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John Crestani Interview: $0 to $700,000 Per Month with Affiliate Marketing

John Crestani Interview: $0 t $700,000/mo with Affiliate Marketing
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If you’re looking for a John Crestani interview that pulls back the veil and helps you understand how he went from $0 to $700,000/mo, then you’re in for a treat. I was able to spend over 1 hour asking questions and picking his brain. My goal was to bridge the gap so “everyday people” could understand how to go from $0 in revenue to $700,000/mo in revenue.

How did I Meet John Crestani? – My Story

About a few months ago, I had a shocking experience. I came across John Crestani and I swore he was a scammer.

It’s kinda funny looking back now. Hahaha.

He markets by throwing money around. He’s always flashing material things like his houses, cars, and travel. He did what scammers do in my opinion.

I Reviewed Super Affiliate System

I decided to go thru his funnel to do a review, and the sales funnel didn’t make me think otherwise. I couldn’t relate to him or why he would market a career like that.

I wrote a negative review because I felt that he:

  • Uses terms like “quick” and “easy” too much
  • He gives unrealistic expectations
  • and, at $997, I felt a person could get better value from Wealthy Affiliate (where I learned)

My Review Gained Traction

Fast forward a few months later, and my review was ranking very well. In fact, I was #1 for his name, for his product name, and more keywords.

As a result, I was getting a reasonable amount of traffic from that post. I started to get organic comments from that post and one was saying how “he should sue me for…”.

John Crestani Reached Out to Me

A few days after the threatening comment, I received an email from John Crestani. He was very polite. He didn’t ask me to change my views of his product. He gave me access to his course and he asked me to consider using different words in my title and copy rather than “scam”.

I never called his product a scam, but you know how many reviewers write “Is XXX a Scam”? That was my title. I told him, I would thoroughly go thru his program, consider using alternative terms (out of respect), and get back with him.

I went thru his program and it was different than what I expected. I was able to get lots of value from it. The parts I really learned from were his paid advertising strategies (especially his Youtube ads methods). He also helped me by validating experiments I had going on in my mind, and helped me to see their legit and I should try them.

All in all, I was wrong about the course. It wasn’t what I thought. He wasn’t a scammer and his course was very valuable.

John Crestani is Different Off Camera

After a couple weeks, we had a private video conversation where I got to know his “on-stage” personality is COMPLETELY different than his “off-stage” personality.

He took notes about my “red flags” and the things that I thought could be improved within the course, and he said he’s trying to make his course the best course out there for affiliate marketers.

What more can you ask than that, right?

In fact, I was so impressed with his story that I asked if he could do a interview with me on my Youtube channel.

Well…he said, “Yes” and today I interviewed John Crestani.

The Main Things that Stop Affiliates from Getting to $700,000/mo like He Has?

While preparing for my interview, my main concerns were…

  • Why don’t affiliates reach the levels of success like he has?
  • What skills does he have that most don’t?
  • How does he get his traffic?
  • And, most of us have the question deep down (even if we don’t admit it), but we want to know, “Is there a ‘secret sauce’?

I’ll be honest, I don’t have any vision board anywhere that makes mention of earning $700,000/mo. I also haven’t ever admitted to anyone (even myself) that I want to earn $700,000 per month, but that doesn’t mean I’m against it. If I had the skills to help enough people that I could get paid $700,000/mo, I WOULDN’T COMPLAIN. HAHAHA.

Go from $0 to $700,000/Mo with these 7 Tips — Lessons from My John Crestani Interview

So, while I was sitting with him, it was interesting to learn from his experience. These are some top things I noticed from my interview with John Crestani:

1. Mindset

He says he developed his mindset thru sports. He was always on a losing team, so he had to learn how to lose, how to be competitive, and how to have tough skin. Disappointment happens, and you have to learn how to cope and deal with it.

2. Generating business ideas

Many of us think successful people hit the jackpot with a “golden idea”. It sounds like that wasn’t the case for John Crestani. He tried several businesses. He said he tried:

  • A course note business where he would type notes in his college classes and sell them to other students
  • He tried e-commerce
  • He tried day trading
  • He tried Poker online
  • and various other things
  • He says it took him awhile before he found a business model that worked for him, and affiliate marketing was “it” for him

I think it’s equally important that you evaluate yourself, try things, experiment, and settle down on an idea that resonates with you–this exploration may not be “quick” but it’s necessary.

3. Getting feedback

As we’re going thru the concept phase where we’re exploring which business idea works “best” for us, it’s important to have a supportive community. For John, he describes that he had a supportive wife.

For others, they might have supportive parents or friends. You can join communities with likeminded people. Do what you need to do to surround yourself with people who will help sharpen and support you to achieve your dreams.

4. Prioritization

Another challenge many of us have when we’re building our businesses is that we have lives we need to manage and juggle. For some of us, we have a job, some have a job AND a family, some have kids, some are married, some have debt and bills. Not everyone is single with no bills and no responsibilities.

John describes that he was married with a baby on the way when he started his business. He had bills and responsibilities to care for, but despite these obligations, he continued to put forth effort and make his dreams come true. He says, “Dont make excuses” and make it happen.

5. Proving Your Concept

When you’re getting your income and support from somewhere else –maybe a job, family, or elsewhere, it can be difficult to be confident about whether your business can realistically support your lifestyle goals, so I asked John, “How did you know the business could support your livelihood?”

He said he was working his job when his confidence about business grew. He would manage paid ads for clients in an advertising firm, and while he was doing that, he came to realize he can get high returns for people thru paid advertising. Once he saw what he was capable of then he became more and more confident that he could use his skills to make a living, and make much more than he could with his job.

6. Funding your business

Even though starting an online business is fairly inexpensive, there’s still some people who say hosting, domain names, market research tools, and education is expensive. I’ve heard people ask, “How can I afford an online business?” and John Crestani says the mindset about investing in the business is wrong.

He talked about how we get a scholarship for college and eend with a bill that’s tens of thousands, and celebrate, but with a business that can pay dividends for life, we don’t want to invest $1000 or less.

Solution ====>>> Change our mindsets

7. Building your Systems

In order to make a business work, there’s systems that have to be in place. You have to get attention, convert the attention into sales, satisfy customers, and so on.

I asked John how he started getting customers online, and he says he started with paid advertising. He struggled with building a website and making money online for years, but over time, he learned how to do it, and after 4 years of struggling, he started earning commissions and growing an online income.

Learn more about starting your business and building the business systems you NEED to have in place by checking out the Business Growth Framework e-course for free…

Enterprise Builder – Starter Membership

Where to Learn More from John Crestani

If you really like John’s approach to internet marketing and you want to learn more from him, definitely check out his Youtube channel and his course Super Affiliate System. I had a bad first impression, but after going back thru the course, and seeing his sincere desire to help affiliates, my perspective changed. He’s 100% legit and the most valuable parts of his course are the training on advertising (especially if you want to do Youtube ads). Check out Super Affiliate System here.


This interview was so enlightening for me. John is very genuine and definitely helped to bridge the gap for those of us that wonder how to go from $0 to $700,000+ monthly. Check out the full episode (attached above) for the full conversation or take a look at his course to learn his exact methods.

If you’d like to hear even more takeaways from my interview (that I’ve only shared with my inner circle members), then sign up to my Free Entrepreneur Support group here and check out the post with more takeaways here.

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