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Legendary Marketer Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives (w/video)

legendary marketer review
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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

If you’re looking for a thorough Legendary Marketer review, you’re in the right place.

The internet is growing at 7-8% annually in the US, and at a higher rate in other countries! It’s booming. Many people are becoming more and more reliant on the internet for information and to discover new products and services to try, so businesses who know how to use the internet to effectively reach lots of people are seeing phenomenal results!

Unfortunately, it’s like a shark tank out there trying to figure out which programs will teach you the core competencies you need to know. There is scam after scam where people are trying to take money because they know there’s a lot of interest in making money online.

Even though I’ve been making money online since 2015 (part of the time dabbling and part of the time full-time), I still believe in being a life long learner, so when I saw Legendary Marketer, I decided to give it a try.  If you’re here, it’s likely, you’re considering Legendary Marketer and you want to know whether or not it can teach you to make money online (and possibly a full-time income or more). In this Legendary Marketer review, I will tell you:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

If you decide at any point you want to skip the remainder of the review and try Legendary Marketer out for yourself, you can click here to try the FREE 15-DAY BUSINESS BUILDER CHALLENGE and create your online business plan with a live coach for free.

What is Legendary Marketer? An Overview

legendary marketer reviewLegendary Marketer is a company founded by David Sharpe. They create digital courses, offer coaching services, and offer live events and masterminds that teach on internet marketing: things like paid advertising or topics to build entrepreneurial confidence. Their mission is:

“To help people start an online business or grow an existing business using online and cutting edge marketing strategies. “

How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

Legendary Marketer has several tiers of products: from their Marketer’s Club to their business blueprints up into their live events. Depending on your experience with marketing and your goals for your business, there will be different products that are more appropriate your your situation.

As a result, Legendary Marketer sets you up on a “Business Plan Call” which is more like a sales qualification call where they evaluate which products would be most appropriate for you.

How Do I Get Started with Legendary Marketer?

To get started with Legendary Marketer, you can TAKE THE 15-DAY BUSINESS BUILDER CHALLENGE and schedule your live 1-on-1 business plan call with a Legendary Marketer coach. From there, they’ll help you decide the best next steps according to which products they have.

legendary marketer review

Who is Legendary Marketer For?

  • Internet Marketers who already have technical skills and want to get to the next level
  • Those who are already earning money online (the more the better), and who want to add another stream of income
  • Intermediate to Advanced online marketers
  • Those who can comfortably afford take the courses — Don’t stretch yourself financially for these courses! Wait until you can afford them!

Legendary Marketer Tools & Training

Legendary Marketer has no proprietary tools. Instead, you’ll have to purchase:

  • Hosting (they primarily recommend Clickfunnels)
  • Email marketing (they recommend Aweber or Getresponse)
  • A Domain
  • Market Research Tools (for keyword research and to get high demand content ideas)
  • Video equipment
  • A computer

Legendary Marketer offers purely training. Their training covers core competencies required to use paid advertising, video marketing, or to scale an existing business into events and masterminds, coaching and consulting, or affiliate marketing. However, if you’re just getting started out online and you want to learn the technical skills to start making money, I’d recommend you try Wealthy Affiliate first. Even if you’ve been online for awhile, if you’ve ever joined Wealthy Affiliate, I’d recommend you check them out and come back to Legendary Marketer afterwards.

You’ll thank me later for that advice.

Legendary Marketer Support

Legendary Marketer offers phone, email, and live chat support. Honestly, I haven’t thoroughly tested it out because I haven’t had questions or concerns, but it’s nice that so many options are available.

What Does Legendary Marketer Do Well

  • He owns his business without debt
  • Dave Sharpe has experience running a business and earning $200 million + online
  • He has a very compelling story
  • Dave Sharpe is high energy and very motivational
  • They do a great job at inspiring people
  • They talk alot about mindset and evergreen topics (like commitment, persistence, being resourceful, etc.) that influence your marketing

What Doesn’t Legendary Marketer Do Well

  • There are many parts of the funnel that you can’t control: videos where there’s no player so you can’t fast forward and you have to sit there the entire time
  • The lower tier memberships don’t give technical skills
  • They connect online business with an end to financial stress, but it may not be a valid path everyone will want to take to achieve financial goals. I personally don’t like promoting online business as a direct end to financial stress because it gives people the wrong perception and they come into online business thinking they can take money out without realizing how much money needs to be invested first.
  • Starting a business is best done when you have an income, then you can invest money, and build it into something that gives returns. As a result, it’s not best to target people without money (in my opinion) because they’re often pushed into desperate situations to pay for courses and things like Legendary Marketer that require significant upfront investments.

Legendary Marketer Review Roundup

To keep this review as objective as possible, I’ve included good and bad reviews so you can evaluate Legendary Marketer and make the best decision for you.

My Full Video Review

Common Positive Feedback

  • There’s a very nice commission structure for affiliates
  • The video quality of the courses is very good
  • David Sharpe is one of the best Internet Marketers of all time
  • I was able to take my profitable online business and make even more money online
  • Dave provides a great done-for-you system for affiliates–you simply have to plug in and it will work

Common Negative Feedback

  • The “business plan” call is more like a sales call
  • They teach you how to market Legendary Marketer and not how to market your own business
  • The “Duplicate Dave” system lets you use Dave’s exact emails and exact funnels so you won’t be creating a brand of your own
  • The prices are very high
  • There are Youtube videos with the same quality of content
  • There are paid courses and programs that offer better value

Most Helpful Positive Legendary Marketer Review

This author described how he first encountered Dave Sharpe back in his Empower Network days, but he never knew why they went bankrupt until he met Dave Sharpe personally. He says Dave saw the company taking a negative spiral (possibly due to his business partner going thru personal relationship issues and getting really addicted to drugs), so he cashed out before the business took the plunge into bankruptcy. After a discussion with Dave and becoming friends, here’s what he said:

“Remember, there’s going to be a learning curve here. However, you can’t expect to make any money without putting in the time to learn and grow. Just realize what it costs to launch and build a regular brick-and-mortar business. It’s expensive. And you have to understand things like taxes, sales, marketing, employee management, and so on.

However, there really is no hype with Legendary Marketer. And I can confidently say that this is a great company and that David Sharpe is a great human being that I’m proud to call my friend.”

Robert Kanaat, WanderLust Worker

Most Helpful Negative Legendary Marketer Review

“They just want your first $30 so that you can get into the back end and try to access the training.  You won’t be able to go far with the training before you’re stuck and have to get it unlocked by talking to your “coach.”

Your coach is not really your coach but a sales person that is trying to earn a commission from you as well as earning a commission for the person that got you into the system.”

Grace, WorkAnywhereNow

Legendary Marketer Price

  • 15-Day Online Business Challenge – Free
  • Marketer’s Club – $30/mo
  • Traffic Rolodex – $247 one-time
  • Affiliate Marketing Blueprint – $2500
  • Coaching and Consulting Blueprint – $2500
  • Events and Masterminds Blueprint – $2500
  • Live Brand-Builder Workshop – $2500
  • and they have live events that are high-ticket products as well

My Final Opinion of Legendary Marketer

legendary marketer review

Another Empower Network?

I was a member in Empower Network around the 2014 and 2015 timeframe. At the time, I was Active Duty in the military and dabbling in internet marketing on the side. I remember how hype and charismatic Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe were about the Viral Blogging System, the Inner Circle Mastermind, their $15K Program, and the others. After giving the products a try, I quit because I found that the products weren’t that great.

One thing that bothers me is they strongly promoted their products as if they were the “best thing”, but the viral blogging platform was bad and the other products were overpriced as well. It makes me think either Dave Sharpe has integrity issues because he told many people a product was good when it wasn’t, or he’s not a technical expert because he thought the product was good and it wasn’t–the 2nd option would be my favorite to believe. I don’t want to think Dave Sharpe would be intentionally doing wrong to anyone. He doesn’t look like that type, but he looks very optimistic, passionate, and like he could even deceive himself.

A few short years after I quit, Empower Network went bankrupt and after persuading many people to “go all in” and purchase $10,000+ products, the people lost access and now only receive the value from what they remember. That Empire Network experience stays in the back on my mind especially since I haven’t seen a formal address to the victims of that business collapse. Every time Dave says “I’ve made $200 million in sales, I always wonder how much was from Empower and whether those “all in” people were ever able to get an ROI. I know for sure many people couldn’t get a direct ROI and the proof was in a previous post here.

Even worse, Empower Network is like an elephant in the room when you mention Dave Sharpe, but it seems like he wants to brush it under the rug. I think people are owed a formal apology, an explanation, and justification to prove this business will be different than that one.

As a result of my experience with Empower Network, I’m not sold out on Legendary Marketer or the high ticket business model. I understand how you can get a lot of money quicker, but I prefer delivering a lot of value and sustaining long-term customer relationships instead, so I’m torn in that regard. I do believe in second chances though, so I’m giving Dave a fair shot.

Is Legendary Marketer a Scam or Legit?

Overall, I think Legendary Marketer is a legitimate program. I don’t like all of their marketing funnels. I think some of them like their “End Financial Stress” Marketing funnel would target the wrong audience and bring people who are desperate, it wouldn’t provide them sufficient skills to turn a profit at the $30 level, so they’d need to upgrade, which could put them in a bad financial bind.

Instead, I think Legendary Marketer is more appropriate for people who already have sound technical skills, and are looking for an additional professional community of marketers and to learn how to add an additional income stream into the mix. I haven’t personally seen new people with no internet marketing background (or those who are making a little money online) go to Legendary marketer to learn internet marketing A to Z.

As a result, I wouldn’t recommend Legendary Marketer to newbies because I think it’s a high risk of failure because there’s not enough evidence to call it a “proven system”. I am an affiliate of Legendary Marketer, but I’m not so desperate for the commissions that I’d mislead you and tell you it’s a good fit when it’s not.

Even though I’d get a much lower commission, I’d recommend Wealthy Affiliate first to anyone looking to start or grow an online business, then if you want to supplement your knowledge with additional skills or you want to be around a group of high-level marketers, then take a look at Legendary Marketer. I’m currently a member of both, and I see value in both courses, but I think Wealthy Affiliate is a much better value. Legendary Marketer serves as more of a supplement of the paid traffic, strategic level skills (like thinking longsighted and so on), and personal development.

Is Legendary Marketer worth it?

I’m proud to say that the programs I’ve taken so far have delivered a high level of value for the price. I signed up for the $30 Marketer’s Club and the Pro version of the Affiliate program for $30.

For the Marketer’s Club, I binged and watched it all in one weekend, so it’s not enough to keep an ambitious person occupied. The training was more valuable than what I’d get if I paid to hear interviews of entrepreneurs in some other paid channels.

How’s the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program has a free option and a paid option. If you pay $30/mo, you get more training access to their multiple streams of income system, and you get their sales funnels. I didn’t realize you’d have to get additional tools to make the affiliate program work, but it’s okay because I have landing page software and email marketing software (just not Clickfunnels and Aweber like what’s recommended). If you’re not prepared, the tools for the affiliate program could easily cost you $150/mo or more (not counting the $30/mo and the cost for advertising), however, I do think with practice and sales, you could recoup your expenses–it’s a risk though and most people aren’t making money with it.

I got the most technical skills from the Affiliate Pro membership, but they use and recommend tools I have no intentions of using, so a large fragment of the training wasn’t something I’d apply. Added to that, the affiliate program pretty much teaches you to take their funnel, insert it in Clickfunnels, take their emails, add your name and put them into Aweber, and drive Facebook ad traffic to them.

It’s not consistent with the brands I want to create. The brands I’m creating have a beginning and end goal for you: to start a business with an idea and grow it into an enterprise, and Legendary Marketer only teaches a portion of that journey. I don’t want to “duplicate” too much of their systems because then, it wouldn’t take you to the end goal of building an enterprise, and it could end looking like I’m more of a glorified salesperson for Legendary rather than an individual business and brand.

I understand that they’ve set things up like that for affiliates who want a more passive feel and who don’t mind being glorified salespeople, but that’s the pros and cons I saw, and I want to be honest with you.

The Marketer’s Club didn’t give a lot of technical meat, so if you’re looking to learn the core competencies to start making money or the technical skills to grow online, I wouldn’t recommend the $30 plan. My business plan advisor from Legendary said you’d have to upgrade to their $250 course (Traffic Rolodex) or their higher price blueprints for technical skills. In fact, you won’t learn how to set up a website, how to create content, how to do market research, or how to optimize the content so you get found. Instead, you’ll learn only one traffic generation strategy, no monetization strategies, and fragments of information beyond that (which would require additional research or an upgrade).

I’d compare the Marketer’s Club interviews to a solid professional development course.

The live class I’ve attended was today on Facebook ads and it was technical. It was the most technical component of the Marketer’s Club that I’ve seen so far. It was also the first time I saw them apply the marketing principles outside of promoting Legendary or being inside of the Make money online niche. The instructor, Matt Halzel answered a student’s question who was considering running ads for a real estate consultancy, and Matt showed how that could be done.

The live class talked mostly about congruency and making the ad relevant, rather than talking about the technical portions like:

  • Where to go to set up the ad
  • How to use the ad platform
  • What is cost-per-click
  • and so on…

So, again, I wouldn’t recommend Legendary Marketer for starting out. If you already have a baseline of knowledge on Facebook ads, then the course today could have been useful for you.

If the affiliate marketers and the Legendary team targets the right audience (intermediate to advanced internet marketers), continue demonstrating technical skills,  demonstrate more how their training can apply in various niches and businesses, then people will see the value and are less likely to consider it as a Ponzi Scheme or MOBE comparable.

Top Alternatives

If you’re looking at Legendary Marketer, and you’re thinking:

  • This is too expensive
  • The risk that I’ll be disappointed is too high for the price
  • You feel you need to learn more technical skills
  • or, you’d like to surround yourself with a community of helpful people who are starting or growing an online income

I’d recommend that you try Wealthy Affiliate first and decide whether you still need Legendary Marketer later down the line–that’s what I’ve done. I didn’t enroll in Legendary Marketer first, but now that I’m making money online, I can see its application a little better. I’m still on the fence about whether I’ll stick with them another month or so because I’m not at the point where I want to delve into their paid traffic strategies, or add coaching and consulting or events and masterminds into my business. Besides, Wealthy Affiliate has lots more information that I haven’t fully applied yet.

What’s Included with Wealthy Affiliate?

Here’s what included with Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate vs. Legendary Marketer

As a member of both programs, I can definitely tell you the differences. Here’s a brief overview:

In addition to those things:

  • Wealthy Affiliate includes proprietary tools: website hosting, domains, a website feedback platform, a website comments platform, a market research tool, and they don’t require you to purchase any additional tools besides membership to begin making money online. In fact, many people make money online only using the tools included at Wealthy Affiliate (maybe with the exception of a premium theme), so it’s proven to work.
  • Wealthy Affiliate offers free and paid membership and no added upsells
  • Wealthy Affiliate has loads of success stories that go back one decade or so–they’ve been proven for a long time
  • The owners at Wealthy Affiliate don’t have a questionable history or background
  • Wealthy Affiliate teaches technical and strategic level skills–Legendary charges much higher for the technical skills
  • Wealthy Affiliate also has a proprietary social media-style community environment with lot of engagement and gamification whereas, Legendary only has a Facebook group and live webinars for student interaction

While I like both platforms, I definitely see a higher value in Wealthy Affiliate.

I advocate for entrepreneurs to choose ONE system and follow it all the way thru to achieve your goals, then diversify. For me, I can see that Wealthy Affiliate’s system works, and I can’t see that Legendary’s system would serve as anything more than a supplement. I’ve personally met a few of the top earners in Legendary and they learned first from Wealthy Affiliate, which is why I tell you this.

Still, I’d recommend Legendary Marketer, but ONLY to intermediate and advanced internet marketers who are making money already (ideally consistent income so you overlay their strategies on your working system). Also, I wouldn’t go all in on making them my #1 opportunity I promote because history tends to repeat itself, and I still don’t have enough evidence about how the management is different this time, so what happened to Empower Network doesn’t repeat itself.

With all that said, I’ve enjoyed the 15-day business challenge and all the content I’ve seen thus far. Personally, I’m pursuing mastery in my industry, and if you’re like me, you shouldn’t skip Legendary Marketer because there are nuggets to learn from Dave Sharpe and the others there.  To check it out for yourself, TRY THE 15-DAY BUSINESS CHALLENGE FOR YOURSELF.

It’s free and you can always decline the upsells if you think they’re unnecessary.

VERDICT: Recommended


But Try my #1 Recommendation First!

Legendary Marketer






User Friendly







  • High commission affiliate program
  • Great video quality
  • High value topics
  • Credible instructors
  • Live coaches


  • Lots of upsells
  • High ticket pricing
  • Dave Sharpe has a questionable background (as founder of the late Empower Network)
  • Not much technical skills in lower tier programs
  • Misleading targeting and messaging (End financial stress, etc.)--High ticket products like luxury items should be targeted at higher income earners, not people in financial hardship

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