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How to Start a Weight Loss Blog – A Step-by-Step Guide (with Examples!)

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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

If you’re here, it’s likely that you’re either passionate about weight loss, you want accountability on your weight loss journey, or you know that there’s a market of people who want to lose weight, and you’d like to know how to start a blog to share your weight loss discoveries with others.

Starting a blog can enable you to help lots of people, sharing with them tips, tricks, and tools that could help with their weight loss journey. In this article, I plan to show you some weight loss blog examples, how you can make money with a weight loss blog, and step-by-step what to do to make money with a weight loss blog.

Can you Make Money Losing Weight? Kinda.

I like to get paid to do things I was going to do anyway, and I bet you can relate. If you were planning to lose weight and you want to share your findings, advice, or observations with others, starting a weight loss blog could be a great way to do that.

We’ll talk more about how you could do that later…

Weight Loss Blog Examples (Plus Income Reports)

Considering that blogging is likely a new career field for you, you might be interested in seeing what successful weight loss blogs look like and how much they make–this can give you an idea of what’s possible in the niche.

Disclaimer: The weight loss blog examples I’m sharing with you are not a representation of typical results. In fact, many people who start weight loss blogs give up early in their journeys. This career option isn’t for everyone, but it’s a very lucrative option if you stick it out, and you can test to see if this is a good career option for you for free.

Green Thickies – $15,534 in January 2018

Green Thickies is a blog by a mom named Katherine Kyle. In her blog, she shares how she had debilitating illnesses and was overweight, and she used the green smoothies diet to lose weight. From her experience, she’s written green smoothie recipes, green smoothie tools, and much more to help others lose weight. As a result of affiliate partnerships, product sales, advertising, she was able to make $15,534 in January of 2018, and a recurring full-time income. Full income report here

Avocadu – $20,000+ Per Month

Avocadu is a blog founded by Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus. They started the site as a health and wellness site, but over time, they decided to niche down to increase their sales conversions. It’s easier to sell products when you know who you’re selling to and when you know what problems they’re dealing with. Now, they focus on teaching yoga and healthy living to middle age women. As a result of their effort, their blog generates more than $20,000 per month from affiliate marketing, digital product sales, physical products, and advertising.

Thrive Strive – $29,903.62 in January 2018

Thrivestrive.com is a blog founded by Paul Scrivens. Since, he’s started several other profitable blogs, but this was one of his best blogging successes. At Thrivestrive, he talks about yoga, working out, and losing weight. Considering it\’s such a high traffic site, he makes money from advertising, digital products, and affiliate sales. You can read his full income report here.

Nerd Fitness – 7-Figure Business

Nerdfitness.com is a blog founded by Steve Kamb. He saw a hole in the fitness market. There were some people who felt too self-conscious to exercise and workout in the gym, but they desperately need to work out some way. He decided to make a blog for those “nerds” who want to look good and get in shape, but who felt too self-conscious to do it.

With an email list of over 300,000 subscribers, and more than 400,000 website visitors per month, he makes his money selling Nerd fitness academy (online courses for nerds) and live events. He doesn’t publish income reports, but you can see more of his story here.

How Much do Weight Loss Bloggers Make?

Weight loss bloggers usually start out investing into themselves with education and networking. After they’ve leveled up their skills, they can make varying amounts of money. It’s most common to see bloggers earning less than $20,000/yr for the first two years of working, but things usually start to pick up from the 2nd year and full-time incomes (of $3000/mo and beyond) are attainable in years 2-4 for those who work hard consistently.

There are anomaly stories of people who made money faster, and many people who made money slower. Considering it’s a self-paced career field that’s commission-based, the pay is tied to your production. Most people lack in the technical skills or work ethic to see optimal results, but that’s why it’s important to find a mentor, good training, tools, and support to see the best results.

How to Start a Weight Loss Blog – Step-by-Step

Now, it’s time to talk about how you can get started with your weight loss blog. Here are the steps I’d recommend for you to get started today…

1. Choose a Niche

When you\’re starting a website, it\’s important for you to learn how to address problems for one audience and build on top of that. Weight loss has so many different approaches, and people who want to approach it from different angles. You have to decide who you want to help and which solutions you want to deliver to them–this is what niche selection is all about.

Weight Loss Blogging Niches or Audiences

Here are some weight loss blogging niches you may want to consider:

  • Moms who want to lose weight
  • Postpartum weight loss
  • Men who want to lose weight
  • Seniors who want to lose weight
  • Disabled people who want to lose weight
  • Losing weight with kids at home
  • Supplements for losing weight
  • Workouts for losing weight
  • Natural remedies for weight loss
  • Diets for weight loss
  • Yoga for weight loss
  • Dancing for weight loss

There are many more weight loss blogging niches. You can take a look at some other niche options here.

2. Build a Website

Once you’ve chosen a niche, it’s time to set up your digital storefront by “building a website”. Your website is what you’d attract your customers to, and it’s what will help with the sales and conversion process in your business. People will come to your web site for weight loss advice, your articles can help them, they can decide to follow your advice, and make purchases–all on your website.

3. Set up your Social Pages

Social media and search engines are two major sources of traffic online. When you share high-quality content on a regular basis, you\’ll meet more and more new people who will engage with your content, and want to do business with your brand. I recommend you setting up a social media page and sharing your posts there. If you’re unfamiliar with how to use social media, build a following, or attract customers with it, then definitely, check out the training available here.

4. Create Content

Now, your website is set up and your social pages are set up. It’s now time to start creating content: articles, videos, graphics, social media posts, and other things that can help your target audience.

You want to respond to search queries they might be using online, and create engaging social posts that would attract people to your content from there as well. It can get a little confusing to juggle, which is why I made the editorial calendar to help you out.

Recommended Resource:

How to Create an Editorial Calendar (with a Free Template!)

5. Monetize the Website

When you create your content, you want to make sure there’s a clear sales goal in mind. If you\’re making a website for profit, you have to sell products or services, and your content is going to do the brunt of the sales work for you.

You can sell your own products and services, or other people’s products and services (with affiliate marketing). I recommend you start your blog monetization with affiliate marketing because it\’s very low overhead and quick entry into the market, but you can stack other income streams over time.

How do Weight Loss Blogs Make Money?

Weight loss blogs (like the success stories we mentioned above) monetize their blogs with multiple streams of income. They usually start by making money with one income stream, and add on as they build their audience and demand for other options. Some common ways to make money with a weight loss blog are:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Digital products
  • Online courses
  • Physical products
  • And, services

6. Get Traffic

When you have your blog set up, content for them to engage with, and products and services to sell, this is where many people say, “Where is the money?”. They want sales, but you can’t have sales if no one knows about you. You have to get people to know who you are, why they should care, and how you can help them. I recommend you use search engine optimization, social media marketing, and paid advertising, so you can get potential customers to your website, but if these things are unfamiliar to you, I recommend you check out the training here.

Once you have traffic, context, authority, and trust, you’ll start to see more and more sales.

7. Make Money

More sales = more money. If you have people coming to your website, relying on the advice you give there, and making buying decisions based on the information you’ve provided, then you’ll be making money.


I know this was alot of information about how to start a weight loss blog. I’m hoping this step-by-step walkthru was very helpful for you. If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

If you want to get started with your weight loss blog, I’d love to help you out. Join me in my favorite online community and get a free website and free training when you join!

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