IPromo Review: Good Place to Buy Custom Promo Products?

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ipromo review

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.


Shopping online for promotional products can sometimes feel like a gamble, but it doesn’t have to be if you do your research before making a purchase. You probably already know the feeling of wasting money somewhere, which is why you’re here reading this Ipromo review.

If you really want the truth on whether or not you should buy from Ipromo, you’ll really enjoy this review. I’ll reveal what they do well, what they don’t do so well, and things for you to consider, so you can decide if Ipromo is a good fit for you to purchase your promotional products.

Promotional Products and Branding

Promotional products are a great way to:

  • Get people to know about your business
  • Build engagement
  • Get lots of impressions for low cost
  • Show appreciation to customers and prospects
  • and, to get attention without interrupting (like Facebook ads or other newsfeed ads do)

According to studies, most customers appreciate promotional products, and even desire to have more.  Therefore, you can see that promotional product advertising is a welcomed form of advertising by customers.

What is IPromo? An Overview

ipromo review

IPromo found at IPromo.com was started in 1999 to offer high-quality promotional products that help business owners to get their brands noticed. They are an online retailer of custom products including:

  • Technology products – USBs, power banks, wireless chargers, etc.
  • Pens
  • Drinkware
  • Apparel
  • Bags
  • Tradeshows
  • Office supplies
  • And, outdoor items (yard signs, decals, etc.)

If you’re looking for a wide variety of reputable brand name products that you can customize with your logo, Ipromo may be a good retailer for you.

How Does IPromo Work?

1. Choose a Category from the main menu

When you’re purchasing from Ipromo, first you’ll choose from their main menu which has a dropdown.

2. Select a Category from the Dropdown

They have several subcategories to make it easy to find items you might be looking for.  For example, if you select outdoor from the main menu, subcategories would include:

  • Beach balls
  • Chairs
  • Coolers
  • and more…

Once you select one of the subcategories, you’ll be taken to a screen like this:

ipromo review3. Choose the Item You Like

From their large inventory, you’d choose whichever product you like.

4. Get a Quote (for high volume orders)

For some products, it’ll show the list price for a low or select volume. If you plan to purchase at a hire volume than what’s quoted, you usually will get a high volume discount, so you’ll want to get a quote.

5. Customize the Item

Once you have a clear price, you want to customize the items you’ve selected.  Some items allow you to add your logo. Some will have various color imprint options. If you get overwhelmed by all of the choices and options, Ipromo has a very responsive support team.

5. Check out

Once all of your customizations are selected, you can check out. Ipromo also offers a price match guarantee, so if you’ve found a better price for the same products somewhere else, let them know, and they’ll price match for you.

6. Approve the Proof

Before they decorate the items or bill you, Ipromo will send you a virtual proof.  This can help you decide if you like how your logo looks on different items.  Sometimes, the colors don’t go well together or the logo can turn out pixelated. The virtual proof can help you sort thru many potential errors, so you won’t be disappointed with the product when you get it.

7. Get your Item in the Mail

After all of the preliminaries are out of the way, Ipromo will send you your items in the mail.

Who is IPromo For?

Ipromo is perfect for:

  • Those who are looking for select items specific to Ipromo
  • Those who may need a human hand to order their promotional items
  • People who are looking for a large selection of promotional items
  • and, those who are looking for the best price (because they offer price match!)

IPromo Support

Ipromo offers live chat support and phone support ad based on their website averages, they typically respond very quickly!

What Others are Saying About Ipromo

Ipromo has served 45,000 customers since inception, and it’s quite difficult to find negative customer reviews.  Of 45,000 customers, scam companies typically have many more people who have spoken up. Instead, Trustpilot shows 682 reviews and an average 5-star rating.

Top Things Ipromo Does Well

  • They have a wide selection of products that others don’t have
  • They price match
  • They give you a virtual proof before creating the product
  • They have raving reviews about their quality and service

Top Things Ipromo Doesn’t Do Well

  • They don’t offer an online customization tool or instant preview tool
  • They don’t offer many design options for artwork readily on the site, so you’d have to work on the designs elsewhere or negotiate with someone by phone

IPromo Price

The products are competitively priced and a price match guarantee is offered if you find a product in their inventory lower.

My Final Opinion of IPromo

Ipromo is a good promotional product company if you’re looking for specific items in the inventory that offer. They have a good and established reputation of reliability and good service.

VERDICT: Recommend


Ready to Shop Ipromo?

Begin customizing your promotional items by SHOPPING IPROMO NOW. Still unsure about Ipromo? Check out some of our other promotional product reviews here.

Ipromo | Promotional Product Retailer


Budget Friendly


Ease of Use


Good Suite of Custom Merchandise


Good Customer Support

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8 thoughts on “IPromo Review: Good Place to Buy Custom Promo Products?”

  1. Tiffany Denise

    Before reading this article I had no idea of what exactly IPromo was. This article had every single information about IPromo that me or any starters would wanna know. From the review IPromo sounds like an amazing platform. I cannot believe that I didn’t know about it earlier.

    Thank you for sharing this article.

  2. Tiffany Denise

    First and foremost, I never knew about Ipromo before now. I really think the platform is a good idea. I like the fact that it’s a market for specific custom products like Beach balls Chairs Coolers and more. This review is detailed enough for anyone to understand. Thank you very much. 

  3. Tiffany Denise

    Thank you for your exceptional review of iPromo. It is so refreshing to hear about a business that is a legitimate one and works with the customers to make sure they are happy with the end product. I am actually looking for smaller things that I could give out during summer parades in my area to promote my online business! I was thinking something like pop sockets (I think that’s what they are called). They would be useful for people and have my logo on them so they would get seen on their phones! Do you know if iPromo has something like that? Thank you again. I have worked with other companies and while they have been adequate, I am looking for a company that can “wow” me a little!

    1. Tiffany Denise

      Ipromo has some very nice popsockets, and that’s a great idea to promote your business. A lot of online businesses forget to make the tangible offline relationships, so kudos to you for doing that.

  4. Tiffany Denise

    Hey there. Love reading your review of this website. I have never been a customer of this website but from reading your article, I have a good feeling. Never really thought about a concept like this, but it is great that people can get products to get their brands recognized.

    Thank you. I will definitely check it out because of great promo deals offered there.


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