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Jordan Steen – Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Review: Pros and Cons

Jordan Steen Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Review
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If you’re looking for a thorough Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Review review, you’re in the right place.

It’s likely that if you’ve been considering Cereal Entrepreneur Academy, you:

  • Have a desire to start or grow a business
  • You’re interested in the compelling business models Jordan Steen has been known to teach
  • You want a clear roadmap that teaches you skills that prepare you to make more money
  • You want to be apart of a community of entrepreneurs who are having success and aiming for more
  • and, You want to know whether Cereal Entrepreneur Academy would satisfy the goals you have

Most entrepreneurs (including me) have those same goals when buying into educational programs (like Cereal Entrepreneur Academy)¬†for our businesses. Unfortunately, Entrepreneur.com has said that one common expense that drives operating expenses up unnecessarily is spending money on education that doesn’t deliver a return–that means many entrepreneurs are wasting money on illegitimate education programs.

That’s not good and I don’t want that to be you!

What’s worse is they often think they are spending money on something good and get manipulated into something that’s not. Since I have a passion to see entrepreneurs start and grow businesses, I review products and services that make those claims to help ensure business owners buy products that will help them to grow their businesses.¬†In this review, I’ll be laying out the facts to help you decide if Jordan Steen’s Cereal Entrepreneur Academy is an investment that could yield optimally for you.

In this Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Review review, I will give you:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

Who is Jordan Steen | A Bio

Jordan Steen has a very interesting background and story. He got the “entrepreneurial itch” at a very young age. He says he started his first business endeavor at 11 years old selling candy from his locker in college, and earned $1000/mo!

No bad at all (especially considering he was 11).

From a young age, he decided he wanted to be a lifelong entrepreneur. He says he was an early pioneer of Facebook advertising even before there was an ad platform on Facebook! He made money selling the opportunity of increasing brand awareness and customers using Facebook to local business owners.

Then, he took a little twist and decided to get a job. The job was an anomaly opportunity to get the digital marketing education of a lifetime by working with Gannett: a $4 billion/year media company. Steen says his experience working at Gannett is probably worth well over $200,000 in education costs because of how much he learned and is able to apply today.

Following his corporate experience, Steen went on to build the business he actively works on today: teaching entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs how to personally brand themselves and how to start digital marketing agencies.

What is Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Review? An Overview

Jordan Steen is also known as “Cereal Entrepreneur”. After leaving Gannet, he began publishing content on Youtube teaching digital marketing best practices. From his Youtube content, he identified that many people in his audience wanted to know how to start digital marketing agencies and he decided to create a course about it. Now, he’s made more than one course and calls the education platform where he delivers his courses “Cereal Entrepreneur Academy”.

Cereal Entrepreneur Academy ReviewHow Does Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Work?

As of this writing, Cereal Entrepreneur Academy has three main tracks: The Digital Marketing agency track, the Personal Branding and Influencer Marketing track, and the Facebook Ads track. If you were to compare the portions of the business growth journey that are covered inside of the Cereal Entrepreneur Academy, I’d say they begin at Phase Five with proving your concept and cover many topics of phases six thru eight as well. Let me explain…

Digital Marketing Agency

Steen created the Digital Marketing School after consistent Youtube publishing that helped him to discover a common interest from his audience. They wanted more clarity about how to start a grow a digital marketing agency, so Steen decided to offer this support.

Unlike many other courses, Digital Marketing School has a compilation of instructors who teach areas they specialize in. Similar to our approach at How to Entrepreneur where there is content about vital business systems, Digital Marketing School addresses the Marketing, Legal, and Accounting portions of running a digital marketing agency which is really important.

Digital Marketing Agency vs. How to Entrepreneur Business Growth Blueprint

I’d compare their starting point (Module one) at Cereal Entrepreneur Academy to Phase Six of the Business Growth Blueprint we offer here because they cover:

  • Business formation details and incorporation

In contrast to making this the first step in starting a digital marketing agency, I’ve recommended entrepreneurs incorporate after:

  • They’ve self-analyzed whether this business model is a good fit
  • Prioritized the business in their schedules
  • Generated business ideas
  • Gotten Feedback from loved ones and advisors
  • And, Proven their concept

I recommend it being done this way rather than being the first step (as what’s recommended in the Cereal Entrepreneur Academy) because many people don’t have experience with the digital marketing agency business model, or they base their decision about testing it out based on their perception, and often their perceptions are innaccurate.

From coaching entrepreneurs over the last few years, I’ve seen time and time again entrepreneurs who think they’d like to be in the digital marketing industry because they percieve that it’s cheap and easy, but once they spend money on courses, and discover what they need to do, they’re not as interested. They may not want to:

  • Work with clients on getting more customers
  • Run ads
  • Or, Put in the effort required to sustain

As a result, I prefer to spend more time on other foundational topics before incorporating to avoid the necessity of potential disappointment or dissolution–that’s my personal preference though in terms of business growth, and I’ve seen many other consultants who advise the same way.

What Else is Included in Digital Marketing School?

Beyond Formation, Cereal Entrepreneur Academy also teaches:

  • How to get clients
  • Principles of Persuasion
  • Pricing
  • How to get clients using social media marketing and social media ads, Pay Per Click ads, Search engine optimization, and thru networking event attendance
  • How to convert clients into customers with landing pages, sales funnels, lead magnets, email marketing, and influencer marketing
  • How to do things systematically, so you can be efficient and scale easily
  • and, How to hire and scale

In addition to teaching you how to run the digital marketing agency, Cereal Entrepreneur Academy offers you up to 1 year of access to the mentorship accelerator program (which includes personal mentorship with Steen and his team).

Personal Branding

Of the two programs, it seems like the Personal Branding and Influencer Marketing Program offers more in terms of traffic generation strategies and monetization methods. It also helps you to build within any niche, so if you’re starting out in business, I’d probably recommend the personal branding course over the Digital Marketing School. It includes:

  • Business formation
  • Niche Selection
  • Website building
  • Digital course creation
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Community building
  • Content marketing
  • Outsourcing and Operational workflows
  • Integrating Coaching calls
  • And, Integrating E-Commerce

Facebook Ads

The Facebook ads course tells you how to use Facebook ads to get more customers and sales. You learn:

  • How to create a fan page
  • How to set up ads
  • How to optimize ads
  • How to target audiences on Facebook
  • and, How to convert the interest into customers

How Do I Get Started with Cereal Entrepreneur Academy?

Jordan Steen and his team make it very simple for you to get started and they’re very transparent about their pricing, which is a big perk! Many similar products and services hide the price or require you to get on a sales call to “qualify you” to take their course–Steen’s program doesn’t operate like that.

how to get started with cereal entrepreneur academyCereal Entrepreneur Academy Tools & Training

Cereal Entrepreneur Academy offers several downloadable materials and quizzes in addition to the core training to help you apply the course material.

Who is Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Good For?

Cereal Entrepreneur Academy provides valuable training for:

  • Those who want to start a digital marketing agency
  • Those who want to start a personal brand
  • Those who are looking for a comprehensive program that covers lots of basis
  • Those who are self-disciplined
  • Those who are looking for an offline and online marketing approach
  • Those who like the teaching styles of Steen and his team
  • and, those who will get a return on their investment by paying to learn skills like SEO, Facebook ads, Social media marketing, and more

Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Support

Jordan Steen offers live chat support for potential customers and existing customers thru Facebook Messenger, and according to the app, the Cereal Entrepreneur Academy team typically replies instantly. In addition to live chat support, each program includes access to a Facebook group, so you’ll be able to network with fellow classmates.

What Does Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Do Well

  • They provide courses on high demand topics
  • They have highly credible instructors
  • They offer support that responds fast
  • and it looks like they have been making regular updates to their organic content and courses (even the free ones)

What Doesn’t Cereal Entrepreneur Academy¬†Do Well

  • They don’t offer software tools that you’d need to implement their strategies (like other similar programs offer)
  • There’s no clear tabulation of the operating costs up front. Without an idea of what the tools (including advertising) to implement the strategies cost, they may enroll, but find they’re unable to implement.
  • There are no clear prerequisites. Also, some students have lower skill levels in subjects like math, science, data analysis, or basic computer skills, which would make it more difficult for them to get results in Cereal Entrepreneur Academy courses. I think it would be good to be up front about these things, so potential customers can have realistic expectations.

Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Review Roundup

I like to include a general idea of what the market is saying about products and services I review to help you to have a realistic idea about the program. When briefly searching for “Cereal Entrepreneur Reviews”, I was pleasantly surprised. All of the reviews I found were positive. Here’s a look at the Google Search rankings at the time of this writing:

I decided to also go into the Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Facebook group and onto the Youtube comments to see what positive feedback and negative feedback was coming from existing customers or potential customers. Here is the pros and cons I found…

Common Positive Feedback

  • The courses are very legit
  • You get a high value for the price
  • They’ve helped me to grow a business

Common Negative Feedback

  • I’m trying to balance a job, family, and startup…when can I do all of this?
  • This is alot to learn

Most Helpful Positive Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Review

Review 1:

Jordan Steen has been considered legit and his course has been endorsed by Billy Gene is Marketing who I’ve reviewed here.¬†Billy Gene has a large platform and a comparable program, but I didn’t have as favorable of an outlook of Billy Gene’s program, and you can see why in my review.

Review 2:

Digital Marketing does indeed have a broad range of components under its umbrella.

Jordan’s goal is to simplify all of these things and show you how everything is connected.

You’ll have unlimited access to the course so you’ll always have time to come back and brush up on any skills your lacking or it could be a helpful guide while your working on your own clients.

I guarantee after you’ve completed the course, you will have covered almost everything and be on your way to becoming a GURU.

Ippei Kanehara, Journal Review

Most Helpful Negative Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Review

As of this writing, I’ve scoured quite a few places, but I haven’t found negative reviews of Cereal Entrepreneur Academy, and I’m happy to say that. I know every product and service has shortcomings, so if you know any limitations or things potential customers should know before signing up, please leave that in the comments section below.

Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Price

Here is how the pricing breaks down for the Digital Marketing School, Personal Branding course, and Facebook ads course:

Digital Marketing School Price

Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Price
Cereal Entrepreneur Academy | Personal Branding Course Price
Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Personal Branding Course PriceCereal Entrepreneur Academy Facebook Ads Course Price
Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Facebook course price

My Final Opinion of Cereal Entrepreneur Academy

I’m happy to say that Cereal Entrepreneur Academy is a legitimate course that would probably give a high return on investment to those who decide to purchase. I didn’t purchase this program, so I can’t say I’ve gotten a return on it from my experience. However, I have watched the free content and Steen delivers alot of great value for free.

The parts I personally don’t like are:

  • I didn’t find case studies from students that substantiate the claims made on the sales pages like new entrepreneurs who say they’ve built 6-figure or more businesses or built digital agencies from scratch in 90 days. However, it does look like the core competencies taught could yield those types of results
  • The networking is inside of a Facebook group
  • The costs for the tools aren’t clearly tabulated up front

Even though there are simple additions I’d prefer, I really believe the program could be very helpful and it’s a good value for price in comparison to similar programs I’ve seen and reviewed in the market.

Top Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Alternatives or Complementary Programs

If you’re still in the market for more education and support to start or grow a business, I recommend you check out 7 days of free coaching and the Business Growth Framework.

Thru the coaching and training I’ll be offering you, you’ll be able to learn several traffic generation methods, several monetization methods, and access to a community of over 1 million+ entrepreneurs at Wealthy Affiliate, a platform that’s custom coded using proprietary algorithms that encourage one-of-a-kind networking and support.

Here is a brief comparison:


Try out 7 days of free coaching and get free access to training and other tools here (without any billing information required).

VERDICT: Is Cereal Entrepreneur Academy a Scam? No.


Jordan Steen's Cereal Entrepreneur Academy






User Friendly







  • Credible instructors
  • Ongoing updates
  • Superb support--Average response times less than 5 minutes
  • High demand courses
  • Ongoing mentorship available


  • Not upfront with the business startup costs before enrollment (including recommended tools)
  • Only relevant for those who want to start a digital marketing agency or personal brand
  • Although the programs look like they can help students to achieve goals, I wasn't able to substantiate all of the sales claims with clear case studies
  • It's unclear how much time would be required. The methods will likely require lots of schedule rearrangement (especially for parents or those who have other responsibilities/arrangements)
  • There are no prerequisites mentioned for potential students which could cause students below the expected skill level to sign up and be disappointed by their inability to get the forecasted results within the time thresholds

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