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How to Create a Business Logo FREE: Step-By-Step Tutorial Using Canva + Video Playlist

how to create a business logo free
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how to create a business logoWhen you decide to start your business, there are few things that speak on behalf of your brand–whether you’re present or not.  Your reputation outlives you and will maintain an impression on others whether you’re open or closed, so it’s important that everything that contributes to your reputation is taken very seriously.  One of the first impressions of your reputation is made thru your logo.  It’s important that you have a logo that represents your business well because it’s likely to be posted on flyers, business cards, websites, buildings, vehicles, and others places where it will encourage or deter customers before you get the opportunity to meet them.  In some places, you can pay hundreds or thousands for a logo, however, I want to show you how to create a business logo FREE using Canva.



Although you will be making this logo on your own, it’s important to know a few things that professional designers know about logo design.  You don’t want to make a logo that looks nice inside Canva, but does not serve the purpose you need for your brand.  Some things to consider when designing your logo are:


1. What type of backgrounds you may place the logo on

Often times, I see entrepreneurs who have a logo, but have not thought about using the logo multiple times in their marketing, so they may get a black logo and want to use black backgrounds on their social media marketing, and the logo does not look nice.  Alternatively, you can get a light colored logo and want to use light colored backgrounds where the logo may blend.  I recommend creating multiple variations of the logo: a light-colored version, dark colored version, transparent background, and some with color variations as the background.  You can use this Adobe color wheelto determine which colors are opposites of what, and make contrasting logo variations.  If you create several options, you can use the logo where it’s appropriate, not have to modify it on a case-by-case basis, and keep your branding consistent.


2. What fonts will be legible when seen up close and far away


When you use very thin or condensed fonts, it can be challenging to read what it says (even if you’re not that far away).  Try to choose a font for your logo that can be read close or far, and is not easily distorted too bad with resizing.


3. What type of marketing materials you will be using

If you think you will be using print marketing materials, you want to be mindful about what your logo may look like when placed on print.  Some logos that have lots of colors may be easily distorted unless you pay premium prices for the print materials.  You may not want a logo where you have to pay upgraded prices for printing every time, so you want to take this into consideration before creating your business logo.


4. If you plan to purchase real estate, company uniforms, or signs, will the logo look nice on a street sign, or on employee uniforms?

Often times when businesses acquire real estate, they place signage.  If you think buying business real estate may be in your future, you want to consider what your logo would look like on a billboard or sign.  If you’re thinking about having company uniforms or other things like that, you also want to consider if the logo would look nice if screen printed, embroidered, or somehow transferred onto shirts.  You want a logo that can be read easily by your customers.  Just pay attention for a second to the logos that stick out the most as you ride down the street.  Do they have skinny fonts?  Do they have lots of colors?  Which ones do you like best and why?  Apply the best qualities from the logos you see to your own!


5. What message does the logo convey to your target audience


Professional designers know that logos and branding convey a mood.  A logo can raise your confidence in a brand or take it away.  You want to learn how to create a logo that conveys the unique mood, tone, and message of your brand, but you can’t be sure it does without asking others.  Once you created the logo, I’d recommend you getting feedback from others.  Ask them what they think, what message does it convey to them, are there things that would improve, and be responsive to constructive feedback from trustworthy people.


You will find many fear mongers who will tell you absolutely no one should create their own logos.  I understand why.  Some people don’t have the time or patience to create a nice logo, and try to cut corners and slap something together.  Designing a logo should not be “slapping something together” because it will represent your brand even more far reaching than your picture, bio, or other cornerstone reputation peice.


I’ve seen some amazing logo designs come from people who decided to create their own logos: some even better than professional ones.  It’s an individual choice how you will get a logo.


If you plan to hire a professional designer for branding (to create your brand style kit and so on), you may want them to create your logo so it can be uniform with your overall branding.  You can choose companies like 99designs, Fiverr, Upwork, or you can do your own with Canva, and I’ll show you how.  If you’re okay with taking on the challenge, I’d say, “Go for it!”.  It’s an individual choice.

First Steps For Creating Your Own Logo: Create Your Canva Account

Now that we understand some things to keep in mind while making our logos, let’s get onto creating our Canva account.  You want to go to Canva.com and create yout free account.  You can log in using your social media accounts, so it’s a very easy and quick signup process.


how to create a business logo free


1. Create A Design


Now, that your account is created, you’ll want to “Create A Design”.

how to create a business logo


2. Take a Look at the Templates

You can create a completely new design from scratch, however, for simplicity with this tutorial, I will be creating one from a template.  The templates can be modified.  You can play around with the fonts, letter spacing, icons, background images, colors, and so many other things.  Simply because you use a template does not mean your logo will not be unique or effective to represent your brand.  Try it out.


how to create a business logo


3. Change The Name to Your Business Name

Change the name to your business name.  For the sake of this tutorial, I’m using “Canva Tutorial For Entrepreneurs” as my business name.

how to create a business logo

I don’t like the layout of the tagline “tutorial for entrepreneurs”, so I’m going to play around with it a little.


4. Change the Line Spacing, Font, or Arrangement

I decided to change the “letter spacing”, so “tutorial for entrepreneurs” could be all on one line rather than on two lines.  I think that looks better.


You can play around with line and letter spacing, font, and arrangement to make your logo unique and nice looking.  I’d recommend you taking time on this step, so you can have more of a unique spin (especially if you’re using a template).  For this tutorial, I did not change the font, just the spacing.


how to create a business logo


5. Change or Add an Icon (Optional)

For this template, there was an icon: the three dots above “Canva Tutorial for Entrepreneurs”.  The colors don’t go with the brand colors I’ve chosen for the Canva Tutorial for Entrepreneurs (made up brand) style guide.


You want to create a brand style guide, which is a serious of colors that will represent your brand, and you want your logo to have those colors in it.  Check out some awesome examples of Brand Style Guides, so you can get some ideas about what their like and how their used.  This article here gives 50 examples of Brand Style Guides and this is another 21 examples you can use for inspiration.  You can also check out Pinterest or Youtube for ideas and tutorials about brand style guides.


how to create a business logo


6. Create Your Light Background and Dark Background Version


We talked earlier about how you want to have logo variations, so when you are creating other marketing materials, you can have contrast rather than your logo blending into the background.  You will want a light and dark version at the least.  Usually, you will also need an icon or something for website tabs and other things that come up along the way.


how to create a business logo


7. Create Background Variations


I like to create several background variations.  When you are getting social media graphics or others done (or you’re making them), it’s nice to have background variations to work with.


Variation One:

how to create a logo


Variation Two:


how to create a business logo free


You’ll notice when I created this color variation that the tagline “tutorials for entrepreneurs” is a little faint.  Depending on how I would use the logo, I may want to change to the dark variation to make the tagline pop out more.  Be mindful of this when you’re playing around with colors and logo variables.  You always want your logo to look nice.


8. Be Careful of this When Creating Background Variations

Here is an example of a color variation gone wrong.  It is the dark background logo with a light background.  It almost blends and makes it very difficult to read.  You want to be very careful of this because this is not effective representation of your brand.  Potential customers may not put in the extra effort to squint and try to understand what it’s saying.  They may simply bounce onto the next offer, next brand, or next interesting thing.


how to create a business logo free

Instead you want it to look more like this:


how to create a business logo free


Can you see the difference?  You want your logo to pop from the background.


Here’s A Video Tutorial Playlist to Help

I know it’s one thing to see the tutorial in written form, but I wanted to add a video playlist of some great Canva creators.  This playlist should help you see how to create a business logo free in video form.  Hopefully this helps:

Final Words on How To Create A Business Logo Free

Hopefully, this tutorial gave you all the information you need to create your business logo, and achieve massive success in your business.  All the articles here are intended to propel you to great heights in business.  If you have questions or concerns, please leave them below.  I’d love to help you out.





Now, it’s your turn…


Have you created a business logo?  Have you tried to outsource or delegate creating a business logo?  How did that go?  Let’s share experiences so we can all achieve more business success!





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