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Is Bossless Forever a Scam? Pros, Cons, and Alternatives (with Video)

is bosslessforever a scam
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If you’ve ever asked, “Is Bossless Forever a Scam?”, then you’re in the right place because I’ll be answering that question here.

When you’re on Youtube, it’s pretty common to have interruptions by male advertisers who show off their cars and houses, and claim they can show you how to be successful, but it’s quite uncommon to see a woman doing the same thing, so Aimee Ball may have caught your attention. She runs ads on Youtube where she is usually in her luxury car, talking about how she can go out to eat all the time because she runs a 7-figure business creating tiny websites that drive leads. She describes how her process is duplicatable and even makes it sound really easy.

Her ads direct you to her website where you can see her program called, “Bossless Forever”. If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re pondering whether or not this program can help you achieve some goals you might have. You’re probably doing your research and questioning, “Is Bossless Forever a scam?” because you don’t want to get wrapped up into a program where you spend your money and get little to no return on the time and money you put in. I understand.

In this review, it’s not only my goal to help you decide whether Bossless Forever is a scam, but it’s also my goal to help you decide on the right program for your goals from the legitimate ones out there.  In this Bossless Forever review, I will tell you:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

What is Bossless Forever? An Overview

is bossless forever a scam

Bossless Forever is an online training program created by Aimee Ball where she teaches you how to start a local marketing agency to replace your job. The essense of the training is that you learn local SEO and how to sell the service, so you can build a business that drives leads and sales to local business owners.

How Does Bossless Forever Work?

Bossless Forever is broken down into 5 steps that look like this…

is bossless forever a scam

Step 1: Choose a Niche from Product or Service – Based Businesses with short sales funnels

Step 2: Research the Businesses by Calling Anonymously to See if they’re a Client You’d want to Work with

Step 3: Create a Website using Weebly and Get it Ranked

Step 4: Prospect for Clients by Sending Leads, then asking whether they’d like to continue recieving them

Step 5: Close a Deal with the Business Owner

If you want to learn more about how the rank and rent method works, you can check out my article, “How to do Rank and Rent SEO (without Paying Thousands of Dollars on Courses)” here, or check out my video where I demonstrate how to get started with this method here:

How Do I Get Started with Bossless Forever?

To get started with Bossless Forever, you:

1. Attend Aimee’s free webinar explaining what Bossless Forever is about

2. Then, you’ll need to set up a call where you’ll discuss your next steps in the Bossless Forever system

Who is Bossless Forever For?

Bossless Forever is for:

  • People who want to start a local marketing business, but don’t know how
  • Those who want to start a business, but aren’t clear about what products or services to sell, and want to entertain ideas
  • Those who own a local SEO company and want to learn from a different way of doing things
  • Current or previous Network Marketers
  • Those who no longer want to deal with their previous business model
  • Business owners who want to do their own SEO
  • Those who are overpaying for local SEO and want to learn how to lower costs

Bossless Forever Support

It’s unclear what type of support you’d get as you go thru the program. There was no information available on the website.

What Does Bossless Forever Do Well

  • She grabs attention with her Youtube ads
  • She teaches a legitimate method of making money

What Doesn’t Bossless Forever Do Well

  • They don’t practice pricing transparency
  • It’s unclear if they have a refund policy
  • They don’t have a community element to support you as you pursue this new business model

Bossless Forever Review Playlist/Roundup

I like to compile what customers and other reviewers are saying, so you can get a good idea about the strengths and weaknesses of the program. In this case, I was able to find good and bad things about Bossless Forever.

My Video Review

Third Party Reviews

There are only a few third party reviews, and the reviews tell about the legitimacy of the business model, but don’t have experience as students in the program. As a result, the third party reviews still leave alot of risk you’d assume if you decided to give Bossless Forever a try. Here’s what the search results look like at the time of this writing.

bossless forever reviews

Common Positive Feedback

  • Aimee is completely legit
  • Her 5-step program would make it easy for students to understand the process
  • Selling local SEO services to local businesses is a very lucrative business model right now

Common Negative Feedback

  • Aimee can be seen as either offensive or “straightforward”, but sometimes in a negative way
  • Some of her philosophies come across as heartless like when she addressed government shutdown victims on her Youtube channel, and said their situation is their fault
  • She’s not transparent with pricing
  • She charges alot

Most Helpful Positive Bossless Forever Review

With a proven track record and a solid reputation, Amiee Ball is an inspiration and I don’t say that lightly. Unlike so many ‘internet gurus’ out there, here’s an expert trainer who genuinely wants to see you succeed.

After reviewing over 400 training products in the ‘make money online’ space, Bossless Forever is in my all-time top 5.

If you are willing to take action on the training, this is a very real and legit work from home opportunity that gives you a clear path to true financial freedom.

Simon Crowe, MakeMoneyOnlineBlog.com

Most Helpful Negative Bossless Forever Review

“DO NOT FALL FOR HER AD…She is asking almost $5,000 for this program and someone else will be calling you. After you watch a ton of her videos, it ends in a waste of time. She is not honest because she says “if you’ve got $10 you can get started with this”. On another video she says “$50-100 a year to run your business”. She is not honest and upfront about her cost added to it of almost $5,000 USD training start up cost. I hate it when my time is wasted. I personally think that if I wanted to throw almost $5,000 at this as a startup I would also expect a let down somewhere in the process because of her introduction to it. I normally would not post something like this but I am so tired of time wasters. Please share and pass on this info and save peoples some time. It’s 2019 and she didn’t even bother to update videos. Many of them are from 2017. Take a look for your self.”

Yvette O., Youtube Reviewer

Bossless Forever Price

There’s no clear pricing on the website. You have to get on a phone call to discuss price, and reviews online suggest the prices may fluctuate from call to call.

My Final Opinion of Bossless Forever

Overall, Bossless Forever appears to be a legitimate local SEO system. Aimee Ball says she’s performed this service and has created Bossless Forever to teach others how to do the same.

The biggest cons I see is there’s no third party reviews from students or no proof of students who are having success with her program. It’s also a red flag that you have to get on a call to hear about the price.

Also, it’s not my preference to listen or sign up for programs where the product developer sells by being flashy with their houses, cars, or talking about how they can eat fast food as much as they want, but that’s a personal preference.

On a positive note, Aimee does teach a legitimate business model, so if you want to take the risk of trying her program without much relevant success stories or third party reviews, check her out on her website.

Top Alternatives

If you would prefer a program that:

  • Teaches you local SEO AND other internet marketing strategies to drive traffic and conversions online
  • Has more third party reviews
  • Has hundreds of success stories
  • Offers you a community to support you as you transition into your new business model
  • Gives you 1-on-1 coaching
  • and, let’s you try it out for free…

Then, my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate checks all the boxes.

What’s included with Wealthy Affiliate? My #1 Recommended Internet Marketing Training

Here’s a breakdown of what you get with Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate vs. Bossless Forever

Here’s a breakdown of the differences between Wealthy Affiliate and Bossless Forever:

You can also check out my article with my top 4 recommended courses for those who want to learn how to run a digital marketing agency here.

VERDICT: Is Bossless Forever a Scam? No

But, Try My #1 Recommendation 1st

Bossless Forever






User Friendly







  • She teaches a legitimate business model
  • She says she's achieved success with this business model (but there was no proof)


  • No pricing transparency -- You have to discuss pricing on the phone
  • No student success stories
  • Not alot of third party reviews
  • Some people are offended by Aimee's no-nonsense style and her opinions
  • There are other programs (like my #1 recommendation) with more success stories and clear pricing transparency

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