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Human Proof Designs Review [ From Real Users] – Sites, Training & More

Human Proof Designs Review
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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Human Proof Designs Review Summary

Human Proof Designs provides done-for-you websites, website management services, and training to help you grow your online business. They have a good reputation and this review will help you to see why.

Overall Rating
Best Used For: Those who want to outsource site management or who want to buy a site that's started by experts

What Human Proof Designs Does Well

  • They provide a valuable service
  • They are reasonably priced (in comparison to the industry standards)
  • They ensure customer satisfaction
  • They have a monopoly of positive reviews

Recommend Improvements

Communicate delays or high-volume of orders early



Customers say they received their orders later than expected. Late orders is to be expected with custom services, however, I’d recommend they communicate delays a tad more.

Ease of Use


They do the work for you. You take over after they’re finished.



They’re priced very reasonably for the quality they offer and the industry.



Customers rave about their outstanding support.

Prices: From $7

Are you looking for an option to get into affiliate marketing, local lead generation, or starting an online business without all of the hard knocks, and upfront mistakes that plagues lots of other online startups? If so, this Human Proofs Design review might be really interesting.

If you’re in the market for:

  • Done for you affiliate sites
  • Done for you local lead generation sites
  • Or, done-for your e-commerce sites

You may have come across Human Proof designs. The cool thing is they also offer training, content writing, and other services as well, so you could be considering them as a longer term partner. In this review, we’ll be talking about the pros and cons of using Human Proof Designs, and also offering some alternatives in case you want to do some alternative shopping.

What is Human Proof Designs? Product Overview

If you’re looking to get into starting an online business, it’s likely you’re hearing terms like:

  • Start a website
  • Put content on there
  • Write content
  • Choose a niche
  • and other things that might be confusing for you

You’re not the only one. In fact, I work with entrepreneurs daily who want to start an online business, but they’re confused about various elements to make it work–that’s where Human Proof Designs has taken a spin. They create done-for-you websites, training, and create ongoing content to lower the risk, lessen the confusion, and eliminate the barrier that many startup online entrepreneurs face.

How was Human Proofs Designs Started?

Human Proofs Designs was started by Dom Wells, a successful affiliate marketer. I ran across Dom at Wealthy Affiliate, a platform where he credits a lot of the training and inspiration that fueled the startup of his business.

He bootstrapped his way into a successful business and grew a team to help him. Recently, Dom sold Human Proof Designs to Bryon Brewer. He’s also a very knowledgeable businessman, and he’s taking his knowledge to continue growing Human Proof Designs.

How Does Human Proof Designs Work?

HPD has different elements that make up their service offering: done-for-you (DFY) sites, Article packs and keyword packs, and their training.

The DFY Sites

The Human Proof Designs team are masters of:

  • Niche selection
  • Keyword research
  • Website setup and structure
  • Content writing
  • and Affiliate marketing

They use their expertise to build websites that are already optimized, and they sell them to those who would prefer to skip the beginning steps of starting sites. They build sites for dropshipping, affiliate marketing, local lead generation, and e-commerce.

===>>>Check out their sites here

The Article Packs and Keyword Packs

For some, they’ve either: (1) bought a website from Human Proof Designs, or (2) They had a website from somewhere else. Either way, many people know that to acquire organic traffic, you have to create content. Some people don’t like creating content and others just need a break from time-to-time–Human Proof Methods offers a service to stand in the gap.

They will create articles for you or they will do the research for you and give you good affiliate keywords.

The Human Proof Method

Human proof Designs has churned out thousands of websites over the years! They’ve built sites across many niches and as a result, they’ve had to streamline a repeatable process. They call this the Human Proof Method. The cool thing is they sell The Human Proof Method training, so you can learn the exact tactics they use to build sites.

Other Services

Recently, Human Proof Designs has been adding more done-for-you services to help with website management. They offer:

  • Guest Post Outreach (including negotiation and writing)
  • PBN Link-building
  • Monthly article writing subscriptions
  • eBooks
  • Storyboard videos
  • and, Press Releases

How Do I Get Started with Human Proof Designs?

To get started with Human Proof Designs, you would visit their website, look at the service that fits you best, and purchase. If you’re interested in a DFY site, they provide URL, traffic stats, revenue stats, and profit potential on their website. The information they provide is meant to help you make the best decision for your situation.

You can decide on a site based on your budget, the age, the revenue it’s generating before you buy, and so on. It’s really cool how transparent they are!

Who is Human Proof Designs For?

  • Human Proof Designs is for someone who doesn’t want to start a the beginning of starting a revenue-generating website
  • It’s for someone who wants to learn a streamlined process for building websites (regardless of if you’re a beginner or advanced)
  • And it’s for those who want ongoing help with getting content on their sites or using good keywords

Human Proof Designs Tools & Training

When you buy an HPD website, you’ll get the training included, however, you can buy the training separate.

Human Proof Designs Support

One of the things that causes customers to return more than once to buy from HPD is the customer support. Customers rave about how helpful the Human Proof Designs team is.

What Does Human Proof Designs Do Well

  • They provide thorough and comprehensive training
  • They build sites using industry best practices
  • They include premium plugins and themes
  • The price very affordably
  • They’re responsive if you have questions or concerns
  • They’re very transparent with the details of the services you’re getting

What Doesn’t Human Proof Designs Do Well

From time-to-time, they get backlogged, so customer reviews suggest there can be a wait time for service delivery. This is very common for custom services like what HPD offers, so this is something to keep in mind.

Human Proof Designs Review Roundup

I scoured the internet for reviews of Human Proof Designs so you wouldn’t have to. I read the Google results,

Common Positive Feedback

  • They saved me so much time
  • They’re training is amazing
  • They honor their word
  • They deliver high quality services (including the sites)

Common Negative Feedback

After reading several reviews of Human Proof Designs, I was able to see there’s a monopoly of positive comments. However, a common negative feedback was, “I received my services late”. HPD offers custom services rather than something that is cookie cutter and easily manufatured.  As a result, they run late on delivery from time to time.

Most Helpful Positive Human Proof Designs Review

David from Adventures in IM Land says he bought a custom site from HPD Designs. A custom site means that he didn’t buy from their inventory. Instead, they built the site based on his wishes.

It took 5 weeks for the site to be created and transferred to him. 6 months later, 8 keywords were in the top 100 in Google, and he doesn’t say if he added any content during that time period.

10 months later, 100 keywords were in the top 100, but it looks like he didn’t add content for 11 months. Instead, he published press releases and experimented with social media until 11 months in.

Either way, in month 11, he committed to posting on the site weekly and made his first sales.

Most Helpful Negative Human Proof Designs Review

Roope Kiuttu from Your Online Revenue says he bought 10 review articles from Human Proof Designs.  He bought them around the Christmas holiday season in 2016 (before significant growth to their team).

The articles arrived late. Usually, owners of custom products and services would say, “Our products and services are custom and you ordered over the holidays, so we’re sorry, but you’ll have to accept it.” Instead, Dom, the owner at the time, offered him 50% off because of the delay.

He was very pleased with his experience as a result. Others did mention receiving services after the deadline, but their concerns are heard and rectified.

Human Proof Designs Price

As a disclaimer, HPD can change their prices at any time, however, this can give you a general idea of what pricing you can expect.

DFY website pricing

Human Proof Designs prices their website based on the site age and other factors. Sites range from $1k and up.

Article Packs/Subscription

Article packs start at $399 and subscriptions start at $169/mo

Other Pricing

Check out the pricing for their other services on their website here.

My Final Opinion of Human Proof Designs

Overall, Human Proofs Designs is a great way to maintain an affiliate site if you want to have a more passive approach, if you want help from time to time, or if you want to start out on the right foot. I’m excited to share their services with others because I have confidence in what they offer.

VERDICT: Recommended


Check out Human Proof Designs for Yourself

Get Started with HPD Training

Check out their training on how to start or grow an affiliate website. Learn the method they've used thousands of times on their sites.

Get Started with HPD Services

Check out their sites, content writing services, video services, or more.

Popular Alternatives

Wealthy Affiliate

The founder of HPD got his start at Wealthy Affiliate. You can also learn how to create affiliate sites from this trusted resource.

Thrive Themes

Human Proof Designs uses Thrive Themes for optins, site design, and other things. If you'd like to design your sites like HDP does, you may want to check them out.


If you'd like done-for-you services like graphic design, website development, outreach, and other things, Fiverr is a popular alternative.

Human Proof Designs






User Friendly







  • Credible instructors
  • Great training
  • A Solid foundations for a startup internet entrepreneur
  • A Team of experts
  • A Monopoly of customer satisfaction


  • Sometimes late delivery of services

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