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Jordan Belfort – The Wolf Network Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

The Wolf Network Homepage
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If you’re looking for a thorough The Wolf Network review, you’re in the right place.

It’s likely that if you’re here, you’re interested in:

  • Increasing your income
  • Becoming better at sales
  • Looking to master the art of persuasion
  • Getting more customers and sales in your business
  • Or, you simply like Jordan Belfort

In this The Wolf Network review, we’ll be analyzing whether Jordan Belfort’s membership program can help you achieve the goals you might have. I will tell you:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

Who is Jordan Belfort?

Most people know Jordan Belfort as “The Wolf on Wall Street” because he had a long career there that ended with a criminal case for money laundering, but since he’s “come back”. He confronts his past head on by speaking on ethics, and admitting that he had a pattern of crossing ethical lines over and over, and eventually, he’d lost his sensitivity to it.

Now, after all of the turmoil, he’s written a book that tells his story, a movie has been inspired by the book, he tours the world doing sales training and motivation, and he has a membership program called, “The Wolf Network”.

What is The Wolf Network? An Overview

The Wolf Network Homepage

One skill that led Belfort to his greatest successes and greatest failures was his masterful sales skills. He says he’s trained 12,000+ people to be millionaires in sales because of his proprietary methods of writing scripts, delivering sales messages, and getting results.

Beyond that, the people who had money laundered from them were willing to extend their trust because of how “convincing” he was, so it begs the question, “What methods is he using to sell?”. In The Wolf Network, Belfort shares methods he uses (and has taught others to use) to persuade people and get them to take action.

How Does The Wolf Network Work?

There are several training products within the Wolf Network intended to motivate you and help you to improve your sales skills. In addition to training products, you also get access to the community which is has over 15,000 members.

Jordan Belfort Membership Dashboard
The Inner Game of Wealth

The Inner Game of Wealth is the Wolf Network’s membership program where you get access to the Inner Game of Wealth course, the membership community, daily motivation and training, and weekly skills training. In the membership, you’ll go over topics like:

  • Setting anchors
  • Prospecting
  • Getting leads
  • Setting your anchor
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • and more…

Straight Line Persuasion or the Fast Track version

Straight Line Persuasion is Belfort’s flagship course where he teaches the persuasion techniques that led to his nickname “The Wolf of Wall Street”.  Regarding this program, he promises to teach:

“Exactly how to ethically persuade anyone to take any action. Plus, increase your income, sales, closing rate, and confidence! Up to double your online or offline sales within just 14 days.”

Script Builder

The Script Builder helps you to make sales scripts that lead to sales. Belfort was known for his skillful presentations, and says he’s compiled the knowledge he used (for good and for bad) to create this course for those who want to learn his “secret sauce” sales scripting techniques.

Straight Line Marketing System

The Straight Line Marketing System teaches you how to use Belfort’s Straight Line Persuasion methods in your digital marketing. He says the buying motives of people haven’t changed, but with the growth of digital commerce, the methods we use to prospect, generate leads, and convert customers has drastically changed. The Straight Line Marketing system is where Belfort teaches you his approach to evolving with the changes.

How Do I Get Started with The Wolf Network ?

To get started with The Wolf Network, you’d have to:

1. Visit the website

2. Enter your name and email

3. Choose between the annual, quarterly, or monthly plans

4. Checkout

During the checkout process, you’re presented at least 4 upsell offers before you get your confirmation and instructions of how to access your membership.

Who is The Wolf Network For?

  • Those who watched “The Wolf of Wall Street” or read the book, and are interested in learning the methods he used
  • Jordan Belfort fans
  • Those who want to learn prominent sales strategies

The Wolf Network Support

Included with the membership is access to the Wolf Network community where you can share ideas about sales scripts, sales methods, how to improve, and more. If you need help with billing or some other issue the staff would have to resolve, you’d contact them at their support email.

What Does The Wolf Network Do Well

  • They find people and companies who are looking for sales training
  • They teach valuable topics to improve sales skills
  • They’ve gathered people with common interests in sales in their community
  • The platform has nice aesthetics
  • Jordan Belfort teaches the courses and is highly credible in the field of sales and entrepreneurship

What Doesn’t The Wolf Network Do Well

  • Many of the courses don’t allow you to increase the speed of course delivery, so you have to skip thru (possibly missing parts) if you find sections that aren’t relevant for you, rather than speeding past the irrelevant portions
  • Many of the courses have lots of rambling (like up to 1/3 of the video) in my opinion. Many of the stories didn’t seem directly relevant to the topic. For example, I took the weekly training course on “Straight Line Persuasion”. It began with announcements about improvements on the platform and stories of how the system has helped others, and didn’t actually begin the lesson until 16 minutes into the course. This same practice was on many of the courses I watched with the exception of the Daily motivation.
  • The courses don’t have clear introductions with measurable skills to be acquired thru the course announced at the beginning. Traditionally, in online courses, there will be lesson objectives, a scope and sequence, required materials, and other information to help students understand what to expect and what will be gained in the course. Instead, in the Belfort courses, they begin with storytelling or announcements about the platform, then get into the subject, but you don’t clearly know at the beginning what you can expect to gain when you walk away.

The Wolf Network Review Roundup

Common Positive Feedback

  • He’s a sales master
  • Belfort is a legend
  • And, based on comments from the members’ area, it seems that many of the Wolf Network community members are happy and engaged with the courses

Common Negative Feedback

Although I haven’t heard much negative feedback on the membership program, there is definitely conflicting opinions about Jordan Belfort. Some people say:

  • Belfort is a sociopath
  • He’s found a new way to cover unethical persuasion tactics
  • He’s not sincere about his transformation
  • and more…

Most Helpful Positive The Wolf Network Review

Honestly straight line selling WILL teach you a lot. Learn not only Belfort’s methodology but if you understand the why and how of it, you can really make it your own and gain a ton of skill. I used to own a business that relied heavily on sales script phone selling. After going through I saw so many mistakes and issues with it – if I’d have had the knowledge or if my sales manager had, we’d have done much, much better.

Reddit reviewer

Most Helpful Negative The Wolf Network Review

He’s a con artist who made his fortune by lying to investors no and duping everyone. There’s absolutely no doubt he’s charming and slick tongued but being good at bullshit doesn’t make you a good salesperson. Manipulation will get you a sale but won’t earn you loyalty.

Reddit reviewer

The Wolf Network Price

The Wolf Network price

Belfort’s monthly membership program is $19.99/mo and his other digital courses range in price: from $100 to $1000.

My Final Opinion of The Wolf Network

Overall, there are high-quality videos and the platform is aesthetically very nice. There are some valuable points brought up in the training, but I didn’t like the delivery methods. In the beginning of the courses, it was very unclear what value would be taken away from the courses, so I felt like I was experimenting with my time as I sat there listening to announcements about coming product launches for nearly 20 minutes before getting to the course topic!

I also didn’t like the numerous upsells when you purchase the membership. I felt like I was having to press “No! not interested” over and over. The upsells were before building trust, credibility, and authority. If you were a Belfort fan prior to the sales funnel, the upsells may not be off-putting for you, but for me, it was irritating.

I like learning sales and how to improve my sales skills, but I prefer methods that encourage service and empathy, but the taglines and overarching methodology of the titles and courses inside the Belfort membership seemed to emphasis control and imposing. To illustrate this, let me share some of the sales copy from his product sales pages (inside the members’ area):

“I really ‘did’ crack the code on how to persuade anyone to do anything…and how to teach anyone, regardless of your age, education, or skill level, to be a master salesperson, closer, negotiator, online entrepreneur, or speaker in as little as two weeks flat.”

It sounds like he’s either exaggerating or getting rid of other people’s willpower if his methods persuade ANYONE to do ANYTHING. This is just one example.

I think it’s great that Belfort claims to be going back to his ethical roots after an extreme derail, but many of his methods still seem ethically questionable to me, so I wouldn’t recommend his products.

This is my opinion. Yours may be different and I’d still respect that.

Top Alternatives

If you’re still in the market for programs that will teach you:

  • High-income skills  
  • How to get more sales
  • How to get more leads
  • How to convert leads into sales better
  • Copywriting
  • or, other skills to increase your numbers of potential customers and income

My #1 Recommended program | The Business Growth Blueprint and Coaching Program | Hosted at Wealthy Affiliate

My coaching program is hosted at Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve been able to work with many entrepreneurs to help them start or grow their businesses. Added to my services, there is thousands of hours of training at Wealthy Affiliate, live weekly training, and a community of 1.4 million+ entrepreneurs to network and learn from.

What’s included?

Here’s how it compares to the Wolf Network:

Other Wolf Network Alternatives

According to the market demand, there are a few other alternatives. See how they compare in Google Trends here:


Udemy is one of the largest platforms online for professional education. You can learn many high-income skills from established professors. Skills like sales, closing, persuasion techniques, and copywriting (that are also taught inside of the Jordan Belfort membership) can be found at Udemy. Check out my full Udemy review here or take a look at the course selection at the Udemy website here.

Dan Lok

Many people compare the Dan Lok High Ticket closer or other programs to Jordan Belfort’s because they both discuss similar topics. They both have very notable reputations in the sales industry.

Dan Lok vs. Jordan Belfort

Some major differences between the two are reputation, product price, and volume of customer satisfaction. When comparing, Dan Lok doesn’t have a criminal background so his reputation isn’t nearly questioned to the extent of Belfort’s. Added to that, Lok demonstrates customer satisfaction in his sales process by having you speak with a student to decide whether the program is a good fit as a part of the sales process. Get more details about Dan Lok in my full Dan Lok review here.

VERDICT: Not Recommended


Jordan Belfort - The Wolf Network






User Friendly







  • Credible instructor -- Belfort is known as a sales legend
  • The platform is built to form a community
  • Many customers seem to be satisfied with the content available inside the member's area


  • Still crosses ethical boundaries in his teaching
  • Has a criminal background for money laundering and using the sales practices to manipulate people for his personal gain
  • The courses didn't clearly describe the takeaway you'd walk away with at the beginning
  • Lots of rambling in the courses
  • You can't increase the speed of the courses to get thru the material at your pace

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