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How to Create Content for a Website Efficiently (10X Your Speed!)

how to create content for a website
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Many business who choose to use content marketing as a marketing strategy understand that it’s an important lead generation component, but they struggle to produce enough content consistently.

Contently showed that 60% of marketers believe content marketing is the best lead generation method for their businesses.

how to create content for a website

(Source: Contently)

Even though they understand the importance, 41% of the same marketers surveyed said they struggle to create content.

how to create content for a website

(Source: Contently)

Other studies have shown as many as 70% of marketers struggle with implementing a consistent content marketing strategy!  I’d say it’s probably in large part because it’s hard and they haven’t mastered efficiency.

Content marketing has so many components, so it can be a challenge to balance whether you’re a one-man show or even with a team.  You may want to implement an aggressive publishing schedule to accelerate your website growth, but unless you master efficiency, the acceleration could turn into spotty, inconsistent publishing, and disappointed readers if you’re not careful.

The three best solutions for how to create content for a website efficiently are to:

  • Raise your budget and hire out the content marketing
  • Change your schedule and devote more time to content creation
  • and/or, become more efficient

For most people increasing the budget and changing their schedules may be quite a challenge, so in this article, we’ll focus on how to create content for a website efficiently.  If you can write content more efficiently, you can create more content in less time.  You can get more reach, sales, and leads without sacrificing as much time away from other important functions.  By applying the principles here, you can effectively give yourself a raise by increasing output without increasing the cost.  What an amazing opportunity!  Wouldn’t you say?

Let’s dive right in…in case you would like to see these tips in video, check out my full video on content efficiency here:

My Story

I understand the challenges of content marketing.  I began aggressively creating content in 2015 while I was Active Duty in the military, a full-time student at Liberty University as a newly wed with a 4 year old.  In that year, I’d written over 200,000 words of content while juggling everything else!

You may be thinking, “But, could you sustain that pace?” and I’d say “Yes”.  I haven’t always recorded my exact metrics, but since January 25th, I’ve written almost 200,000 words of content across my websites, not counting emailing my email list, and publishing one book this year so far while having another one in the works!

I’ve created a method to produce content efficiently that enables me to be highly productive as a writer, strategic as an entrepreneur, nurturing as a stay-home-mom, and present as a wife and helpmate.  If I can do it, you can too, so let me tell you how…

how to write content for a website1. Increase Research Speed

If you think about your brain like a bank account, you can’t withdraw something you haven’t deposited.

Many people speak about “writer’s block” and often times writer’s block is triggered by writing about something you don’t feel confident enough to write about or you don’t know sufficient data about.  I combat writer’s block by researching habitually.  I’m always reading, listening to professional or personal development, and other information within my niche (entrepreneurship).

I’m not able to research alot because I have more time than others.  I have 24 hours in my days like everyone else.  I am committed and disciplined to do research.

I listen to audiobooks, podcasts, Youtube channels, or take digital courses while I’m cooking, cleaning, exercising, driving, waiting for something or someone, or whenever my kids are independently entertaining themselves.  This is quite personal, but…

I even listen to research while I shower, use the bathroom, and whenever I find spurt of time.  If I’m addicted to anything, it’s research.

Having done so much research in my “busy hours”, my brain bank account is usually full of data.  When my kids are napping or sleep for the night, then I use the Parkinson’s law to flush out content quickly.

Use Websites Where People go to Find Information in your Niche

Sites like:

You can use these sites for your research to identify topics that are in demand and even topics that have a demand and a low supply!

Evaluate What’s Currently Working in Your Niche

Brian Dean from Backlinko talked about the skyscraper method. In summary, you evaluate what’s working, you create a better version, and you share it with people who want to see it.

To use the Skyscraper method, you want to evaluate the Google search results, the Bing search results, the Yahoo search results, and whichever social media platforms you’ll be leveraging. Identify what content is working well on the platforms you use, and brainstorm to see what makes that piece of content work (word count, images, SEO practices, marketing strategy, the writer’s voice, etc.), then you want to outwork, outpace, and out-strategize them.

how to write content for a website2. Use Content Repurposing to Increase Efficiency

Some very productive authors like Joanna Penn, Winston Churchill, and Dan Brown have all used dictation and repurposed their recorded audios into the written word to improve content efficiency.  You can double, triple, or even quadruple your writing speed by practicing dictation.

There’s software like Dragon Naturally Speaking that can take your spoken words and put them into written word efficiently and quickly.  I personally haven’t effectively used dictation, however, it’s definitely on my list of ways to improve my content efficiency even further.

There’s so many options with dictation.  You can use Dragon or you can outsource the transcription using a site like Fiverr.

3. Content Batching

Batching Brainstorming and Keyword Research

Content batching is a very effective method I use for efficiently creating content!  Rather than doing keyword research, gathering images, doing graphic design, and blog promotion in one sitting, I batch the processes.

In one sitting, I’ll do my brainstorming and possibly even my keyword research.  For example, I may have several ideas of things I’d like to write on, but I need to validate whether the ideas are relevant to my readers and potential readers, so I jot down my ideas, then go over to Jaaxy.

Jaaxy will tell me how often the idea is typically searched in search engines, variations of the keyword I entered, and what the competition in the search rankings is like for the particular keyword.  My search for “How often should I post on a blog” looked like this:

When you CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT on our homepage, you’ll get access to free searches on Jaaxy.  You should definitely give it a try!

Batching Blog Draft Creation

After I have good keywords (low competition and high search volume), then I’ll create drafts in SiteContent (my writing platform), and paste the search volume data into the draft.

For me, rather than writing directly into WordPress, I always write in a platform called SiteContent.  In fact, I’m writing in SiteContent now!

how to write content on a website


The three circles across the bottom are my goals.  You can see in the image that I was 83% to completion of my 1500 word count goal per post, I had 100% of my paragraph goal completed, and 100% of my heading goal completed.  Having these metrics on each post helps me deliver consistent content.

I also set weekly content creation goals, monthly goals, and so on.  It records my writing goals for increments I set.  I have word count goals per post, heading counts per post, writing templates, and other things in SiteContent.  Along with the free keyword searches, 2 free websites, 10 free training lessons, and interaction with other entrepreneurs, when you CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT, you will get access to SiteContent.

You can manage several websites from SiteContent.  I have several websites that I manage and write for.  I’m able to log onto SiteContent and publish to each website when I am finished simply by clicking “Publish” and scrolling down to the chosen destination site.

how to create content for a website

Being able to create content and publish content to multiple sites without logging into WordPress increases my content efficiency a whole lot!  As a premium member, I can manage up to 50 websites from one logon!

Batch Writing Templates

McDonald’s is famous for their efficient process for making inxpensive burgers in seconds.  Prior to them, people were used to waiting for burgers that had much longer prep times.  What separated their process from others is their template.

They created ways to squirt the same amount of ketchup, mustard, toast the buns the same way, and basically, they created a very uniform process: an assembly line.

Similarly, Henry Ford created an assembly line for cars. He was able to assemble cars much quicker than his competitors as a result.

Assembly lines increase production speed and uniformity.  Writers can create systems too and writing templates help!

Writing templates can enable you to scale, hire other writers, and still produce a uniform post.  For me, I’ve created various templates, so my reviews, pages, and posts have a similar format.  All of my websites are able to have distinct marks of brand uniformity.

SiteContent has a feature where you can create templates.

how to create content for a website


I have quite a few templates, and I’m sure I’ll be making more.  Each template has word count goals, # of header goals, and I can even add content like headlines, etc. into the template.  It makes it so easy to open a draft and begin writing.

4. Outsourcing Components

If you’re making money, it may be time for you to begin outsourcing.  In a previous post, I mentioned a business growth blueprint: prototype the job, 7x the job, and so on…I’ll share more on that in the future.  For now, I want you to consider scaling if you’re able to.  It’s a vital component of business growth and training the business to be independant of you.

You may want to outsource transcriptions, full content creation, writing, graphics, promotion, or other elements.  In their article on scaling a marketing team, Hubspot recommends a structure like this:

how to create content for a website


(Source: Hubspot)

You don’t want to scale too early because you can quickly drive your business into a bad financial state.

You want to first have the template for a profitable job for the entrepreneur: whether their profitable job is the writer, designer, podcaster, video creator, or others.  Once it’s time to scale, Hubspot suggests you have people to:

  • To Attract – Content writers, SEO specialists, social media managers, and designers
  • To Convert – Everyone involved in making landing pages, optins, email marketing, lead scoring, and nurturing leads
  • Close – Sales Team, Live chat, etc.

Marketing Specialist, Mike Volpe, recommends focusing most of your marketing team on attraction than on closing by using proportions like 2 attraction marketers and 1 closer for a team of 3, a 5:2:2 ratio for a team of 7, and a 9:6:3 ratio for a team of 18.  Of course, you’ll have to make these approximations your own, but it’s a good template for scaling the marketing team.

5. Applying Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s Law says, “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.”  In other words, if you give yourself alot of time to complete a task, the work will expand to fill the time.  If you give yourself a small amount of time, your work will shrink to fit the amount of time.  Many professional writers use timers, timed sessions, or self-invoked scarcity to increase writing speed.

You can do 10 min, 30 min, or whichever timed spurts intertwined with a break to challenge yourself to increase your writiing speed.

6. Practice Vital Skills To Improve Speed

Increasing typing speed, improving reading speed, and increasing the speed of use of your technology will help make your writing process more efficient, and overall will improve the returns on your investment.

how to write content for a website7. Choose Technology that Increases Content Efficiency

In my post on 23 Home Office Supplies for Home Based Businesses, I mentioned how the home office setup contributes to productivity.  If you’re writing in your bed in a comfortable position, it’s likely that the work won’t be taken as seriously as if you made is a discipline by getting dressed, sitting upright, and being focused.  If writing is a component of your business, you have to be disciplined as if it’s business: whether you work from home or whether you work away from home.

I’ve chosen home office supplies that are reliable, long-lasting, easy for me to use, my primary writing computer is lightweight and portable (Acer Chromebook), and I use SiteContent.

Another benefit with SiteContent is that I don’t have to navigate away to Pixabay or Shutterstock for stock images because of the built-in image library.  There are over 1 million free stock images to choose from, so I typically have alot of variety to choose from.

Before SiteContent, I would write my content, download a bunch of images, upload all of the images, add meta tags, and on and on.  Now, I skip the download and upload steps by clicking the image icon, typing into the search bar, and choosing the images for my articles.  It saves so much time!

Final Words on How To Create Content for a Website Efficiently

The goal of this article was to show how to create content for a website efficiently, so you can have higher returns from lesser time.  I hope the tips here can help you massively and give you more time and income to work on other parts of your business (even if it’s for personal recreation).  If you have questions or concerns about this, don’t hesistate to leave them in the comments section.  I’d love to help you out!

If you like what you’ve seen here and you want to give SiteContent and Jaaxy a try CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT HERE.  In addition to getting SiteContent and Jaaxy, you’ll also get two free websites, 10 free training lessons, and access to millions of other entrepreneurs.  CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT.  There’s no risk.  No credit card is required ever.




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