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JustHost Web Hosting Review: Reasons to Avoid them and Alternatives

justhost web hosting review
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If you’re looking for a thorough JustHost review, you’re in the right place.

In 2008, a hosting company by the name of JustHost joined the industry. Founded by techpreneur, Chris Phillips, JustHost was a major success from inception. After a short term of growing his brainchild, Phillips decided to sell the company to one of the largest holding companies of web hosts in the world, Endurance International Group.

As a result of Chris and EIG, JustHost has become very popular, and you may have come across them in your search for an affordable web host. In this JustHost review, I will tell you:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

If you’d like to watch this content in video, check it out here:

What is JustHost? An Overview

justhost review

As a web hosting company, JustHost is a company that maintains servers to ensure website visitors can view the content they want to see on demand. They have headquarters in the US, UK, and Australia, but their data centers are located in the US. They host over 1 million websites, and offer services such as:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Business Email
  • and Domain Registration

As a part of the Endurance International Group acquisition (somewhere around 2011), many of the operational staff members were fired, servers were centralized, and the support team was merged with the remainder of the EIG company.

How Does JustHost Work?

When you decide you want to market your business online, you’d need a website that would serve as your virtual storefront or real estate. Customers could come to your website to learn about your business, and even buy from you!

To create a website, you’d have to purchase a domain name (for example: mysite.com) and storage space that will hold your content online. JustHost sells the domain names and storage space so you can build your website online.

How Do I Get Started with JustHost?

To get started with JustHost, you’d have to:

1. Visit their website

2. Click the “Get Started” button

3. Choose the appropriate hosting plan for the storage and traffic you’ll be getting

4. Purchase the plan

5. Install WordPress

6. Use your WordPress admin login details to customize your website

Who is JustHost For?

JustHost has infrastructure suitable for small, low traffic websites and for large and high-traffic websites.

JustHost Tools & Training

Jut Host has a help center with a knowledgebase and video tutorials to help customers use the tools and services.

JustHost Support

JustHost offers live chat, phone, ticket, and email support 24/7.

What Does JustHost Do Well

  • JustWell’s marketing is very compelling
  • They were able to grow very fast
  • They have very affordable introductory pricing
  • They pay affiliates $65 or more for referrals

What Doesn’t JustHost Do Well

  • They don’t screen new customers well – According to Wikipedia, “In March 2015, Bluehost was hacked by Syrian Electronic Army. Also hacked were Justhost, Hostgator, Hostmonster and Fastdomain, all owned by Endurance International Group. SEA claimed that these services were hosting terrorist websites. SEA posted screenshots of the attack on Twitter.”
  • They have very low customer satisfaction ratings on third party sites
  • They don’t provide helpful customer support

JustHost Review Roundup

A brief search for JustHost reviews easily shows 1-3-star reviews. Take a look at what comes up when I type “JustHost Reviews” in Google:

justhost reviewEven before going thru and thoroughly reading customer complaints, this result in Google doesn’t look good for JustHost. It doesn’t look like many third party review sites have good things to say about JustHost

Common Positive Feedback

The positive reviews I was able to find were from 2015 and prior. The positive reviews sounded more like:

  • Good web hosting company
  • Very affordable
  • Good customer service

Common Negative Feedback

Out of 713 reviews on WebHostingGeeks.com, 675 were 0-3 stars, and they weren’t the only site like that. What made matters worse is out of all of the negative reviews of JustHost online, there were no responses, no apologies, and no visible efforts to rectify customer complaints. Here were come common negative JustHost reviews:

  • The renewal prices are 500% more than the introductory offer
  • The email accounts don’t work well
  • The customer support has long hold times and they’re not helpful
  • The technical support isn’t knowledgeable

Most Helpful Positive JustHost Review

Changing gears

Been a client of JH for 3 years now. Are they good ? Well yes and no. Their prices are OK. It doesn’t get any better than this. I have hosted websites with them and uptime for my website has been 99%. I have never seen my websites down until recently in 2014, and that was like just for 15mins. The software in the cpanel is awesome. Extremely user friendly. Domain transfers and other services are a breeze. So what’s wrong ? Emails. Yes Email is the worst service. I have clients (nearly all of them) calling and asking if there’s mail issues. 

Vincent V, Web Hosting Geeks Reviewer in January 2015

Most Helpful Negative JustHost Review

JustHost huge drop in quality

Used them for ~ 5 years, last 2 years I saw a huge drop in quality – dropped database connectivity, no explanation, whole server down for 4 days last year and tech support knows nothing. CPanel tools are broken (sitebackup pro, awstats, etc.) and never get fixed.

Lesley Evenson, Web Hosting Geeks Reviewer

JustHost Price

JustHost offers shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers, but you have to dig a little to find the pricing. The shared hosting introductory prices break down like this:

justhost review

After you’re initial term is over, then the prices go up significantly from there. Offering a low introductory offer and raising the prices afterwards is standard in the hosting industry, but if you’re going to pay premium prices, you should go with a company that has a good reputation.

My Final Opinion of JustHost

Overall, JustHost is not a company I’d recommend, and this entire post should have explained why. It sounds like they were a good company at one point, but it’s clear from customer complaints that they started to decline in customer support, quality of service, and overall customer satisfaction around 2013, and haven’t recovered.  Added to that, simply by choosing to host with them, you could be sharing a server with someone from the Syrian Electronic Army because it’s well known that many EIG hosting companies were hosting their websites too.

Even though their prices have remained inexpensive and their affiliate commissions are very high, I can’t ignore the monopoly of negative reviews. As a result, I don’t recommend JustHost, but if you want to take the risk for yourself, you can CHECK OUT JUSTHOST HERE. You can’t say I didn’t warn you though.

Top Alternatives

Instead of taking the gamble on JustHost and potentially having an experience like those hundreds of people who feel scammed, defrauded, who got hacked or malware, or were treated unjustly, I recommend you check out companies with strong ethics and a clear record of customer satisfaction like these:

Wealthy Affiliate – (#1 Top Recommendation) At Wealthy Affiliate prices remain stable year to year. For the last 14+ years, they have offered their services at the same price, but continue improving and getting better. They offer web hosting, live training on internet marketing and SEO, 1000’s of hours of recorded training, a social media-style networking environment with 1.4 million+ members, a market research tool (so you can target content that’s in demand online), and you can TRY THE SERVICES FOR FREE with no billing information required. Here are some differences between Wealthy Affiliate and JustHost:

You can also view my full Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Other Hosting Companies I Recommend

Click on any of the links below to be taken to my full review:

If you need help deciding what to look for in a good or bad web host, check out my post How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Company for You.

After reviewing dozens of web hosts, you can see my top 6 recommended web hosts for small businesses here.

VERDICT: Not Recommended


JustHost Web Hosting






User Friendly







  • They grew very quickly in the market
  • They manage more than 1 million websites
  • They offer servers to store your data online


  • A monopoly of negative customer complaints online
  • No responses to customer complaints to rectify their issues and concerns
  • Customers complained of many ethical issues: fraud, being scammed, being charged without announcement, being unable to terminate services, not upholding refund policies, etc.

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