How To Write Good Content For a Website

how to write good content for a website

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This article is a part of the 7-Part Series,“What is Content Creation?” which includes:

What is Content Creation?

What are the Content Types?

What is Viral Content?

What is Sales Content?

What is Content for Authority?

What is Content for SEO?

and How To Write Good Content for a Website? (this article)

We recommend checking out the entire series if you’d like to position yourself as a problem-solver for the growing demand of internet users, and make a lucrative income while doing so.  Make sure to take advantage of our FREE OFFERS at the end of the post…



how to write good content for a websiteWith the rise of the internet and the growing consumer demand, entrepreneurs who position themselves to supply for the demand are preparing themselves for very lucrative careers if they know how to write good content for a website.  The internet has become a resource more than half of the world population uses to find information, so when you are able to write good content, you can serve people all across the globe in ways that couldn’t be done otherwise!  In this article, I’ll give you the tools for measuring and grading good content from bad content.


The internet started in the 1960s and has grown as the largest resource center in the world in five decades due to the convenience and accessibility of valuable information.  Entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google, or Steve Jobs of Apple have helped to propel the movement of making information accessible to people all over the world, and we can participate in this movement by creating valuable solutions for the growing population of internet users.


Facts About How To Write Good Content For a Website


1. Good content is an opinion and many people may have various different definitions dependant on their backgrounds

2. Search engines and social media are marketplaces that allow content creators to test whether content is good or bad in real time

3. Good content solves a problem for many people

4. Bad content does not solve a problem

5. Even if content is for entertainment, it should still provide value to the end user

6. There are several content types

7. There are different content intents

8. A good content marketing strategy should include good content of different types and intents

9. A content marketing strategy is carried out over time, and it’s best to focus on your strongest content type first, build leverage, and add onto that

Choose The Content Type


how to write good content for a websiteMany entrepreneurs are seeing the growing usefulness of content marketing in their businesses.  As a result, they mistakenly try to include content creation into their schedules in ways they don’t enjoy or are not efficient at performing.


One of the main reasons I’ve noticed that entrepreneurs fail at creating content is because they commit to something they don’t enjoy.  If you’re interested in avoiding the top reasons entrepreneurs fail with content marketing, you should take a look at the Top 7 reasons entrepreneurs are not successful at content marketing in my article, What is Content Creation?.


You can incorporate a content marketing strategy without making yourself miserable doing something you don’t enjoy.  As useful as content marketing is, I would never recommend sacrificing your long-term professional enjoyment to incude a content marketing strategy.  You should take a look at the various content types and ways you can successfully implement content marketing without making yourself miserable.


Choose the Content Intent


Each article should have a clear intent and call-to-action, whether it’s “share this with your friends”, “sign up for my email list”, “enroll in my free course”, or whatever business intent you have.  The content intent should be consistent with the topic you’re writing about; otherwise your conversion rates will be low.  For example, you don’t want to write a full article making smoothies, and make the call to action about making money online.  I’ve seen an off-topic offer work, but the conversion rate is typically low.  Find offers that would connect with the content topic, so your conversion rates can be high.  In my article, What are the Content types in Content Marketing?, I talk about content types and content intent.  Check it out!


Follow the Guidelines for The Specific Content Intent


how to write good content for a websiteThere’s different ingredients dependant on what content type and what content intent you choose.  Viral content is different than content for SEO.  Sales content is different from content for authority.  While they may intermingle, you want to look at what factors contribute to success with each different content intent.  Check out these articles:


  • What is Viral Content?
  • What is Sales Content?
  • What is Content for Authority?
  • , and What is Content for SEO?


Each article was written to clarify what is required for each content type.


A List of Things That Should Be Included in All Content Types


how to write good content for a websiteRegardless of what content type or content intent you choose, there are a few things that should be considered in them all:


  • Empathy for the customer


You want to consider the situation from the customer’s vantage point.  Often times, entrepreneurs focus too much on themselves rather than keeping in mind that they are professional problem-solvers.  When creating content, your content should be written to solve a problem for the customer.


  • A Clear Presentation of the Solution


Customers need to be able to read, listen, or watch the content you’ve produced and understand clearly how your solution can solve their problem.  Clear and relevant presentations convert into sales and customer retention.


  • A Quality Delivery of the Product or Service


The delivery of the product or service should satisfy all of the commitments made in the content.  You want a seamless checkout process, so the customer can quickly and easily complete the action you’ve requested: sharing, purchasing, or signing up.


  • You want to deliver quality products and services


If the content speaks too highly of a solution, it will reflect badly on the reputation of the company that distributes the content.  It’s best to be honest about the pros and cons rather than telling customers a product or service is better than it is.  If it’s new, say it’s new.  If you’re nervous, say you’re nervous.  Be honest. When the content doesn’t align with the product or service, you lose trust, and trust is hard to rebuild.


A Playlist on How To Write Good Content For a Website


I created this short playlist to show you what other professional content creators are saying about how to write good content for a website:



Final Words on How To Write Good Content for a Website


The goal of this article was to show you how to write good content for a website.  I recommend reading the entire series “What is Content Creation?” to get more clarity on what content creation is, the origins, how to make content, content types, and more!


The Series Includes:


What is Content Creation?

What are the Content Types?

What is Viral Content?

What is Sales Content?

What is Content for Authority?

What is Content for SEO?

and How To Write Good Content for a Website? (this article)


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Now, it’s Your Turn…

What are your thoughts on how to write good content for a website? Leave your comments, questions, and feedback below.

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4 thoughts on “How To Write Good Content For a Website”

  1. Hello there and thank you for this great article.

    I’ve been reading a lot about content lately as I jump with both feet into affiliate marketing. I don’t think I fully realized there were distinct types of content until I read your article.

    I’ve kind of been using the single formula of “write to entertain and inform” in all my content. Which, works most of the time. But it hasn’t been very effective when it comes to selling.

    You section on Sales Content made a few light bulbs turn on in my brain!

    One question I had…how much is too much content for a single article? Is there a general rule of thumb for when to brake larger pieces up?

    Thanks again!

    1. Hello KMV! 

      I’m glad the article was helpful! Regarding a rule of thumb, I think it would be subjective.  I’ve seen bloggers who are authorities in their niche write very thorough and valuable articles that are more than 5000 words. 

      Even though it works for some, I wouldn’t suggest that for everybody because some people would attempt to do the same thing and find themselves rambling.  My rule of thumb is to research for every article and write the most valuable article I can on the topic, and that’s what I’d suggest for others.  

      My motto is “Do the best you can with what you have”.  Hopefully that helps.

  2. Tiffany,
    Thanks for the article, writing good content is a ongoing process for any blogger. I know that I have often been stymied trying to come up with topics to write about. It seems like I have written about every topic in my niche. While I don’t want to just repeat myself, I’m having trouble coming up with fresh ideas for posts. Do you have any advice for finding new topics or angles to write about?
    thanks David

    1. Tiffany Domena

      I always start with research to overcome writer’s block.  I saturate myself in relevant information, find the pain points for the people looking for the solutions you niche fills, and right to solve their problems. If you have an email list, you can also ask them what information they’d like to see.  You can take the general idea and validate it’s necessity by doing keyword research.  Hopefully that helps.

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