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Ippei and Dan Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

ippei and dan review
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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

If you’re looking for a thorough review of Ippei and Dan, Ippei Kanehara, or Journal Review, you’re in the right place.

If you study internet marketing, and you’re looking for reviews on possible training programs to hone your skill, it’s likely you may have come across Ippei and Dan at the website Journal Review.

Ippei’s written several reviews of various internet marketing products and services, but mostly on training programs. His reviews span from training programs on dropshipping to training programs on affiliate marketing, and he addresses many others in between.

The overarching commonality is that he gives a very thought-provoking opinion about each training program, but he seems to believe his training offers the best value of all others he’s reviewed. He teaches the method of building websites and renting them out to local business owners, and according to his reviews, he believes this business model outpaces all other methods of monetization online including:

  • Dropshipping
  • Affiliate marketing
  • The digital agency (that doesn’t use the rank and rent method)
  • Service-based models
  • and others…

But, he doesn’t usually address how this business model may not be the best for YOU, so in this review, I want to tell you:

  • Who Ippei Kanehara is
  • What he teaches
  • How his funnel works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What he does well and what he does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

It’s okay to be enthusiastic about the products and services you’ve made or the ones you promote (like Ippei Kanehara is), but, his reviews tend to come off like, “Every business model falls short in one way or another”, and “Mine is the only one that’s best for everyone”, and frankly, that just isn’t true. Rather than painting with a general brush and giving the illusion like one business model can fit everyone, I want to give you enough information to decide whether the business model he teaches is the best fit for YOU (individually), and whether you should buy his training program to learn it.

Who is Ippei Kanehara? An Overview

ippei kanehara review

Ippei has a very intriguing story. He was born in Japan, moved to the US at 7, and was steered towards the more traditional route where you go to school, get a college degree, and get a job. After a few years, he realized there wasn’t much wiggle room with growing an income, and he decided to pursue other routes to make an income.

He tried blogging, affiliate marketing, and a few other options for making money online, then he met his mentor Dan. After going thru Dan’s program on local lead generation, he was able to build a business, and today he says he earns $50,000/mo offering lead generation services to local businesses.

He has quite a compelling story, and he demonstrates the potential of internet marketing, online business, and the local lead generation model he’s pursuing.

What Are His Earning Strategies?

Ippei Kanehara discloses his income for his local lead generation business on his blog. He says he earns $50,000+/mo selling lead generation services to local businesses. I’ve watched his pre-recorded webinar and the method he uses to earn from local businesses is the rank and rent method.

Rank and Rent Method

The rank and rent method of monetizing website traffic is a very lucrative opportunity, and Ippei Kanehara’s suggestion is accurate. Local businesses are noticing more and more that they need to be online.

In fact, Internet Live Stats suggest that the internet is growing in some countries as much as 30%! As a result, more people are getting online to find which businesses they should buy from, and businesses who aren’t online are experiencing a severe loss.

Internet marketers that can help local businesses to get online can experience a lucrative income in the US, and the wave will probably continue to shift upwards as local businesses across the world feel the demand of consumers to see their presence online.

Added to the increase in internet usage by the millenialls, baby boomers, and the older generations, stats show the younger generations have an increased interest and dependence which means this opportunity is not going away any time soon.

If you learn how to use the internet to attract more customers, you could partake in a very lucrative opportunity that looks like it will continually incline upwards in years going forward.

Unfortunately, the rank and rent method that I completely demonstrated in my post and video here is only one way of tapping into the pool of opportunity online, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard and seen one of Kanehara’s mentors, Dan Lok, consistently tell others that we should have multiple streams of income.

The true skill behind the rank and rent method isn’t the method itself, the true skill is search engine optimization, copyrighting, connecting with people, and serving them the solution they’re looking for. The rank and rent method Kanehara promotes is just a drop in the bucket compared to the overall opportunity.

Additional Streams of Revenue

In fact, if you observe closely, you can see that Kanehara probably earns income from additional sources than his lead generation business, but he’s only promoting one to you. He also blogs quite a bit, so it’s like an oxymoron when he says “affiliate marketing isn’t lucrative”, yet he’s promoting Dan’s course and monetizing all of his efforts how? Probably as a referrer or “affiliate”, right?

At the core, the local lead generation method he teaches is an alternative form of affiliate marketing. The method is the same, and I’ll show you how…

Ippei and Dan Review | How Local Lead Gen and Affiliate Marketing Works

Local lead generation using the rank and rent method uses the same skills as affiliate marketing. It’s practically the same with very few exceptions. Let me explain…

The Same Three Parties are in Both

With local lead generation, you have three parties: the affiliate or local lead generation company (referrer), the consumer or person who needs help, and the merchant (company who provides services).

The Methods are Almost Identical

The process still works in four general steps. The affiliate or referrer has to:

1. Choose an interest or “Pick a niche”

In the case of the local lead generation business, the niche would be a local business niche like emergency dental or towing. You’d want to pick a niche that’s high demand, low competition, and that has well-priced items, so you can ensure they’ll have a marketing budget that can pay you well.

2. Build a website

After you pick your niche, you’d build a website. Ippei and Dan will probably refer you to a hosting company to buy your domain and hosting, but you can realistically set up a free site here, and get a feel for the process. If you try the process out, and this method of earning an income isn’t a good fit for you, you can try the same method I used to learn SEO, website setup, and many other lead generation skills.

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3. Attract visitors

Ippei and Dave teach to attract visitors thru search engine optimization, and they’re right that this is one of the highest return on investment opportunities for business marketing. However, there are other ways to drive traffic, and a holistic and diverse marketing strategy works best in the long run.

As an affiliate, I learned a wide breadth of traffic generation strategies. When I got started with affiliate marketing, I learned:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine ads
  • and Social media

There are thousands of success stories of affiliates who learned affiliate marketing the same place I did, and the training that taught me the most about how affiliate marketing worked offered added traffic generation and monetization strategies that are touched within their training.

In fact, between their live events and member contributed training, you’ll find literally THOUSANDS OF HOURS OF TRAINING and the leading lead generation methods including Facebook ads, Youtube video marketing, Youtube ads, Pinterest marketing, and so much more.

Whether you’re doing local lead generation or in a broader niche, it would really help you to know multiple strategies for driving traffic to your website rather than relying solely on SEO or another single traffic source.

4. Earn Revenue

With Ippei and Dan’s method, you would likely earn your revenue from negotiating a cost per lead price with the local business owner.

It’s likely, you would negotiate based on their normal advertising costs coupled with a general knowledge of average cost per lead by industry.

The Choice is Yours!

However, there are many ways to monetize a website. You can have affiliate income (by working with local lead generation clients), you can have affiliate income (by working with brands), you can sell courses (like Dan does), you can sell services, you can dropship, and there’s so many options!

After you’ve acquired the high-paying skills of search engine optimization, copywriting, market research, and you know how to solve problems at mass online, why would you only apply that to local lead generation?

I recommend that you diversify!

When I learned affiliate marketing, I learned skills that are transferable to:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Dropshipping
  • How to run a local agency
  • and, you could even apply the training to create sites and use the rank and rent method

It’s totally up to you!

What is Ippei Kanehara Promoting?

In most of his blog posts, Ippei Kanehara is promoting a lead generation course created by his mentor Dan.

In the course, you learn the rank and rent SEO method for monetizing your online business by working with local businesses.

How Does Ippei and Dan’s Program Work?

I’m sure the rank and rent method works, however, I haven’t purchased Ippei and Dan’s training to study their exact technical methods. I’d caution you away from some of the methods I’ve read in his blogs like:

  • Creating private blog networks
  • or, intentional backlink outreach

Because it’s a waste a lot of your time and energy, and because according to Google’s guidelines, this is against their terms of service.

If you decide to apply Ippei and Dan’s teaching and pursue PBN’s and intentional backlinking, you could end up losing all of your traffic and money in an instant when Google updates their algorithm like they do from time to time.

People who have practiced things against the Google terms of service have experienced quicker upfront growth, but the effects of an algorithm update can be catastrophic to your bottom line when Google catches on.

Instead, of practicing things like that, it’s most important to build genuine relationships and solve problems. When you genuinely build trust and relationships with others, regardless of what platform or update, they will be loyal to you, and you’ll build a solid long-term business.

If you’re interested in rank and rent SEO, check out my post that completely breaks down how the rank and rent method works here.

How Do I Get Started with Ippei Kanehara?

To get started with Ippei and Dan, you have to watch their pre-recorded webinar, then get on a call where they disclose the onboarding process and their prices.

Who is Ippei Kanehara For?

It’s mostly for those who:

Have a product or service in mind they want to sell

Who want to learn more than one method to make money online

Or, for those looking for a general knowledge of internet marketing because they really specialize in one method.

Instead, it’s best for those who want to learn the rank and rent method.

Ippei Kanehara Tools & Training

I can’t say much about the tools and training because I didn’t purchase them or take them. Instead, I have evaluated their sales funnel and the information freely available on his blog and Youtube channel to get a general idea of his strategies and sales approach.

Ippei Kanehara Support

The support wasn’t directly mentioned in the sales video. From what I see, you get access to a Facebook group and access to the training. There may be more available, and if you’re still interested in Ippei and Dan’s program, I’d recommend you ask about the level of support you’ll have on the introductory call.

They mentioned that the program is a high-ticket price, so you should expect a high-level of support.

What Does Ippei Kanehara Do Well

  • He is an avid writer
  • He doesn’t just say “this program is bad” and “this program is good”
  • He explains why he thinks his strategy is better than others in his posts

What Doesn’t Ippei Kanehara Do Well

He doesn’t think about others’ situations. He writes as if the lead generation business model can work for everyone, but it’s not as wide of a market as he writes to.

His strategy may not work well for people who don’t want to negotiate with business owners, those who don’t want to deal with customer support (even hiring it out), those who have a product or service to sell already, or those who want to learn more internet marketing strategies for application in various business models.

I’m also not sure if he accepts comments of people who agree and disagree with what he writes in his posts because there are very few comments on his blog, so it looks less authoritative.

Ippei Kanehara Review Roundup

Ippei is one of the first success stories of Dan, his mentor. Aside from the reviews on his homepage that look like those they may have personally asked for, I wasn’t able to find any third party sites with reviews on the program. There were no reviews by third parties with their own websites or by review sites like TrustPilot, G2Crowd, ShopperApproved, Yelp, or anywhere else.

It’s always an added risk to buy a program with no third party reviews. The reviews on their site look very good, but it’s also very easy to screen what’s uploaded, so it could be very biased with a slant in their favor.

Most Helpful Positive Review

I was surprised to see Aimee Ball is a student of Ippei and Dan! I wrote a review on her program Bossless Forever here. It looks like she does a training that offers to teach this identical method.

After signing up for the email list, she was one of the case studies. She said she was looking for an additional option to supplement the income for her family. Her husband was in a government position, and she was in corporate sales. They were looking to add an autopilot income stream, and didn’t want to go into multi-level marketing or an income option like that.

After her husband lost his job, they were able to bridge into the rank and rent business model by maintaining 10 clients (at the time of the recording) and pursuing growth. She was offering flat-fee SEO services, building their websites, and charging for hosting.

Maybe her business model changed because her training video doesn’t show that she offers these services in Bossless Forever….Strange. Now, it looks like she’s a competitor with Dan and Ippei.

Most Helpful Negative Review

There weren’t any negative reviews, but if you’ve tried the strategies and they didn’t work out for you, please share them to help those looking for a balanced review of the program.

Is His Negative Wealthy Affiliate Review Accurate?

In 2018, when I started studying affiliate marketing, I started training with a company called Wealthy Affiliate. I had a great experience. In fact, I’ve been able to earn consistent income from affiliate marketing, and I credit Wealthy Affiliate’s training for my success.

As I was studying Ippei’s site, I was surprised to see his opinion of Wealthy Affiliate.
is ippei kanehara legit? Woman shrugging shoulders

Ippei Kanehara did a review of Wealthy Affiliate where he says he’s giving you an “unbiased” perspective. For the record, reviews are always biased. They should be the perspective of the reviewer on whether a product or service can offer the highest value to the end user.

This review is biased, but I’m hoping to offer you a clear explanation of each option, so you can decide the best fit for you. I’m slanted towards one option, but hopefully, this review will show you why.

Unfortunately, many reviewers tend don’t pay enough attention to product knowledge and comparing competitive advantages, and instead, they simply shortcut and write that one program is bad and the other is good. In the case with Ippei’s Wealthy Affiliate review, this seems to be the case.

The Member’s Domain Authority

He points out some of the member’s domain authority, and says Wealthy Affiliate teaches members to create “weak sites”. Unfortunately, the algorithms used to calculate domain authority aren’t the same algorithms used to create sales conversions or search engine rankings, therefore, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t teach members to pay attention to domain authority.

Domain authority can be a helpful metric to examine within some contexts, but if you need to violate the Google guidelines to increase domain authority, and if it doesn’t give any boost in sales conversions, is it really valuable? The real metric to pay attention to is whether Wealthy Affiliate members are making an income and sales from the teaching, right? And, the answer is a strong “Yes”. Wealthy Affiliate members are publishing third-party success stories about having income and sales nearly every day!

Are PBNs and Backlinks Mandatory for National Rankings?

Absolutely not. In fact, if you find this review in the search results, it’s a national ranking, and I haven’t used any private blog network to earn it. Added to that, PBN’s are clearly against the Google webmaster guidelines, so you can get de-indexed or lose your traffic in an instant when Google discovers what you’re doing.

Can Students Get Results with Wealthy Affiliate today?

Students are getting results within Wealthy Affiliate today, so his accusation was a complete fabrication. It’s unfortunate he felt the need to discredit the program in order to get sales in his own.

It’s okay to say “it’s a good program, but if you want to learn rank and rent SEO, I specialize in that”.

Ippei Kanehara Price

The price for the program that Ippei and Dan sell is not openly disclosed. You’d have to watch their webinar then get on their sales call to find out the price, however, they forewarn you that the program is pricey in the sales materials.

My Final Opinion of Ippei Kanehara

Overall, I think Ippei and Dan may offer a legitimate service, however, it’s a higher risk since there’s not much third party reviews, pricing transparency, or clarity about money back guarantees or support. In addition, it looks like they provide training, but for a high-ticket price, you can also find competitors who offer software, tools, coaching, and much more established reputation. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anything really proprietary that would give them a competitive edge, but if you can truly get a high return on investment, it could warrant the price.

However, if you could get a higher return on investment elsewhere, wouldn’t you go for that?

I also found it confusing how Ippei consistently talked about his mentor, Dan, and has pictures and references of Dan Lok. You’d think the Ippei and Dan lead generation course was associated with Dan Lok.¬†Dan Lok has a big reputation with lots of clout, but once you see the webinar, it’s not talking about Dan Lok.¬†

Instead, his mentor Dan is another internet marketing instructor without much of a reputation online. I’m unsure if others are confused by the marketing of Dan Lok and Dan the mentor, but it was very confusing to me–almost misleading.

Aside from the mixup of Dan Lok and Dan the mentor, I thought the business model they teach is sound, but some of the technical skills are “black hat” or “grey hat”, which is something I’d warn you against. You could build websites for your clients, then when Google discovers how to remove this loophole (which may not be this year or next year), you could be drastically effected when you’re no longer able to deliver on your promises to deliver organic traffic because your rankings are gone.

Instead, it’s best to focus on white hat SEO and follow the webmaster guidelines set by Google and the search engines.

Top Alternatives

If you’d like to learn:

  • White hat SEO
  • Methods for marketing online that could apply to multiple business models (including the rank and rent method)
  • Many different traffic generation methods
  • Many methods for monetizing a website
  • Get access to all of the software and training you need to implement these business models
  • and, join a group of 1.4 million+ entrepreneurs who are like-minded and helping one another out

I’d recommend Wealthy Affiliate as my #1 recommendation¬†

You can learn more about my experience getting started with affiliate marketing and get a checklist of things that had a big impact on my business here
Click here to subscribe¬†¬†Here’s How to Do the Rank and Rent Method with Wealthy Affiliate Tools

Here’s a video where I show you how to apply the rank and rent method using the tools Wealthy Affiliate makes available to you. In fact, you could get started 100% free and try before you buy.

What’s Included with the Membership?

What’s the Differences?

Here’s a brief look at some of the differences between the two programs:

Added to these differences, Wealthy Affiliate will only teach you white hat SEO and methods to comply with the search engine and social media algorithms. This will ensure that you won’t build an income and following, and instantly lose it when algorithms update.

Other Alternatives

You can also check out my article with my top 4 recommended courses for those who want to learn how to run a digital marketing agency here.

VERDICT: Not Recommended

Try my #1 Recommendation…

Grab my free eBook and checklist that shows How I was able to make my first $10k with Affiliate Marketing.






User Friendly







  • They teach a legitimate method of monetizing an online business
  • They appear to be credible instructors who are making money using their methods
  • They have testimonials published on their site
  • They don't do hard sales or use common deceptive tactics that are common in the industry (pre-recorded webinars that say they're live and so on)


  • They teach black hat and grey hat SEO tactics
  • Google could de-index your sites and drastically impact your income when you follow their technical SEO trainings (and they've publicly announced their improving their algorithms to weed out this behavior)
  • No pricing transparency -- You have to discuss pricing on the phone
  • High risk since you can't third party (outside of what's published on Ippei's site)
  • It's unclear what type of support you'd get if you had questions or concerns, and there's no clear money back guarantee

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