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How to Start an Interior Design Blog – A Step-by-Step Guide

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If you’re here, it’s likely, you’re passionate about interior design or helping people to be more comfortable with their environments, and you’re probably wondering how to start a blog that transmits that passion to others. In this article, we’ll be talking about how to start an interior design blog.

I’ll include successful interior blog examples, answer common questions, and give you step-by-step advice on how to start an interior design blog, so you can get started.

What is an Interior Design Blog?

Although interior design is a specific job title, there are many blogs that can fall into the interior design category.

An interior design blog is a blog that gives design inspiration and tips to improve the functionality or aesthetics of an interior space.

Some common topics include:

  • Interior decor
  • Furniture
  • Cleaning
  • Cleaning tips

Is there a Demand for Interior Design Advice Online?

Absolutely! In fact, Google shows us that interior design is something people are looking for all year around (especially around the winter holidays and the New Year).

I input a few terms that are common within interior design: “toy organization ideas”, “home office organization ideas”, “how to clean faster”, declutter”, and “tidying tips”, and look what Google shows us about the trends…Take a look…

I could’ve went on and on with other search phrases, but just this 5 can show you a small glimpse of the demand in the niche. Clearly, people are most interested in decluttering around New Years, right?

That might be helpful to remember.

Other Names for Interior Design Blogs

Aside from Interior Design Blogs, people may also refer to interior design blogs as:

  • Lifestyle blogs
  • Home organization blogs
  • DIY blogs
  • and sometimes, craft blogs even talk about interior design

Successful Interior Design Blog Examples

Since starting an interior design blog is something you’re considering, it’s really helpful to see successful interior design blog examples (including income reports).

Neat House Sweet Home – $3,000/mo

Flavia from Neat House Sweet Home shares the first three years of her blogging journey including her traffic and income reports here. She was able to grow her blog income from earning nothing to making a nice side hustle income.

Just a Girl and Her Blog – $0-$51.8k/mo

Abby from Just a Girl and her Blog started Just a Girl and Her Blog in 2013 as a creative outlet. She creates articles about organizing, decorating, and blogging, and she’s documented her income journey from $2,446 – $51,800 per month.

The Harper House – $6,000/mo

Christy from Harper House started her blog after having 3 kids and desiring to regain a professional and creative outlet. She decided to start her blog on interior design because it’s a topic she’s passionate about, and her persistence led her to build an income of $6,000+ per month. She earns half of her income from ads from Adthrive, a premium ad network, and 50% from affiliate marketing.

How to Start an Interior Design Blog – Step-by-Step

If you want to start an interior design blog, here are the steps I’d recommend…

1. Create your Business Plan

When you’re starting your business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the things you “could” be doing to get started. It’s important to sit down and write down the things you think you should be doing, and prioritize them. For a limited time, you can download my free business planner here.

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Choose a Niche

First, you want to choose a group of people and the problem you’ll solve for them. A niche doesn’t have to be gender specific, religion-specific, or anything like that.

It has to segment a group of people who will identify with your content and the products and services you create.

Isn’t Interior Design a Niche?

No. Interior design is an industry. Within interior design is smaller topics and audiences like:

  • Parents looking for toy organization
  • Young adults learning to furnish and take care of their first adult space
  • Seniors looking for safer and more ergonomic spaces since they’re losing mobility
  • Moms looking to teach responsibility thru chores
  • Small business owners looking to create a comfortable office space
  • And the list goes on…

Once you focus on one audience, you’ll be able to speak directly to them and solve their problems; rather than going very broad and trying to tackle multiple problems. Having a niche is especially important while you’re a one-man (or small) team.

2. Build a Website

Once you’ve decided on a niche or target audience, then you’ll want to build your website. Your website is the hub for where you’re prospective customers will find you.

I recommend building a website with WordPress, and you can build it for free using this Website builder here…

3. Monetize the Website

Once your website is built, it’s time to come up with a plan for how you’d like to monetize your website. There are several options. You can create your own products and services, partner with companies that have products and services and sell what they have, or you can be a part of an ad network and get paid from having advertisers who advertise on your site.

I talk more about website monetization in my e-course on Launching your Blog e-course.

4. Create Content

Starting a blog is one way to market a business, but you have to create content to really get the benefits. By creating content and optimizing your content for search engines and social media, you can attract prospective customers who search in Google for terms you’ve written about, and from social media when you share your posts there.

5. Set up Social Accounts

As a business owner, it’s important to create business social media accounts that are representative of your brand. You can use your personal accounts to keep up with personal friends and family, but the business accounts are to inform people about your business, and to attract customers.

6. Get Traffic

Eventually, you’ll ideally want a mix of places where your website traffic comes from. Some website visitors may come from organic search engine searches, some can come from organic social media posting, and some may come from running paid ads.

Once you’ve been consistently creating content (articles, videos, podcasts, or ads), then you’ll notice your analytics will show you more and more website visitors are visiting you.

7. Make Money

As more people within your target audience visit you, and they’re presented with relevant interior design offers, then you’ll get more and more buyers, and money as a result.


Overall, if you want to start an interior design blog, I think you should go for it! I hope this guide helped you to know what to do next.

Before you go, you should also take a look at my Blog Starter Bundle. It includes an editorial calendar template to help you write consistently and efficiently, and blog post templates. Check it out while I still have it posted here for free.

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