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Elite Blog Academy Review: Pros, Cons and Alternatives

is elite blog academy a scam

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

If you’ve ever asked, “Is Elite Blog Academy a Scam?”, you’re in the right place.

If you’ve looked for blogger income reports, or you’ve tried reading about financial freedom online, it’s likely, you came across some really successful bloggers like Michelle Shroeder Gardner at Making Sense of Sense or Rosemarie Groner at the Busy Budgeter, and their results at $100,000+ per month might have peaked your interest.

Many entrepreneurs are trying to get past meeting their basic needs, so when you see anomaly results, it makes you think, “What are they doing that I’m not?”, and you want to follow their footsteps, take the training they took, and get to know them a little better, right?

If you’ve dug a little deeper into many of these anomaly success stories, you might have found a common denominator course called Elite Blog Academy by Ruth Soukup, and you might be considering it for yourself. You might have even asked yourself, “Is Elite Blog Academy a Scam?” because you’re suspenseful about all of the hype. In this Elite Blog Academy Review, I want to point out whether it’s a scam or not, and help you decide whether this could be a good fit for you.

It might be nice to note that I’m not an EBA affiliate, so I’m not writing a review because I’m incentivized by their affiliate commissions. Instead, it’s my mission at How to Entrepreneur to help entrepreneurs (including bloggers like you) to start and grow a business from idea to concept. As a result, I’ve written lots of reviews to help entrepreneurs choose products and services that would help their businesses to grow (rather than waste their time).

In this Elite Blog Academy review, I will give you:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

What is Elite Blog Academy? An Overview

is elite blog academy a scam

Ruth Soukup is an entrepreneur whose created several companies that make 6 figures or more online. She’s madly successful by most people’s definition. She became successful thru her personal finance blog Living Well Spending Less, and in 2014, she took her media empire to another level by launching Elite Blog Academy.

Elite Blog Academy is an online training platform that teaches people who want to run a successful blogging business how to start and run a blog. Since 2014, EBA has had thousands of students and some very notable success stories in the blogging space. Some of her students have went on to make well over $100,000/mo and have large audiences. Since EBA has an affiliate program and they’re seeing success, the program has become quite popular (as you could expect).

How Does Elite Blog Academy Work?

Elite Blog Academy is primarily a training platform filled with lots of video, audio, and written content geared towards teaching students how to start and grow a successful blogging business. Many people see the act of typing on a blog, but don’t realize the other business components that are required. Elite Blog Academy success stories prove that Ruth has done a good job of helping to break down the business of blogging.

How Do I Get Started with Elite Blog Academy?

EBA opens once per year in the spring (March time frame), and requires you to be on the wait list for you to be notified. Throughout the year, they send out lots of freebies to help bloggers learn different fundamental skills and stay motivated. You can get on the wait list here.

Who is Elite Blog Academy For?

  • EBA is for people who want to become professional bloggers/business owners
  • Those who want to learn the business components of the blogging business
  • EBA is for businesses who want to use blogging to market your business online

Elite Blog Academy Tools & Training

There are hundreds of hours of content available inside of the EBA membership area and the Facebook group does have the engagement of several EBA alumni at various levels of success.

Elite Blog Academy Support

Elite Blog Academy offers email support and a Facebook group to interact with fellow members.

What Does Elite Blog Academy Well

  • There are lots of very successful bloggers who have taken the EBA courses like RoseMarie Groner, Michelle Scroeder Gardner, Amy Lynn Andrews, and others
  • Ruth practices what she preaches – She’s a very successful online entrepreneur
  • They offer payment plans

What Doesn’t Elite Blog Academy Do Well

  • They could be more up front about the refund policy. Reviewers who wanted a refund seem surprised to find out what it is.
  • Ruth isn’t personally engaged in the community and they don’t say that during enrollment – It would probably make customers happier if she popped in at some point, or if they knew up front she won’t be engaged.
  • They could offer better customer support – Customer reviews suggest it i difficult to get support from the EBA staff. Alot of the support relies on the other customers/EBA members.

Elite Blog Academy Review Roundup

Here’s a summary of thid-party reviews, video reviews, and the pros and cons I found about Elite Blog Academy.

Video Reviews

Common Positive Feedback

  • The methods work
  • There are lots of successful bloggers who have taken EBA to get their results
  • They explain mindset, work/life balance, and the business side of things

Common Negative Feedback

  • There’s no help with the technical side of blogging: How to use WordPress, what plugins to use, how to manage speed, etc.
  • The refund policy requires you to complete all of the material in less than 6 months without results, so you can’t just get your money back
  • Since Ruth Soukup is the face of EBA, many members are frustrated when they never really see her, and she isn’t involved with the members
  • The price for the course is high
  • There are several upsells and other offers promoted to customers
  • Some students don’t like participating in Facebook groups so don’t benefit from the community component. They would prefer if the community component was on the EBA site.

Most Helpful Positive Elite Blog Academy Review

“I think pretty much every blogger will agree that EBA allows you to see the bigger picture and helps you figure out that whatever direction you want to go in with your blog, the course shows you how to go about it.

If you want to:

  • Focus on writing, the course will teach you the importance of guest posting, creating a freebie for download, opt-in ideas for new subscribers, etc.
  • Create a product or start a business, the course will walk you through on how to figure out what your product should be. Since taking this course, I’ve created 3 products!
  • Monetize your blog: EBA will teach you about ads, sponsored posts and working with brands in detail.

So bottom line – was the course worth it? Would I pay for it again? Yes! There’s no way I’d be where I am now without taking the course.”

Kristin Larsen, Believe in a Budget

Most Helpful Negative Elite Blog Academy Review

Why did I sign up? Well, honestly, I was really gung-ho for blogging at the start of 2017. I was determined to make it my living. However, after going through EBA, I realized that many blogging course creators are just in it for the money that they get. They aren’t really there to help. They know that there’s a market out there for people looking to make this their career – people who don’t know where to even begin, people like me and you.

All you get, though, is a bunch of regurgitated information that is easily “Google-able” but made to look more complex than it actually is. Even then, it doesn’t really help you get anywhere. That is, unless you sign up to be an affiliate, sell, the course for them, and EBA promotes you like nobody’s business. I’m not promoting them. No freaking way.

What I expected from the Elite Blog Academy was to learn from Ruth and to have her guide us through the course, if ever we were to get stuck. She did create it after all. However, not one time in the several times that I emailed her did I get any response from her. I emailed and messaged a few times and tried to join the EBA Facebook group for weeks to no avail. I kept getting kicked off or ignored. It wasn’t until I threw a fit to Ruth’s email did I receive a response from the EBA Manager. Not Ruth herself, unfortunately. I felt like a sucker, to be honest. When the manager finally added me onto the Facebook group, I noticed that it was just the EBA students helping each other out. More disappointment and still, no Ruth to be seen.

Ashlynn, EnjoyingSimple.com

Elite Blog Academy Price

There are three tiers ranging from $897-$2997.

My Final Opinion of Elite Blog Academy

I have to admit, I’m very biased after doing so many reviews. I’ve seen lots of courses that are a better value than this, and this one is sub-par (in terms of features, price, and customer service) in comparison to quite a few other alternatives. Overall, Elite Blog Academy is a legitimate program. I’m an avid supporter of ongoing learning, and if you’re looking to be serious about the blogging business, EBA is a working option.

The major con with this program is the customer support. When you’re paying nearly $1,000, you should have good and quick responses from support staff (in my opinion) and the refund policy isn’t good, but there’s nothing unethical about these things.

I would say if you’re not financially stable or prepared to invest $800 or more dollars, there are alternative options that can teach you how to run a profitable online business for a lower cost. Also, don’t buy into EBA because of the hype and the success of others. Instead, buy into the program because you see skills you’re missing that you’re confident they will teach you.

Top Alternatives

Like Elite Blog Academy, I always recommend entrepreneurs who want to learn internet marketing to sign up for programs that:

  • Have engaged communities (so you can build a support system in the industry)
  • Have lots of training
  • Have lots of success stories from students
  • Have good third-party reviews
  • Provide good customer support
  • Has added features in addition to good training
  • and it’s even better when you can try them out for free (with no billing information required)

#1 in the Industry – Top recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.

They have:

  • An engaged community of 1.4 million+ people in a custom-coded social media style environment (not a Facebook group)
  • 1000’s of hours of training
  • Lots of success stories
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Hosting, a writing platform, user feedback on your site, a comment exchange platform, and live training included
  • The owners are personally engaged
  • and you can try it out for free with no billing information required.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the differences between Wealthy Affiliate and EBA:

Here’s what the market is saying in terms of which is most searched for online (over the last 5 years):

Other Courses I Recommend to Learn the Blogging Business

VERDICT: Is Elite Blog Academy a Scam? No.

It’s Legit, But You Should Check Out #1 in the Industry First. Try for FREE.


Elite Blog Academy






User Friendly







  • Some students have become massively successful after taking this course
  • The methods taught actually work if you're an action-taker
  • There's a good affiliate program for prior students
  • You can network with EBA alumni
  • Ruth Soukup (the course creator) is a credible instructor and successful entrepreneur


  • Not alot of support available from the EBA staff and The community is in a Facebook group--not all customer like that
  • The refund policy requires you to complete all the curriculum and prove it didn't work for you within 6 months, so it's difficult to get a refund
  • The price is high in comparison to other comparable programs
  • There's no technical support available
  • Ruth isn't involved with the members

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