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Want More Youtube Subscribers? [CASE STUDY] 40K Subs in < 2 Yrs!

Advice to Increase Youtube Subscribers - A Case Study
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Have you ever wondered how to increase Youtube subscribers? If so, this case study is going to be very inspirational for you.

I had the privilege of interviewing Chris Myles from BenjisDad.com this week. He told me about his journey from $0 to $20,000/mo as an online influencer, and the cool thing was that his income was largely attributed to the amazing growth of his Youtube channel.

My Story

I’ve been creating videos and posting them to Youtube for 7-8 months now, and I’m just hitting 500 subscribers. Sometimes, I feel like I’m doing a lot of work, but when I look at my subscriber count, I wonder whether anyone is appreciating what I’m doing.

I know the Youtube subscribers isn’t a make-or-break metric in terms of income or deciding whether or not people are watching you because I can see my view counts and I’m earning primarily through affiliate marketing. Even with this in mind, those who have higher subscriber counts have the benefits of:

  • Quicker access to their audience
  • Quicker spread of their content
  • More ad revenue
  • And, more leverage with opportunities that require a large Youtube presence

As a result, increasing my Youtube subscribers is something I set as a goal, and something I pay attention to–that’s why Chris’ story sparked my interest.

How Chris Got Started with Affiliate Marketing

Chris says he had tried many business ventures. He was a:

  • Mobile DJ
  • He bought and resold computers and parts
  • He bought and sold cell phones

…But, he always had to maintain a job because his ventures weren’t ever reliable enough to quit, then his wife found out she was pregnant. They started to get much more serious about their finances. She wanted to quit her job to stay home with the baby, and he didn’t have enough income to do everything they wanted. She told him “put your big boy pants on”, and he decided to step up to the plate.


He started watching videos on Youtube about affiliate marketing and decided to give it a try. At first, he was piecing advice together to avoid buying training programs, but over time, he decided to buy a legitimate course. He signed up for Wealthy Affiliate and began applying what was taught in the Affiliate Bootcamp training. In addition to blogging, he’d add in Youtube videos other people had made for better chances at ranking.

All About Affiliate Marketing

How Chris Started with Youtube

Over time, he wondered, “Am I losing out on affiliate commissions by adding someone else’s Youtube videos into my posts?”. He thought maybe visitors might be visiting his blog, then clicking on the video, bouncing from his site, and buying from the affiliate who made the video.

To eliminate his paranoia (haha), he decided to start making his own Youtube videos to put into his posts.

Some Tips on Prioritizing His Startup

When he started out on Youtube, his son, Benji, was very young. He knew if he recorded videos at home, his viewers might hear Benji crying in the background, so he made an arrangement with a friend to use a small area of his living space to shoot his videos.

If you have kids or background noise, it might be helpful to consider what Chris did. Find a friend or local area where you can shoot your videos to the quality standard you’d like. Of course, don’t overdo the quality standards and procrastinate, but make sure the videos are sufficiently done so you’re not ashamed to share them.

How can you Start a Youtube Channel with a Young Family?

In addition to compromising with a friend for space to shoot the video, Chris described how he had to really push himself because he had a job when he started his business. He was working full-time, being a husband, and juggling the life of a new father!

Things can get tough when you’re juggling a lot at once, but if you really want to start an online business, it’s important you make sacrifices and invest the best you have.

7 Youtube Marketing Tactics to Increase Youtube Subscribers

Even with working a full-time job, being a new dad, and having a remote video setup at a friend’s house, Chris was still able to grow his channel from 0 to nearly 40,000 subscribers in less than two years! The cooler thing about Chris is he didn’t start with a large social circle, a huge social media following on another platform, or even with a high startup budget.

Instead, he put in his best effort, and applied the strategies I’ll be sharing with you here to increase Youtube subscribers on his channel.

1. Commit

This might not seem like a typical “Youtube strategy”, but Chris describes how he obsessively pursues things until he figures out how to make them work. When he jumped into Youtube, he decided to do whatever it takes to become successful with it.

Many people “dabble” into internet marketing or starting Youtube. The barrier to entry is fairly low, and anyone can upload a video, however, what separates the successful from the unsuccessful is their willingness to commit and do what it takes to drive the success.

2. Invest in a Proven Process

Chris started by trying to piece information together from Google and youtube, and while it’s alot of legitimate information out there, there’s also alot of filth to filter thru to find it. When you’re serious about becoming a successful Youtuber or internet marketer, it’s important to invest in a training program that’s proven to work.

Chris started out with Wealthy Affiliate where he learned how to build a blog the right way. He also learned about search engine optimization, buyer psychology, market research, and other things. He’s shared his success with many people and helped them start businesses online as well. In fact, he’s had 600 or more students trust his recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate over the last 2 years, which made him a Super Affiliate, and earned him a free trip to Vegas.

Now that Chris has mastered the process of blogging, and found his own strategy for getting results with Youtube, he’s created a course of his own that you can check out here ====>>> Check out Chris’ Youtube Marketing course here.

3. Take Action

Some people take training and get stuck in analysis paralysis. Instead of doing that, it’s important to take action. Growing a successful Youtube channel will require some habits to change. Maybe you’d spend your “free time” watching Netflix or hanging out with friends, but when you decide you want a successful Youtube channel, you’ll have to:

  •  – Make Sacrifices
  •  – Prioritize Your Business
  •  – Create Consistent Content
  •  – Publish Content
  •  – Share Your Content with others
  •  – Collaborate with others
  •  – and Go the Extra Mile by Outpacing, Outthinking, and OutStrategizing your competition

4. Identify Your Audience

Many people start out creating what they want to create whenever they get the “inspiration” to make something. When you decide to grow a successful Youtube channel, it’s not about what you want to create or when you want to create it.

Instead, you have to consider your content creation as a service to an audience. You’re creating what they’d want to see as often as they’d like to see it. Of course, you’re keeping what they want in context with what you’re able to do, but you want to make sure you’re doing your best to:

  • Understand the audience
  • Identify their pain points
  • and, Create content that addresses the pain points

5. Watch The Data

In his course, Chris shares his system and what works for him, but he suggests you not follow what he’s doing because it’s the “gospel”. Instead, he recommends you analyze your data, so you can adjust what’s worked for him to work for you.

He shows you how to look at the Youtube analytics to track your video performance. By watching the data, you can see which videos perform best, which thumbnails get the highest click-thru rates, what’s getting the most watch time, and more.

6. Amplify What’s Working

Once you’ve identified what’s working, it’s important to amplify that. Once you’ve got a process for making your thumbnails that’s spiking your data, then make more like that! Once you’ve structured your video in a way that’s keeping viewers on the video longer, then make more videos structured like that!

Amplify what’s working. The “80/20 rule” says you can get 80% of your outcomes from 20% of your efforts when you know what’s working best. Watch your data, listen for feedback from your viewers, and amplify what’s getting the best results.

7. Ignore Naysayers

As you’re growing, you’ll get more and more people who send hate mail and make negative comments. It’s part of the game. Some people are intimidated, jealous, envious, or they’re hurting so they want to hurt others. These people attack on Youtube and other places, but Chris warns against getting too distracted by them.

Continue producing content, don’t focus too much on what they have to say, and if you need to, block them or report them.

Conclusion on How to Increase Youtube Subscribers

In addition to these 7 simple strategies, Chris also talks about:

  • How to keep a positive mindset
  • How to plan and script your videos
  • How to structure the content
  • How to edit videos
  • How to monetize the channel
  • and, How to make  full-time income (like he has)

If you’re interested in learning more Youtube strategies that helped Chris go from 0 to 40,000 subscribers in less than two years, I recommend you check out his Youtube Marketing course. He’s had great results for himself and many of his students are having great results also.

If you want to increase Youtube subscribers, definitely take a look. I’m currently taking it, and I’ll be sharing my results as I’m applying the information from the course. Check out Chris’ Youtube Marketing course here.

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