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How To Increase a Website Conversion Rate Without Increasing Traffic

how to increase sales conversion rate without increasing traffic

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There’s some people in this world who  have so much traffic, they can sell manure.  No offense.  Just think about it, some people can sell poop while you and I may be struggling to sell something we poured our hearts and souls into.  Somethings wrong with that, wouldn’t you say?  Regardless, there are ways that people with a smaller amount of traffic can still increase a website conversion rate without increasing their traffic, and that’s what this article is about.  We’ll be talking about how to increase a website conversion rate without increasing traffic.  I’m basing this article on the real life story of Shane Melaugh as told in his Thrive University course Make More Sales Without Needing More Traffic.


how to increase a website conversion rateIf you have been in business for even a day or two, you may have started to think about how to “fill your pipeline”, or get customers to see your product or service.  In internet marketing terms, getting exposure for your product or service is “getting traffic”.  You may be using paid advertising, search engine marketing, social media marketing, or offline tactics like cold calling or door-to-door.  Whichever is your marketing strategy, you know you have to get exposure in order to get sales, but you may not know how to increase a website conversion rate especially without increasing the traffic.


Got A Little Traffic…Now What?


Once you’ve chosen a route of getting traffic, you may find it costs.  Whether you’re giving out business cards, flyers, paying for Facebook ads, Pay-per-click ads, or even SEO courses can cost you out the WAZOO!  If you’re not careful, you can go into this viscious never-ending, not-able-to-profit cycle of buying traffic, presenting your offer, and no conversions.  It can be a stressful disaster!


Then, there comes a point where you start to have SOME traffic and maybe some conversions.  Maybe you’re connecting with 20-25 people per day or maybe more, and you’re experiencing massive rejection or simply people who want to delay on taking your offer, so you start to ask yourself, “What do I do now?”.


To scale a successful business, you need to have traffic, but you also need to convert the traffic into paid customers, which is why we’re talking about the topic of how to increase a website conversion rate without increasing traffic.


Is it a mystery or is it possible?


Our Case Study

Our case study will illustrate the success story of Shane Melaugh, the founder of Thrive Themes, my #1 recommended premium theme and plugin company.  The image below shows what he was able to do:


how to Increase sales conversion rate


The image is SOOOOO interesting, right?  Do you see the blue line?  That illustrates his traffic.  The traffic looks steady: no major increases or decreases.  The interesting line is the red line.  Even with the blue line staying straight, the red line drastically went up.  Do you see that?  Look again if you don’t.


We’re not talking about connecting with a person with a big mailing list and having them email their audience…No. The traffic line stayed straight.


We’re talking about optimizing, increasing lifetime customer value, and improving customer experience.  In his training within Thrive University, Shane Melaugh talks about the exact steps for how he was able to increase his sales more than double the norm without increasing his traffic.  For the full training, you can check out Thrive University for FREE here.  For my paraphrased (as much as I can fit into one blog post from a meaty course version), keep reading…


The Importance of Customer Experience

How To Increase Sales Conversion RateOften times, we can be in such a rush to “make the big bucks” that we lose focus of customer experience.  Yes, you made that phenomenal product.  Yes, you are very good at performing that service.  The details matter!


The details like how you collect payment, how you promote the service, and how you present your business matter.  The details that make a customer FEEL a certain way can make or break even a good product or service.


Why The Mediocre Product Can Get Sales


I know you’ve seen the person who has tons of sales, but it seems that their product is mediocre.  You may think to yourself, how did they get that level of success with that.  I think that way sometimes too, but could it be that they focused on how to make the customer FEEL a certain way towards the buying experience?


You want to pay attention to how you make the customer FEEL in your acquisition processes, in your conversion processes, and in your retention processes.  You want them to feel like they made a good decision the entire time.


It can be difficult to balance making your customer FEEL good about their decision while still not having them put off the buying decision, and Shane has done an amazing job with his strategy on how to encourage timely and instant conversions while not being spammy or pushy.


Warnings Against Being Spammy

How To Increase Sales Conversion RateWhile you’re paying attention to your customer experience, you want to make sure not to be spammy or pushy.  Many business owners use manipulative techniques to push or force people to act by overwhelming their inboxes, calling nonstop, or just simply being over-the-top.  What happens when you’re spammy like that is the customer will learn how to tune you out.  You’ll lose customer loyalty and when you have a product or service (even one that can solve their problem), they will immediately reject you because of your past approaches.


You don’t want customers tuning you out, so don’t be spammy.


The Real Meat and Potatoes

How To Increase Sales Conversion RateNow, into the real meat and potatoes of this lesson….scarcity marketing.  Remember the chart?  The blue line (traffic) was about the same, but the red line (revenue) rose drastically.  Shane and the Thrive team increased their customer value without increasing their exposure, and they did this with the magic of scarcity marketing.


Many millionaire business owners will tell you scarcity marketing is like a magic potion.  Look at these quotes here:


Pat Flynn talks about scarcity in his article The Truth About Scarcity Online

Neil Patel talk about Scarcity in his article How To Use Urgency and Scarcity to Improve Conversions

and of course mega marketing companies (like Sumo) are talking about scarcity marketing. Check out their article 9 Essential Ways to Use Scarcity to Increase Sales


Did you miss the memo?  Are you using scarcity marketing in your business yet?  I’ve got it on the top of my to-do list.  This stuff is serious and the most successful online entrepreneurs are using it!


Intro to Scarcity Marketing

How To Increase Sales Conversion RateWhat Shane Melaugh did to increase sales conversions without increasing his traffic was largely attributed to the use of scarcity marketing.  Scarcity marketing is the use of a limited time, one time, or specified short term offer that can be used to spike sales.  Scarcity marketing goes well with a product launch, a short term sale, an introductory offer, or the like.


Scarcity Marketing Done Wrong

You absolutely absolutely absolutely want to be careful to use scarcity marketing right because it can collapse your credibility when done wrong.  Many people don’t like to use scarcity marketing because they’ve seen it done wrong, in a dishonest, or spammy way.  It doesn’t have to be done wrong.


  • If you say this is a “one-time” offer for new readers, then make it that.  Don’t compromise what you said.
  • If business is slow and you decide to do a sale to liven things up, do a sale, but don’t overdue sales.  If you overdue sales, then customers could delay their purchases to “buy within your sale window”.  Properly use sales.
  • Don’t use faulty timers or bad services to carry out scarcity marketing.  Use good tools to invoke scarcity, so people will take your offers serious.  The last thing you want is a timer that resets everytime someone comes to your website.  What a disaster!


Scarcity Marketing Done Right

How To Increase Sales Conversion RateIf you take a look at this page, it will show you nice looking landing pages with nice looking timers. Of course, these products are the exact ones used by Melaugh because he is the founder of Thrive Themes the creator of Thrive Ultimatum, the scarcity plugin.


Now…after you install the plugin, can you just slap the timer up and let the profits roll in?  No.


Thrive Ultimatum gives you the ability to add a timer on the bottom of all pages of your website, you can choose to add it to some pages, some posts, or in the widgets.  There are many customization options.


With Thrive Architect, you can create a landing page as well if you’d like.  Melaugh created his entire site using the Thrive suite, so he was able to customize his website, create nice looking landing pages, and add the Thrive Ultimatumto the bottom of each of his blog posts.


How He Nurtured His Email List During the Scarcity Campaign

how to increase sales conversion rateMy favorite part about how Melaugh did his scarcity campaign is how passive he treated his email list.  He did not bombard them with salesy emails.  Instead, he sent simple emails to his email list with topics that correlated to his product promotion.  He did not pitch his email list AT ALL via email.  Instead, when they clicked the blog post and came to the Thrive website to read, they would see the timer at the bottom letting them know there was a short term offer and invoking scarcity.  He used this “recipe” for sales success several times during his launch period.  He recommends:


  • Sending a message 5-10 days before the special offer closes promoting a blog post on a relevant topic to the product launch
  • Then 3 days before the offer closes, send another blog post (different than the first blog post)  on a relevant topic to the product launch, and mention the product launch
  • 36 Hours before the offer closes, send and email reminder to those who have opened the previous emails and to the nonopeners
  • When the time is up, update the sales page

How To Apply This To Your Business?

how to increase sales conversion rateDepending on your business, this will look different, but the mechanics is the same.  With Thrive Ultimatum, you would “create a campaign”, and choose where you want the countdown to appear.  It will automatically start and stop when you have set it to making the stopwatch (one of the most important parts of scarcity marketing) very easy.


As for the email sequence, you would use my #1 email marketing software, Convertkit, or your email marketing provider to set up an email sequence that will blast emails our between days 5-10 prior to the offer closing, then again 3 days before the offer closes, and the final reminder would be 36 hours before.  Thrive Ultimatum will do the legwork of shutting off and dissappearing so you won’t have to worry about faulty clocks or errors that make you look bad in that way.


As For Your Email Sequence

If you are launching a course on budgeting, you may want to write a blog post on why budgeting is important, ways budgeting is commonly done wrong, or what happens when you don’t budget.  When you have the first blog post complete and live, then you go to Convertkit, or your email marketing software and start your 3-email sequence.  It would email your list saying something like:


Email #1:


Hello (name),


I recently published this post called (post name).  I thought you may be interested in it.


  • Reason 1 the blog post is important
  • Reason 2 the blog post is important
  • Reason 3 the blog post is important

You can stop by and read it here, and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments.


All the best,

(your name)

When they arrive onto your blog post, Thrive Ultimatum would show the timer in your widgets, or on the bottom of the post.  Then they would realize that you have a special promotion going on because they would see something like this:




After 48 hours, you would make sure another relevant post was published to your website, and your email marketing software would send out the next email in the sequence which would say something like:


Email #2:


Hello (name),


I thought you’d be interested in my latest blog post on (topic).


It will tell you how to:


  • benefit 1
  • benefit 2
  • benefit 3
  • benefit 4

If this sounds interesting to you, check out my article called (Titled) here.  By the way, I’m having a special on (special offer) for a limited time.  If you want to take advantage of the offer, you’ll have to do so within (amount of time).


As always, if you have any questions on the post, leave you comments in the comments section.  If you have questions about the offer, just hit “reply”.


To your success,

(your name)


Then, your final email would be a simple reminder 36 hours before the offer closes.  Your email marketing software (Convertkit, LOLOL) would send the reminder email to those who opened the previous emails and those who did not.


Email #3 would say:


Hello (name),


I just wanted to send you a quick reminder that my special offer on (title) will expire in 36 hours.  If you want to get in on the offer while it lasts, stop by here now.  This offer won’t return again, so if your even slightly interested, take advantage now.  Here’s where you can purchase (the offer).


To your success,


(Your name)


Then BOOM…You’ve done a scarcity marketing campaign.  Now, there is much more meat to this topic, but this is the basics of how to execute a scarcity marketing campaign.


Recommendations on How to Increase a Website Conversion Rate Without Increasing Your Traffic

how to increase sales conversion without increasing trafficIf you want to implement a scarcity marketing campaign in your business so you can increase your profit without increasing your traffic, you should watch the entire lesson called “Make More Sales Without Needing More Traffic” by Thrive UniversityCreate your FREE Thrive University Account here.There, you can visualize the exact emails Shane used, see his graphs, and hear the exact learning lessons he learned by implementing this in his business time and time again.


Before you try implementing this strategy, begin making an email list using an email service provider like Convertkit.  Most successful internet marketers will say, “the money is in the list”, and you can see from our case study that most of the traffic generation methods (outside of routine SEO and possible PPC they may use) were reliant on the email list.  If you haven’t started to collect email addresses from your readers or customers, you should check out Convertkit, the installation is easy, and you can start collection emails today.


I would also recommend checking out Thrive Ultimatum.  In my opinion, other tools don’t offer the same value as the Thrive Suite.  I personally bought the Thrive annual membership, and plan to take all of their amazing Thrive University courses, use all of the plugins, and use Thrive Themes on all of my sites.  With the membership, I am able to use Thrive Ultimatum and all of the Thrive conversion-focused products on all of my sites (up to 25 sites at no additional charge).  It’s been one of the best investments in my business.  I don’t need expensive subscriptions to Clickfunnels or Leadpages.  I don’t need other subscriptions to Deadline Funnel or other scarcity solutions.


Final Words: How to Increase a Website Conversion Rate Without Increasing Traffic


I bought Thrive Themes membership and it is like my internet marketing business in a box.  If you’re looking for tools to help increase conversions in your online business, don’t overlook Thrive Themes.  They’re a force to be reckoned with!


If you’re still unsure about Thrive Themes, you can check out my full Thrive Themes review.  Even if you don’t want to purchase Thrive, you still can’t go wrong with the free training from having a Thrive University account.  Check that out ASAP!


Now, it’s your turn…


Have you used scarcity marketing in your business?  How did that work for you?  Did you see sales spikes?  Did you use faulty tools?  What’s your advice for others?


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