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How to Get Ready for Black Friday 2019 – Tips for [More Online Sales]

how to get ready for black friday
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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

In this article, we’ll be talking about How to Get Ready for Black Friday with tips for getting more online sales.

Are you ready for the biggest 4 days of the e-commerce calendar? Thanksgiving thru Cyber Monday have been known as some of the highest sales days in the entire year!

Some people will be enjoying the best part of their year where their paychecks are much higher than normal, and others will be in distress because their expenses are eating at them. I want you to enjoy the holiday cheer as a part of the “bigger paycheck club”, but in order to do that, you have to prepare.

E-Commerce Black Friday Stats You Should Know

First, I think you should really know some very mind-blowing stats about how black Friday goes for online businesses, so let’s take a look…

  • In 2018, Thanksgiving Day brought in $3.7 billion in online sales, and for Black Friday, $6.2 billion.

Matt McWilliams from Affiliate Guy podcast said, Black Friday through Cyber Monday have been known to make up more than 50% of the yearly income of some affiliates I know (and their income is into the hundreds of thousands of dollars)

  • In 2018, brick-and-mortar traffic on Thanksgiving and Black Friday fell as much as 9% over 2017. But overall sales continue to rise — with online shopping owning the largest piece of the pie. Ecommerce sales soared 16.7% over performance in 2017.
  • Online revenue has increased steadily over the past 10 years, and in 2017 jumped to $2.36 billion — up from $1.97 billion in 2016.
  • BlackFriday.com predicts that 2019 Black Friday online spending will surpass $12 billion this year. Of the shoppers they surveyed, 61% plan to do most of their holiday shopping online.
  • As for what customers want, the top deals they sought last year included:
    • Clothing,
    • Tech,
    • Toys,
    • Smart-home gadgets,
    • Gift cards, and
    • Travel.

What These Statistics Mean for Your Business

You can either be excited to eat turkey, macaroni and cheese, or whatever is your family’s holiday entree, or…

You can be excited about how much bigger your bank account balance may be. Which one do you like best?

These shocking statistics demonstrate that a economic shift takes place at this year every year, and now, this shift is inclining upwards in the online world. This means those that prepare for Black Friday by being clear about their online promotions and attracting their ideal customers, will be able to eat an economic Thanksgiving feast from a money plate that’s predicted at $12 billion!

How to Get Ready for Black Friday - Holiday Dinner10 Tips for How to Get Ready for Black Friday

If you want to get a slice of the pie during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Holidays, make sure to implement these 10 strategies into your marketing plans…

1. Have your website set up

I know this one may seem obvious for many of you, but for others, it’s not. Some people are using Facebook, Instagram, or another site as “their website”, but if you’re doing this, you’re missing out on owning your own digital property. If you’re on a small budget, posting on rented land could be your only option, but at least put it on a site that can be transferred over to your own domain eventually.

Build a free WordPress website here and start getting set up for the holidays…

2. Make sure it’s clear what you’re selling

Once you have your website set up, I recommend choosing a good theme and a good landing page software that will make your user experience spot-on. If you have multiple products, you may want to set up a Woocommerce site or use Shopify.

If you’re really confused about how to set up your website, I recommend you checking out the Online Entrepreneur Certification at my #1 recommended online community. Don’t wait. Black Friday is right around the corner.

3. Create content about your Black Friday Deals (or affiliate promotions)

I recently did a blog post about a Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal and I have more posts like this underway. I know it’s alot going on in this holiday season, you’re probably shopping, cooking, and attending lots of events, but don’t skimp on telling people about your Black Friday deals on your website.

Create a blog post, shoot a video, do a podcast, and keep talking about it! If you want in on the rewards, you have to put in the work. Hire help if you need to! There’s lots of opportunity over this critical weekend.

4. Make an irresistible Holiday Giveaway (in exchange for an email address)

Are there questions people in your audience ask a lot? Is there something you know could help them over the holiday season? Why not make an irresistable download, e-course, or other giveaway?

When you make a really good giveaway, you’re using the laws of persuasion. You’re building trust, credibility, and authority, and you’re igniting the laws of reciprocity. Why not start the giving season by initiating acts of generosity? Generosity pays.

Here are some great holiday giveaways that can give you some ideas:

  • Vistaprint is doing 50% off holiday cards and wall calendars – It doesn’t have to be 100% free. Your giveaway could simply be a discount.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is doing more than 50% off their membership rate for annual members. You can start an online business (including the tools, training, and support) for $299/yr! – You can discount your information products during this time of the year. This holiday deal is a big hit every year at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Some people are giving away promo products
  • And, digital products are also great things to giveaway. You can do printables, a short eBook, or an e-course that could even build curiosity towards another premium product!

5. Make a nice holiday landing page with an easy-to-spot optin and giveaway

Your website is your digital real estate, so it’s time to get decorating! I have to do some myself!

When you go to Walmart, Target, or other large retailers, they’re setting the mood by putting up Christmas trees, hanging ribbons and bows, and even buying seasonal inventory. Shouldn’t online businesses do a little decorating too?

Why not create a holiday-themed landing page?

Make some nice alterations to your color palette that will maintain your branding, but infuse some holiday cheer.

6. Create an email sequence that nurtures your email list and primes the pump for purchase

Yesterday, I wrote a buyers’ guide on the best email marketing software for affiliate marketers. Any of those email options can help you complete this task.

It’s important to build trust, authenticity, and credibility because people buy from those they know, like, and trust. Sometimes, a simple blog post won’t work. Instead, you may have to go with a content type that is more engaging like video or email marketing.

You can create an email sequence that sets the holiday mood, but don’t be too sales-y. Be genuine. Offer value and tie in your holiday promotions once your readers know what’s in it for them.

7. Set aside a PPC budget (if you can) or be more aggressive with your organic holiday content

I recently did an article on how to do your business budget using Everydollar. Budgeting can be very simple to do using that app. In the holiday season, you want to make sure you’re budgeting because it’s so easy for other people and temptation to tell your money where to go. Be careful!

If you can, I’d recommend setting aside a paid advertising budget. In his Shopify masterclass, Brian Lam said most online businesses amp up their ad budgets in quarter 4 by up to 75%!

This means if you can fork out additional ad spend, now would be the time to do that. People are searching for keywords like “holiday deals”, “holiday discounts”, “Christmas sales”, and others. You can bid on some great keywords in Google and Bing that it might be more difficult to rank for with SEO.

You can also drive traffic to your free giveaway and holiday email sequence using social media ads–that way you can have a strong flow of potential customers into your funnel.

8. Do your keyword research and choose keywords that you can rank for

Whether you choose to go the paid route or not, it’s still a good idea to go after some good organic holiday keywords as well. You can try ranking for them on Google and Bing, but don’t forget about Pinterest and Youtube!

Some people may be ranking in Google, but leave you a great opportunity on Pinterest, Youtube, or Bing–all those still drive traffic too. Go over to Google, Bing, Pinterest, and Youtube, and use the alphabet soup technique too find good holiday keywords with high demand and low competition and do for it!

Create your content like you want a piece of the $12 billion pie!

9. Set up your social media posting schedule

I recently did an interview with Gil Salamander from eClincher. The software he and his team created is a leading social media management software with amazing analytics features. With thousands of social media accounts suing their software, they have lots of data about how social media works.

He shared how social media is impacting users’ buying decisions and how the numbers are growing! If you’re not posting on social media organically, why not? It’s free impressions and you can automate it to make it easy for yourself using eClincher. Try a 14-day free trial of eClincher and that’ll get you thru the holiday season.

10. Add ribbons and countdown timers to your website

You may not like scarcity because it makes you feel pressure, but some decisions don’t get made without a little push, and SCARCITY WORKS. When people see that time is running out and they don’t have forever, they make the decision.

Adding countdown timers increases conversion rates by more than 50%!

Black Friday deals are exciting and convert so well because they’re limited time offers. Why not set a countdown timer, so people can be very aware your offers are time-sensitive?

Thrive Themes has great countdown timer options and Elementor Pro (the one I’ll personally be using) does too!

11. Set up heatmaps and conversion tracking to make sure there’s no glitches during prime time

Last but not least…

How much would it “kick rocks” if you did all of this preparation and you didn’t notice your website was down or your landing page wasn’t working? That would be horrible!

I recommend you stay on standby to make sure everything is working well all thru the holiday season. You can add heatmaps to your website pages to make sure people are finding your offers okay.

Heatmaps will monitor your website activity and show you (inside your login area) what portions of your pages your users are scrolling to, where your traffic is falling off, and more. They’re typically shown using color-coding so you see the portions of your site with the highest impressions and the areas that don’t get as much visibility. This can help you to optimize your pages for sales.

If you want to learn more about heatmaps, check out the software I use here.

Conversion tracking can also be helpful because you’ll be able to see where your users are taking action (or not)–this is more advanced stuff though, so if these terms sound completely brand new to you, definitely check out this training on tracking links and goals.

12. Have Meals Planned and Ready so You can Focus on Business and Social

The holiday season has lots of responsibilities on the business and social sides. You don’t need to have lots of responsibility with meal prep too. Something has to compromise. Hahaha.

A couple years ago, I started doing freezer meals and it’s been a saving grace for my sanity at times. With freezer meals, you can prep your holiday meals now (before the holidays are underway), stick them in your freezer, then on the day you want to the meals ready, you stick them in the oven or dump them in the freezer.

I’ve had meal prep sessions where I make more than 10 meals in a 2 hour increment! That means I don’t have to take out pots, pans, knives, and cutting board for two weeks! It can save so much time and let you refocus that time on Black Friday promotions and spending time with family and friends–that’s enough to focus on by itself. Check out the meal planning service I use.

I paid for meal plans for the entire year at $96. Their team prepares the shopping lists and gives you step-by-step directions on what to do. I order my groceries from the shopping list and either pick them up or have them delivered. There’s some really great holiday meals, and you can save so much time! Check out MyFreezeasy here.

Conclusion – Final Tips on How to Get Ready for Black Friday

I really hope your holiday is amazing! Hopefully, you get to feast economically and physically. Hahaha.

Use these tips and make them better every year. My first year getting ready for Black Friday as a new entrepreneur wasn’t nearly as good as this year, and when I look at more established companies than mine (who use an amplified version of this), I can see I still have a long way to go to really maximize the potential over the holiday season, but it’s best to move one step at a time. Make progress. Start somewhere.

If you have questions or concerns about this, leave them in the comment section below.

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