, and doesn’t require the upfront time or money that e-commerce does.

5. Publish Content

Once you’ve built your website, and chosen how you’ll make money with it, then it’s important to focus on publishing to your website and on social media. Without people coming to your website, you won’t get sales, ads won’t show, and you won’t be able to get sponsored partners.

I like to do 90-day challenges when I’m getting started on a new platform. Here, at How to Entrepreneur, I started this website with a 90-day daily posting challenge. I’ve also done 90-day daily posting challenges on Youtube and on Pinterest. They work really well because you build your habits, you get to experiment to see what’s needed to get traction on the platform, and in most instances, you start to get results.

6. Get Traffic

After putting in the work, and publishing lots of content, you’ll start to get rankings from Google and Bing. You might also be getting ranked in Pinterest. Social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin have a shorter shelf-life for posts. Rather than ranking and having long-term traffic, you’ll need to keep posting high quality content, growing your following, and your reach will expand.

7. Make Money

When you have traffic and products and services to sell, then you’ll start making money. As your content quality improves, your familiarity of the social platforms goes up, and your audience grows, you’ll likely make more and more money.


If you’re passionate about fashion, becoming a fashion blogger could be a very fulfilling thing to do. The work it requires to build a fashion blog could be totally worth it.

I hope this post gave you lots of insight and actionable tips on how to become a fashion blogger and achieve your goals. If you have any questions about this, leave them in the comments section below and I’ll get back with you. If you’d like more training and guidance to grow your fashion blog, I’d love to help!

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