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80+ Lead Magnet Ideas that will Skyrocket Your Email List Growth

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If you want to grow an email list, and you’re looking for lead magnet ideas that can help, you’re in the right place.

Stats show that 99% of consumers check their emails everyday–that’s more than social media! Added to that, the amount of reach you can have with email is much more than what’s possible if you post something to social media or even pay for ads. As a result, having a list of customers (or people interested in your mission, products or services), can be very valuable to any business owner.

Unfortunately, growing an email list isn’t as simple as buying emails if you want real engagement. Getting an email address in the online space is more like asking someone for their phone number in the offline space. You have to be trusted, and make it clear that you’re going to give value when you have their email address–that’s where lead magnets come in.

How Email Marketing and the Lead Magnet Go Together

When people are visiting your website online, it’s like they are being introduced to you and your brand. They may browse a bit and pick up a few observations, but email marketing can really help deepen the relationship.

Thru email, you can:

  • Formally introduce yourself or your brand
  • Provide relevant content on an ongoing basis
  • Inspire, motivate and keep them updated
  • and Send out promotional offers they may be interested in

Email marketing can be a great way to build more trust over time, but first, you have to get the email address!

How do you Get Someone to Give you their Email Address?

Put yourself in your website visitor’s shoes…

You visit a website for the first time. Even if it’s high quality, you don’t know:

  • Much about them
  • Will they satisfy YOU
  • What their customer satisfaction is like
  • All of the uses for the products or services they promote
  • Or, how you can use the products and services to make your life easier

What is a Lead Magnet?

Most website visitors need to be warmed up a little. They need an icebreaker.

In the offline space, this is where hospitality comes in. When you walk into a brick and mortar store and you feel welcome, the place looks organized, and you can see things that would solve problems for you, you’re more likely to buy.

In the online space, things are the same. Your website serves as one way for customers to browse and build trust, and your email list serves as a way to build trust and follow up.

The lead magnet is like the first “icebreaker”. It’s like how you go to a car dealership and they pull up a comfortable chair, and offer drinks and snacks. It’s a simple gesture that is inviting and makes the visitor feel more comfortable with staying longer and giving you a chance.

Why You Need a Lead Magnet?

The offers you present to show hospitality online may be a little different than the ones you’d present offline, but the purpose is the same. You want to extend an offer for something of value that’s a gift in exchange for more of their time and attention.

Time and attention are valued commodities. Businesses who don’t get enough attention, don’t make sales and money. Many businesses know they need attention to make sales, so there’s lots of competition: websites competing for the same keywords, ads, emails, and other things vying for the same target customer as you.

A good lead magnet can help the end user decide to slow down, stop looking at competitors, and give you a chance to show why they should do business with you.

What Makes a Good Lead Magnet?

Being honest, I’ve tested many different lead magnets to build my email list, and I find that many entrepreneurs who successfully grow a sizable email list do the same. A lead magnet isn’t going to be “set-it-and-forget-it”. For a period of time, one lead magnet may work really well, but over time, you may want to test alternative lead magnets.

When audience building, it’s possible that you may have several different customer avatars who may visit your website, and in order to get them on your email list, you may need different lead magnets. Alternatively, you may want to have a more targeted email list that’s hyper relevant to the offer you’re selling, so you may not want to increase the optin conversion rate by having multiple optin options–it’s up to you.

Ultimately a good lead magnet is something that has a high perceived value to your target customer, and makes them feel compelled to sign up to your email list.

80+ Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List

Growing your email list is a great asset to any type of business. If you’re ready to build your email list, here are more than 80 lead magnet ideas that can help.

1. Checklist

2. Template

3. Challenge

4. Bootcamp

5. Demo

6. Swipe File

7. Examples

8. Script

9. Trial

10. Toolkit

11. WebApp

12. Resource List

13. Habit Tracker

14. Goals List

15. Calendar

16. Plan or Planner

17. Worksheet

18. Printable

19. Workbook

20. E-Book

21. Portfolio

22. Proof/Testimonials

23. Prompts

24. Consultation

25. Quiz

26. Calculator

27. Generator

28. Spreadsheet

29. Recipes

30. Membership

31. Locked Content

32. Tutorial

33. Guide

34. Report

35. Webinar

36. Infographic

37. Educational video

38. Audio download

39. Event tickets

40. Live event admission

41. Email Course

42. Free book

43. Promo products and SWAG

44. Sample Chapter

45. Sample Audio

46. Sample E-Course

47. PDF version of Popular Blog Posts

48. Transcript

49. Audio Version

50. Summary

51. White Paper

52. Industry Update

53. Prediction

54. Mind map

55. Recording or Replay

56. Audiobook

57. Slides

58. Roundup

59. Newsletter

60. Vault/Collection of Resources

61. Survey

62. Giveaway

63. Manifesto

64. Comic Strip


66. Digital Wallpaper

67. Mobile App/Game

68. Facebook group

69. Slack group

70. Forum

71. Coupon

72. Waiting List

73. Free shipping

74. Discount

75. Free Quote

76. Catalog

77. Case Study

78. Research Results

79. Statistics

80. “Secret”

81. Cheat Sheet

82. Assessment or Test

83. A Raffle Entry



By now, you know why email marketing is important and how lead magnets can help you build your email list. Regardless of whether you run a service-based business, a product-based business, or an affiliate business, these lead magnet ideas can help.

Do you have other lead magnet ideas I haven’t included? Leave them in the comments section below.

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